Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 9) by Zaimal


“yummm!…”swara murmured after putting spoon full of velvet chocolate.
“you came here to eat only?”sanskar asked while smiling.
“no…i came here to show someone that i can come without partner”swara said putting another spoon in her mouth.
she was sitting on table and sanskar was standing beside her at small distance.
suddenly whole hall went dark and all lights gets focus in mid where sahil was standing.
“hello guys….i know all freshers must me thinking such a boring party it is so get ready for fun.”sahil said and all cheered.

“swara beta he is going to blast a bomb”swara thought in mind while putting another spoon in mouth.
“we have arranged a game in which few couples will give a dance performance…”sahil said and lights moves to swara with blink of second.
“muma!….what to do now?”swara cried in brain.
At that time she felt an arm around her waist,she looks at her side.
“helping you last time”sanskae said in low whisper and swara smiles.

Both went to center of hall and lights focused on them.
“TUM HI HO” song played

Tum Hi Ho Lyrics
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)


Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera


Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)



Hall gets lights and swasan comes i senses because of loud sound of clapping.swara steps back while looking at sanskar. while different girls surround them.swara excused herself and went washroom.sanskar just saw her leaving.

swara splashes water on faces twice and closed the tap.her cheeks were burning and her breaths were still heavy.A flash of their closeness during dance passed through her brain.
“swara relax it was just dance….don’t you dare think something else”swara scolded herself in brain and came out after wiping her face carefully.she went toward bar counter and asked for juice.meanwhile kunj,lucky,twinkle and ragini comes there.
“what?” swara asked seeing them staring at her.
she picks up glass of juice.

“nothing i am just so thirsty”twinkle said hiding her smile.kunj takes glass from swara’s hand and give it to twinkle,in blink of second.twinkle blush a little and drinks it.swara slaps kunj on face.
“that was my juice…”swara said throwing daggers at him.
“she was thirsty…”kunj said,slapping her back.
“i wanted to drink that for fun…i was also thirsty”swara said and stamps her foot.

Swara was walking out from hall when she hear laughing sound of was over and everyone was going home.sanskar was vanished after dance.
she walks toward sound direction and saw twinkle laughing and talking with a boy.
“who is he?”swara murmured and walked toward them.
“twinkle you are still here?”swara asked,holding twinkle’s hand.

“we were just leaving”boy said while looking at twinkle with lustful eyes.twinkle just laughed.
“are you drunk?”swara asked worriedly.twinkle again laughed,shooking her head vigorously.
“why didn’t you tell me…we would have do it together”swara said giggling.
“i am not drunk….”twinkle said and hit on swara’s shoulder.
“i can see that…let’s go”swara said and holds twinkle arm.

“she is my girlfriend and she will go with me…”boy said,not wanted to let go of this chance.
“girlfriend????”twinkle and swara shouted together.twinkle laughed.
“you liar i am not your girlfriend…how can i be your girlfriend i love kunj na”twinkle said shyly.
swara looks at her with jerk

“what did you just said…you love kunj???”swara said shocked from head to toe.
twinkle nodded vigorously and laughed.
“God this is so unfair…..that jerk don’t even believe in love and you send love in his life when will you send my love….i am not talking to you”swara said cryingly,twinkle laughed.
“let’s go….enough now”boy said holding twinkle’s hand.swara slapped him on face,throwing all her anger on him
“didn’t she say…she loves my idiot still thinks there is some chance for you”swara said angrily and slapped him again.
“why my love is not coming in my life…”swara said,shooking boy by holding his collar.twinkle escapes from there,singing song.

“leave me…”boy free herself and run from there.
“i will start crying now….send my love right now or otherwise otherwise…what can i do?”swara said looking above at roof and cried.
“twinkle pray to God na…he will….twinki”swara gets shock seeing her no where.
“wind is soooooo nice na”twinkle said waving her head in air
“how many shot u took…twinki”swara asked

“i didn’t drink alcohol…..alcohol is injurious to health”twinkle shouted angrily near swara ear.
“shouting creates noise pollution…twinki”swara shouted back
“i don’t want to go home….stop the car”twinkle shouted with full force.
“sit silently”swara said angrily

“stop the car otherwise i will jump”twinkle said in threatening voice.
“are you mad?”swara said but didn’t stop the car.
“yes i am mad”twinkle shouted and opened door of moving car.swara apply break quickly.twinkle quickly gets off from car and runs.
swara’s face turned like “o”.at that time her phone started ringing.she takes out her phone and puts it on ear

“hello” swara said
“kitten…its very bad……i told u to do video call….how can u forget?”shekhar said in scolding tone.
“dad i am so sorry……but i am having a big problem here”swara said poutingly.
“boyfriend problem?”man asked suspiciously
“dad…for god sake there are thousand other problem than boys”swara said frustratingly
“dad i will call u later…bye love u”swara quickly said,cuts the call and step down from car and runs after her.

