Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 11) by Zaimal


“tell me one thing sanky……why are u so weird?”swara asked loudly while giving water to her plants.sanskar who was standing his own terrace narrowed his eyes at her.before he could have reply her,kunj and lucky came there.

“lucky what’s wrong with you?….i was watching match”kunj said in irritated voice.

“here i am not able to purpose ragini and you are enjoying match”lucky said slapping kunj on head.swara giggled and put water pot on floor.

“what is problem in purposing….go and tell her” swara said chuckling.kunj nodded vigorously.

“wait i will show how to purpose i am expert in it”kunj said and holds swara’s hand.

“twirl her like this and purpose”kunj said while twirling swara in circe twice and push her down toward floor.

“and what if she said NO”lucky said worriedly.

“then tell her to go hell and leave her like this”kunj said and drop swara.she falls down on floor with thud.

“AAAAA!….mama”swara cried,gets up and runs to beat kunj.sanskar chuckles and takes sip from his black coffee.

“you idiot, mannerless jerk”swara said beating kunj with hands rapidly.

“enough of you two…focus on me”lucky said loudly.swara stops beating kunj but hit her knee in his stomach.

“take her out for party and purpose and don’t you dare to do what he did’swara said angrily and slapped on kunj.he slaps her back on head.

“why will she come with me alone…”lucky said rubbing his forehead.

“arra!…alone we will also come na”kunj said with wide eyes.unj and lucky left for getting ready.swara looks at sanskar.

“you all came here for party or for study?….”sanskar asked in serious tone.

“you are also coming with us”swara said laughing.

“i have work….i am free like you”sanskar said,shooking his head.

“shut up go get eady…”swara ordered him and went inside her room.sanskar mouth gets a little open at her attitude.


swara and kunj made lucky drink few shots and push her toward ragini.

“i will also come….”kunj said near swara’s ear because too loud music.swara nodded and turns toward sanskar.

“doing party is good for health….”swara said smiling,seeing him looking at her angrily.sanskar turned toward bartender and ordered drink for him.swara looks at her side where few friends were doing competition of drinking shots.her eyes sparkles with mischievousness.

“sanky let’s have a competition like them”swara said pointing at the group.

“no way in hell….such a childish act”sanskar said in annoyed voice.

“do you say yes for anything?…..oh now i got are afraid of loosing”swara said in thoughtful tone.sanskar looks at her angrily.

“shut up….”

“coward coward coward”swara sings song not at all affected with his anger.

“if i won you will keep your mouth shut for one day”sanskar said getting into her trap.

“silent for one day”swara thought with wide eyes.

‘afraid…..”sanskar said with devilish smile.

“i never loose any competition…”swara said shooking her head side to side.

Sanskar ordered shots and competition start.swara started feeling dizzy after five shots while sanskar was fine.but being a stubborn girl she didn’t stop even after 10th shot now sanskar started feeling dizzy.Both are stubborn.

“sanky stop na!….how much capacity you have?”swara said, drinking another shot.sanskar closed and open his eyes.alcohol was showing its affect.he looks at swara who was looking at him with her beautiful wide eyes.

“don’t do this….”sanskar’s mind scolded him firmly but he put shot on counter and surrender.

“yeahhh!…i won”swara exclaimed loudly and hugged sanskar.his heartbeat increased when she hugged him.

“i told you na i always win…”swara said while breaking hug and staggered a little.sanskar quickly holds,being afraid that she will get hurt.Both sahre a long romantic eyelock.

“dance…”swara said in her innocent sweet voice.

“you know i really think i should leave from here”sanskar said in little drunk voice while pushing her hair strand back softly.

“No…i won so you will do what i will say”swara said and drags him to dance floor.

Sanskar’s mind was alarming him continuously but first time he didn’t listen to his or maybe didn’t want to listen! they were dancing slowly while sanskar had back hugged her.his chin was rested on her shoulder and their cheeks were messing with each other and both hands were intertwined with each other.sanskar twirls her and pulls her close.their forehead touched each other swara makes loops of her arms around his neck and sanskar puts his arms around her wrist.

“your eyes are very beautiful….so deep”swara whispered while looking in his deep blue eyes.

“hmm…..if i will start telling what i feel beautiful in you then this night will pass”sanskar smiling .swara blush a little and her cheeks turned crimson.sanskar skipped his heart beats.

“last mistake” sanskar thought in brain while cupping her left cheek and kissed her softly and its turned passionate when swara kissed him back .



swara opens her eyes in her own room and holds her head with both hands.

“how much i drink last night.AAA! mama my head”swara murmured and stepped down slolwy.she wears her shoes and went outside thinking that black coffee can do something.she blinked twice there was no one in hall.she made black coffee and start sipping it slowly.

