Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 13) by Zaimal


Kunj was flirting with a girl in cafeteria and twinkle was looking at him with tear filled eyes.swara comes there and sits beside her.

“twinki you here i thought you spend your whole times in library”swara said in teasing voice but gets worried seeing her crying.

“twinki are you alright?” swara asked worriedly and follows her gaze and sighed heavily.twinkle gets and almost run from there.

“twinki wait…”swara also run after her and stops her.

“twinki kunj was always like this…you should have thought before falling for him”swara said wiping her tears.

“you are saying this swara….does love happens with our choice and there is limit i can’t see him with someone hurts”twinkle said and burst out crying.

swara hugs her slowly and let her cry.

“i know i will be last girl at whom he will look but what i should do with this heart”twinkle cried while hugging her.swara pats her back and let her speak what ever she had in her heart.
when twinkle cried out her heart then swara breaks hug and smiles.

“you are so much in love with my idiot brother”swara said while correcting her hair.swara takes her at less crowded place and both sit on bench.

“did you ever try to tell him about your feelings?”

twinkle looks down and shakes her head.

“that is problem twinki…kunj is world biggest idiot.he will never ever release his feeling you have to take first step he will never do it”swara said while cursing a little.

“he don’t love…do he?” twinkle asked confused herself.swara hits his head with both hands.

“twinki in which world you live…can’t you see his love.”swara said in annoyed voice.twinkle looks at her with disbelief.

“you leave it…you love him that’s more you want him in your life?”

“yes but…’

“then do what i will tell you okay…”

“what is running in your mind swara?’twinkle asked in little scared voice.

“nothing you just have to make him a little jealous that’s you have some boy who can do acting for you?”

“i can’t do this? and what if nothing happened with this?”

“twinki you know my mom and dad always tell me one thing.if you want something then at least try for it once leave rest on God and according to me when it is about TRUE LOVE then we should try till we don’t get it”

“that person will be very lucky who will become your life partner”

“hey bhagwan what you made me remember….”swara said while doing drama.twinkle laughed.

“i asked something do you have someone or i have to arrange it?”

“sanskar will do it for me.he had told me on rakhi day that whenever i need anything just tell him and i will comfortable with him”twinkle said smiling.swara’s smile vanished.

“are you sure he will agree…i don’t think so”swara said in deep voice.

“no when i tied rakhi to him he promised to me”

“if he don’t agree then tell me”swara said and gets up.twinkle nodded her head vigorously.

Swara was sleeping in her room when her phone started ringing.she hardly opens her eyes and finds her phone and keep it on ear.

“helloooo!..”swara said in sleepy tone.

“hello swara plz help me…he he will break door plz help”kavita cried on phone in scared voice.

“kavita where are you?”swara asked and gets up with jerk.

kavita tells her address and pleaded her to come soon.

“kavita relax..i..i am coming.nothing will happen”swara saud quickly and jumps down from bed.
she wears her boots, picks up her keys from side table and black coat and runs downstairs.she opens main door of house and strikes with sanskar and abheer,keys falls down from her hands.
“can’t you see…”swara said angrily while picks up her keys and run toward her car without looking at them.

“where are you going at this time?”abheer asked looking at time.2:00AM

swara didn’t reply sits inside car and zoomed from there with full speed.abheer looks at sanskar.

“she will be fine…someone else should be worried”sanskar said in full faith voice,goes and sit on couch. abheer also goes and sit opposite to him.
sanskar loose his tie and laid back and closed his eyes.he was tired like hell.

“One girl had slapped Don in night club”abheer said removing his shoes.

“what?…seriously is she alive?”sanskar asked chuckling after getting up.

“yes she is alive and Don is finding her like crazy but this news is not can be a rumor”abheer said chuckling.

“if its true then i really want to meet that girl…”sanskar said while imagining don irritated face.

“me too…i mean slapping Mafia Don.i want to give her a salute’ abheer said laughing a little and gets up.sanskar also chuckles. abheer left for sleep.
sanskar looks at his wrist watch and looks at door.
After an hour swara and kavita enters inside.sanskar let out a sigh of relief seeing her fine.
“what were you thinking while going at his house so late?”swara asked angrily while walking toward kitchen.

