Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 12) by Zaimal


Swara was getting ready for party AGAIN.she was thinking about sanskar.she didn’t saw him after party night.

“don’t know where he is?’swara said and wear diamond earring and smiled seeing it.shekhar had given it to her at her 16th birthday.those were her favorite earring.she straight her hair and went to terrace and start giving water to plants.

“lucky and kunj takes more time then girls”swara thought while giving water.suddenly she hears sanskar’s voice from his room.she gets straight.

“he is home?” swara murmured and looked at his room.she quickly gives water to her plants and goes to his room.she knocked at his room and entered inside.sanskar looks at her and his muscles tensed immediately.

“sanky where were you from two days?”swara asked in normal tone.sanskar didn’t reply her and opened his laptop.swara felt it little weird when he kept quite.

“we were going out….”her sentence was cut with his cold tone.

“i am not free…”

“whole day work is not good for health.body needs rest also”swara said in scolding tone and closed his laptop.sanskar anger reached to peak.he put the laptop to side,grabbed her shoulder in painful grip and pinned her to wall.Her head hit the wall,a hiss escaped her lips.

“what is your dam problem?…when i am saying i am not free its mean i am not coming.can’t this thing get into your little brain”sanskar pierced his fingers in her soft skin.swara eyes gets filled with tears because of pain.

“next time don’t you dare to behave like this with…STAY IN YOU LIMITS AND GET OUT!”sanskar shouted last words on her face and pushed her side and turned other side.swara closed her eyes,trying to control her tears.her anger raised in blink of seconds.she turns sanskar by holding his arm.

“look MR…..i was behaving nicely only because you saved my life once nothing else.keep your mind at its place and don’t you dare shout at me again”swara said pointing finger at him.a tears roll down from her cheek.sanskar saw it rolling down while swara left his arm,turned and left from there.




“she is swara…..swara he is my boyfriend”kavita introduced her boyfriend with her,trying to make her jealous but swara didn’t say anything and greeted him with small smile.kavita blinked confusingly at her.

“i can understand you would be feeling bad i have boyfriend and you are single?”kavita whispered in swara’s ear.she silently leave from there and came out from club.

“what’s wrong with her?”kavita thought and wanted to go after her but jay takes her to dance floor.but she send lucky after swara.

“swara what’s wrong?…..are you feeling fine”lucky asked from her.swara looks at him then hugs him and starts crying.lucky gets shock and pats her head.

“swara why are you crying?….did anyone say something to you?kunj said anything?”lucky said really worried with sudden crying.

“i want to go dad….i don’t know anything.i am missing dad”swara said while crying too much.lucky breaks hug and wipes her tears.

“stop crying….tell me kunj said anything to you?’

swara shook her head and sniffed.lucky wipes her another tear which escaped her eye.

“kavita said anything?….now i understand.because of her boyfriend?”

swara kept silent.she don’t want to tell him about sanskar.lucky chuckles a little.

“GOD seriously……you are crying because your prince charming didn’t come till now.stop worrying about are such a lovely girl that anyone who will spend an hour with you he will fall for you.when someone will fall then he will be ready to die thousands times for stop worrying”lucky said cheering her up.

“till now no one fall for me”swara said making cute pout.

“you will let anyone come near you then someone will fall….whoever even look at beat the hell out of him.i just heard sahil is in hospital”lucky said hitting on her head.

“i didn’t do anything”swara quickly said

“off course….i know you very well.”lucky said and takes her inside

“when i am saying i didn’t do anything”swara said trying to convince him.


Swara wakes up as usual early,gives water to her plants and went down to wake up lucky and kunj.

“kunjy wake up…”swara said shooking him from shoulder.

“don’t spoil my name swara….”kunj said in sleep and put pillow on his face.

“wake up…”swara slapped on his leg.kunj didn’t budge a little.swara went kitchen to prepare breakfast.twinkle and ragini also came there and start helping her.

“ragini go wake up lucky plz….”swara said to her.ragini shook her head vigorously while her cheek turned pink.

“arra it will help you in future….”swara said and takes plate from her hands and sign her to go.

“swara is right ragini after marriage it will be your duty….”twinkle said teasing her.ragini slap them and walks toward lucky’s room.

“twinki you go wake up your future husband……”swara whispered in twinkle’s ear.

“swara plz…he don’t even know i exist or not”twinkle said sadly.swara looks at her dryly.

“twinki what i can see you can’t…..go wake him up.if you will wake he will get up at once.i am love expert”swara said proudly.twinkle sighed heavily and leaves.

“thank God my life got spared from there works”swara said joining hand.she quickly arrange breakfast and went up to get ready.she came after getting ready and saw everyone was already doing there breakfast.chair beside sanskar was empty.

“swara from when you became so intelligent to arrange everything at one place”kunj said seeing her.

“i was intelligent from birth you are getting to know now”swara said and instead of sitting on empty place went toward twinkle’s chair and bends near her ear.

“intelligent huh?”swara whispered in ear her.twinkle pinched her.swara picks up an apple and start leaving.

“swara diating?… will you spend your whole day without food?”kunj said loudly and get a slap from lucky.swara giggled and left.

“oye…why this slap?”kunj said confusingly.

