Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 31) LAST EPISODE

sanskar fall down on his knees yelling swara’s name.tears were falling down from his eyes without any control.
sanskar crying bitterly:why did u do this….at least would have give me a chance to apologies for my wrong deeds…how can u leave like this?……..what about sunny and pari?
thought of them made him shake from head to toe.
sanskar muttered:what will i tell them…
new tears start rolling down.
sanskar shouted:u made them orphan again…how could u?
at that time swara gets appear in front of him.sanskar looks at her shocked.swara walk toward him and sit down in front of him.
swara wipes his tears with her cold fingers.
swara:u don’t look good while crying…
sanskar blankly:swara…u…that call.
swara:i just came to make u remember your promise……
swara poutingly:forgot????…….


sanskar was keeping his head on swara’s lap and playing with her hairs.
swara lost in thoughts:sanskar will u do a promise.
sanskar:i promise my whole life to u.what u want more?
swara look at him and hit on his shoulder.
swara:be serious.
sanskar pull her face close keeping hand on back of her head.
sanskar in deep voice:u think i am non serious?
swara blushed hard and move back.
swara blushing:sanskar plz otherwise i will leave from here.
sanskar glaring at her:okay tell what were u saying?
swara:give me a promise u will say yes.
sanskar chuckling:okay i am agreeing before hearing your promise… tell what is that great promise?
swara licking her lips:sanskar wo….
swara not looking at him:i…if suppose something happen to me.u….u will fin a nice girl for u and will marry her.
swara look at him after completing and her hands which were playing with his hairs stopped,seeing his red angry face.
sanskar in low dangerous voice:u should not stop that….that is only thing which is keeping me calm.
swara:sanskar plz u said yes.
sanskar face turned stone.he gets up,pick keys from side table and move toward door.swara came in front of him and keep hands on his broad chest.
swara:i said if something happened to me…..u are behaving as i am dying tomorrow.
sanskar hold swara from shoulder and shook her firmly.
sanskar angrily:are u out of your mind… i am talking about our marriage,our future and u are thinking this rubbish…..impossible.
swara cups his face and said:u are not understanding…
sanskar:from this i am only understanding that u need a mental hospital.
swara giggling:if u will send me mental hospital i will take u with me.
sanskar gritted his teeth at her giggle.
sanskar irritated:move from my way.
swara nodded in no vigorously and said:first listen to me silently.
she made him sit forcefully and sit beside him.she hold his hand softly and keep head on his shoulder.
swara:when di died then i have dad and kids but then dad died and after that……
she stopped for a second.sanskar tightened his grip on her hand.
swara sighing:honestly i didn’t want to live..if sunny.pari and kavita would have not been there then i would have commit suicide.
sanskar look at her in disbelief.
swara look at him and said in deep voice: i don’t want the same thing with u.i want someone who can care for u after me….plzzzz.
sanskar:swara i….
swara pleading:plz sanskar….
sanskar look at her helplessly.
sanskar:will u marry someone else if something happened to me?
swara shook her head slolwy.
sanskar:then how can u expect from me?
swara:i don’t know anything…..u have to fulfill your promise….otherwise i will not talk to u….NEVER.
sanskar cursed his faith badly for selecting such stubborn girl for him.
sanskar irritated like hell:u are very stubborn girl.
swara crossed her arms around chest and turn her face away from him.
sanskar look at upward direction and said loudly:didn’t find anyone else than her?
swara look at him then look up then again look at him.
swara angrily:u are complaining to GOD that he send me…..fine i am leaving.
she gets up to leave,sanskar hold her hand and make her sit again.
sanskar angrily:fine……i hate u.
swara gets happy and hug him.
swara:but i love u….thank u.
sanskar helplessly:i sometimes don’t understand your LOVE…..what type of wish is this?
swara hug him more tightly and close her eyes.
swara calmly:u have little brain na…therefore u are not understanding.
sanskar:hmm…..right i have little brain therefore fall for u….
swara laughed while hugging him.sanskar smile a little hearing her laugh.

swara:time to fulfill promise….
sanskar shooking her head,said in extreme anger:i will never marry anyone…i am already married.
swara place her hand on his heart and said:keep me alive here….and take care sunny and pari.
sanskar try to hold her hand on chest but swara vanished.
sanskar shouted loudly:swaraaa….come back plz….i can’t live without u plz…give me a chance to say sorry.
sanskar closed his eyes,tears fall down from his eyes.

suddenly door gets open and SWARA enter inside covering herself with blue sheet.she look at sanskar crying like this and get shocked.
she run toward him and sit in front of him.
swara:sanskar what happened…why are u crying like this?
sanskar look at her and thinks he is imagining her again and closed his eyes.
swara cups his face and said worriedly:sanskar what happened?
sanskar continue to cry.
swara shouted angrily:sanskar…..
sanskar blinks at her and forward his hand slowly to touch her face.sanskar heart beat stopped feeling her there in real.
swara:tell me what happened?.
sanskar pull her in bone crushing hug
sanskar:i thought i lost u forever.
swara place her hand on his back confusingly.
swara confusingly:will u tell me why were u crying like that?
sanskar in broken words:that……phone……..accident….dead body.
swara try to break her hug but sanskar hold her tightly.
sanskar:where is your mobile?
swara:i…i lost it.
sanskar break hug and look at her face then look down at her sheet.he see the tag of hospital at the corner of it.
sanskar inhaling deep breath and said:i received call from hospital that u met with accident and…….
sanskar gulped down thinking about that worst news of his news.
swara calmly:i died……
sanskar kiss her forehead and hug her again.swara close her eyes feeling safe in her embrace.that thing she wanted the most at this time.
swara in mind:at least he will cry at my death.
sanskar:how accident happened?
swara open her eyes and said:there….there was another woman with me in taxi she died instead of me.


