Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 11

hello guyzz…..

the episode continues from where i last left..

rv says i will take you to restaurant you will not eat here. rv drives the car. they both come to a restaurant. ishu says i will eat chinese. rv orders chinese. arjun follows them. the manager announces that today is dance competition & every couple present here must participate.
ishani says wow dance competetion and winks. rv says no ishani. ishu holds his hand and rv resist. rv says aur kya kya karna padega and sniffs. tum hi ho song plays. they both dances passionately. they both gets lost in each other eyes. the manager comes and says we got the winner. we were looking for this kind of couple.everyone claps.
they both come back to seat. rv says see i never lose. ishu says ohh hello we won because of me .rv says ahh drink has come. suddenlyy rv’s drink fall on his clothes and goes to washroom to clean. ishani drinks. she says it has a very different taste but i like it (actually it was brandy the waiter misplaced the order).
rv comes back and says shall we leave now. ishani gets drunk and behaves weirdly. she dances on main sharaabi song. rv controls her and makes her sit. everybody was laughing. rv says ishani stop behaving like that. rv thinks what happened in just few minutes. he took handerchief from his pocket and smells. he realises that ishani is drunk. he takes him out.

ishani started dancing on road on the song “kheech meri photo”. rv says this is the best momennt and makes the video of it. suddenly it satrted raining. ishu was still dancing. rv comes and makes a shelter through his coat and makes her sit in the car and leaves for his home.

at rv’s home rv took ishu in his arms and takes to room. he lays her gently on the bed and goes to change. when he comes back he sees ishu sneezing.

he says she should change otherwise she will catch cold. he calls mala but other servant comes and says that mala had left for his hometown and goes.
He wakes ishani to change the clothes. ishu says im not in the mood. rv says you will catch cold, getup fast. ishani says okk you change it and sleeps again. he thinks ishu is not in the condition of changing. he brings a shirt and turns off the light. he changes her clothes. (guyz ishu was just wearing rv’s shirt). he covered him with blanket and sleeps on couch.

Precap- ishu sees lipstick mark on rv’s neck and gets tensed.

guyzz this arjun drama im not going to extend and in the next episode arjun’s true identity will be revealed by ishani. and also ishveer will be together in the upcoming episodes…:-) 🙂

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  1. super….. pls unite them

  2. Wow…. luv it

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥ it.precap is more interesting.update fast.

  4. Wow what an epi …???????

    I love it ? so much …. pls update nxt epi …pls

    cant wait for that precap ?

  5. Jeevi I feel a déjà vous reading this as u must have copied it from someone else’s ff !! Isn’t it meera’s MATSH into my heart !! The same happened in her ff too . But seriously I believe if u r writting a ff I should not copy others ideas , u should create ur own imagination !

    1. sorry to say ritika dear but i havent read anyone’s ff till now.
      my brother suggested me that you are a ishveer fan so you can write it in your spare time.
      and i havent copied anything from somebody’s ff. it might be a coincidence….

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