Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 7

hello everybody im back and the ff here continues…

at night rv and ishu comes close in sleep and rv holds ishu in his arms. ishu also hugs him.

in the morning rv wakes and finds himself with ishani. he tries to release himself but finds that ishani’s necklace is wriggled with his chain. ishu wakes up she sees and shyly she tries to stand but falls on ranveer. her hairs were all scattered over ranveer face and he fixed them. They share an eyelock.

ishani tries to untie the neklace but couldnt. rv holds her hands and says let me do and untied the both. they both gets up. ishu was shying while rv was watching ishu. He smiles. ishu runs towards the washroom but slips and rv holds him. they both share an eyelock. after few mins both comes to their senses and gets released. Rv says i have an idea how can we get out of here. he asks for hairclip. Ishu says ok and gives him. rv opens the lock . they both move out of the room. rv calls the servant and tells him to get the door fixed soon. ishu says cant you think of this idea earlier and leaves. rv says what just happened, i mean instead of thanking me she just shouted , i tell you she is completely mad and leaves for his room.

in the boutique ishu was thinking about rv and suddenly a man comes with a gift and hands it to ishani. she opened it and saw a mobile phone and a note of rv. she hugs the letter and smiles. she thinks that i should also do something for him as he saved her from getting embarrased.

at rv’s office rv was working with files. a man comes and gives him a parcel. rv opens and saw card of thankyou with chocolate and a note of ishani thanking about the dress and mobile. he smiles.

Precap- rv scolds ishu on phone and ishani acts like ranveer….

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  1. Superb dr.l am loving ur ff.update next fast.make little bit long update.


    Wow yaar jeevi I loved it soo much yaar keep it up……

  3. jeevi it’s awesome

  4. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    hi its so nice deat

  5. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice jeevi

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