Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 16) by Zaimal




“abheer i am going to bring swara here…just make garden presentable.she will directly go there”sanskar said chuckling.

abheer smiles,seeing him so happy.

“prince is she the one who is going stay in this house for very long period”abheer asked in serious tone.

“she is going to stay here for forever as long as i am here”sanskar said in same tone as his.

“then should i start calling you sanskar instead of prince”abheer asked in tease tone.sanskar laughed a little.

“arrange dinner in hall also…and no more questions”sanskar said,knowing that he is going to ask another question.

abheer bends his head.sanskar leaves from there.

After 20 minutes driving he stopped car and messaged swara to come down.swara comes out from house wearing a long blue gown.which was off from one shoulder.

sanskar skipped his heart beat,seeing her.she was looking very beautiful in his favourite color.swara sits on passanger seat and smiles.

“how am i looking?”swara asked in sweet voice.

“as always…”sanskar said and starts the engine.swara slaps on his shoulder.he chuckles.

“sanky where is garden?”swara asked the moment she stepped down from car.

“as expected…”sanskar murmured nd holds her shoulder.

“swara first take a look at house…”sanskar said and takes her inside,holding her hand.

swara looks around with amazment.she spended her whole life in big menstion but his house was like palace.sanskar stuffed his hands in his pant’s pockets while watching her roaming around.

he was amused seeing her looking at everything so deeply.Maybe because she knows everything which was there belongs to her including ther person who was staring at her.

sanskar then takes her to garden.Instead of his big palace like house that large patch of grass bring AWW! look at her face.

“you liked it?”sanskar asked joining their hands.

“who will not like?”swara asked laughing a little and looks at him.sanskar kiss at her forehead.

“hey swara!…’abheer said,coming there.

“hey abheer!..what are doing here?”swara asked as she was not expecting him there.

“he is my PA…”sanskar said instead of abheer.

“oh!….”swara nodded her head.

“swara you are looking very beautiful”abheer complimented her.

“thank you abheer…..for whom i am so much ready.he didn’t even say nice to me”swara said poutingly.

“come i want to show something else”sanskar said putting hand around her waist.

“you like hoarses…”swara asked seeing his collection of hoarses.

“hmm…..i love hoarses”sanskar said and whistled.

“i thought you love me…”swara said and hides her smile.sanskar looks at her.swara gigglyed.a black hoarse came toward them running.

swara gets scared seeing it coming like this,she was about to run but sanskar stops the hoarse like a professional person and caressed his neck.

sanskar sign her come close,swara shakes her head being scared.

“come here…”sanskar said,holds her hand and pulls her close.sanskar makes her stand close to hoarse and back hug her,placing his one hand at her belly.

“what if he eats my hand….i am scared from animals”swara said innocently while pulling her hand back from which she was going to place at hoarse.

“give a little love to animals and see how much they love you back”sanskar said in deep voice and placed her hand on hoarse.

swara looks at doesn’t seemed he was talking about hoarse.both shares a long romantic eyelock.

“let’s go for ride…”sanskar said,swara shakes her head vigorously but sanskar makes her sit on hoarse and sit behind her.

“i don’t know hoarse riding…”swara said being scared.

“thank God you don’t know anything”sanskar said chuckling,holds hoarse ridles and makes it run.


“what are you looking at me like this?”sanskar asked offering his hand for dance.swara puts hand in his hand and stands up.

“checking you out…you have any problem?”swara said smiling a little.

“then i should also check you…”sanskar said and looks at her from top to bottom slowly.swara’s cheeks turned red.

“then what you think about me?”swara asked keeping hand on his shoulder and giving another in his hand.both starts moving slowly according to beats of soft sound which was playing there.

“not bad…”sanskar said,sliding his hand around her waist.swara blushed a little but hides it quickly.

“you are also quite handsome..”swara said trying to hide her blush.

“thank you ma’am….”sanskar said and swara laughed.

“tell me one thing did you ever had girlfriend?”swara asked

“i have one…eats my brain whole day,don’t let me sleep in night wether she is there or not,don’t let me do my work and sound of her ancklets which i had heard only once,not letting my mind to calm down”sanskar said looking in her eyes directly.

“not me….”swara said laughing whole heartedly.sanskar was mesmerised seeing her angelic laugh.

“xgirlfriend….i mean if you had then tell me.someday she will come then i should know she id your X”swara said still laughing lightly.

sanskar twirls her twice and back hugs her and keep his chin at her shoulder.

