Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 14) by Zaimal


Swara stops car in parking area and went inside house.she gets confused seeing no one at home.
“they didn’t come from college still…’swara thought confusingly then shrugged and climbed the stairs.she tried to open her room’s door but it was locked.
“who the hell locked my room?’swara said irritatingly and rattled the handle.
“one second…”swara said and hit her forehead.
“you are stupid girl…”swara cursed herself.
“how can i forget…”swara said while turning back.she stopped seeing sanskar for a minute then tried to walk pass him.sanskar holds her hand.
‘i want to talk with you”sanskar said in restless voice.
“but i don’t want to…i mistakenly came here.just forgot this is not my house”swara said, freed her hand and walks few steps but sanskar grabs her from shoulder.
“listen to me plz…i am sorry for that day…i was angry on myself and that anger fell on you.i am sorry”sanskar said helplessly not able to see her ignoring him like this.
swara turns her face to side.sanskar place his hand on her cheek and make her look at him.
“i am sorry i didn’t mean those words”sanskar said joining their foreheads.
“you was so rude to me and……and shouted one ever shouted at me like know i cried so much because of you”swara said sniffying while complaining like child.
“i know i am sorry…”sanskar said wiping her tears from his thumb.
“no say it..i was rude i am sorry”swara said like child.
“i was rude i am sorry…”sanskar said smiling at her wish.
“and arrogant…”
“arrogant…”sanskar repeated just as she said.
“i…i am very weak hearted woman i can’t handle such kind of insults…”swara said wiping her tears.
“i will keep in mind…”sanskar said stepping back and corrects her hair.
“next time if you behaved like that with me then…then i will never talk with matter how much you will say sorry.only this time i forgave you”swara said pointing finger at him.
sanskar keeps hand on chest and bends his head.swara laughs seeing that.sanskar was seeing her laughing like that after many days.


“swara….”kunj shaked swara firmly.she opens her eyes and looks at him confusingly then at clock.1:00
“i am not getting sleep get up…”kunj said angrily
‘that’s your problem kunjy…let me sleep”swara said pulling cover on her face.kunj gritted his teeth,holds her arm and pull her down from bed and make her stand.
“i am not getting sleep…’kunj said in irritated voice.
“kunjy try to understand…if i will not sleep well i will get dark circles. i will not look beautifull then no one will fall for me”swara said and try to lay on bed but kunj holds her arm.
“when you were not getting sleep i stay awake with you”kunj said sighing heavily.swara looks at his worried face and smiles.
“let’s go for a walk…”swara said, wears her shoes and coat.


“you know kunj i am really worried for twinkle?…she don’t deserve sanskar”swara said breaking silence between them.
“first time you said something right…..she is so innocent he would have trapped her”kunj said quickly and cursed sanskar.swara wanted to laugh loudly but hardly controlled it.
“i think the same….i don’t understand what she saw inside him?…i am dam sure both don’t love each other.”swara said with full confidence.
“i used to thought that you and sanskar have something in between.don’t know how suddenly he got interested in twinkle”kunj said in irritated voice.
“what rubbish?…why you thought me and sanskar?”swara said getting conscious about herself.
“arra wah!…whole day he hears your stupid talks whenever we goes for party he is with you.whenever i came in your room you both are in terrace.and when you were in hospital he was so worried and that dance…after that i was confirmed”kunj said sahking his head.
Swara stoped in her way,realisation stuck her with full force.kunj kept on walking in his own world,leaving swara behind.
Every scenes passed from her brain and she holds her head and falls down after fainting.kunj looks at her with jerk and run to her.he picks up her head and pats her cheek,calling her name continuously.swara opens her eyes and blinks at him.
“swara you are stupid,idiot,jerk and everything in this world…..”swara murmured to herself and screamed loudly.
“swara are you fine…are you getting attach.i should not have bring you in so much cold”kunj said worried like hell,removes his coat and put it around her.
“kunjy i love you…you are best brother of world”swara screamed in full happiness and hugged him.
“what?…just because i gave you coat?….”kunj asked confusingly.
“oh my God oh my God…i am so happy…”swara said jumping at her place.
“i knew it from start you need doctors help”kunj said shaking her head.
“kunjy you did a great favour to me today otherwise i would have not realised it now its my turn….”swara said pulling his cheek.kunj opens his mouth to say something but swara stops him.
“listen to me…your are not getting sleep because thoughts about twinkle is going far is not letting you sleep….you are jealous from sanskar.”swara said holding him with shoulders.
“what rubbish…have you lost it?…i don’t love twinkle”kunj said angrily and turns to other side
“kunj mama always say never let you ego so big that it starts creating hindrance in your path of happiness….stop it.why don’t you just admit your defeat that you finally fall for someone…trust me its very beautiful feeling.”swara said turning kunj toward herself.
“its too late…she had choosed someone else”kunj said and a tear fell from his eye.
‘oh my baby brother….everything is fare in love.go and tell her.”swara said smiling widely.
“i will tell right now…”kunj said and run toward house.swara’s eyes widened.
“kunj…no its too late…”swara runs after him, grabs him and start breathing fast.
‘just now you said go and tell…”kunj said in irritated voice.
“its midnight…she will be sleeping”swara said slapping on his head.
“i am so happy…”kunj said,picks swara from ground and twirls her.
‘AAAAA!…mama put me down”swara cried

