Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 8)


I hope guys u missed me so lets start the episode.

sanskar and swara were looking at each othere.he was looking all over her face and his gaze got stuck at her eyes.their eye lock was break by sunny and pari’s shouting.
both shouting:aagh…aagh. sparkling was happening in the broken tv which was slowly catching fire.sunny in panic pick the jar full of water.
swasan shouted:no…no…don’t but sunny didn’t listen to them and throw full jar on sparking.a loud sparking happened and BOOM whole house went dark.
swara throw her head back and mumble:siyapa.
sanskar:shit.they their condition and sanskar try to get up in dark but because of not able to see anything he again fall on her.
sanskar:sory.after trying a lot sanskar and swara get up.
pari scared:maasi its so dark.
swara:pari stay at the place where are u still i will get candle.we all are here okay.
sunny in cheered tone:pari we all are here don’t worry.
swara:u should get worried.let the light come u will get punishment for all this.
sunny shout:what? swara tried to walk in dark and bump on sanskar.
swara:sory sir.
swra:yes sir.
sanskar:wait.he takes out his mbl and on the torch and give it to her.
swara:thank u sir.she goes from there and start finding candles.she lit them and start placing them on different places.
swara hissed in pain:AAA!!! all get worried and run toward her
sanskar worried:what happened? he looks down and saw blood.
sanskar:swara you are bleeding.he hold her from waist and and lead her toward sofa and make her sit gently.
sanskar:show me
swara biting her lips:no sir i am fine.sanskar get angry.
sanskar:shut up and show me.he hold her feet and and put it on her leg.he stiffened looking at glass piece pierced in her foot.he give her death glare.

sanskar furious:are u mad.such a big glass is pierced in your feet and u are saying u are fine.swara look at him with tears filled eyes.sanskar heart stopped beating all together.teary eyes,firmly pressed lips and soft pink cheeks.dim light of candle was increasing her beauty.he felt his whole world revolved looking at her.
sunny crying:i am sory maasi this is because of me na.swara’s gaze shifted from sanskar to sunny.
swara too a deep breath and manage to smile a little.she ruffled sunny’s hair.
swara:no was my mistake i should have careful before walking na.
sunny smile a little and said:i will get first aid box.swara nodded.sunny run from there holding a candle.pari also run after him.swara looked at sanskar who ws staring at her without a blink.
swara nervous:sir?

sanskar coming into his senses:haan hmmm.
swara:i am fine she tried to withdraw her foot but sanskar stopped her and looked at her with red angry eyes.swara immediately stopped looking the angry red face.
sunny and pari came there running.
sunny:here sanskar take the box and try to take out glass from her fet.
swara and sunny in horrified voice:aram sa aram sa.sanskar and pari look at them.he didn’t even have touch the glass.
sanskar strictly:keep quite both of u.he quickly pull the glass out from her foot.sunny and swara shout a little.sanskar shook her head and start blowing on her wound.swara just look at him the way he was cleaned th wound and dressed it.
swara:thank u sir.
pari:maasi how will lite come now.i will not sleep in dark alone.swara smile and pick pari and make her sit in lap.
swara:we will sleep together today okay?
pari happily:yeahhh!!!
sunny looked at swara with puppy dog eyes.swara chuckles and sign him to come.sunny squeal happily and jump on couch with her..

sunny:i knew it u can’t get angry on me.swara kissed his forehead.
swara:next time no playing in hall and not throwing water on sparking.
sunny:yes boss.all laugh including sanskar.
pari:maasi tell us story.
swara caressing her head:which one?
pari quickly:cinderella.
sunny shooking his head:no cinderella.always the same story i am tired of hearing same story.maasi plz a new one.
pari pouting:but i like this story.
swara:pari if u will not hear a new story then how will u like it?
sunny excited:maasi beauty and the beast.sanskar just admires their bonding.
swara starting the story:once there was a girl…..
sunny interrupting:why story always start from girl not from boy…….
sanskar chuckling:swara he made a point why from girl?.swara looked at him.
swara:okay fine once there was a prince he was very arrogant and brute…..
sunny quickly:just like partner.all look at sanskar.swara bite her lower lip not to laugh loudly.sanskar give them death glare.

swara:one day there was a very big storm in the city an old lady knock at the palace door and asked for help but prince refused to help……
sunny:where were king and queen?
swara:they were dead.sunny and pari get sad.
swara:when the prince refused to help old lady within a second turned into a fairy and cursed the prince to turned into a real beast.
sunny in teasing tone:partner!!!!
swara in warning:sunny.
sunny giggling:okay okay sory.sanskar smiled.swara tell them whole story in her melodious voice after completing story she looked at them.pari was sleeping keeping her head on her shoulder and sunny was sleeping on her lap.she smiled and carssed sunny’s hair.she looked forward and her eyes widened looking at sanskar sleeping on couch she chuckled and also sleep staring at him.

swara open her eyes and her sight on sunny and pari.she smiled.both were hugging her very tightly.she make them lie on couch carefully without disturbing their sleep.and start cleaning the house with much difficulty.but whole house was complete mess,willingly or unwillingly she completed her work and dressed her wound then wake sunny and pari up.