swara was going home,looking outside the window.suddenly a woman came in front of taxi.driver push the brake quickly.swara look at woman.she was of 30 age.covering herself with black cover completely
woman came toward swar and said:plz give me lift…its too late.i just need lift to the next stop.
swara nodded slolwy.woman smirk,walk around the taxi and sit beside swara.driver start the taxi again.
driver to swara:madam ji careful with that is loose a little get open with slight push.
swara sit a little far from door.suddenly that woman take out knife and keep it on swara neck.
driver looks back quickly.swara’s eye widened in shock.
woman in threatening voice:look forward and drive slow otherwise i will kill this girl.
driver looks forward and decrease the speed.
woman: Jewellry……
swara take out her earrings and give to her then bangles.
woman:this locket is beautiful…..take it out.
swara shook her head.
swara:my husband gave it to me…..
Exactly at that truck hit the taxi from woman side.woman staggered and swara get a cut on her shoulder.and she strike with door of taxi.
Door gets open.driver tried to increase the speed but this time truck hit the taxi with more force.because of open door swara roll down from taxi.her head strike with stone.
before going into un-consious state she saw taxi get blast and its flame reaching to sky.
swara felt dark fog covered her mind and her head fall down on ground.
sanskar break hug and said:i asked something how accident happened?
swara came in her senses and move back a little.
swara:i am fine now….u should leave.
sanskar calmly:i want my answers?
swara looks at him with her pain filled eyes.just now she get saved from being killed and he wants his answers.
KILLED right…..she was not kid who can’t understand why and who send that truck.her luck was good that she got saved otherwise dadi made a brilliant plan to kill her.
suddenly she felt to cry loudly.
swara rubbed her forehead trying hard to control her tears and loud crying.
sanskar stiffened seeing her so helpless but he wants to know from her own mouth.she should have that trust on him.that she can tell him anything.
swara in watery sound:its my habit… get nightmare about incidents i see….your first answer.
a tear fall down from her eye without her control.
swara:that pic i always see to satisfy my ego….second answer and third one this locket….
she started sobbing a little.
swara sobbing:i am wearing this because this is expensive…..get your answers now plz leave.
swara joined hands in front of him while crying.sanskar stare at her and saw the tears rolling down from her whittesh cheeks.
sanskar in calm and compose tone:i know the truth…..
swara look at him,not getting what he said.
swara:what….what truth?
sanskar keep staring at her silently.
swra with fast beating heart:what truth sanskar?
sanskar:why didn’t u tell me?
swara hug him quickly and cry.sanskar hug her back.
swara crying;i had no other choice sanskar…..she….she said she will kill u.
sanskar:u should have just come and tell me.
swara:i was scared…..
she buried her face in his neck.
sanskar:u didn’t trusted me…..
swara break hug and look at him.sanskar wipe her tears softly.
swara stammering:u…u….one thing…if u would have been at my place and u had choice to select between my life and to take risk of telling truth what would u have choose?…..i chosed your life instead of taking risk.
sanskar:i would have choose the same…..
sanskar in mind:u had just fear of loosing me i just go through the pain that i lost u forever.
swara:but…but i am angry from u?
swara loudly:whyyyyy????
she hit him on shoulder with her remaining strength.
swara:u teased me so much in these days.
sanskar smile meekly.
swara:don’t u dare to smile….what did u just said first day…..if i didn’t complete my target u will give punishment in…..
swara stopped in mid and looks at him with angry cute red face.
swara:what was that?
sanskar hold her from waist and said:that to make u awkward.
swara hit him again and moves back.
swara:u made me run on stairs even after knowing my condition.
sanskar slid his fingers in hairs nervously.
sanskar:i was angry on u.
swara:your anger….
swara turn and start walking in hall.sanskar walk behind her.
swara angrily:u flirted with kavya and u were sitting with her so close.
sanskar:u took revenge for that……
swara stop and looks back at him angrily.
sanskar with tight smile:i will keep silent….u continue.
swara eyes widened remembering their marriage.
swara furious:u made me married to u without my knowledge.
sanskar:u asked for right so i thought….
swara cutting him:so u thought lets get married haan na?
sanskar nodded his head vigorously.
swara stepped toward him angrily and said:YOU…..
sanskar stepped back.
swara:u send me to construction area only because i was late for 5 mins.
sanskar firmly:that i have solid reason…..
swara warning:pitch low sanskar…….i am the one who is angry…right?
swara open her mouth to complain one more thing but sanskar hold her both hands.
sanskar:this is all because of my anger right…..i am promising u i will never get angry again….i will always think twice before taking an action…plz i am sorry.
swara smiling:promise????
sanskar:pakka promise….
he was about to hug her when swara stop him.
swara:i forgot one thing.
swara poutingly:u made me drink bitter gourd juice…do u know how much bitter it was…i ate 10 chocolate….chii…yukh.
sanskar:i know how much bitter it was?
swara after a second:did u drink that….
sanskar slid her hair strand behind her ear and said:hmmmm….
swara shocked:sanskar how could u…it was so bitter.
sanskar put finger on her lips and shushed her.
sanskar:u don’t only love me …i also love u….but i also have one complain from u.
swara removing his finger:what???
sanskar hold her from waist and pull her close.
sanskar:today u run away during a kiss,making me fool.
swara blushing red:i didn’t made u fool because…
sanskar leaned toward her and said huskily:because…..
swara push him and run from there laughing.
swara laughing:because u are fool from birth.
sanskar run after her.both run in whole hall chasing each other.their laugh was echoing in whole house like a pleasant sound.sanskar finally catches her and pick her up in bridal style.
swara laughing:sanskar…..
sanskar laughing:u became naughty in these days…
swara hold her both ears and make puppy dog face.
swara:shorryy…plz put me down….plz(blinking her eyes)
sanskar hit his head on hers slightly.
sanskar:u just perfectly know how to take advantage of someone’s weakness.
swara giggled.sanskar put her down.
sanskar:go bring ring which i gave it to u.
swara meekly:i…i take it out so that u…..
sanskar cutting her:i know go bring it…we need to go in party.
sanskar:hmm….time to settle everything.
swara worriedly:don’t do anything in anger.
sanskar smiling:i am not angry…go.
swara nodded and walk toward her room.
sunny:where are we going?
pammi confused:swara said family is not allowed how can we go?
sanskar:family of owner is allowed.
swara blsuhed.sanskar smile seeing her blushed face in mirror.she,pammi,sunny and pari were sitting at back was sitting beside sanskar.
sanskar stopped car in front of hotel and all comes out and look at hotel.
sanskar:u all go i will just come.
swara look at him.sanskar pass her a smile and leaves from there.
