Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 2

Hello guyzz im back.
So here it goes. Ishani was instructing ladies that we need to complete this order on time otherwise it will cause a lot of havoc.
Someone comes and tells ishu that a lady has come to meet her. Ishu says okk im coming.
Ishu comes to her office and says hello how can i help you.
Ritika says i knew it you wouldnt recognise me. Ishu says im sorry but may i know you.
Ritika stands from the chair and says ishu me ritika zaveri ,modern school. Ishani says Ritu tu yahan i mean it was not expected that we will meet again.They both hugs.
Ishu calls a peon and says to bring 2 coffees. Ishu says ritu how are you and uncle. Ritika replies that im fine and missed you very much.

Ishani says how can i help you. Ritika says that im the co-owner of odhni company and we want to make a deal with you. Ishu says thats good and i will do it.

Ritika says okk thats great rv will be very happy to listen this. so tonight we fix a meeting at sunrise hotel we all will discuss about the deal. Ishani agrees and nods.Ritika hugs her and leaves.

At night ishani was looking very beautiful in anarkali suit. She reaches the hotel. Suddenly she gets a call from ritika who informs her that she is not feeling well and will not come.
Ishu feels sad and says okk.

Ishu sits on the chair and waits for rv. After waiting for 1 hour she fumes up and says its enough , am i fool sitting here for him when he is not interested. Ishu gets up while on the other side rv enters . He had a glass of drink with him. He spills it on ishu. Ishu shouts and says shit man, are you blind cant you see and walk. Rv says im sorry but you can also look and walk. Ishu gets angry. She says dont angry me its your fault. Rv says no you were in hurry its not my mistake. Ishu made face and leaves. Rv says my god such a loud girl. He also leaves.

Precap – Ishveer meets again and had a cute nok-jhok .

Guyzz thank you for supporting me. Your comments meant a lot to me.

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  1. Very nice

  2. Cute episode

  3. I like it.thanks 4 showing IshVeer’s nock jhok again.

  4. Nice one.

  5. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Its too cute yaar but short…….and you showed which I was missing ishveer nok-jhok…

  6. Wndrful epi yaar..keep updating..

  7. ya its too good

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