Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 13

the episode starts with rv in his bureau. he was looking at some files. a couple enters. his eyes were still down on the file and says yes how can i help you. the man says now what should i tell you, i want my daughter to get married but she always pends it. rv says okk so you try to convince her. the woman says many times me and my husband have tried but that girl never listens and runs away, god knows what she is having problem with marriage.

rv says sounds interesting. the man says yesterday only we have sent a boy arjun to see her but god knows what she did and that boy rejected her.

rv recalls ishani in his mind .he looks up and says whats your daughters name. the couple says ishani parekh. rv looks them in surprise.

the man introduces himself as Harshad Parekh her father, im a diamond company businessman and she is my wife Falguni Parekh. she says namaste.

rv says so your daughter doesnt want to get marry. i think she is acting and fooling the guys.

Falguni says she is very mischievous since childhood. harshad says now you can only help us. rv says ofcourse i will. they leaves and rv laughs out.

at noon rv comes home and sees the house decorated. he calls the servant and asks whats the celebration. Amba and kailash (rv’s parents) comes and says today is your swayamvar. rv gets shocked and shouts whats this. amba says ranveer dikra you know in my kitty everyone has daughter-in-law.
rv says maa so for your daughter in law you will hang me on fan .amba says shutup. you know i also wish to make complaints about my bahu in kitty.

rv says maa im not gonna marry. maa im just a child. amba comes and hold his ears. rv shouts maa its paining. amba says in oldage will you marry and leaves his ears, she says you have an marriage bureau why dont you find suitable girl and get married.
kailash says ranveer beta i advice you marriage is headache. amba says haww. do you really feel like that i will see you but later, dikra get ready girls will be here in any moment. rv says bye maa im going and leaves. amba shouts comeback beta but he leaves. amba says what will happen know.

rv in the car says that i was thinking to make fun of ishani but the same is happening to me. i think ishani doesnt know that her parents came to bureau today. i need to tell her. he heads his car to ishu’s office.

Precap- amba and kailash comes to ishu’s home with marriage proposal …..

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    Nice episode jeevi and awesome precap.pls update fast.

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