pammi and dev look at each other.they were confused.sanskar and swara suddenly came and asked to come with them.all entered inside the hall.dadi who was talking with some one get shocked seeing swara there.
dadi mumbled:she is alive?….that bastard said he killed her…..useless person.
suddenly whole hall went dark and a light fall on sanskar who was standing in the middle of hall with a mike.
all cheers for him.girls look at each other.dadi coughed a little.
pammi whisper in swara’s ear:is he talking about u?
swara blushed a little.pammi smile widely.
sanskar point toward swara with his that time light fall on swara.there was little,little screams of girls after seeing that.
sunny and pari happily:maasi go
swara walk toward sanskar,hold his hand and stand beside him.
sanskar take out ring from his pocket and make swara wear it.
there was a roar of clapping all around the hall.all were men who were clapping.
all get mix again in hall.
swara whispering:sanskar we are already married…i hope u remember that
sanskar chuckling:u didn’t like the way of marriage so i thought why not marry again…..
sanskar hold her from waist and said:and most important thing if your son came to know that we are married secretly then he will make me eat dead rat…thanks but no thanks we will marry again in front of him.
swara look at him and then burst out laughing keeping hand on mouth.
sanskar chuckling;i am damm worried about that….
pammi,dev,sunny and pari come there.
sunny and pari hug swara.
after that they hug sanskar.pammi hug swara.
pammi:i am very happy for u.
swara:thank u aunty.
dev hug sanskar and said:take care of her…don’t think she is alone.
sanskar just smile.
pammi warning:sanskar my brother is in police….dare not tease my daughter.
all laughed.sanskar nodded obediently
sunny giggling:partner i have dozen of rats at my house.
sanskar look at swara as saying “see told u”.
pari:what will i do?
sanskar pick pari up in arms and said:u are my princess na….so u should be in my team….when they all will tease then fight from my side….okay
pari nodding:okay
all adore their that time dadi came there looking at swara deeply.
dadi:i think sanskar forgot me after making a new family…..
sanskar clenched his fist but said calmly:off course not dadi….swara?
he sign her to take blessing.swara nodded confusingly and both take blessings
dadi with fake smile:stay blessed….
sanskar ensured swara during their bend position.swara smile and both gets up.
dadi taunting sweetly:sanskar u didn’t inform me about this big announcement…..permission is far thing….
pammi and dev look at each other understanding her taunt.sanskar smile,shooking her head.
sunny:partner will not not introduce us…
sanskar:off course…dadi he is MY SON SUNNY and she is MY PRINCESS PARI. (laying stress on my son and my princess)
all smile but dadi fumed in anger.
dadi:swara can i talk with u?
swara nodded and they went from there.
dadi:congratulation swara….
swara:thank u ma’am…
dadi taunting:i guess u became so brave that even after my reminder u did engagement in front of me….such commendable job…i am impress again.
swara crossed her arms and said:actually ma’am someone send truck to kill me so i thought when even after doing everything according to u…… one is safe then what the need of all this.
dadi laughed evily and said:u are lucky swara u are still standing in front of me alive otherwise i made a very good plan….didn’t i?
swara felt arm around her waist and she look at her side and saw sanskar standing with red face.
dadi shocked:sanskar????
sanskar look at swara and whisper:u were not going to tell me right?
swara stammering:i…i thought…not…not necessary.
sanskar:i will deal with u later.
dadi fumbling:i…i was just saying…..that she…she is lucky to have u in…in her life.
sansskar stare at her with red blooded eyes.
dadi;sanskar believe me i didn’t do anything….she….she lied to u……
dadi hold swara’s arm,digging her nails in it.swara winced
dadi furious;what did u tell him….u start creating fights before coming in house?
sanskar in dangerous voice:leave her arm……..
dadi angrily:instead of saying anything to her u are……
sanskar hold dadi’s hand and jerk it back angrily.
dadi angrily shouted:sanskar did u forget your limits….is this way to behave with your grandmother?
some people in hall look at them.
sanskar warning:don’t shout miss parvati maheshwari….i also know how to shout.
dadi clenching her fist: what did she told u?
sanskar:she didn’t told me anything………she was never going to tell me the truth.
swara bite her lip and bend her head a little at his complain.
sanskar angrily;i saw everything with my own eyes…hear everything with my own eyes.
swara look at him confused.
dadi:what did u saw?
sanskar; MISS PARVATI MAHESHWARI u forgot one thing in your over confidence that there are camera’s in each corner of my house………
dadi faced turned dark.swara sighed.
sanskar in pained voice:such a big betrayal……..didn’t feel mercy on me first parents then swara…..i regret the day i brought swara to meet u.
dadi:i also spend my whole life in raising u…..forgot that…..u should be thankful that i save u from this characterless girl.
sanskar raised his finger at dadi.
sanskar:not a single word about my wife.
swara gets watery eyes but smile a little when he called her as wife.
dadi shocked:wife…..
sanskar:we are married legally thanks to my aggressive nature…..enough of your drama…u are going to pay for back stabbing sanskar maheswari.
sanskar look back to his nodded goes out for sometime and comes with security.
all stands around dadi and hold her from arms.all people in hall look at was also present there and was recording everything
swara:sanskar this…..
sanskar:this is for trying to kill my would be wife.,,,take her with much respect she is parvati maheswari.
dadi angrily:don’t touch me.
security hold dadi firmly and take her with them.swara look at sanskar.
sanskar:what? didn’t u see i handle it without getting angry.
swara:if u would have been angry then what would u do?
sanskar thinking:thennnnn……
he thinks for sometime then looks at her.
sanskar clearing his throat: let it be…..guests are waiting….
saanskar leaves from there hurriedly.
she goes after him.
sanskar stop car in front of swara’s house.everyone stepped down from car.
dev:swara beta we are going to our house okay….its very late
swara:ji aunty….and tomorrow i will come to take bunny.
pammi smiling:okay
dev and pammi leave from there.pari was almost sleep in swara’s arm.
sunny yawning:partner u will not come?
sanskar smiling:why not….
swara look at him with raised eye brow.
swara:tomorrow is office go home and sleep.
sanskar look at sunny.
sunny:maasi partner can sleep here also…….just like old times.
sanskar:correct…let’s go
sanskar pick sunny up and walk forward toward door.
swara whisper:these two son and father…….
swara caressed pari’s hair and walk inside.she make her lie on her bed and pull covers on her.
she then walk outside and look for sunny.sanskar and sunny both were in hall whispering each other something.swara walk there both stopped whispering seeing her there.
swara:sunny come on go for sleep….its late.
sunny:maasi wo…….
sunny:i will go school tomorrow.
sanskar:and i will not go office.
swara keep hand on her waist and said:why????
sunny:partner will tell u.
sunny run from there yelling GD N8.
sanskar smile and said:good n8 swara i am also going for sleep.
he also leaves from there.swara goes after him.

