Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 10) by Zaimal

Sanskar was sitting on bench outside the ICU with poker one can understand from his face what he was thinking.

twinkle had told him that swara is asthma patient.she don’t get asthma usually but when she gets its be a severe type.last night after there dance he was not able to understand his own feelings therefore he left from there immediately and decided to keep distance from swara but now he was again sitting there,waiting to see her smiling like always.

Lucky and kunj was also sitting beside him on bench.girls didn’t come with him because boys came in hurry and no one know driving.meanwhile doctor came out.trio gets up quickly.

“how is she?”kunj asked desperately.

“she is fine just a little weak”doctor said with professional smile.

“can we meet her?”lucky asked

“yes….”doctor said and left.

lucky and kunj went inside quickly while sanskar takes deep breath and walked inside.kunj and lucky hugged swara then slap on her head.

“you again missed your medicine?”kunj said angrily.

“they were finished……i had ordered it they will come soon”swara said in careless tone.

kunj and lucky looks at her angrily.

“i am hungry?”swara said poutingly

“what you want to eat madam?”lucky asked,kunj didn’t say anything in anger

“cheese sandwich”swara said quickly.

“sanskar plz stay with her…’lucky said,sanskar nodded.lucky and kunj left and sanskar sit on couch which was at little distance from her bed.

“at least ask how am i?”swara said after five minutes silence.

“i can see how are you?” sanskar said and looked at syringe which was pierced inside her soft skin.he restrained himself from saying any harsh words.his anger was raising with ever second therefore he wanted to be quite otherwise there will be havoc in hospital.

“mood off?” swara thought in mind and makes face.she looks around and her eyes sparkle seeing her favorite fruit.she moves a little to side and try to pick apple from her hand in which drip was attached.because of her too much struggle drip fall down with band and syringe pierced inside her skin more and blood starts coming out.swara hissed in pain.

sanskar run toward her.he makes drip strand right on its position and looks at her bleeding hand.his jaw gets ticked in anger.he stops the drip,sit on stoll placed near her bed,holds her hand and removed syringe carefully.swara hissed again when he removed it.after removing syringe he starts cleaning blood with his white handkerchief.

“can’t you sit at one place?”sanskar said in anger filled voice.

“i didn’t know that it will fall down”swara said poutingly.

“you don’t you should put ice on your hand otherwise it will swell,you don’t know you should not run otherwise you will get don’t your medicines are getting don’t know you should sit at one place when you are in hospital bed….do you know anything?”sanskar scolded her continuously while cleaning blood very carefully.

“you are scolding like mama”swara said and burst out laughing.sanskar looks at her with his red eyes.sanskar clenched handkerchief tightly,gets up attach drip again and leaves from there.

‘sanky where are you going?” swara shouted seeing him leaving.sanskar didn’t listen and left.

“what’s wrong with him?”swara murmured.after a second a nurse comes and start tying belt to swara.

“what are you doing?”swara asked with wide eyes.

‘ma’am your husband told us its your habit to fall down in sleep.when such cases comes we tie them with belt”nurse said and tie belt around her lower body.making swara restrict to her place.swara’s mouth dropped down.

“he is not my husband “swara said hitting her palm on forehead.nurse left after doing her work.

“sanky i will kill you”swara cried.



swara entered inside kitchen and saw sanskar cooking for himself.swara murmured under her breath and went toward him and peeked from his shoulder.

‘what are you cooking?”

sanskar back gets straight, hearing her voice but didn’t turned.

“pasta…”swara exclaimed seeing it.

“will you teach me plz?…..”swara said and stands beside him in such way that their shoulder touched each other.sanskar looks at her.

“i can’t tell every time to cook for me na….plz teach me then i will cook myself whenever i want”swara said giving him sweet smile while blinking innocently.sanskar skipped his several heartbeats.

“what are you doing here?…doctor said you need rest”sanskar said stirring spoon in sauce.

“i was feeling hungry……plz teach me”swara said and takes spoon from his hand.sanskar silently goes and sit on chair.swara looks at him confusingly.

“stir it otherwise it will get stick to pan”sanskar said.swara nodded vigorously and start stirring it.sanskar smiles a little, shooking his head.

after cooking pasta she settled beside sanskar and start eating it,without offering sanskar.he narrows his eyes,snatch spoon from her hand and takes bite.

“sanky i don’t share my food…”swara said and snatch spoon from him.

“oh!…when i am eating you don’t know from where appear like ghost and when it came to you then i don’t share”sanskar said and snatched spoon and tried to get bite.swara moves pan away.

“you called me ghost”swara said angrily.sanskar instead of replying,holds her from arm,pull her close and with other hand snatch pan from her hand and starts eating it while locking her close to his chest.swara tired to free herself from his second grip but of no use.