“i had one but there was no love…”sanskar said honestly.

“only one?”

“only one…”sanskar said and kissed at her cheek and he slids a diamond ring in her finger.

“marry me….”sanskar whispered in ear.swara looks at diamond ring then at him.

“i had told your mother that i don’t want to roam with her daughter as boyfriend but want to take her home after making her wife”sanskar said in deep voice and kissed at back of her hand.

“isn’t it too fast”swara said biting her lower lip.

“your parents was saying the same…arranging a grand marriage after 15 days is very fast”sanskar said in normal tone.swara turns toward him.

“15 days?…who are you to decide alone?…i have so many plans for my marriage.this is not acceptable”swara said blabbering continuously.

“no one is asking from you…”sanskar said pulling her close to him.

“oh!..its mean you are giving me a order then for your kind of information i only take my parents’s order”swara said putting her arms around his neck.

“then start taking my orders..”sanskar said and kissed her forehead.

“think about me again…i am big trouble making girl”swara said in serious tone.sanskar smiles a little,cups her left cheek and kisses her softly on lips.

swara moves her fingers in his hair and soft kiss turned into passionate kiss.


“ma’am sir had strictly ordered to not let you go anywhere alone”guard said obediently.

“richard i will come in 15 minutes…dad will not come to know”swara said stubbornly

“ma’am plz go inside…its not safe”richard said worriedly.

“richard the moment i will become legal hire you will be first person to loose his job”swara said angrily,stamp her foot and leaves.ricahrd smiles and shakes his head.

swara goes to back side of house.

“jack mama is calling you”swara said to the guard who was standing there.guard nodded and left.shelooks here and there while biting her thumb nail.

“i will be back in 15 minutes…”swara said while gigglying,climbs the wall like monkey and jumps outside the house.

“taxi…”swara said coming to main road and sit inside it.

“kaka!…go wash hands and make me one plate full of spicy pani puri plates”swara said to small stall’s owner.

“you are coming after long time”kaka said chuckling,wash hands in front of her and start making one plate for her.

“i was out of city…..and i hope you don’t mind when i told to wash hands actually i am very tummy gets disturbed in a seconds”swara said and put one golgapa in her mouth.

“yumm!….the fun of eating pani puri while standing at road side can never be inside the big house.kaka you are best”swara said putting another in her mouth.


“don is this ture?….you got a slap from girl”sanskar said in mocking tone.Don looks at him with angry red eyes.sanskar’s phone ringed once.

he opens it and smiles.swara had send her picture while eating pani puri.

“why the hell you came here?”don said angrily.

“i used to thought that you are the only in whole mafia who deserve to be my enemy but…shit man i have to find another one”sanskar said and laughed a little.Don gets up and leaves from there in full anger.sanskar dial swara’s number and keep it on ear.

“don’t you have any other work then eating”sanskar said without any hello hey.abheer smiles and left from there.

“No…eating is most important work in come here these are very yummy”swara said licking her lips.sanskar laughed.

“i will kill her..”don shouted in full anger and goes out.his driver opens door for him and Don was going to sit inside when his sight fell on swara.Don looks at his guard,he bends his head and walks toward her.

“why are you laughing?…i am….”swara stopped seeing gun at her head.

“mama!…”swara cried in low whisper.

“not a single move…”guard said,grabs her arm and drags falls down from her hands and she beats at guards’s hand

“leave me…”swara said hitting rapidly at his hands.guards hits gun at her head.swara holds her head and faints.

“swara…who is there?…”sanskar gets worried and calls on her number again.kaka picks phone and tells him everything.

“shit…”sanskar said and walks outside.

“pri…sanskar what’s wrong?’abheer asked seeing cold look at his face.

‘swara is kidnapped again….”sanskar said in cold tone and sit inside behind wheels.

“what??…but who will kidnap her?’abheer asked sitting on passnager seat.sanskar kept silent and drove toward gadodia mention.

“sanskar come..we were just talking about you”shomi said smiling.

“aunty can i get some black coffee..”sanskar said trying to behave normal.shomi nodded and goes to bring his coffee.

“sanskar everything fine?…”shekhar said putting newspaper on table.

“uncle swara is kidnapped….we were talking on phone and someone kidnapped her.shekhar gets up from his and both went to study.

“therefore i send her shimla…’shekhar said worriedly and called commestioner.

“who had kidnapped her…”sanskar said trying to control his anger.

