Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 9)


swara was sitting beside karan on his bike and karan was driving bike like it was a Aeroplane.swara was holding bike tightly and praying continuously so that she might not fall down and reach hospital.karan angrily:u find a boy for kavitha? don’t u know i love her and our marriage talks are happening between our parents.what were u thinking?
swara irritated:i didn’t find any boy for her.
karan:but she….
swara cutt him:she lied to u so that u might get jealous and propose her.
karan in disbelief:what? then laughed loudly swara glares at the back of his no time they reach in front of her office.swara step down and comes in front of him.
swara angry:its not a joke why didn’t u propose her sunday night?
karan:i was going to propose her but then i got a urgent call and i leave in hurry.
swara:what urgent call?

karan:my friend was in hospital.he leaves here alone i have no other choice.whenever i try to propose her something happens what to do?
swara in warning tone:i don’t know anything i am giving u 2 days propose her in these 2 days and if u didn’t i will surely find a match for her.keep that in mind.
karan glares at her and nodded.swara was leaving from there when karan stopped her.
karan worried:swara at off time i will pick u.
swara:this will not increase your time.karan glares at her.swara giggled.
swara:okay bye.and she leaved from their.
karan to himself:karan u should propose your lady love today otherwise someone else will snatch her.
he thinks for a while then leaves smiling.
swara enter into the office and miss looked at her worriedly.
mis rose:swara u are late.sir is waiting for u.go fast.u are fired today.swara give her a faint smile and goes from there.she knock at sanskar’s cabin.
sanskar in stern voice:yes come in.

swara murmur:u dead today swara.
swara stepped inside and look around.curtains were still on the windows.she quickly pull them apart.and stand in front of sanskar.
swara:sir file….sanskar take it silently and start reading it.he took 15 min to complete it and in this whole process swara was standing silently.sanskar point toward some files.
sanskar:these are some incomplete files.complete them… look at the files.they were about 15 to 16 files.swara look at sanskar face expression.
swara:yes sir.she pick the files and goes from there.
sanskar in mind angrily:she like to do work in every condition right?
swara put files on her desk and sit on her chair and touched her foot.which started paining because of standing for 15 min.
swara murmur:he was looking angry? she shrugged and start doing work.


swara was completely engrossed in files when sanskar enter in the cabin.he looked at completely busy in files with narrowed eyes.he look at his wrist watch.
sanskar in mind:it is lunch time isn’t it? complete impossible woman.
he clears his throat.swara raise her head and get up quickly in that process her injured foot strike with desk.

sanskar worried:are u alright.swara took short breath and nodded.
swara:yes sir i am fine. sanskar clutch his fist tightly in anger.
sanskar in stern voice:did u completed the files?
swara:sir few files are remaining
sanskar in same tone:how much?
swara:5 to 6
sanskar:completely them quickly.after completing he left from their in frustration.
swara look at his disappearing figure confusingly.
swara:what’s wrong with him today.he is behaving so weird.

sanskar sit on his chair throw his head back on chair and close his eyes.
sanskar in mind:sanskar calm down what’s wrong with u.she don’t like to show her pain.that’s fine why is this bothering u so much.relax…….
swara packed her stuff quickly and run outside.she waits for lift at that time sanskar also come there.swara was continuously watching the her wrist watch and biting her lower lip.sanskar smirked watching her antics.finally lift came and both entered into it.swara phone started ringing she look at the display and sighed heavily.
lady on otherside crying:swara bhaisa kia phot (dead) hoi u forgot your widow buaa (aunty). if bhaisa would have alive than such things would never happened.
swara bite her lips firmly.and took breath.
swara in calm tone:what’s wrong buaa? saanskar looked at her face.she was talking to her bua but no emotion nothing.
Buaa wiping her fake tears:what should i tell to u.i thought to do some work in my house.u know na no construction had happened in this old house for years but my bad luck i have not that much amount to do some small necessary works of house.
swara:how much?
buaa:yahi kuch 20-30000
swara sighing:don’t wory i will do something.
Buaa happily:that like my brother.he always helped me like this.swara cut the call at that time they reached to the ground floor.swara quickly dial kavitha’s no and comes out from lift.
swara:kavitha where are u.
kavitha confused:i told u na i going to pick kids.
swara:did u pick hem.
kavitha:no i didn’t reach till now.
swara:aach listen,in return take the long turn okay?
swara:i have some work.
kavitha shrugging:okay
swara stand in front of karan.
swara pleading:first i have to go bank
karan narrowed eyes:why?
swara:i will tell u later but plz fast.
karan:okay sit.swara quickly sit and they leave from there.when they leave sanskar also started the car and goes from their thinking where did they go?
swara transferred 25000 in buaa account and they started their journey toward home.karan was angry from swara.but didn’t said anything.
karan angry:don’t talk to me i am not in gd mood.swara sighed and kept silent.they reached home.
swara pleading:come inside na
karan:some other time….after saying that he leaved from their angrily.swara shook her head and goes inside.door was open.
swara in mind:maybe sir reached.she shrugged and went to her room get fresh and start preparing dinner she was giving last touch to dinner when she heard kavitha scream.
kavitha scream:swaraaaaa!!!!
swara jumped from her place being scared and come out running.
swara worried:what has happened? sanskar also came their worriedly.
kavitha furious:u….u idiot,dumb girl
she start throwing things at swara.sanska,sunny and pari look at each other.
swara trying to catch things:arrra howa kis haaa????
kavitha angry:u….u send money to vampire buaa.
swara sighing:karan can’t even keep a little thing in his stomach.
sanskar in mind:money really? that woman called for money.disgusting
kavitha throw her sandals at swara nd shout:how many times i told not to give her money…..but no u never listen to me.
sunny whispering to pari:today maasi is gone…
pari nodded watching the speed of kavitha with which she was throwing things at swara.sanskar was looking at them pleasingly.he was changing the definition of friendship looking at them.