swara:u gave him permission of skipping school…..
sanskar:yes so what……
swara:he will get habitual of holidays nd with whom they will stay whole day?
sanskar:do u ever let them skip school….and we will be at home.
sanskar:yes we….me,you,sunny and pari…………sunny and i think for a day out.
swara smile shook her head and turn to leave.sanskar hold her arm and made her turn quickly.swara strike with his chest.
sanskar pushing her hairs back:where are u going?
swara: to…to my room.
sanskar:u will sleep here.
swara with wide eyes:why?
sanskar:i want to spend time with u…..i missed u so much.
swara:i missed u too…..but i need to check sunny he slept or not.
sanskar:go and come back here.
swara nodded and leaves from there.

swara:sanskar increase my pay….u know chotu have more pay than me.
sanskar chuckling:yeah i know 150 right?

swara and sanskar were laying on bed hugging each other.swara’s head was on sanskar shoulder and sanskar both hands were around her like protective bands.

swara giggling:haan u know he told everyone about……..wait a second.
swara raised her head and look at him.
swara:how do u know he said 150?
sanskar bite his tongue.
swara:tell naa…….how do u know?
sanskar make her head lay on shoulder again with his hand.
sanskar:actually………u remember your blank….blank calls….i was the one who…who used to give u blank calls.
swara’s head again jerked toward him.
swara shocked:sanskar u…..
sanskar meekly:haan wo i…..
swara cut him and said poutingly:u didn’t leave a single chance to irritate me.
sanskar hold her chin and make her look at him.
sanskar in deep voice:that was not to irritate u……….i told u once i can’t live without hearing your voice…………i just want to hear your voice when it comes hard for me to breath.
he kiss her forehead.swara closed her eyes feeling his touch.a tear skipped from corner of eye.
sanskar look at tear and wipe it.
sanskar:enough of tears……
swara keeping her head back on shoulder:i am sory sanskar….u was right i should have told u.
sanskar hug her more tightly and said:forget the past…tomorrow will be a new morning for all of us.
swara smile and said:so i don’t think i need to tell u anything what happened with me.u know everything.
sanskar:hmmmm…..i have one complain from u
sanskar: what are u?………..a commando woman?….u went that 3rd class club at mid night……don’t u have brain?…….what if something would have happen to u?
swara giggling:u follow me right?……after hearing bua and my conversation.i saw your car but later i thought i need a eye check up.
sanskar:i was so angry at u that time…..u went to bring that b*t*h.
swara quickly:don’t abuse……..
sanskar angrily:she was yelling at u so much……and that bua also taunt u about your parents.
swara:kavya was drunk and bua is very nice…..she said sory also….okay.
sanskar: its useless to talk with u.
swara with twitch nose:then don’t talk…..sleep and let me sleep also.
swara close her still hugging him.sanskar look at her face.
sanskar: get angry?
swara with closed eyes:hmmm……..
sanskar chuckled at her cute anger and kiss on her nose tip.
swara’s cheeks turned cherry red but she keep her eyes close.
sanskar kiss her cheek.
sanskar huskily:and now………
swara open her eyes and look at him.sanskar cup her left cheek and kiss on lips softly.
swara kiss him back.both kiss each other passionately.they get apart,taking deep breathes.
sanskar pin her to the bad slowly,looking in her eyes.he caressed her cheek with his thumb.
sanskar in deep voice: do i have rights on u?.
swara nodded slowly.sanskar kiss at her forehead then corner of lips and start giving her feathery kiss on neck and shoulder.
(she was in same pink gown which was off from shoulder)
swara breath turned heavy.she hug him quickly.
swara with heavy breath:my…my heart is beating fast.
sanskar keeping hand around her waist;heart is for beating right…..let him do his work.
sanskar break hug and cup her both cheeks.
sanskar softly:do u want me to stop here……
swara nodded in NO and kiss him keeping her both arms around his neck
sanskar kiss her back.his one hand was caressing her cheek and other went to her back.he pull her zip down slowly,his finger touching her bare back.
goosebumps raised on swara’s skin with his touch.
after kiss he start kissing her neck and shoulder.
after that they made love whole night.

sanskar open his eyes due to sun rays falling on him.he look at swara sleeping peacefully hugging him tightly.sanskar kiss her forehead.swara open her eyes and smile at him.
sanskar smiling:good morning.
swara:morning…..what is time?
sanskar look at side table and said: 8
swara shocked:what….its too late.
she tried to get up but sanskar hold her tightly.
sanskar;stay here for sometime….
swara:i am already late….breakfast,kids,cleaning so many works are there… can i sleep so late?
sanskar teasing:we slept late therefore.
swara blushed deep red remembering about last night.
sanskar bend toward her face to kiss her on lips.
she pushed him,get up covering herself with blanket and run toward wahsroom.
sanskar yelled:swara my blanket……
he quickly cover himself with bed sheet.swara loud laugh came from washroom.
swara shouted from washroom:sanskar plz bring clothes from my room.
sanskar teasing:go bring yourself…..
swara:sanskar plz….
sanskar sighing:wait i will bring….
he goes to swara’s room.take clothes and give it to swara.
swara came out from washroom rubbing her hair with towel and look at sanskar.
who was throwing daggers at her.
swara giggling:go take shower…
sanskar walk and stand in front of her.
saanskar in warning tone:u dare not run again with blanket.
after saying this he walked toward washroom mumbling.
swara laughed when he close the door of washroom.
sanskar yelled:swaraaaaa……
swara yelled back:sorryyyy….
she goes out and walk toward kids.she sit beside sunny and pull nose.
swara:get up….i know u are awake.
sunny gets and crossed his arms making pout face.
sunny poutingly:how u came to know i am wake?
swara:because i am your maasi…go brush your teeth.
sunny step down and look at clock.
sunny with wide eyes:maasi its 8:15….no school today.
swara meekly:no…
sunny shouted:partner u are great.
he run toward washroom happily.swara shook her head and goes to wake up pari.
swara:good morning.
pari in her melodious voice:good morning maasi……
she gets up and sit on swara’s lap.
pari confirming:no school today?
swara:i got up late today therefore……
pari innocently:why?
swara:slept….slept late…therefore…..u go brush your teeth i will prepare dinner.
pari nodded and walk toward washroom.
swara gets up and move toward kitchen and start preparing breakfast.

