Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 16

the episode starts with ishveer in the park and ishu says im brilliant, im genious and hugs herself. ranveer says arey plz tell me.
ishu comes to his ear and slowly whispers the whole plan. rv says no no ishani. ishu nods and says yes yes ranveer and smiles creepily.
suddenly ishu gets a message from home. she says rv we will have to execute our plan right now. rv hesitates.

in ishaani’s house falguni was shouting on everyone to do their works properly. harshad comes and keeps his hand on shoulder and says falguni come and sit. look at you why are you so worried just chill. falguni says im a mother naa that is why im in tension. she joins her hand and prays to god that everything must go perfectly. harshad says okk now get ready. they have just left. falguni says ok im going but you look after all the preparations. harshad says i will take care.

ritika comes and says uncle look im here. she comes and touches his feet. harshad says god bless you ritika. thanks you are here. your aunt is just becoming hyperactive. ritika laughs and says afterall she is ishu’s mom. they both laughs. ritika enquires about ishu. harshad says she is not yet home. ritika says ok i will call her. She says uncle ishu is not picking up the call. harshad says ritika you try to contact her but plz dont tell your aunt about it, she is already tensed. ritika nods. falguni comes and says what you are hiding? harshad stammers and says lies that she will require more time in the parlour.

amba and kailash arrives. ishu’s parents greet them and asks about ranveer. amba hesitately says he has not come because he left for a urgent meeting. ritika comes and greets them.

amba says come ishani sit beside me. ritika says sorry aunty but im not ishani ,im ritika her friend. amba says sorry beta i was just excited to meet her. ritika says aunty what do the boy does. kailash says he is the owner of odhni .
ritika surprisingly says ranveer. amba says yes but how do you know him. ritika says aunty im the co-owner of that company and rv’s friend. amba says Ritika Zaveri and asks about the meeting for which rv has gone. ritika was in thought and says rv lied to his parents.

harshad asks ritika where are you. ritika lies and says that she has not gone office from 2 days and excuses herself.
she comes and calls rv. he picks up the phone. ritika says where are you, i have to tell you something important. rv says i will talk to you later and cuts the call. ritika angrily says now dont blame me that i have informed you.

falguni comes and says ritika plz help to serve the guests. they serve the guests.

suddenly ishani comes and calls maa papa. they look at the door. it was ishani in brides attire. everyone gets shocked. falguni comes and slowly says ishani what is this new nonsense. ishu says maa im not doing any drama. i have married to whom i love. harshad says beta this thing you should have told us and yesterday when i came to talk to you thhen why didnt u informed us.

amba whispers to kailash that god saved our ranveer.

suddenly rv comes in front. amba and kailash gets shocked. ishu’s parents gets shocked. rv parents come and says ranveer. rv gets surprised and asks maa baba what you 2 are doing here. amba says beta we came to fix your marriage with ishani. rv and ishani sees each other and says what. they all hug each other.

harshad says forget all this but what we wanted our chidren have done that. they all were happy.

amba says achha we must leave with our daughter-in- law now.
harshad says okk. they leaves.

they all come to home. ritika also comes. rv says im tired im going to take rest. amba says sure but take ishani along with you she is also tired. the duo comes to rv’s room.
ishu sits on the bed with hand on head and says what we have done. rv shouts and says its your fault, it was your stupid plan.
ritika comes and says i knew it that something is fishy. rv says ritika this is all your friends useless idea. ishani stands and says achha now everything has gone wrong so you are blaming me, by the way i will remind that you also agreed with the plan ok so dont put everything on me. rv points his finger to ishani and says you. ritika says guyz stop it and says rv i have called you to tell this thing but you even didnt listened to me. ishani angrily says what , this man is disgusting. rv says sorry i thought you called to tell me about some work. ishani comes and holds ritikas hand says what will we do now.
ritika says sorry guys but this problem is created by you two, so together you have to find out the solution, and remember that you both dont hurt your parents feeling, they are really happy. she leaves. ishu sighs and they both look each other hopefully.

Precap- Rv discloses that when did we married and amba hears it.

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  1. Its really good jeevi!

    1. hey MEERA mam what about ur ff ??? when u will continue ????

      1. Umm prince I mentioned it in my previous episode that now I will be continuing only after 18 of march !! My exams going on .. I ve my next language paper on tuesday . And honestly speaking I really don’t want to disturb my studies , sO…

      2. Hey prince actually that was written from my sisters account , soumya – she is my sister , so that was by mistakenly posted .. However this is me Meera..

  2. Superb !! Jeevi its fantabulous!!

  3. Its awesome dear !! ? just love ur ff!

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  5. ? finally !! So r they married actually??

  6. Superb jeevi..but pls make ranvi falls in love with ishani soon


    Wow dear l just loved it……..I’m laughing hard dear……when Ranveer came to know about amba and kailash…..

  8. Supeerrr….??

  9. it’s super fantastic

  10. make them one….don’t separate them

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    Wow superb it.

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