Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 3

In morning ritika calls ishani and asks about yesterday meeting. Ishu replies that rv doesnt come. Ritika says its not possible i will talk to him.

In office rv was thinking about ishu. He says junglee billi hai wo. Ritika enters whom are you talking about. Rv says no one. Ritika says rv yesterday you didnt meet ishani. Rv says i went there but i got late so she might have gone back. Ritika said that i kept the meeting according to ur conveyance. Ritika said rv she is very angry with us. Today i will call her at my home and you will also come. Rv explains that i got a call from Bandhan(marriage bureau) so i had to leave there and got late for hotel. Rv nods and agrees.

At night rv comes at ritikas home. Ranveer says im on time. Ritika nods and says ishani is on way. She will be here in any minute. Doorbell rings ritika opens and says look she is here. Ishani smiles but suddenly the lights went. Ritika says god what the hell. She says you both sit on the couch till then i will look for the lamp. Rv and ishu heads towards the couch but due to dark they couldnt find. They both bumped on each and falled on floor. they tried to get up and Suddenly the lights come. Rv and ishu shouts you. how come you are here. ishu says i knew it ki tum andhe ho and you are following me. rv says haha im not fool to follow junglee billi. ishu says how dare u to call me that. im going. Rv says byee hope to see you never. Ishu leaves angrily. Rv smiles .

Precap- rv send flowers to ishani…:-)

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  1. Oh so sweet ishveer..awsm

  2. Awesome. Plz continue

  3. Nice job keep it up

  4. Wow superb .keep going.

  5. pls continue. ……..! I can’t wait jeevi

  6. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Wow yaar so romantic they fight Ishani gets angry Ranveer gives flower waiting for update………….

  7. nice….

  8. Pls make longer episodes. This is good. The more longer the episode the more the people want to read cuz if it is short ppl really don’t like the fact that is short.

  9. nice but please it a longer one

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