Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 12

The episode starts with ishani waking up. she holds her head and says its feeling like someone is hammering in my head. she sits and finds that she is wearing only shirt. she gets scared. in the meantime rv comes shirtless with coffee. he says good morning darling.

ishu says shutup and you changed my clothes. rv says yes my dear. ishu see a lipstick mark on rv’s neck. ishu gets tensed and asks about the mark of lipstick . rv says dont worry its of lastnight.
ishu holds her head and says what did we do last night. rv comes close to her and says common ishani now stop pretending as if you dont know. last night was wonderful. i didnt knew that you would be so interesting.

suddenly ishani sees lipstick on the dressing table and realises that she had kept wrong color in her purse yesterday. ishani says
now i will prank you.

rv was still exaggerating about night. ishu says rv i want everynight should happen like this, just me and you. she comes closer. rv moves back. ishu says “mene bhi DDLJ bahut dekhi hai” and laughs.

rv says you know you were behaving totally mad. i mean dancing on streets, shouting and howling. Junglee Billi. ishu gets up to beat him but realises that she in shirt. rv suddenly turns around and says go first change yourself. ishu runs to washroom.

ishu comes to hall. rv was sitting with some files. rv says your bf drama is over or still to be played. ishu says no thats not needed. after seeing me drunk he must have left. rv says fine, by the way why dont you patchup with him.

ishu says i have lied that he was my ex bf. rv says so who was he?

ishu says actually my parents wanted me to get married. so i just wanted to know if he will accept me knowing this truth, and he failed. ishani smiles. rv says you are very clever boss and joins his hands. ishu says dont worry “mere saath rehkar you will also become smart very soon”. they both laughs.

rv says by the way i have something special for you. ishu gets excited and says what is it. rv says give me your phone. ishu gives him phone . he opens a video. ishu says what is si special in this. rv says first you see the video. she plays the video. the video shows ishu dancing on kheech meri photo when she got drunk. ishu says omg did i behaved like this. rv says yes and laughs. ishu deletes the video. rv says dont worry i have another copy of that and leaves running.

Precap- ishveer parents entry…..

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Lovely episode is very nice to read.waiting for ur next.

  2. super dhuper fanfic

  3. Nice romantic episode jeevi,but y ranvi always keep distance from ishani,pls jeevi make story like ranvi crazy on ishani

  4. Ishveer romantic epi …!!

    But pls unite ishveer forever ..!!

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