‘he is mafia don….”shekhar said and start talking on phone.sanskar felt like someone sntached ground from his feet.

“my daughter is kidnap and you are saying you can’t do anything”shekhar shouted on phone.sanskar turns and leaves from there almost running.

“find out where is don…now’sanskar said to abheer.


“because of you my reputation is spoiled…”don said,clenches swara’s hair and pulls her face up.swara hissed in pain.Tears fell down from her eyes.

“let me go plz…”swara cried and tried to free her hair from his hand.

“your body will behanged in highest tower of Mumbai…as a lesson for others”don said looking direct in her eyes.Don leaves her hair with jerk and leaves after his leave one guard keep gun on her forehead.

Current passed from swara’s backbone.she was first time in her whole regretting something.swara closed her eyes and some new tears fell down.

There was sound of one shot.swara shrink hearing that opens her eyes quickly.she blinked once seeing sanskar there then run and hug him and cried.

“you can also get scare?”sanskar asked hugging her back.after that continuous shooting voices echoed there.swara hugs him more hearing them.

“are you fine?…”sanskar asked, breaking hug but his eyes got stick to her forehead.she was injured there and blood was coming out.

“come here…”sanskar said and make her sit on chair and start cleaning her wound with his handkerchief.shooting sounds were still continue.

swara had holded his one hand firmly and was sitting silent.

“who did this?”sanskar asked throught clenched teeth.swara looks at guard who was lying dead on ground.sanskar follows her gaze and regreted for killing him with such ease.

“i don’t understand why the hell you don’t keep guards with you….when you had slapped mafia don?”sanskar said angrily.swara looked at him with shocked expressions.

“he is mafia don?”swara said and was about to hit on her forehead(on injury) but sanskar holds her hand.shooting sound was stopped.sanskar sighed knowing that everything was clear.

“dad didn’t told me he is don…he told me he is local goon.nothing to worry”swara said cryingly,gets up and start pacing in room.

“kunj always used to told me,swara control your hand but i didn’t listen to he will kill me”swara said and starts crying like kid.sanskar hugs her and pats her her head.

“nothing will happen to you…’sanskar said in deep voice.

“it was not mistake at all…”swara said still crying and hugging him.

“hmm…its never your mistake.”sanskar said chuckling.swara raise her head and looks at him and slapped on his chest.

“i am serious…swear on mama,mistake was not mine.”swara said while sniffying.sanskar just wipes her tears.

“i was just dancing with my friends…don’t know from where he came and said that to me.who will not get angry? and i didn’t get dream that he is don and if i would have know it then also i would have slapped him for saying that”

“what did he say to you?”sanskar said in serious tone.swara lowers her eyes and place her head on his chest.sanskar’s blood boiled.

‘now you will keep guards with you 24 hours….did you get it”sanskar said in his usual icy cold voice.swara was hearing his this tone first time but there was deep worry for her in his voice.that was soothing.being loved from somone this much was new for her.

swara smiled feeling strange happiness in her heart.

“don’t you think we should leave from here.”swara said pulling herself away from him.sanskar nodded and takes her out.

“don’t you dare dance in night clubs again.anyone will get obssessive for you”sanskar said in annoyed voice.

“finally one comment slipped from your mouth”swara said loudly and looks up at sky.

“thank you God…”swara said loudly.sanskar looks at her dryly.swara giggled and sit inside car.sanskar close door for her and sit beside wheels himself.

sanskar stopped car in front of gadodia mention and swara comes out.

“uncle is really worried for you…”sanskar said coming out from car.

“angry also?”swara asked and sanskar nodded.swara bites her tongue and run outside.

“dad…”swara said loudly and hug shekhar.he was going to scold her but swara starts crying.

“you lied to me…he is don and you told me he is local don.don’t talk to me”swara said breaks hug and turns her face.

“i am sorry kitten..i didn’t want you to be scared every second”shekhar said worriedly.swara winks at sanskar and he chuckles lightly.

“drama queen..”sanskar said in mind.

“its okay…”swara said and getting agreed quickly.

“kitten you are not safe still.i had arranged chopper.go shimla right now”shekhar said being worried for her.

“dad but…”

“no if and buts…”shekhar said firmly.swara pouts.richard comes there and informed them about chopper.

“and richard will go with you”shekhar said.swara nodded obediently.its not the right time to protest.

“when will you come?”swara asked from sanskar being a little sad.

“after setting some matters…’sanskar said smiling.swara hugs him then leaves.


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