“twinkiiiii………where are u going”swara shouted.
“i don’t want to go homeeee”twinkle shouted laughing and running.
after three minutes of running.swara stopped and start taking deep breaths keeping both hands on her knees.she wiped her sweat from forehead still taking very long breaths.
“fainting now, is not good idea swara…breath”swara muttered to herself.
twinkle stopped at some distance from her and looks at her with bend position.
“why did u stopped…i was enjoying it”twinkle said making sulking face
“u know na i can’t run”swara said taking deep breaths
twinkle nodded vigorously and sit down and said”take rest”

swara also sit down on hard road.
“don’t want to go home?”swara asked from twinkle,putting both hands on her knees.she was too tierd
“nooooooo….”twinkle replied
” who are u?”twinkle asked looking at her with narrowed eyes
‘your mother idiot woman”swara replied being frustrated
“but your face resemble to my friend swara”twinkle said moving her face closer to swara.
swara burst out laughing.
“you are so drunk’swara asked still laughing a little.
“i didn’t drink”twinkle said angrily


swara was standing on rough road, holding twinkle hand and trying hard to make her stand
‘twinkle for God sake get up…its f**king 3 AM….”swara said and put full force to make her stand.but twinkle was sitting stubbornly.
“noooo…i don’t want to go home”twinkle said shooking her head side to side
“i didn’t eat anything frommmmmm”swara stopped in mid and starts thinking from how long she didn’t eat anything then cried loudly”from 5 hours…my B.P is falling down…….plz get up”
“u go na…….i will sleep here……i am feeling so nice here”twinkle said stubbornly

“if you would have not my friend na….i would have left you long before”swara said full anger
twinkle laugh in response.swara hits on her own forehead and muttered”what did she drink?”
“bhagwan jiiiii plz help me to get out of this problem…i promise i will find temple and come for pray twice in week”swara prayed to God loudly, joining both hands,looking upward at sky.

“twinki plz get up……’swara pleaded her.
twinkle shook her head
“if this much pleading i would have do in front of Tomb Cruise….he would have also agreed to marry me….and you stubborn woman “swara said frustrated like hell.
“he is already married swara….find another one”twinkle said laughing

“i gave you example idiot woman….did u left your brain in Uni library?”swara said still pulling from her hand.
At that time two boys crossed them from their bike.their bike went forward a little then they took a U turn and came back.
they stopped bike and stepped down staggering a little.
one boy said in full flirty tone”we are not less than Tomb cruise”

twinkle laughed loudly.swara’s anger were reaching to peak level.
‘twinki mujah gussa aa raha ha”swara said in threatening voice
one boy hold swara arm from which she was holding twinkle’s hand.
“come on sweat heart…let’s have some fun”boy said in cocky tone.
swara looks at his hand then at his face.

she holds his hand,turns and punches him on face.blood ooze out from his nose.
twinkle covered her open mouth.swara holds his head and hits it on her knee with full force.boy holds his head and staggered back a little.other boy who was half drunk run from there.swara steps forward to grab injured boy but he also run from there and vanished in no time.
“AAAAA!….my hand”swara cried loudly and sit down on road in punjabi style,holding her hand with which she punched.she starts blowing it with full force,making her face complete round.
twinkle quickly moved toward her, walking by knees and hold her hand and blows on it
“is it paining/”twinkle asked innocently

“a lot….”swara said nodding her head vigorously.twinkle start caressing it lovingly.
“……can we go home now?”swara asked blinking at her innocently.
twinkle nodded her head vigorously.
“i think we should go hospital’twinkle said worriedly
“i will put ice pack on it…..plz home….get up”swara said quickly.
twinkle quickly get and walked toward bike.
swara joined her bot and said”thank God”
“Aawoo!…..”swara shooking her hand.she removes scarf from her neck and wrapped it on hand.
‘swaraaa…’twinkle called walking toward car
“coming….”swara said quickly and gets up.

she walked toward and sit behind wheel and starts car.
‘u can drive na?”twinkle asked
“off course…why?’swara asked confusingly
“your hand…..”tiwnkle said being concerned. swara bite her tongue.
‘i…i will manage….”swara said quickly and drive off.