“at least leave a little for me”swara cried,seeing him eating all.sanskar offers her a bite,swara opens her mouth.sanskar put bite in his own mouth and laughed.swara hits on his chest rapidly.after that he feeds her with own hands and eat himself also,still in same position.



“you handle Don there i am going to finish his right hand today”sanskar said while walking toward his car.he sit inside his car but he gets confused seeing swara sitting inside her car.sanskar looks at his wrist watch.12:00

“where the heck she is going at this time?”sanskar said in worried voice.

“where is swara going?”abheer asked in chuckling voice.

“abheer…do what i told you”sanskar said angrily and cut call.

“this woman always creates problem where she goes”sanskar said and starts the car seeing her leaving.swara stops car outside a bar and comes out.she takes out her hockey stick from trunk,covers her face with her scarf and walks toward a slightly dark area.where a person was holding sahil in completely drunk state.

“ma’am plz i am sorry but i did what he said to me plz don’t complain in police”Man said in really worried voice.

“on one condition you have to do my one more work”swara said smiling

“i will do anything”man said quickly.

“go and stand there”swara said pointing at one do what she said.swara clench hockey stick tightly and hit on sahil’s head with full force.

“what you think you will spike my drink and i will not do anything”swara said in angry voice and hit on his stomach.she beats him well and stops seeing fainting.she removes her cover and takes deep breath.

‘oye! come here….’swara said to man.she keeps hockey stick on his shoulder.

“take him hospital and don’t tell anyone or complain in police. my father will not let me stay in lockup for a second and the moment i came out your condition will be like this”swara said in very sweet voice and pulled his gulped,picks up half dead sahil and leaves.

“mera sa panga leta ha”swara said pushing her hair back and walks toward bar after putting her hockey back in trunk.

translation (gets in competition with me)

“water plz…’swara ordered water while laying against bar was still crowded.

‘what are you doing here?”swara exclaimed seeing sanskar there.

“why i can’t be here?” sanskar asked standing beside her.

“you can be but i thought you don’t like parties and clubs….do you?”swara asked, taking a sip from glass.sanskar shrugged.

“let’s play a game”sanskar said with meaningful smile.

“you are fine today?”swara asked and touched his forehead while giggling.

“i will ask question first…”sanskar said and swara pulls her hand back pulling her hand back.

“i saw a girl beating the hell out of boy…do you know her?”sanskar said looking forward toward dance floor.swara spits out water and coughed hard.sanskar takes water glass from her hand and takes a sip from it.swara wipes her mouth and looks at him with wide eyes.

“are you fine?”sanskar asked while touching her forehead.swara gives him sheepish smile.

“sanky plz don’t tell anyone about it especially to kunj and lucky.”swara said pleadingly.meanwhile a girl comes there and hugs swara.

“what a pleasant surprise….what are you doing in shimla?”girl asked breaking hug.

“college…”swara said quickly not at all happy from her coming at wrong time.sanskar leaves from there,leaving swara in bad condition.

“why didn’t you tell me?”girl said hitting on her shoulder.she didn’t let swara go easily after getting free from her friend swara start finding sanskar.

“what are you doing here i am finding you everywhere”swara said to sanskar who was standing at small wooden bridge.

“i was messaging kunj to send your mother number”sanskar said hiding his smile.swara quickly snatch phone from his hand and throw it in river.sanskar hardly control his loud laugh.

“sanky plz don’t tell mama about it.that jerk deserved it.he spiked my drink which twinkle drink.he had not good attentions after making me drunk na…….i warned him so many times stay away from me but he didn’t listen because of him i broke my promise also” swara said in pleading voice.

‘what promise?” sanskar asked chuckling.

“you know because of that psycho dad was so worried therefore i promised dad i will not create any problem till he don’t handle that therefore i was tolerating him so much but he took me for granted….”swara said making face.

“he took you for granted?”sanskar asked with raised eye brow.

“off course….in Mumbai there is not a single hospital where i didn’t send boys after beating them”swara said proudly while patting her shoulder.sanskar laughed.swara looks at him with narrowed eyes.

“why are you laughing?’swara asked angry.sanskar still keep on laughing.

“i am not bragging you can ask from lucky and kunj”swara said beating on his shoulder rapidly.

‘okay okay fine…”sanskar said after controlling his laugh.swara stops beating him and rubs her hand which starts causing pain.

“why don’t you go and beat that psycho…”sanskar said still chuckling.

“i only know to beat boys with sticks and he has guns na…therefore”swara said making face.

“afraid from gun?”sanskar asked in deep voice.

“depends is it in your hand on your enemy….when its in your hand then NO when its in your enemy hand then YES”swara explained him like a teacher.sanskar chuckled a little.

“its too late…go home now”sanskar said looking at his wrist watch.1:30.Times passes like seconds when he is with her.

“you will not tell anyone na”swara said looking at him with wide eyes.

“i will think….’sanskar said and starts moving from there.

‘what do you mean you will think….don’t tell anyone na”swara said walking after him


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