Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 18


Hello guyz im back and due to my exams i will be updating short ffs.

the episode starts with ishveer comes down.amba says come and starts the pooja. after that amba noticed that there is no sindoor on ishani’s maang. she brings it and asks rv to apply it. ishu excuses that i will do it. amba says you are behaving like he is not your husband. ishu gets frightened. amba says ranveer apply. ranveer takes the sindoor suddenly amba gets a call she goes to pick her phone. in the meantime ishani applies herself and cleans her hands. amba comes back and tells to apply. ishani says he has done and sees rv’s hand. she says okk.
ishveer gets relieved.

in episode 16 ishu gets and idea and says that rv our problem is same so why cant we become husband and wife. rv says im not mad to marry you. ishu says hello im also not interested but im saying that we can act. we will not really marry.

rv thinks for sometimes and gives his approval. ishu says lets go and buy the marriage’s clothes.
they both wears them. ishu says first we will go to my home and leaves.
#flashback ends#

rv says ishani be careful next time. ishu nods. amba calls ishu in the kitchen. rv leaves for office. amba asks ishu to prepare the food. ishu says that i dont know how to prepare. amba says okk dont worry i will teach you.
amba says you know rv loves ladyfinger so first i will teach you that. amba shows her to prepare it. ishu gets a call excuses that she has some work in boutique and leaves.

in boutique ishu gets surprised. the office was very well decorated and everyone was waiting for ishani. ishu asks if there is some special occassion. one lady says that mam congratulations for your wedding and we have done this for you only. everyone comes and greets ishu.

ishu calls rv that i want to meet you. rv says okk i will see you in half an hour in the park.

in park ishu was looking very tensed. rv asks what happened. ishu says rv we will have to end this drama as soon as possible. i cant tolerate it. i cant play with everybody’s emotions. she starts crying. Rv holds her face consoles her and says i know ishani but for our betterment we will have to do this. they both hugs.

a couple was passing nearby and watches ishveer hugging. the girl says look at them how much they love each other and praises them. ishveer gets seperates and both were shying. rv says stammering lets go home. ishu nods.

Precap- rv gets hurt and ishani applies oinment on the wound….

Credit to: jeevi

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    Just………….speechless love it……..amazing and awesome dear…..keep it up……and ya best of luck to you dear…..

  2. Amazing episode …. the park part was excellent …. !

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  4. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    Good one

  5. very awesome dude……….u r an outstanding writer. but pls don’t separate them

  6. really awesome no words but make ishveer marry really hw long they will hv to act?

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  9. Really superb but when they start to love each other eagerly waiting for that jeevi

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