swara was taking used placed back to kitchen when her phone started ringing.
swara look at her phone and smile appeared on her lips seeing kavitha’s name.
she put plates again on table and pick calls.
kavitha yelled:swaraaaa….how dare u get engaged in my absence.
swara chuckling:told u come back……
kaavitha poutingly:not fair….u should have wait for me.
swara sit on chair and said:how do u know about it?
kavitha:everyone here is talking about sanskar mahwehwari’s engagement…….there is a pic in news paper also.
swara confused:pic in HAWAII’s newspaper?
kavitha laughhing:who said i am in HAWAII……i am standing at MUMBAI AIRPORT.
swara gets up and shouted:whatttt!!!!.
sanskar,sunny and pari look at swara with wide eyes.
swara not able to believe:u are here…..
kavitha:will only ask question or will come to welcome me?
swara beyond happy:i….i am coming…u wait there.
swara quickly cut the call and look at them.
swara happily:kavi and karan caame….we need to go.
trio shout:what…..
swara nodded vigorously and said:let’s go she is waiting at airport.
they all gets up and walk toward door.
swara banging her forehead:sanskar car keys…..
sanskar:in room.
sunny running already:i am bringing…..
they all settled in car and drive toward airport.
after 20 mins they reached in front of airport.
they entered inside the airport and start looking for kavitha and karan.
sunny loudly:there….
kavitha saw them,run and hug swara with thud.
kavitha yelled:swaraaaaaa….i missed u sooooooo much.
swara smiling:i missed u too kavi.
karan hug sanskar and hug sunny and pari too.
karan: congratulation sanskar…saw engagement pic in newspaper.
sanskar:thank u…..
kavitha break hug and hit on swara’s shoulder.
kavitha: why didn’t u wait for me….didn’t feel shame.
swara in mind: she is so angry knowing that we did engagement….if she came about our marriage then….
swara look at sanskar who was already looking at him as he was thinking about same thing.
both giggled.kavitha look at them suspiciously.
kavitha:why are u both laughing like this?
swasan in union:nothing….
karan:wow!!! its mean there is definitely something.
kavitha:this is not your court okay?…..
sanskar mumbled:thank god she is still the name otherwise karan would have not leave us easily.
karan throw dagger at kavitha.she ignore him and hug sunny and pari.
kavitha:i missed u both also……
both:we too…..
kavitha gets up and look at them.
kavitha:let’s go i want to meet mom dad also……
they all walked out from there.

sanskar frustated:what the hell is this yaar……
karan chuckled looking at his face.
karan:sanskar relax it is only about 1 hour……
sanskar:not one hour but a whole week…..
karan:u yourself agreed for traditional marriage now why are u getting angry?
sanskar in mind: when i agreed…i was blackmailed from my own wife?

swara:sanskar i am going to kavi’s house……
sanskar confused:why……
swara:why mtlb……..kavi came after so many days so i want to spend time with her.
sanskar hold swara’s both hands.
sanskar:u are forgetting we were also not together whole month…..just yesterday everything get cleared.
swara pull back her hands.
swara:sanskar u are going to your home today….therefore i thought to stay at kavi’s place.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:why am i going home today?
swara:because we are not married in front of world…….and now we can’t even do court marriage……u took my sign already on legal papers already.
sanskar worried:nowww????
swara:now we will do traditional marriage with all rituals
sanskar shocked:u means we will not be able to meet for seven days.
swara hiding her smile:why seven…..first u will come to ask for my hand then pammi aunty and dev uncle will ask for time of two days then marriage preparations will start… least 10 or may be more then 10.
sanskar stare at her as saying “are u kidding with me”
sanskar calmly:and u will not meet me in these days right?
swara nodded in NO.
swara teasing:don’t u know i am very traditional girl.
sanskar:u wait i will tell u how much traditional u are?
swara run from there laughing.
swara shout:will meet after 10 days….
sanskar irritated:your wife is very bad…..when she was herself getting married then she used to make plan every day how to meet and in my case…….she roll her eyes just great.
karan laughed loudly.
karan:u did so hurry therefore she is busy in preparation of her best friend marriage.
sanskar shooked his head and said:all are lame excuses.
karan:u took swara out for one day remember or forgot….
sanskar smile and said:she took me to meet my parents……and u call them day out….at night u took flight for new york reached in morning and that day only we again took flight for MUMBAI again and reached in morning………and she again went to kavitha’s house…….we were so tiered if i would have tried for romance then she would have admit me in mental hospital.
karan laughing:today is my laughing day……..
sanskar whisper to himself:but my love for her increased….when she wished to bring parents in our marriage.

swara and sanskar was standing in front of a big beautiful Mantion in new york.
swara hold sanskar sweating hand.
sanskar took deep breath and said:hmm….i am meeting them after 10 years…..don’t know what will i say to them….why i behave like that?
swara:they are your parents….they will not ask any question…..they will only hug u.
sanskar look at her.
swara:trust me.
sanskar:i trust u therefore i came here.
Both walk inside and one servant came in front of them.
servant:ap and dp maheshwari is waiting….plz this side.
servant show them way and make them enter in a big room.
sanskar tightened his grip on swara’s hand,seeing them sitting on couch.
AP gets up seeing them coming.
she was wearing short black dress,coming to her knees.A decent old woman of about 60.DP was sitting on couch wearing black suite.
swara in mind:whole family is mad after black colour
sanskar and swara stand at little distance from them.
sanskar with dry throat:mom…..
AP hugs him quickly
AP:my son……
sanskar hug her back.swara smile.DP was looking at them with deep smile.AP break hug after a min.
AP looking at sanskar with watery eyes.
AP: DP see our son became so handsome and tall…….
sanskar look at his father.DP gets up and hugs him.sanskar felt like he get world’s biggest happiness.
DP break hug and look at sanskar with proud.
DP:after a long time…..
sanskar with wide smile:yeah a very long time.
DP looking at swara;who is this pretty lady?
sanskar:my fiance swara…..
AP walks toward swara and hug her.
DP whisper:she is very pretty more than your mother.
sanskar chuckled.swara take blessing from DP.
DP:stay blessed.
sanskar was looking at his parents who was taking a lite interview from swara.
they forgive him so easily.didn’t ask anything.why he came so suddenly.why he used to behave rudely in past.where was he till now?…….NOTHING. the answer of his all question was just only that they were his parents.
AP placed hand on sanskar shoulder and said:why are u standing….sit.
sanskar smile and sit beside swara on couch.
DP teasing: sanskar u made my mother arrest.
sanskar and swara look at each other.AP hit on his shoulder
AP:don’t tease my son and daughter.
sanskar:dad i……
DP laughed and give him news paper.
sanskar take newspaper and saw headline.
sanskar:dad i can explain….
DP:no need to explain son…..we know everything.
sanskar look at them confused.
DP chuckling:u think we didn’t know what is happening in our son’s life…..hmm?….we knew everything just didn’t interfere.
AP give tea to swara and sanskar.
swara in mind:like father… son
she looks at sanskar nervous face and take a sip to hide her smile.
AP:swara why are u not taking anything…..
swara with smile:i am full……
sanskar:mom,dad i actually wanted to say sorry about my behaviour.
AP:no sanskar…its not needed u came here to meet us its fine….
DP:your mother is saying right……we are happy u are successful in your life…….i am proud of u.
swara look at sanskar’s face.he always wanted his father to be proud of him.
sanskar overwhelmed:thank u mom,thank u dad but there is one more thing……
swara keep hand on sanskar’s hand.
swara:actually uncle,aunty we are going to get married and according to tradition parents always come to fix marriage date…..
AP happily; off course if sanskar want us to do all this…….
sanskar:mom plz don’t make me embarrass more.
DP:we will surely come…in fact i will ask my PA to book ticket of tomorrow…..and swara call us mom,dad okay?
swara smiling:yes dad.