“Its good news….its mean end of drama now,no need to take twinkle out today”sanskar said with hint of happiness in his voice.
“wah!…why is there no need to take her out?…i didn’t tell twinki about it”swara said and tranfer mobile to left hand and start writting on white papers.
“swara why didn’t you tell twinkle this big news….she has first right to know it”sanskar said in confused voice.
“sanky you don’t know anything first thing sudden happiness has its own flavour….and you are whining like your girlfriend will scold you if she saw you with someone else”swara said,closed her eyes and starts praying.
“i don’t have any girlfriend…i am just saying what is need to take her out today”sanskar said in annoyed voice.
“sacchiii!…”swara exclaimed loudly.sanskar closed his eyes because of her loud shout.
“are you alright today?”sanskar asked in serious tone.
“better then ever…”swara said and laughed.she gives a flying kiss in upward direction with her hand.
“i love you God..”swara said in her mind then keeps mobile on her ear.
“sanky you boys are like jam engine of all need a big push…if you will just come to take out kunj then he will purpose her then and there and if you didn’t come then he will take a month”swra said teaching him like a teacher.
sanskar just laughed at her example.
“if you are done with your teaching..then i have work”sanskar said chuckling while looking at abheer who just came there.
“bye…”swara said while smiling wide.
“bye..”sanskar said and cut call and looked at abheer.
“God plz tell me one thing is this love from both sides or from one side…i can’t keep such a big thing in my little thing for very long’swara said loudly while joining both hands.


“swara what are you doing?” lucky asked putting hand around her shoulder.
“today kunj will purpose twinki then there should be a party right?”swara said with smile.lucky looks at her face for a second.
“hmm…but is this only reason?” lucky whispered in her ear.swara looks at his face confusingly and that time door bell started ringing.
“i guess sanskar had come…i just hope kunjy will do something today”swara said and was about to go but lucky holds her hand.
“i will open door…you hide these things”lucky said and pulled her cheek.swara pout when lucky left.
“you are seeing this…please make my plan successful”swara pleaded and quickly hide the things.

Lucky opens door and greeted sanskar and abheer and tells sanskar about party.
“swara told you about plan” sanskar asked being a little shocked.
“she can’t keep a little thing in her stomach….everyone knows.”lucky said laughing and exact that time got slap from swara.
“what?…”swara asked with narrowed eyes.
“arra i am just wondering how did you spit out everything to kunj”lucky said in mocking tone.sanskar and abheer laughed a little.swara hits her knee in sanskar’s stomach.
“why are you laughing?”swara said angrily.sanskar throw daggers at her.twinkle,ragini and kavita also comes there and all settled in hall.kunj also comes there.
“he again came here?…its enough now”kunj thought angrily.he saw twinkle going kitchen and went after her.
“twinkle i want to talk with you about something”kunj said gathering courage.
“important?…”twinkle said pushing her hair stand behind her ear.
“very important…”kunj said quickly and holds her both hands.
“i know i am very late…you had already choosed someone else but still….i love you twinkle.i can’t see you with someone else”kunj said helplessly.
“you are very late…”twinkle said pulling her hands from his hand.kunj nodded slowly.
“i love you from two years and you are telling this to me now”twinkle said wiping her tear of happiness.
“i am sorry…what did you just said”kunj said holding her from shoulder.
there was loud laugh outside the kitchen.twinkle also laughed and hugs him.kunj just hugs her back.


“who made this brilliant plan…”kunj said through gritted teeth,rolling his selves up.
“i am dead…”swara murmured and bites her lower lips.everyone looks at swara.she shakes her head side to side.
“as expected…had you take your medicine today”kunj said looking at her with narrowed eyes.swara nodes her head with sheepish smile.
“today i will surely kill you…”kunj said angrily and run toward her.swara jumps from sofa and run with full speed.screaming a little.
“kunjy i didn’t do anything…its was sanky’s plan….i am innocent girl.such ideas don’t even come in my mind”swara said running in whole hall.
“i didn’t sleep from four days just because of your stupid plan….last night when you were giving me lecture on should have told me at that time”kunj said throwing couch pillows at her.
swara quickly bends,saving herself.she hides behind lucky.
“twinki you seeing this…he is not at all happy,breakup with will get a better person than him”swara said loudly pointing at kunj.
“lucky i will do her murder…”kunj said through gritted teeth.
“kunj you shoul say thank you to her…”lucky said making distance between them.
“off course say thank you”swara said looking from lucky’s shoulder.
“thank you ki bachi…”kunj said and pulled her from back of lucky and stsrts beating her with pillow.


swara fill one glass of orange juice then pour whole bottle of vodka in orange juice and mixes it.
“please God make my plan successful….i just wanted to know he has some feelings for me or not”swara murmured and takes different glasses of juices out.
she puts plate on table with other eatables and leaves.

“is this one which was not spiked?”swara thought while bitting her thumbs nail….

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