At that time main door started ringing.swara makes bad bad faces and went to open the door.Abheer smiled when she opened the door.

“hey swara…how r you?” abheer greeted her.

“don’t ask…my head will explode anytime”swara said and went to back to her coffee.abheer smiled.

“when did you come from Mumbai?”

“last night….”abheer said and started walking toward stairs.

“where everyone gone so early morning?….”swara asked making face.

“this is afternoon ma’am”abheer said chuckling and went upstairs.swara hit her forehead,jumps from chair and run upstairs she pushed abheer to side who was walking toward sanskar’s room.

swara quickly gets ready and reached college.she make bad bad faces seeing lecture was start.she sit down and start walking inside.whole class room was giggling seeing her antics.when swara was just near her seat professor turned and saw her.

“miss gaddodia what are you doing?” professor asked in strict voice.

“sir actually na… was not my mistake i told my friend we should not drink this much but he held competition then i have to win na…..i don’t even remember anything what happened after that and in morning my head was paining so much still i came to attend your lecture”swara did full speech and sit on her seat in that process.

“out from the class right now’professor said trying to be strict

“sir i not going anywhere….give some importance i did so much rush driving to attend your lecture”swara said stubbornly.

“sir she will not leave now she don’t even listen her father….plz continue lecture”kavita said loudly in irritated voice.whole class laughed.professor sighed heavily and turned toward while board.

“when i didn’t listen to dad…”swara said angrily throwing paper roll on kavita.she ignored her completely.

“badtameez…..”swara murmured.



“what is wrong with me? that was just a simple kiss.stop thinking about it prince”i scolded myself for thinking about it continuously and tried to focus about important diamond deal which was of billions but my mind again went back to last night.


“sanky i said i will drive its mean i will drive……i don’t like to repeat myself”she said in adorable stubborn voice.i would have let her drive at her cute stubbornness but she was so drunk and was not able to walk properly.and there she again staggered and i hold her quickly.

“swara you are very drunk….you can’t drive”i tried to convince her very calmly but she is queen of stubborn girls,shook her head side to side and her hair came to her face.

“i don’t want to behave badly with you” i whispered at her face, looking at her beautiful wide eyes while pushing her hair back from her face.she blinked at me innocently.i picked her up in bridle style and made her sit on passenger seat, carefully like a crystal doll and sit behind wheels myself.whole way she ate my brain with her stupid talks.And bigger problem was i was listening her stupid talks with full attention.i again picked her while taking her to her room.

“why are you smiling”i asked annoyingly seeing her staring at me with smile on her rosy lips.she shook her head but didn’t say anything.i put her on bed and pull cover on her .she might feel cold.when i was returning toward my room she suddenly hold my hand and steps down from bed and stands in front of me.why the hell she is getting up?its so cold.

i was going to scold her but before that she stand on her toes and kissed me on cheek which made me freeze to ground.i looked at with confused and little shocked expression.

“Good night”she whispered to me softly and laid down on bed and pulls cover at her.

i was standing there shocked that how her little act had such a great affect on me.there was no seduction,nothing physical,just a small kiss and i was feeling like something big,something very special happened.i looking at her.after creating havoc in my mind and heart she was sleeping so peacefully,so calmly.i left from there silently.


when meeting finished i had no idea.i laid back on chair and rubbed my sides of was not right.whatever it was happening it was not right.

“prince are you alright?” abheer asked from me after coming in big round hall again.i wanted to tell him about my confusion but i kept silent.he is someone who don’t need me to tell what is wrong with me.

“is this about swara?”he asked after looking at my i said i don’t need to tell him anything.he smiled and sit on side chair of table.i hate his smile.

“you are attractive toward her “abheer said in very calm voice.any man can be attractive toward her i thought but didn’t say anything to him.

“i saw how you took care of her last night”he said and i cursed myself.he was there when i brought her home but i didn’t saw him anywhere.

“you are liking her too much”

“i don’t like her and now shut your mouth and leave.i will come after sometime”i said in cold voice.he wanted to say something rubbish again but i cut him.

“i will be a little bit sad after loosing a royal person like you”i said in my usual cold voice which can make give any person shiver in spine.abheer stared at me for a second then gets up,bends his head a little and walked out and off course wiped sweat from her forehead.

“my first mistake was i didn’t made hole in her stubborn head first night i met her second i let her come close to me but no more mistakes.i had only one role never get addicted to something which people start thinking it your weakness.i never had any addiction,not smoking,not alcohol,not s*x.i never had it except with lisa.i had one addiction and that was power and this girl is definitely not going to be my another addiction” i decided firmly,got up closed my front buttons and walked out from hall.

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