“swara where are my shoes…”kunj shouted loudly being irritated not able to find anything.
“swara yaar where is my favorite tshirt”lucky shouted.
ragini and kavita shook there head while eating there breakfast.sanskar was also sitting with them,almost done with his breakfast.
he was upset from night and wanted to leave house before swara comes down.suddenly twinkle’s thought came in his mind

“where is twinkle?”sanskar asked.
“she is still sleeping…”ragini said and closed her eyes,hearing another loud shout from lucky and kunj.
“swara is sleeping in her room…..will you two plz stop shouting”ragini said in irritated voice.
“still sleeping….who will make breakfast for us?”kunj said and went to swara’s room.
swara was sleeping peacefully as there shouting didn’t put a single effect on her.
kunj holds her arm and makes her sit

“you are still sleeping….don’t want to go college?….we are shouting from so long”kunj said angrily.
swara tried to open her eyes but failed.she again fell down and pull cover on herself.
kunj gritted his teeth and pull swara down from bed.

“swara college…..wake up”
swara blinks at him twice,puts her head on his shoulder and sleep again.
“i am so sleepy…”swara murmured in low whisper.kunj was hardly able to listen that.
kunj holds her from shoulder and make her stand.swara was still sleeping.kunj waves hand in front of her eyes.he made her sleep on bed and comes down with serious face.
“where is swara?”lucky said angrily.

“lucky get ready to hang from fan…”kunj said in dramatic tone.
“kunj we are getting late…stop your drama”lucky said and slapped on his head.
“swara started taking drugs….dad will kill us”kunj said slapping on lucky’s head.
ragini,kavita and sanskar looks at kunj with jerk.
“what rubbish….”lucky said and slapped him.

“her eyes are not getting open….falling here and there”kunj said.lucky looks at him then goes toward swara’s room.all follows him quickly except sanskar.he was silently eating his breakfast without a single expression on face.
“swara????”lucky said and pats her cheek

“see…not a single effect…i am telling you she is taking drugs”kunj said.
kavita picks a glass of water and throw it on swara’s face.swara jerks up quickly.
“the person who use drugs don’t wake up like this…’kavita said and put glass back on side table.
“what the hell….”swara said angrily and wipes her face.

“you are on drugs…don’t you feel shame taking them without me”kunj said with sulking face.lucky slapped on his head
“drugs and me….’swara said pointing at herself.kunj and lucky nodded vigorously.
swara gritted her teeth and steps down from bed.kunj and lucky runs outside.swara runs after them.
“when you both don’t have brains why you two use?”swara said running after them.trio climbs down while chasing each other.swara gets tired after few seconds and start taking breaths.
“idiot…..why will i use drugs….do you know from drugs dark circle appears,skin gets pale and lips turns white.who will love me”swara said taking deep deep breaths.
all smiles.kunj and lucky looks at her with narrowed eyes.

“if drugs would not have those side effects then you would have take it?”lucky asked
“maybe….i mean so many people takes it there must be tasty na”swara said blinking innocently.
ragini and kavita burst out luaghing.sanskar also chuckles.lucky and and kunj beats there forehead.

At that time door of a room gets open and twinkle stepped out, holding her head.
“why you all are shouting”twinkle said in weak voice.
‘twinkle are u fine?’kunj asked being concerned.

twinkle shooks and said”head is paining like hell’

“its called hangover…”swara said loudly and walks toward kitchen.
“hangover…..”kunj,lucky,ragini and kavita shouted.sanskar walks toward twinkle.
“are you fine…sorry last night i left without you”sanskar said in worried voice.
“yes madam got drunk last night”swara said loudly from kitchen.
she was feeling little pain while making lemon juice.she looks at her hand and was swelled.
swara comes out from kitchen and give lemon juice to twinkle.sanskar looks at her swelled hand and gets restless.
“drink it”swara ordered her.
twinkle and kunj looks at her hand and gets worried.
“swara what happened to your hand”lucky asked in worried voice.
“punched someone last night…..forgot to put ice on it” swara said making face.sanskar cursed under his
“careless woman”kunj muttered.sanskar also muttered something under his breath.twinkle take a sip of lemon juice then makes face and put it on table.
“give me your phone”swara said to lucky.he give her his phone.
“u also…’swara said to kunj.
“why…’kunj asked before putting it on her hand.

