Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 15) by Zaimal

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Swara was sadly standing there with crossed arms.sanskar taps her shoulder,she turns toward him.
“wat are you doing here,everyone is enjoying down?”sanskar asked
“i am fine here…you enjoy”swara said sighing heavily.sanskar looks at her sad face.
“what’s wrong swara?”sanskar asked making her look at him by holding her chin.
“today i got to know God don’t like me a little bit…”swara said sadly.she wanted to cry at her faith.
she had throw her drink not wanting to take risk and prayed that except sanskar anyone should get drink which was not spiked but see her faith.only sanskar got that drink.
she was very much dishearted with this.

“you know i had finally fall for someone and had made simple plan to know he feels samething for me or not but my plan failed”swara said in dishearted tone.
sanskar’s heart stopped beating for a minute.he let out a deep breath.
“who is he?”sanskar asked in deep tone.
“ friend”swara said avoiding eyes from him.
“go and tell him everything..”sanskar said looking at shimla city.
“are you mad…i don’t even he feel something for me or not.what if he don’t feel anything.i will loose his friendship also”swara said making face.
“who will refuse you?” sanskar said while a painful smile touched his lips.swara looks at him and an idea hit her.
she holds sanskar’s right hand and turns him toward her.
“if i tell you that i love you a lot.whole night i had thought that do i really love you and i was praying for you to come in my life from very long then will you say yes?” swara asked looking at his deep blue eyes in deep voice.
Sanskar stares at her face not able to say anything.swara was waiting for his answer with hold breath.

“what are you two doing here?”kunj said loudly.both looks at him with jerk.swara leaves sanskar’s hand and looks at kunj with full anger.
“i hate you God…”swara shouted in her mind,walks inside her room,picks up her coat and keys and leaves from there with full anger but didn’t forget to slap at kunj’s head.

“i am coming…”sanskar said with lost mind and turned toward open view and closed his eyes.swara’s words echoed in his mind.kunj shrugged and left.

Abheer opens his eyes and gets up.A sharp pain hit his head and he cursed heavily.he looks around and cursed again.he was sleeping on floor.he gets up and makes black coffee for himself and looked at everyone.
lucky,ragini,twinkle,kunj,kavita everyone was sleeping here and there but couples were together.
“where is prince and swara…”abheer murmured and shaked his head.
he went to swara’s room but didn’t find anyone.he comes out and saw sanskr coming out from washroom after getting fresh.abheer greeted him and sanskar nodded.
“get fresh fast..”sanskar ordered in cold voice.abheer nodded.sanskar went down and start preparing breakfast for himself.
after sometime everyone started getting up and came to kitchen for black coffee.
“aaa!…my head”ragini cried and kept it on lucky’s head.
“who the hell spiked everyone drinks…”lucky said angrily,looking at ragini’s condition then looks at kunj angrily who was pressing twinkle’s head.
“kunj don’t you feel shame doing this?…look at everyone’s condition”lucky said throwing daggers.
“i didn’t spike drinks…my own head is paining like hell”kunj said in annoyed voice.
“where is swara?…she can do such things”kavita said angrily.
“why will she do that?” sanskar asked looking at kavita.
“something crazy would have been running in her mind”kavita said taking sip of her coffee.
“but she was in her room…”sanskar thought.
“swaraaaa!!!!….”lucky and kunj shouted with full force.ragini and twinkle put hands on their mouths.
“she is not at home…”abheer said after entering inside the kitchen.
lucky takes out his mobile and calls swara.

“where the heck are you?”lucky asked in angry tone.
“Mumbai…”swara said and cut call angryly.
“what…when did you go mumbai?….hello swara”lucky looks at ended call and gets angry.
“did anyone say something to her?”lucky asked looking at everyone.all shaked her head.


Sanskar cursed heavily and leaves from there hurriedly.
“what happened to him now?” kunj said seeing him leaving like that.abheer goes after him.
“damm it…God she is crazy girl”sanskar said sliding his fingers from hair.
“prince everything fine?…”abheer said confusingly.
“abheer i want my chopper ready in an hour….i need to knock some senses in her crazy mind”sanskar said angrily.abheer didn’t understand anything neither he tried.he just simply left to do his work.
“swara you should have just told me everything what’s the need to make me think that you love someone else…you are going to pay for this”sanskar said while sitting inside his car but a peaceful smile was present on his lips.

swara was laying on bed and staring at roof.shekhar entered inside her room.swara steps down from bed and hugs him.
“you should have told me before coming here…i would have arrange know its not safe for you”shekhar said and kissed at forehead.
“dad please i wanted to come here.i was missing you so much”swara said sadly.
“i was missing you too…if it was not about safty i would have never send this far”shekhar said with fatherly love.swara and shekhar sit on bed.
“dad i want to tell you something”swara said poutingly.
“hmm…..first tell me is it little bit shocking,just shocking or very shocking.”shekhar asked, looking at her face.
“very shocking….”swara said making face.
“did you kill anyone?” shekhar said,acting to be shocked.
“dad!…”swara said and punched his shoulder.shekhar laughed and pats her head.
“what is it?” shekhar said after controlling his laugh.
“i…i finally fall for someone”swara spit out finally.
“what!!!!!…”shekhar almost shouted and stands up.
“mishti!!!!…”shekhar called loudly.shomi comes there running.
“your daughter finally got someone”shekhar said happily.
“what?…who is he?…what is his name?…..what he do?”shomi asked several question in one breath.
“call him here…i want to meet him”shekhar said in such tone he will do there marriage right now.
“both of you hold your hoarses….he don’t love me”swara said in irritated voice.
“you love him that’s more important…”shekhar said in serious tone.
“shekhar/dad…”swara and shomi said in union.
“who is this idiot who don’t love my beautiful daughter”shomi said cupping swara’s right cheek.swara gets sad.
“is this necessary i love him…he will love me back”swara said poutingly.
“don’t worry….leave everything on God”shomi said.
“my daughter loves him then he will marry her at any cost”shekhar said firmly.
swara looks at shomi worriedly.
“let me handle him..”shomi said and looks at shekhar angrily.
“you come with me…”shomi holds his hand and takes him with her.
swara shakes her head.

