Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 8

so guyzz the episode continues from here..

At night rv was having meeting with investors. he was explaining about his plan for the project. suddenly ranveer’s phone rings. it was of ishani. he cuts her call.
ishu says how dare he didnt pickup Ishani Parekh call. ishu calls him again and again. the investors were getting disturbed and angrily says Rv we think somebody is more interested in you. Rv says no just a minute, he picks up the call and says what ishani, dont you have common sense, im not picking ur call this means that im busy, and throws off the mobile. ishani says how rude of him and calls him khadoos.
rv comes back and says sorry gentleman and finishes his meeting. he comes back home.

he sees his mobile and thinks about his rude behaviour. he says dude what i have done. he tries to call ishani but she doesnt picks up his call. rv leaves for ishani’s house.

ishani was walking upside down very angrily. She says this rv is very egoistic, he shouted on me for no reason, i will also show him. She becomes determined.

there is a knock on the door. Ishu peeps from the hole that it is rv and quickly leaves. Rv asks the servant that where is ishani. rv leaves for her room. Rv knocks ishu’s room door. Ishu opened it after few minutes. Rv was shocked to see her. ishani was dressed up in Rv’s getup.

With attitude in her voice she says come in. she sits on the bed with legs crossed and says what you want. i have no time listening your nonsense. im very busy.
RV says look ishu im sorry, i know i was very rude and harsh im really sorry.
ishu says this is all you want to say. she says im the Ranveer Vaghela you understand, im very egoist and have no time to waste on you. so you can leave know. Door is there. rv says ishani listen plz. ishu cuts him and says gentleman you can go. Rv goes out of the room and ishu closes the door loudly. ishani curtly says now you should realise how it feels. rv says what to do know otherwise she will cancel the deal.
he says she is my hope now and leaves.

Precap- ranveer dances on Munni Badnaam hui….:-P 😀

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  1. ha ha dude RV dances on munni badnam. next episode will be more than awesome

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Rv dances on munni badnam hui? I think some thing interesting in precap.waiting for precap.and today’s epsd was good.make it little long update.


    What man……Ranveer and munni badnam waiting dear….

  4. Nice jeevi,but pls make it long,becoz its very interesting

  5. Rookey Rookers

    i agree with satya . nice

  6. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    what ranveer dances on munni badnam hui??? ha..ha..ha.. nok jhok

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