swara:kavitha first listen to me na….
kavita irritated:why should i listen always to u….why did u send money to her.
swara:she wanted them for some construction work in her home.
kavitha angry like hell:she lied to u.u idiot.she pick up a beautiful pink vase to throw it on swara.
swara pleading:kavitha not that one.that is my favourite……break anything else.
kavitha angry:why not this one…what is special in this?
kavitha look at vase and smile.

kavitha:oh your favourite colour….she start looking at vase twirling it in her hands.
swara:kavitha careful it will……….before swara could have completed her sentence vase slipped from kavitha’s hand and fall down making a loud sound.all look at broken vase shocked then look at swara face..
kavitha:swear to god swara that was by mistake.
swara look at broken pieces and start crying like baby.sanskar look at her crying and get angry on kavitha.
sanskar in mind:what the hell.
kavitha guilty come near swara and side hug her touching her head with her.
kavitha:sory swara…what was so special on that.

swara crying:i bought that from my first salary.
kavitha surprised:really???….it was beautiful.swara look at kavitha for a second then start crying more passionately.pari look at swara sadly.sunny was throwing daggers at kavitha and sanskar….he was controlling himself not to kill kavitha at the spot.eyes blood shot,clutched fists.god save u kavitha.
kavitha more guilty:soryyyy.swara hit her on shoulder lightly.
swara sobbing:don’t talk to me.
kavitha mischievously:swara stop crying u are looking vampire…..just like your buaa.
swara get angry with in a instant.she wipe her tears and glares at kavitha.
swara angry:vampire ki bachi thujah abhi btati hun….kavitha run from their laughing.swara followed her
kavita laughing:swara i will tell mama that u called her vampire.
swara stopped in shock:when did i call aunty vampire.
kavita:u said na vampire ki bach i am my mama’s bachi na.

swara angry:uuuuuu.she run after her,catch her in one min and start beating her with pillow.
kavita hold her ears with both hands and make cute pout face
at that karan entered i9n hall and said loudly:arra i thought swara will be saying sory and here u are holding your ears.
kavita:u are jealous of our friendship.she side hug swara.
swara pick a pillow and throw it on him.
swara:u can’t keep a little thing to yourself.
karan laughing:swara i told kavita about it u throw pillow.he said throwing pillow at swara.she hold it before it would have hit her face
karan:and if i had not tell her than what she would have thrown at me?
sunny and pari shouted:VASE.

swara look at broken face.
karan laughed and meet sanskar.
kavita muttered:jerk!
kavita:karan tell me one thing if me and swara are drowning in river whom will u save.
karan look at kavita with jerk.swara and sanskar chuckled.
karan making innocent face:what kind of question is this? she is my sweat sister(pulling swara’s cheek) and u are my…….
he hesitated for a second.

karan;my good friend.
kavita get sad but hide it quickly.swara gritted her teeth.
sanskar in mind:useless man.
karan taking deep breath and look at kavita mischievously:i will save myself.
kavita confused:mtlb.
karan:i don’t know swimming na so i will let u both drown and save myself.(wink at swara)
all burst out laughing.kavita fumed in anger.

kavita:u are such a mean she run after him.karan run from there
kavita:u are emotionless…jerk and
both entered swar’s room chasing each other.karan hold kavita from waist and pull her toward his chest.
kavita’s eye widened.he slid her hair behind ear.
karan in deep tone:i am mean,emotionless,jerk but this jerk,mean,emotionless person really love u.
kavita look at him in full surprise.karan chuckled.
karan:will u marry with this jerk?
kavita hug karan with teary eyes.

karan hugging her back:it means YESS!
kavita nodded vigorously.
kavita:u don’t know from how long i was waiting for this.i also tarted thinking u don’t love me just time passing with me.karan get shocked.he break hug and cup her face.
karan:never think like this can u think like this?
kavita looking down:once u said na i am immature and not good for any person.
karan make her look at him and said:that day i said because i didn’t knew u.but now i know how much lucky i am to have u in my life.I LOVE U.
kavita hug karan tightly.
karan mischievously:will u only give me hug nothing else.
kavota look at him with confusion:what else?
karan sighing:at least one kiss.

kavita blushed red.she shook her head vigorously.
kavita:after marriage.
karan shocked:what no.i want one now.right now.
kavita moved close to him but quickly kiss him on cheek and run from there laughing

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