swara snatch phone from his hand.
“why we keep phone?’swara asked
“to communicate in emergency situation”kunj said quickly acting to be smart.
“right’ swara said and throw lucky’s phone on floor with full gets divided in different pieces.
sanskar looks at broken phone then at her angry face.lucky was looking at his broken with half open mouth.
“dare not throw my phone”kunj quickly said pointing finger at her

swara looks at him then bends and keep phone on floor and hit her foot on it
several times with full strength.kunj keeps hand on heart and start getting hiccups.
twinkle turns around with a jerk,picks up glass of juice,close her nose with other hand and drinks it in single breath.
“what you both are keeping phone when u both don’t attend call.”swara said while hitting her foot on kunj’s phone.

after breaking his phone completely swara stopped hitting it she went and sit on couch and crossed her arms over her chest.
sanskar rubbed his forehead with four fingers with small smile on lips.her antics always amused him.
lucky came back to his senses, walked toward kitchen, pour cold water in glass and comes out.
he sits beside swara and gives her glass.kunj picks up his broken phone from floor and sits on other side of swara like a robot. (STILL GETTING HICCUPS)
swara raised her head to drink water but kunj gets hiccups at that time.swara and lucky looks at him.swara again raised her hand to drink water but kunj again gets hiccups.swara closed her eyes then give him water
“u drink it”

kunj takes water from her hand and drinks it in single gulp.
“what had happened last night?”lucky asked calmly
swara tell him everything shortly with angry face.
“i called u both thousand times….”swara said angrily.

twinkle lowered her head being embarrassed.lucky starts laughing after hearing everything.
“girls are disaster when they are drunk…………and and when u are drunk u were bigger disaster than twinkle’lucky said laughing.
“i didn’t sit on road and resist to go home”swara quickly said defending herself.
lucky hit on her head and said”we all landed up in police station when u were drunk…twinkle no need to get embarrass………….come sit here”
twinkle smiles, goes and sit beside lucky(extra big couch)
“u both reached home safe and sound……….then why did you break my apple iphone”kunj said and raised up his broken phone and starts crying like baby.
all heads snapped toward him and whole lounge echoed with laughter.
swara,lucky,twinkle,ragini and kavita were laughing without any control and sanskar was looking at swara without a blink.

“there were so many pics of girls in it”kunj cried more loudly.
twinkle thanked God in her heart and lucky,swara and kavita laughing increased.
“hey bhagwan why the hell you gave us such a witch iphoneeee”kunj said whining like kid
“Ooo…my little bro….”lucky said getting up from his seat and sits beside kunj,moving swara to side.twinkle also sits beside him and both start pacifying him.
‘bhai my apple iphone…’kunj said showing him phone.lucky pats his shoulder.

kunj angrily gets up,takes twinkle mobile and start dialing a number.
“to whom are you calling”swara asked still laughing.
“today i didn’t tell mom about everything my name is not kunj gadodia”kunj said in full anger.swara’s laugh stopped at once.she gets up quickly and tried to snatch phone from him.kunj run making swara run after him.

“kunj don’t you dare….what will you tell mama”swara said in threatening voice,running after him.
“i was thinking when mom came to know you drive above 80 she banned you for months if she will come to know you drive at 400 then she ban you for lifetime…”kunj said putting phone on ear.swara shouted his name angrily and increased her speed but stopped immediately and start taking breathe heavily.
“kunj i will kill you” swara said in low voice taking breathes without any control.she keeps hand on chest, feeling pain.

“gets tired easily…”sanskar thought in brain.everyone gets worried seeing her taking breathes so rapidly.lucky and kunj run toward her.
“swara where is your inhaler…”lucky asked being really worried.
“inhaler?…”sanskar thought getting worried all of sudden
“roo….”swara word didn’t got complete.she fainted and fell down in her brothers arm.
“swara…oye”kunj pats her cheek.lucky picks her up in arms and run outside.


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