Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 5 and 6

Hello everybody and here it goes.

At night ishu says what i have done. i had never worn such dresses before. she comes to the mirror and checks herself and says does i really look like sunny deol. No ishani never he was just teasing you, you will have to go and prove him that you are right and that ranveer vaghela is wrong. She smiles.

At Rv’s house guest were coming and rv was looking handsome. Ritika comes and hugs him and congrats him. Rv says ritika you are equally responsible for this success. ritika smiles and says look ishu is here and goes to meet her.

ishani enters she was looking very beautiful in a mermaid gown. ritz comes and hugs her and compliments her. they both comes to rv.

rv was mesmerised seeing ishu. ritz said i will get a drink and come in a moment. Rv says not bad but you cant beat sunny, she is still the best. And ishveer laughs. Ishu says ranveer you are also looking good and rv comes close to hears and says kya karu i always look good. he leaves smiling to meet other guests.

rv calls ritika on stage and thanks her for support and guidance. He introduces ishani as his new business partner. Ishani was feeling very uncorfomtable with the dress. rv watches her and says she is mad. suddenly rv gets surprised as ishani’s dress was torn from the shoulder. rv says i think nobody has noticed and i have to save her from embarrasement. rv excuses and took ishani to a room.

ishu says why are we here what are you doing. rv was searching something .suddenly he saw a stapler. ishu says will you plz answer my questions. rv brings ishu to mirror and says look at this. ishu got tensed and said what will i do know. rv staples her dress and says look i have fixed it temporarily. dont panic. ishu thanks him.

both heads to leave but the door gets locked and doesnt opens. rv says shit dude its locked. ishu shouts and says how will we get out of here. rv says phone. we will call ritika. he searches his phone in his pocket but realises that he left it in his room. rv says give me your phone ishani. ishani hands it to rv but the phone fells off from his hand. ishu says its your fault cant you hold. im sure that you are blind. rv says stop it. he bangs the door but due to loud music no one listens. he tries to open the door but fails. rv says we have to stay here until morning.

ishu says im feeling sleepy ,rv says me too. they both look each other and run towards the bed. they start fighting who will sleep on bed. at last they end up having one side of the bed.
rv switches off the light and says dont come to my side. Ishu says same to you. they both sleeps.

Precap- ishveer share a cute romantic moment…:-)

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  1. nice ff ……carry on.

  2. Jèevi it not nice don’t take mistake me dr. It ur ff awesome, fantastic, lovable dr. But i remember one things in ur ff that it was same in ipkknd( kushi was in one of the participent of beauty contenstant and she wear the model dress firstly infront of everyone and she feels uncomportable and also her druss gets struck and slightly open and arnav switch off the power and he stabbler pins in her dress) just i remember ya.

  3. And ur ff its superb dr. Each and every moment of ishveer is too lovable dr. I luv this portion especially both r feel sleepy and they r runningily go to bed and their fight. i just imagine its amazing dr.

  4. It so superb dr.l like it.every ishveer scenes r superb.update next fast.waiting…

  5. lovely episode

  6. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice superb

  7. yes it’s too good . carry on

  8. rookey rookers

    do nice . i do love it . pls continue it . love ishveer 4ever

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