“i didn’t know that he will do this?’kavita said sniffing and walking after her.
“no no he was going to give you candy when he called you in night….don’t you have brain”swara said in hell angry voice and start finding something in cabinets.
kavita silently sits beside sanskar on kitchen table while he was having light meal.sanskar understands everything.

swara finds her medicine box,takes out her inhaler, takes it and breathes deeply then sit opposite to kavita who was sitting silently.
swara cuts apple and place it in front of her.

“eat it…”swara ordered.kavita start eating silently.swara also start eating apple without cutting it.
“Next time i will not come….use your own brain”swara said,her anger didn’t fall down.
“when you will make boyfriend and he will call you then i will see you will go or not”kavita said angrily and put one slice in mouth.
“i will give him tight slap and broke up with him then and there….mom always says the person who loves you takes care about your respect.”swara said honestly.

both were talking as sanskar was not sitting beside them.
“what if something would have happen?”kavita finally said which was revolving in her mind.
“one cute small baby would have come…you boyfriend…sorry xboyfriend was quite handsome”swara said while taking a bite.sanskar looks at swara with unbelievable look.
“is this time to joke?”sanskar thought in mind.
“you are shameless..”kavita said angrily,gets up stamps her foot and leaves.
“truth is always bitter…’swara said loudly and laughed.swara calmly eats her apple ignoring sanskar completely.

“what had you think about twinkle and kunj….will this plan work?”sanskar spoked getting irritated with her silence.
“what God had kept for them how can i tell?…”swara said finally looking at him.
“and if your work allows you then take her out tomorrow when kunj can see it”swara said while getting up.she didn’t want to taunt him but that a complain slipped from her tongue.
“at least she talked with me”sanskar smiles thinking it.
“why the hell i said that…i should have just simply tell him to take twinkle out”swara thought confusingly while walking toward her room.

“where is twinkle?’ kunj asked in general tone and snatched remote from swara’s hand.swara looks at him angrily when he changed romantic songs channel.
“she is going out with her boyfriend”swara said and snatched back remote from him.kunj freezed in his posture.lucky who was sitting beside kunj,looks at swara.
“boyfriend?….when she made boyfriend?…who is he?’lucky asked and put kunj’s hand down which was still in air.
“i don’t know…she didn’t told me”swara said putting her arm n kunj’s shoulder.meanwhile sanskar comes down and sits on single sofa.

“why is he ready?’swara whispered in kunj’s ear.kunj looks at sanskar from head to toe and then looks at swara.he removes her hand with jerk and snatched remote again.
“how many times told not watch these stupid romantic songs…they are spoiling your little brain”kunj said getting angry all of sudden.both start fighting,giving headache to lucky.
lucky goes and unplugged its switch.kunj and swara looks at him.

“both of you sit silent now”lucky said angrily.swara crossed her arms angrily,throwing daggers at kunj.sanskar smiles seeing her cute angry face.
“swara your parcel have come?”ragini informed swara.
“my???….my medicine would have come”swara said hitting her hand on head and jumps from sofa.she takes square shaped box from boy’s hand and walks toward kitchen.

“swara look every medicine had come or not….otherwise after few days you will complain…this medicine is missing,that medicine is missing”lucky said mimicking her.
swara makes face and start matching medicine while bending on table of kitchen.sanskar looks at boy who was looking at swara with his lustful eyes then looked at swara.
she was wearing loose tshirt and shorts which were coming to her upper thighs.His anger raised to peak.he gets up from his seat,grabs boy from his collar and takes him out.
“excuse me sir what are you doing?”boy asked confusingly.

sanskar takes out his gun from inside of his coat and kept at his head,while his collar was firmly in sanskar’s hand.
“control your eyes….otherwise”sanskar said in his cold voice while his eyes were getting red.
“i..i am sorry sir…i am extremely sorry”boy said shivering badly.
“keep your eyes low in front of her”sanskar said and pushed him back.sanskar goes inside and boy also stands at his position.he wipes sweat still shivering.

