Love is beautiful -saga of 2 lovers (MATSH) Episode 10

hello everybody….

so the episode starts with in morning rv called ishu. she picks up and asks what you want to say. rv seeks for apology. ishu says okk if you are forcing so much then i may consider but you will have to do something. rv says ok. ishu says ok come to my home in 10 mins. rv leaves.

at ishu’s house rv was very afraid . he walked slowly. he sees music system and gets scared. ishu says i was waiting for you. rv says i know you will order me to dance and for that i have brought clothes also. ishu laughs and says no i will tell you something else. ishu says you have to be my bf for next 3 days.

rv says what nonsense. ishu says relax, i mean you just have to act and pretend thats all.
rv says no i will not do. ishu says listen my ex-bf(arjun) has come back. i just want to show him that im very much happy with you. rv says but why me? ishu says ok fine i will somebody else.
rv thinks that this is a good way to apologize and i dont have to do any stupid dance also. he agrees. ishani says good you changed your mind and explains him the whole plan. rv says boss you are very smart . ishu winks.
ishu says lets go.

ishveer comes to a park. ishu says you know what we have to do. rv says yes. ishu says ok hold my hand and sit he will be here in any minute. rv holds ishu’s hand and thinks “kidhar fass gya mein isse better toh munni badnam ho jati”. ishu winks and says he has come. rv says stammering ishu darling you know your hands are so soft, your eyes are like that of sea. ishu keeps his foot on rv and says thanks ranveer . lets go.
rv says why you hurted me on my foot. ishu says angrily that you were stammering and what were you saying sea. rv says sorry i got nervous. ishu says okk fine. ishu says look back and see if arjun is following us or not. he says yes he is. ishu says im feeling hungry and sees a stall .they comes to a chaat stall. ishu says two plates paani puri. rv says only one, you enjoy. ishani eats and yums. suddenly ishu starts coughing. rv runs and brings water bottle. he helps her and rubs her back. they both share an eyelock. ishu says thanks and sees arjun and says not bad rv, our plan is working. she smiles.

Precap- ishu gets drunk…..

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    Wow jeevi dear…..I just love this drama of gf and bf but then they gonna love each other soon …..

  2. man this arjun part is boaring…….pls make ISHVEER together

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Very nice jeevi precap ishani is I think it will be more funny.pls update fast.

  4. Jeevi pls make ranveer loves ishani soon pls

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