At that time AP,DP enter inside the room and look at sanskar.
DP: young man u are not ready its your marriage day….do u want to get late at this important day?
sanskar irritated:this sherwani…..useless button.
AP walk toward him.karan and DP laughed.
AP:u are just like your father don’t know how to deal with tie and these buttons.
she close them for him.
DP:stop complaining about me.
AP:let’s go pandit ji is calling…..
sanskar:thank u mom.
they all go outside.sanskar sit on mandap and start waiting for swara.
after 5 mins swara came from upstairs wearing deep red lehanga and golden work on.
sanskar gets mesmerized to see her.kavi make swara sit beside sanskar.
sunny was looking at sanskar open mouth.he close his mouth.
sunny:close your mouth fly will enter inside……..maasi u are looking beautiful.
swara presses her lips and bow her head more.sanskar mumbled something in his breath.
pari:bhai don’t tease my friend…..don’t worry friend i am in your side.
sanskar:thank u pari.
sunny:oye partner’s spoon keep silent
pari keeping hand on both waist and said:i am not partner’s spoon i am doing my duty…..he told me to be his side when u are teasing him….right friend?
sunny:maasi see she is changing party.
pari:maasi said we all are in same party…..haan na?
swara in whisper:yes pari
pandit ji ask sanskar to hold swara’s hand.and ask to call girls parent to do ghatbhandhan
swara gets sad remembering her father.
pari and sunny in union:we will do it….
swara and sanskar smile.
sunny and pari both do their ghat bhandhan together.
sanskar hold swara’s hand and both did each and every ritual with joined hand and they get married.
swara was sitting in mid of the bed and kavitha was correcting her jwellery.
kavitha:swara i am telling u….tease him it will be great fun.
swara giggling:just like u tease karan…
kavitha laughing:yes u should see his face…..
swara:by the way what did u do in actual?
kavitha:he didn’t let me complete my crying session so i completed my crying session whole night and he cried with me.
swara laughed loudly.
kavitha saw sanskar entering the room,run and stop his way.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:what?
kavitha:first put a big amount on my hand then u are allowed to make an entry.
sanskar show her his empty pockets.kavitha shook her head vigorously.
sabskar loudly:karan take your wife from here.
karan was talking on phone,look at them and shook his head.
karan walked toward them hold kavitha from waist.
karan:u spoiled our special night plz spare them.
kavitha quickly:but it is tradition…
karan didn’t listen anything and drag her from their.
sanskar thanked god and close the door and turned.
he get shocked seeing swara taking off her jwellery siting in front of mirror.saskar walked toward her and stand behind her.
sanskar:what are u doing?
swara stoped and look at his reflection.
swara innocently:taking off jwellery.
sanskar:i can see that….but why i didn’t even see u properly.
swara:u see me every day what is special today?
sanskar hold her from shoulder and make her stand.he turn her and cup her left cheek.
sanskar:special thing of today is….u wear every thing of my name……and i am seeing u are looking very beautiful.
he kiss her on forehead.swara blushed a little.
at that there was loud and continuous knock on the door.sanskar who was about to kiss swara get back quickly.both look at the door.
sanskar sighing:if this will be your friend i will kill her with bare hands.
swara hit him on shoulder and said:shut up…go and see.
sanskar open the door.sunny and pari came inside quickly.
sunny stand in front of swara.
sunny:maasi can we sleep with u today….new room that too so big….not getting sleep here.
swara caressed his cheek and nodded.sunny squealed and jump on bed.
sanskar cursed his faith.pari pull sanskar’s sherwani.
pari:friend don’t worry bhai promised me he will not tease u.
sanskar pick pari up in arms and kiss on her cheek.
sanskar whisper:my innocent princess…
he walked toward bed and make her sleep and lay down with her.swara also come after changing cloth and lay down with sunny.
sunny and pari in middle of swara and sanskar.
sunny:maasi story.
pari and sanskar quickly:Cinderella…..
sunny:partner u also like Cinderella?
sanskar looking at swara:i love Cinderella.
swara shpw him eye but her lips were spread in beautiful smile.
swara:sunny today u tell the story….
sunny start telling the story and interesting thing was he was himself asking question and answering them himself……one by one everyone slept before completion of story.
sunny:and prince and princess…..
he head fall down going into complete sleep.
pari with closed eyes shook sunny.
pari in half sleep:bhai complete the end…
sunny; u com…complete…
pari in sleepy voice;then prince and princess get married and live happily ever after.
pari raised her head and look at her left side.sunny and swara was sleeping.sunny was hugging swara tightly.pari also turn.hug sanskar and slept.



thank u soooo much guys for your each and every lovely comment during this whole journey and sorry for those readers who are asking to continue the story.
i am really sory guys but i don’t like to stretch story.
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finger crossed i hope u all liked the last part.
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    1. Pls. Reply our comments in this last chp. If u can pls.
    2. In future whn u ryt one more marvellous story (which u have to for sure ) pls. Mention ur name in title so that by reading d title n ur name …. So I just instantly click on ur story without any other thought….Pls. pls. This is my heartily request to u….
    Actually I m very lazy to check on new stories I know this is bad thing but pls. If u can …..I don’t want to miss ur any story in future…..
    Love u dear….
    Hope this year gives u much more success n much more fans too….
    Take care
    Come soon (no bby bcz u r going to back I Know that)😘😘😘😘

    • Zaimal



      Happy new year to u too.
      first thing i am really sorry forr not replaying to comments.really sory about that
      second thing thankssssssss uuuuuuuu so much for such beautiful comment.u all worked more hard in commenting then me.thanks a lot
      third thing sorryyyyyyy about new season but that is veryyy hard thing for me.
      but really glad u all like my work.
      take care of yourself also

