Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 9

hello guyzz im back….
so here it goes.

Rv comes to ritika’s house. ritika comes yarning and says what happened and its so late whats the matter. rv tells her everything. Rv says ritika plz only you convince her. ritika says no no i will not talk to her, its like inviting the danger, no im sorry you sort out this matter, i will not get involved. rv says ritz but you are her friend. ritika says you know when she gets angry she doesnt even listen to anyone. rv says yes i know. rv says should i give her flowers. ritika replies she will crush that in front of you. rv says then what should i do.
ritika says rv last time in college when ishu was angry on his friend he made him dance. rv says no worry im a good dancer and rubs his nose like salman khan. ritika laughs and says no my dear its not that simple, you have to dress up like a lady and dance on item song.
Rv gets shocked and says what. ritika says yes, now you decide im going to sleep. rv shouts ritika plz do something. She says sorry rv this time im helpless.

rv comes home and think about ritika’s word. he imagines that he was in lady’s getup, ishani was sitting on couch with a belt in her hand and orders to play music. Munni badnaam hui plays. rv stands still. ishu holds a belt and throws it on floor and says dance. rv dances due to fear. ishu says change the track and now sheela ki jawani plays. rv dances. ishu stops the music and comes close to him. she says “ab kya hoga tera sheela” and snatches his dupatta. rv shouts no and gets up.

rv says my god what a horrifying and terrific dream. he joins his hand and prays to god that plz save him from that ishani. he sleeps.

Precap- rv and ishu were in the park and rv was holding ishu’s hand……

guyz thanks for commenting. and sorry for updating short episodes but guyz im doing so because to create humor and suspense in the ff.

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  1. nice but too short

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice epsd.very it.


    Wow dear what an episode soo funny I just love it…..

  4. Wohoooo u are superb jeevi

  5. Superb and funny story jeevi keep going

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