Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 17

the episode continues that rv and ishu were thinking what to do know. amba comes and tells that dinner is ready.

they all goes to dining area. ishu comes and holds a seat. rv also holds the same and says this is my place. ishu says so what i have holded it first. rv says daily i sit here. ishu says but not from today. kailash says stop it, you both are a married couple dont fight like children. amba says they both look so cute with each other. rv says angrily sit now.

after dinner rv and ishu comes to the room. rv says im feeling sleepy you can sleep wherever you want. ishu says okk i will sleep on bed and you on couch. rv confusingly sees her and tells oh hello madam this is my room i will sleep on bed okk. you see yours.
ishu comes closer and says swami im your wife and you will do like this. rv says when did we married. ishu says slowly stupid. amba suddenly comes and says what are you saying deekra. rv and ishu looks afraid.

rv makes excuses that we didnt married but our soul did. amba says what are you saying im not getting anything. ishu comes and says aunty dont listen to him you know he is very filmy so he is just telling a dialog. amba says okk but ishani dont call me aunty. ishani asks so what ? amba says maa. ishani says ok maa. amba blesses her.
rv says BTW maa you here. amba says yes i completely forgot i came here to give the milk to both of you. they drinks the milk. amba says now sleep. rv says maa you go we will sleep. amba says no you both first lie on bed then only i will go.

ishveer unwillingly shares the bed and sleeps.

at night ishu was dreaming something and hugs ranveer in fear. rv getsup and sees ishu is scared and she is hugging him. he tries to remove her hand but she murmurs that dont leave me. rv smiles looking at her and says first time im seeing that Junglee billi is also afraid of something. he sleeps.

in morning rv and ishu gets up and fights for the bathroom. amba comes and calls ishani, till then rv enters into it. ishani bangs on the door and says it is cheating ranveer. rv says from inside everything is fair in love and war my sweet wife and laughs.
amba also smiles and says ishani deekra plz wear this saree and come for pooja ok and leaves smiling. ishani sits on the bed and thinks i dont know how to wear saree. she practices to make plaits.

rv comes out and sees ishu struggling with it.he says you dont know to wear it right. ishu says who said. rv says your face says this. ishu says you know better than me and leaves to get fresh.
rv sees that ishani has left his towel here. he thinks to irritate her.

ishani calls ranveer plz can you give me the towel. rv says sure but i couldnt see here. ishu says its right on the bed where i left. rv says sorry but its not on the bed. ishani slightly opens the door and peeps out and doesnt find there. rv says you take this shirt and see yourself i have lot of work to do. ishu wears his shirt and slowly comes out. he sees towel in rv’s hand. ishu says you give back. rv says i will not give and he runs. they both starts running in the room. suddenly ishu slips and was about to fall. rv holds him. she sees towel and snatches it. ishu teases her and runs in the bathroom. rv gets a call and goes out of the room to attend.

ishani comes out and tries to wear saree by watching the video . she successfully wears it. rv comes back to the room. ishu tells him see i did and combs her hairs.

rv says lets go down everyone is waiting. ishu says yes. she turns around ,rv raises his eyebrow and sees ishu . suddenly rv starts laughing. ishu says what happened why are you laughing. rv says seriously you will go down like this.ishu was confused. rv brings her infront of mirror. ishu closely observes and sees that she has worn the saree from wrong side. rv laughs and says what happened now. ishu says its better you do not speak. im already in tension.

rv comes close and sits on the bed and pulls ishani towards. he takes the pin off and says the style of wearing it is wrong. ishu sees her surprisingly. he takes the pallu off. ishani turned around. rv sensed her uncomfortness. he makes the plaits and asks her to tuck in. he makes her wear saree. rv says next time im not gonna do this. iahani nods and thanks him.
amba calls them for pooja.

Precap-amba asks rv to apply sindoor in ishani’s head….

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    1. no they are not in love right now vyushu dear.
      they are just friends.

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