“kitten are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”shekhar asked again.
“yes dad…i want to be alone for sometime”swara said sighing heavily.
“okay as you wish….”shekhar said and left with shomi.swara comes out in her garden and her eyes widened.
“maali baba!!!…’swara shouted with full force.gardener comes there running.
“what happened swara bibi?”he asked worriedly.
“what is this?…i told you to take care of my baby plants in my absence”swara said worriedly.
“i took good care of them”he said quickly.
“this is good care…they are getting so weak…go bring pipe.i will give them water.they are looking thirsty”swara said angrily.gardener nodded and left from there.
“oh! my baby plant i am so sorry…”swara said while caressing leaf of one plant.
gardener gives her pipe and she start showering water on plant.shekhar had made a big garden to her.
“swara bibi!…believe me i took very good care of them”gardener said trying to satisfy her.
“don’t talk to me…”swara said with twitched nose.she keep on blabbering about plants.
“there plants started turning yellow and you are saying you took care of them..tell me?”swara said and turned back but gets shock seeing sanskar standing there while crossing his arms with his signature smile.
“what are you doing here?”swara asked angrily.
“why you came Mumbai so suddenly…’sanskar asked question instead of replaying her.swara turns other side and continues her work,ignoring him completely.sanskar smiles seeing her antics.
“don’t want your answer…’sanskar whispered near her ear.swara turns and looks at him.he was so close.
“you came here to tell me NO”swara said confusingly.
“why you thought like this”sanskar said chuckling.
“you didn’t say anything…”swara said angrily,turned and push him back.
“does that means its NO”sanskar said with raised eyebrows.
“then its a yes…”swara said getting happy all of sudden.sanskar laughed seeing that.swara punched him hard,stamp her foot and tried to leave but sanskar holds her and pulls her in hug.
“didn’t i tell you.who will say NO to you”sanskar whispered in ear while hugging her.
“why didn’t you say I LOVE YOU to me directly?”sanskar asked looking at face after breaking hug.
“i didn’t know that you love me…i want to confirm first”swara said poutingly.
“who said i love you?”sanskar said in serious tone.swara looks at him confusingly then gets angry.
“Richard!!!!!!…..”swara shouts with full volume.sanskar put finger in his ear then put hand on her mouth.swara bites his hand and keep on shouting.sanskar shakes his hand.
richard comes there,he was swara’s guard.
“richard…shoot him”swara ordered angrily,pointing at sanskar.
“why ma’am…”richard said worriedly.sanskar chuckles,seeing swara’s angry face.
“he is playing games with me”swara said and throw daggers at sanskar.
“which game ma’am.”richard said a little bit excited.
“you want to play?”swara said angrily.sanskar sign richard to leave.richard shakes his head and leaves.
“richard where are you…”swara was not able to complete her sentence becuase sanskar kissed her.swara’s eyes goes wild open.
“Got your answer…”sanskar asked after breaking kiss.swara blinks at him then nodded slowly.
“i didn’t imagine my girst kiss like this”swara said poutingly and push her hair back.
“this is not our first kiss…”sanskar said while chuckling.
“what do you mean?…we never kissed before”swara said confusingly.
“you don’t remember anything?”sanskar asked looking at her deeply.
“what i don’t remember?”swara asked still confused.sanskar sighed and shakes his head.
“leave it…”sanskar said and thought that its better she don’t know that he pulled himself away after there first kiss.
“sanky you didn’t say i love u to me”swara said poutingly.
“i kissed you…”sanskar said pulling her close.
“ don’t trust you.someday if we fight then you will say.i didn’t say i love you….”swara said putting her both hands around his neck.
“hmm….point.”sanskar said as he is thinking about it.
“where are your parents?”sanskar asked after a minute.
“why? you want to purpose my parents”swara said and laughed.sanskar shakes his head at that.


“mama!…what took you two so long?”swara asked gigglying and looks at sanskar with raised eye brow.
“if she troubles you then tell me’shomi said to sanskar.
“wah! changed?…just an hour before you was scolding me so much”swara asked a little shocked.
shomi and shekhar chuckled.
“can i take him to show my room?”swara said holding sanskar’s arm and takes him with her without waiting for there reply.
shomi hit her palm on head.
“what did you say to had accepted the moment i told him about you but mama…”swara asked while walking toward her room.
“top secret…”sanskar said,swara looks him dryly.
“you are first person who had met his girlfriend’s parents the day he confessed to girl”swara said gigglying and opened the door.
“be ready tomorrow i will come to pick you”sanskar said looking around at her room.
“asking me for date?” swara asked taking a bite of apple.
“no…just want to show you our house”sanskar said while smiling and kiss on her cheek then takes apple from her and leave.
swara bites her lower and blush.she walks toward her terrace and saw sanskar leaving the house while eating her apple.sanskar stops in his walk,looks at his back then at her diection.
swara gives him a flying kiss.sanskar smiles and leaves.

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