Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 4

so guyz im back and here it goes.

ritika comes and says look i have bought the lamp and light has come. what a coincidence.
Rv says really what a drastic coincidence. ritz asks where is ishani and calls her. rv informs that she left. ritz said what how can she leave. rv explain her about hotel and todays incident. Ritika says my god rv you know that she is very important to us. her boutique is very famous. How could you do this. rv says ok i will fix all the mess.

next morning rv sends a bouquet to ishu and had a note of apology. Ishu says that first do mistakes and later by sorry become hero, i know ranveer is trying to impress me through flowers, look what will i do.

ishu calls rv and says mr.vaghela what nonsense is this. how could you send me movies of sunny leone. rv says what but i sent flowers and not dvds. ishu says im not blind like you and cuts off the call. Ishu laughs.

rv was shocked and called someone. Rishi (employee of rv) comes. rv says i had given a bouquet of flowers how did it turned to be dvds. rishi says sorry sir but personally i have handed the flowers to ms.parekh, i dont have any any idea about the exchange. rv says ok you can go. rv says i got it Ishani what you are trying to do. He smiles creepily.

At noon there is a knock on ishu’s cabin. she says to come in. It was rv and says hello ms.ishani .Ishu thinks he must have come for apology now see how will i irritate her. Rv says im not sorry for my gift. I mean lets watch her movie.
ishu gets shocked and says whats this happening . my plan is backfired on me. rv says she looks very s*xy. infact you also look like sunny. ishani says what rubbish. rv says dont get angry you look like sunny deol. rv laughs. ishu was fumed up.

ishu says shutup. i dont wanna talk to you. rv says seriously you have muscles like sunny paaji and laughs.ishu says stop it i look like sunny leone. rv says achha lets see. ishu says okk we will see. rv says tonight im hosting a party at my home for celebrating my last success & im inviting you to come then we will see .ishu says okk accepted the challenge. Rv leaves smiling .

Precap- ishveer locked in a room.

guyzz thank you for commenting on this ff. :-*:-*:-*

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  1. Wow ishveer teasing each it.

  2. Superb superb superb

  3. top level romance is coming through….. I can’t Wait

  4. Nice superb they teasing each other. & the challenge woww awesome.

  5. Super ff. Nice to see ur ff.

  6. wow .it’s awesome

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