  39. Sweeta


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful. ….
    Really fantastic episode. ……just superb 😚😚😚😚😚
    Truly say that i didn’t read this ff 4rm 1st ,my one of frnd said me to read nd 4rm that time i heartly liking ur ff …..its really interesting nd amazing. ……im loving it sooo much❀❀❀❀
    Im alsd read its season 1……hope u ll come with nxt season or ur nxt story soon……waiting for u nd ur ff…….
    If u can plzzz give a epilogue. …..
    Nd wish u a very very β€β€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Happy New Year β€β€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    • Zaimal



      happpy new year
      thanks u soooo much for lovely comment…reallyyyyy happy u like my story
      epilogue is not possible.really sorry about u
      take care

  40. Maithili

    Zaimal….i am big fan of ur stories….so sad dat this got to an end…but plz plz try to post an epilogue showing theor masti n fun moments plz….plz dont end ur writing …i love ur work

  41. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr, marvelous, stupendous,mind blowing ending dear… Loved it..You described each and every scene perfectly.. I am gonna miss this ff.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

  42. Hadi


    |Registered Member

    Awww shoo sweet epi siso with a perfect fairy tale story n perfect ending…… huhh it’s hard to believe that its last chappy but am damn happy that coz of this ff I got u thank to God that I started reading stories warna how could I knew u … but that’s a Destiny anyways coming to epi as like always u left me with no words you literally stole words from my mouth n left me with nothing seriously siso ….. The breath got almost stopped in my throat when I read first th I supposed that Swara died but how I take a 360 degree u turn that can’t be described in words ever I was spell bound but my heart danced when Swara came in real thank to that chorni lady that Swara got saved the talk between swasan season is damn lovely love their bonding to the core ah than most awaited moment the proposal haha girls thought them as lucky but they r not as sanky is only for her Shona than Dadi ufff y people’s have this much courage that after doing so much wrong they stand like that they didn’t do anything huhh anyways punishment is so good she deserves only this huhh khairy I talk about her when whole epi is left hmm you kahan thi main Han than the bonding of four is something which not needed words as their love for each other is indescribable than consummation u once again proved that how can consummation described in a lovely way so superb that ..😘😘😘
    Sanky is afraid of sunny like always haha but Hina BHI chahiye than finally marriage with all rituals I can imagine sanky’s condition how much he will be waiting for his Swara poor sanky than the Cinderella story ah the end itself defined the whole story as like Cinderella Swara got her Prince but both prince n princes get each other only at last but now all live happily ever after ….
    Huhh seriously I don’t believe till now that am writing comment for last epi n saying a good bye to this beautiful journey but happy that got many many lessons through this n most importantly after getting you πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    U nailed each n every character n scene spelesplendidly now am thinking what to write to praise u but am out of words now n no words are coming to praise u as ur story has all the qualities after reading each part of this story am damn shocked n surprised that how many skills U have whole journey of this is superb fantastic amazing incredible hence I totally clean bowled n I totally rocked dear in every epi so come back with another rocking ff for which we all are waiting so pen downs ur thought n give us next again a beautiful story love u siso love u with full heart gonna miss u love u lots πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

    • Zaimal



      DI first tell me one thing
      how do u comment such a big comment every time that too so different.
      i should inform everyone that if any one want summery of story plzzz connect to my dear sister hadi di.
      right?……………thank u soooooooooooooo much di for such overwhelming comment i know i had thanked already but what can i do after reading your comment again i thought to say thanks again….love u a lot di

      • Hadi


        |Registered Member

        i do comment this much big that too different simply as am ZAIMAL’S Di n ya abt summary actually i wanna write more bt thought that its already big thats y not wrote more otherwise u will get tired of reading n ya no need to say thanks as u deserved this much of appreciation love u too siso

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    awesome loved it to the core. it was one of my favorite ff. u ended it beautifully.
    plzzz come back with another sweet swasan story .its my request .
    wish u a happy new year .

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    actuallily the concept, story everything was simple really otz a simple love story but the way you portrated it na..hatz off u…u r amazng dear..the way you write can attract anyone..i loved it alot..u really amazed me with ur writing style
    u r superb yaar
    swara’s chubbly nature hrr caring nature her matured nature
    pariz innocence
    sunnyz naughtyness his pranks
    transformation of khadus bossy sanky to romantic naughty sanky
    swasanpanny bond..every thing was beyond perfect…

    i m nt saying continue this season but try to come with SEASON 3…PLZZZ

    i must say u improved alot…ur wriying style improved…nw itz beyond perfect that the person who read ur stryz can actually feel it real…itz true i alwayz feel like i m watching swasanz each and every scenes..i can clearly imagine each and every u dear for giving as such a wonderfull ff…
    ur achievements is the huge amt of cmmnts..did u see without u reply u got 75 cmmnts and der r also many silnt readers like i was…it iz d big compliment for u dear..

    i loved d way u portray the simple things into an amazng way..perfect dialogues perfect scenes is the actuall success of a writer..
    again i say
    i loved this ff to the core..itz nt just sayi g but felt frm hear…truly i loved dis ff alot..u r amazng yaar..nw ur in d list of my best writers with neha and saba..u 3 amazed me alot..

    i dnt wanted to stp write a big cmmnt but still..
    for us for swasan plzzzzzzzzs..

    love u dear..plz come with season

    • Zaimal



      what can i say dear thanksssssss a lot dear for liking the story and such a overwhelming comment.i am sooooo happy right now after reading such lovely comments of everyone thanks a lot.anddddd soryyyyyyy about season 3 or any new story.this is very difficult for me.
      i hope u understand but thanks a lot

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  46. Deepu

    Awesome story.I still cant believe that I’m going to miss it.plz give an epilogue plzzz plzzz. And Happy New Year

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    One of my most fav ffs…..❀❀❀❀❀
    Entire story was so amazing,its really difficult to pour in words what i felt for your writing….just wanna say dat zaimal u r a fantastic writer😍😍😍😍😍
    Keep writing n do come up with a new story…..plzzzzπŸ˜†
    Wishing u a very happy new year…..
    Stay blessed!!!!!

  48. Swasan

    Amazing…..Wonderful….Plz make epilogue plz…….πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  49. Kalaiesai


    |Registered Member

    thank you soooo much for this wonder full story and i loved it to my core super loads of hapiness thanks and thanks a lot take care come back with another one see you soon take care……

  50. esaivinayagam

    I loved ur story very much thanks 4 such a beautiful story
    I’m one of d silent reader of ur story

  51. kdiv

    hey…tis was an amazing ff…one of my favourite..plz at least one last short, inn fact very short episode with a glance at their life aftr marriage and with kids.. it wud b so nice of u.. and yes, make a come back soon…awaiting ur cute ideas of swasan love story..