“thank you and here your money “swara said but gets worried seeing him sweating badly.
“are you alright?…do you want water?” swara asked worriedly.
“no…no ma’am thank you…”boy said quickly and leaves hurriedly.swara blinks confusingly then shrugged and went inside.
“stupid woman…’sanskar cursed her under his breath.
“i am ready?…”twinkle said after coming out from her room.sanskar gets up and smile.kunj clenched swara’s hand when sanskar put hand around twinkle waist.
lucky gets confused seeing sanskar and twinkle together.

“i thought there is something between sanskar and swara”lucky thought in his mind.
“how am i looking…swara gave this dress”twinkle whispered to sanskar nervously.
‘your are looking beautiful…”sanskar said and lead her outside.they left from there.
“kunj!!!!!…”swara shouted and freed her hand from his iron grip.
“my baby hand…”swara cried and kissed her hand.
“what???”kunj shouted in full anger.

“you broke my baby hand…”swara said while crying and leaves from there,caressing her hand.
kunj went his room and closed room’s door with bang.

“this is all your mistake…”kunj said angrily,grabbing manager’s collar.
“sir what did i do?” manager said worriedly.
“neither you would have done that same house mistake neither she would have meet nor they would have been so close today”kunj almost shouted at him
“who came close sir?”manager said freeing himself from his grip and takes deep breath.
“you had said you will arrange separate house for us…its been more than one month….this is your service?”kunj said angrily.

“i am sorry sir…give me a week”
“WEEK!!!!….No i don’t have week.what if he purpose her for marriage”kunj said and again grabs his collar.
“you have one hour…one means one”kunj said in threatening voice and leaves from there.
manager holds his head.


“i am sorry for inconvenience….”manager said after informing them there separate house is ready.
“honestly i nearly forgot about it”lucky said chuckling.
“when you all want to shift?” manager asked obediently.
“today..”kunj said in serious tone.
“what’s so hurry…”abheer said chuckling,looking at sanskar face.
“kunj is right we had troubled you two a lot…”swara said in deep voice,looking at sanskar.he gulps remembering his own harsh words.

“she will never come in front of me after this…”sanskar thought in his mind.
“okay then here is keys of house taxi is standing outside for luggage.”manager said and left.everyone went to their for packing.
“you said something to swara?” abheer asked.sanskar left to his room without giving answer.
“you are going to regret it very badly….”abheer said sadly.


“swara what about our plan…”twinkle said worriedly,pacing here and there.
“it will continue like this don’t worry…”swara said trying to hide her sadness.
“only if you are saying…’twinkle said.swara smiles to her.twinkle leaves.swara went to her room terrace,holds her railing and takes deep breath.

‘what is happening with me…its good he is so rude and arrogant”swara murmured to herself and her restlessness increases.

She looks at her side,feeling someone’s heated gaze and finds sanskar.Both stare at each other.
“you must be happy now there will be no one to trouble you whole day,with her talks.there will be no one to drag you in parties one will come in midnight to spoil your sleep’swara said in deep voice.

her eyes automatically gets filled with tears.sanskar just stares at her silently.swara waiting for him to speak something…..anything.
“enjoy your peaceful life…”swara said angrily when he didn’t say anything.she went inside her room.
“its better for everyone” sanskar said in low voice as trying to tell himself.

Sanskar opens swara’s room door and entered inside.she was gone but her fragrance was still there.FRAGRANCE that was first thing which attracted him toward her.
he remembers first time when he twisted her arm, a sweet,light flower fragrance had was not sharp which capture your mind immediately and removes instantly.
it slowly surrounds your mind and leaves long lasting marks.she was just like that fragrance.slowly making place in your life,no one comes to know but then person comes to know.
she is every where.not a single place has left.

“she told you to make fairy tale prince to fall for her not a mafia prince” sanskar said loudly and clenched his hair with both hands.
“letting you go didn’t remove your thoughts from my mind….”sanskar thought in her mind.
“i am so much in love with her. should i tell her?”sanskar said sighed heavily and falls at his back on bed and closed his eyes.


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