“why keep on teasing her all the time… know she is so sensitive last night she cried so much…don’t you feel shame.”lucky said annoyingly,throwing daggers at him.sanskar hand stopped a little bit after hearing lucky words.

“i didn’t say a word to her…”kunj said honestly.

“shut up…if she again cried i will kill you”lucky said angrily,gets up and leaves.

“swara you are going to pay for this”kunj muttered under his breath.



“what did you say to lucky?”kunj asked while twisting swara’s arm.

“i didn’t say anything to him…”swara said through gritted teeth.

“liar….some other said anything to you and you put all blame on me.lucky scolded me so much in front of every one.”kunj said angrily.swara laughed.

kunj slap on her head.

“you are just straight in front of two things.horror movies and will watch horror movie today….liar woman”kunj said and drags her with him.

“i will not watch any movie….i didn’t say anthing to him”swara cried.kunj makes her forecefully sit on couch and holds her arm otherwise she will run anytime.

“lucky from how long i didn’t watch any movie”kunj said

“yeah i am getting so bore”kavita said making face.ragini also nodded head.lucky looks at her with raised eyebrow.ragini quickly looks away.

“swara go call abheer and sanskar…”lucky said while moving toward DVD rank.

“i am your servent go call yourself”swara said in her normal tone.

“i will call them” twinkle said getting up while smiling.kunj gets a little jealous seeing that.

“why you didn’t go…can’t do a little work”kunj said in angry tone.swara rolls her eyes and liad back on couch.kunj looks toward stairs and saw them coming.

swara also looks at there and her eyes met with sanskar but she turns it next moment.sanskar sit beside kunj while taking a glance at swara.

After sometime movie starts and sanskar looks at swara with jerk.

“she is again watching horror movie?”sanskar thought in mind and shook his head.

“today she will not come to you…don’t worry”his mind said in mock tone.sanskar remembers how she left in morning without doing breakfast and he sighed heavily.

“regretting…’someone laughed inside sanskar.

“shut up…”sanskar said angrily in his mind.he again takes a glance at swara.her face was getting pale.fear was clearly visible on her face.sanskar gets restless and angry also.

“when she can’t see horror what’s need to watch it”sanskar thought angrily and clenched his fist.



Swara was pacing inside her room while her hands were covered with sweat.she quickly switch ON all lights of room.

“dad…i am so scared”swara said and rubs her hand.she quickly runs outside and was about to open door of sanskar’s room but his harsh words echoed in her ears.

just at that moment sanskar opens the door,his face was showing that he knew it she is standing there.

A tear fell down from her eye,she turned and run downstairs.

“congratulations….”his mind congrats him.while sanskar laid back on his easy chair and closed his eyes.

swara opens kunj’s room door and closed it behind her.Two more tears rolls down from her cheeks.

“why the hell i am crying?” swara murmured angrily and wiped her tears and walks toward kunj’s bed where he was sleeping peacefully.swara gritted her teeth and push him.

kunj rolls down on bed and falls down with thud.swara jumps on bed.kunj looks at her while rubbing his back.

“what the hack you are doing here?”kunj said confusingly.

“i told you i don’t like horror movie…now i am not getting sleep”swara said crossing her arms over chest.

“now you want me to sing lullabi to you”kunj said in mocking tone and laughed.

“if i am not getting sleep then you will also not sleep”swara said and sit on bed in punjabi style.

“you are kidding with me…”kunj said getting up.swara shook her head vigorously

“swara ghost are not real…go and sleep in your room”kunj said in serious tone.

“don’t say it…i have heard it when people say it then they come to make them believe”swara said in little scared tone.kunj hits his palm on forehead.


“kunj you wake up yourself…..from where sun raise today?”kavita asked while chuckling.

“i didn’t sleep whole night and you are saying how i woke up early?”kunj asked yawning

“oh i see….girl and all huh?”kavita asked and sit for breakfast.kunj looks at her dryly.kavita laughed seeing his face.

everyone starts coming one after another and starts there breakfast.

“swara did magic today by waking you up so early”lucky teased kunj.

“don’t take her name….whole night that woman didn’t let me sleep.swear on God i will not let her watch horror movie again”kunj said whining like girl.

all laughed at his tone,except sanskar.kunj did his breakfast and went back to his room and looks at swara.

“she looks so innocent while sleeping”kunj murmured and shook her from shoulder.

“wake up princess…today is college”kunj said and walks toward wardrobe.

“kunjy let me sleep…because of you i didn’t sleep whole night”swara said in sleepy tone.

“what…i didn’t let you sleep whole night?”kunj said turning toward her.

“off course when you can’t watch horror movie why the hell you watched….didn’t sleep yourself and didn’t let me sleep”swara said while sitting on bed while a naughty smile was playing on her lips.

kunj picks his one shirt,makes it roll and throw it on swara in anger.

“you didn’t let me sleep…short term memory loss”kunj said and slapped on her head.swara rubs her head and laughs seeing his irritated voice.

she pulls his cheek while muttering a cute thank you and leave from there.she was climbing the stairs and strikes with sanskar.he holds her quickly before she falls down.both shares a eyelock.

swara frees her hand and walks pass him.sanskar also leaves from there.

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