  52. sindhura

    and ha frgt to tell one thing..
    this is the first ff that i love kavithaz character…i dnt knw in dis ff i loved her..her masti naughtiness etc…thank u for makng me love character…bcz i alwyz hate hr charqcter in every ff..such a chipku she is..but here in ur ff she is soo good..thank u for shwng such a shade of kavitha making her positive..

    i m gonna miss ur ff like hell

    plz come up with season 3

    and if u write any othr ff den in tiyle pkz include ur name also soo that we cant miss ur stry

    and yaar try to give reply to ur lovely readers/commenters in this last part….plzzz

    r u on instagram??

    • Zaimal



      what can i say dear thanksssssss a lot dear for liking the story and such a overwhelming comment.i am sooooo happy right now after reading such lovely comments of everyone thanks a lot.anddddd soryyyyyyy about season 3 or any new story.this is very difficult for me.

  53. aamias

    I dont know why do I feel its like an farewell with the speed u advanced I felt like u r saying good bye to it.
    If u r thinking abt it plz dont do that plz plz come back with another story if u have felt sad or something just dont take it to ur heart . Enjoy and take care and come back
    This story will always be very special it was sweet and the female lead was strong and bold while the male lead was not brute or casanova . U r simply superb as a writer if u could plz give an epilogue just wanted to see the babies of swasan nevertheless it was an awesome journey.
    Take care and Happy New Year

  54. yamee

    As always it was amazing. It was one of my favorite ff.And I’m crying coz you end this beautiful ff. And plz epilogue plzzz.

  55. tanuja

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  56. Prashasti7


    |Registered Member

    U r a incredible writer seriously u r just awsm the presentation the concept everything just fabulous u r indeed a awsm writer I just love this story very much specially sunny and pari I rarely read any story which include kids in swasan life that’s y it was a unique story I love the bond between 4 n role of Kavita also awsm overall the story was superb I’ll miss Ur story u should not end so soon atleast write some more episode about their married life if I can than plz continue this store with season 3 I really want this plz don’t this u r stretching this story unnecessary it’s really a simple n unique love story no one will feel bore trust me plz think fr it I really want season 3 with its continuation plz plz plz I’ll really miss Ur story it was one of my fav story 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 plz co.e back with season 3 or don’t end this story plz plz plz plz accept my request I’ll glad plz anyways thank u soo much fr this wonderful story

    • Zaimal



      thank uuuuuuuuuuuu so much dear for such overwhelming comment and i am soooo happy right now thanks a lot and i am realyyyyyyy sory but story is end already and can’t start season 3 or new story right now plz understand me.

      • Prashasti7


        |Registered Member

        Hmm it’s ok I understand but plz do inform whenever u will write any story n plz tell me r u on wattpad n ya come back soon with new story I’ll wait for Ur story thnkx alot I’ll miss u n Ur story πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  57. Sanya

    I am really sorry that I never commented before but trust me, I love your ff. You are such a great writer and I have always waited for your next update. You are just perfect and I hope you continue the next season so that I have something to look forward to throughout the day.

  58. Sasmita

    Story was amazing.i am a regular reader of ur story. I was waiting everyday for ur story and when I saw it a smile ☺kept on my face. I am v.sad because ur story was end now.its ok but plz come back with a new swasan story.we r waiting.til then love u and byπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  59. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    why did you end it
    when i found this story halfway done t was so sad that i couldn’t comment on it
    i’m soooooooooooo sad u ended it
    and u left me totally speechless
    i again went and read the whole story and again had to come back to comment
    i think i might love this story of yours the best among ur other stories
    this story was amazing, awesome, emotional, painful, beautiful, fantastic , fabulous,mind blowing(i think i know only these many adjectives,will add later if i remember anything else) and it carried away my heart

    i will miss this story TERRIBLY

    but very good work(just a few spelling and grammar mistakes,very very terribly sorry if i hurt u)

    all the best for ur life ahead
    always be happy

    and do come back with more stories

  60. Priya

    Its one of the best ff i have ever read. Everything was so perfect.
    Sorry i m first tym repling but u cannt resisf myselc after reading ur super ff. U r awesome. Each and everthing thing was beyond perfect. Evry character is so apt so good that i m in luv with each and every character.
    U r seriously superb. If possible try to give an epilogue.
    I wish u a very happy new year and may u get all the success of life .

  61. Mirna


    |Registered Member

    thanks for the wonderful journey dear and ya do come back with another storyyyyy will be waiting as usual awesomeeeeee update dear loved it to the core πŸ™‚ and ya ending was the best

  62. Aayma

    Such a beauiful story it was………….
    I’m not regular on tu but whenever get time I used to check if there is any update or not then I used to read all the left over epi’s in one go.
    After seeing ur this season I literally read whole saeson 1 in one day (cant help season 1 was also very addicting)
    frankly speaking I love thhis season more bcz of sunny n pari…………..
    Try to write season 3 also……………………..
    I would love to read ur any other works also on swasan if possible…………..
    Great Story……………..
    Don’t know now what I will do on tu without my fav. story n writer…..
    Keep writing
    Come back soon
    Love u
    thank u for this amazing story

  63. Chanu


    |Registered Member

    Soo lvly story dr..
    I Lvit 2 da core..
    bt thank 4 ending it.. cz im taking s break 4m tu till my exams.. its in august.
    Keep writing
    be happy always
    all the best
    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ :-*

      • Chanu


        |Registered Member

        Lols!!!! πŸ˜‰
        I ws soo sad b4 cz u gonna end it.. bt bt I decided 2 leave tu na.. so i change my opinion!
        Nw I cn leave peacefully cz my swasan r 2getr nw.. πŸ˜‰

        Bt plz write season 3 or nw ff..
        and plz dnt stop writing in swasan.
        Keep writing
        and im soo sry 4 being silent reader.. *with puppy dog eyes

        be happy always

  64. Sethooty


    |Registered Member

    Zaimal…I rarely ccommented on your fiction ..whenever I got time read the epi in one go..”I don’t believe in love ” is my fav and your writing skill is awesome I don’t have enough words yo describe you. ” love is Beautiful emotion ‘ I gonna miss sunny park Kavitha. This fiction you made Kavitha character I adorable. She is the best friend every one whish to have. Sunny and park..what to say about them..if they are real I want to adopt them yaar.Bua character..first I thought she is a negative… But being a elder she must like that..kavya, Pammy, dev everyone good at their place…..swasan what to say about them swara and Sanskar you made me fall for them again.Swara character is very strong at that time she is emotional and sensitive too , only he can handle her.I enjoyed their each moments ..those lovely fights and separation… Passionate kisses. The title is suitable for them..story give a meaning full title… Yes love is beautiful emotion.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.