sanskar:AAA! he rubbed back of his neck which was paining like hell.he get up pressing it and look around no one was there.suddenly swara ,sunny and pari comes out from swara’s room.
sunny firmly:maasi u are not going to do any work.sit here silently.
pari:haan sit quitly.
swara smiling:u both l;et me do work your bus will be coming.
sunny and pari:no mean no. sanskar chuckled.they make swara forcefully sit on couch.
sunny in authoritative voice:pari sit on her lap.pari obediently sit on swara’s lap.swara giggles.
swara open her mouth to say something but sunny cut her.
sunny:u are not doing any work and not going office today.
swara:it is just a minor cut.and i can’t take leave from office.sanskar sighed at her stubbornness.
sanskar:swara i think sunny is right.u should take leave.i don’t think u can walk properly.let the cut heal properly.swara stare at sanskar for more than a second.he was giving her leave.who never give leave even if a person is is quite shocking.

swara:sir but…..
sunny angrily:maasi partner said u are not going.and its final.
swara sighing:okay but u two have to go school na.
sunny sit with swara and said in serious tone:someone have to be here to take care of u so we are here so that u should not do any work.
sanskar shook his head.swara glares at him.she hit on his head.
swara strictly:no banking from school. she made pari stand on ground.
swara:come on now go take bath i will prepare breakfast.
pari and sunny:maasi but…..
swara:u both are going or not? pari and sunny look at each other and run toward their rooms.
she look at sanskar with same narrowed eyes.
swara:sir u are also not going office today?
sanskar clearing his throat:no i am going.he gets up and goes toward his room.
swara mumbling:everyone is kid here.she move toward kitchen slowly and start preparing breakfast.he comes out after changing dress and sit on breakfast table.and start looking the way she was working.walking slowly whenever her injured foot was pressed on ground a shadow passed from her face.but still she was doing work.sanskar clutched his fist tightly when he saw her like that time sunny came there.
sunny:maasi shirt. swara take shirt from his hands and make him wear it at that time kavita came their holding a big bag.

kavita yealled:swaraa.all looked at her.swara smiled.kavita goes and hug swara tightly.
swara:u here at this time?
kavita putting her hands on her wrist said glaring at her:i told u na when mom and dad will go out of city i will come for 2 days.u forgot!
swara chuckled:no i didn’t. come have breakfast?
kavita:off course i am really hungry.kavita looked at cherry and get shocked.
kavita yelled:ya kia haaaa! all look at her horrified.kavita picked cherry up in her arms and looked at swara in shock.
kavita shock:swara puppy in your house? swara giggled and take cherry from her.
swara caressing cherry:he is cute isn’t he? cherry lick swara’s face.sunny and kavita look at each other then pinch each other.
swara and sanskar chuckled
swara:see cherry everyone is jealous from our friendship.she put cherry down on floor and start walking toward kitchen slowly.
kavita worried:swara what happened to your foot.
swara:nothing just a minor injury.
kavita:u sit i will serve breakfast.
swara chuckling:kavita u sit i will do it.
kavita angry:i said na sit.she forcefully made swara sit and start arranging remaining items.

kavita:swara today karan will come to meet u.swara put a bite in pari’s mouth and then look at kavita.
kavita meekly:wo actually i told him that u find a boy for me…….in…in your office.swara coughed sanskar quickly give her glass of water.after drinking water.swara give kavita death glare.
swara glaring:are u mad? he will kill me.kavita open her mouth to say something but sunny cut her.
sunny in serious tone:maasi do u have any doubt in her maddness.all laughed kavita slaped sunny.
kavita:swara i got angry on him na.u know na we are in relationship from 2 years.our parents are waiting just for his proposal so that they can fix our marriage.still that idiot is not doing anything so when he didn’t purpose me sunday night i lied to him that u find a match for me.
swara sighing:but in your whole love story why did u made me that time they hear bus horn.
swara panic:sunny pari your bus come on get up….get up.
sunny:relax we are going.swara kissed them and sent the same time karan came there.
swara:hey karan.

karan angry:i need to talk to u.swara look at him then look at kavita.kavita smile meekly toward her.
kavita loudly:hey karan.karan look at kavita with narrowed eyesw.
karan sarcastically:don’t u feel piece in your own house.
kavitha angrily:this is my best friend house what are u doing here?
karan:this is also my friend house
swara sighed and pick apple and start eating looking at their cute fight.sanskar chuckled first looking at love bird then at swara uncaring attitude.
sanskar:he is karan malhothra,biggest lawyer of mumbai.swara looked at sanskar.
swara confused:u know him?
sanskar:he handled one of my case.can i have some.he pointed toward apple in her hand.swara give him apple their hands touched each others but swara pull it quickly.
and get up and went to her room.sanskar looks on.she come out after picking files and some other stuff.
sanskar frowning:she was not going office right?
swara close kavita’s mouth with her hand to stop their fight.

swara:karan will u plz drop me to office.
karan smiling:okay and i also came to talk to u but some irritating people didn’t let that happen.
sanskar get up from his seat and said:swara u were at leave then?
swara:sir i am fine i am not taking leave.sanskar looked at her with anger filled eyes but didn’t said anything.
karan exclaiming:sanskar u here?swara and kavita look at each other.
both whisper giggling:sanskar?
sanskar:hey karan how are u?
karan:i am fine how are u? both hug each other.
sanskar:i am pain guest here for one month.
karan look toward swara and said:why did u tell me.before swara could speak kavitha interrupted
kavitha sarcastically:if u get time from court then u will come to know what is happening in others life.
karan angry:i didn’t ask from u.before their fight again started.
swara said:karan i am already late can we leave.karan nodded, glares at kavitha and goes out.sanskar also leave from there.
swara:kavitha inform me before picking sunny and pari and plz call electrician and ask him to change the circuit of house.
kavitha confused:why what happened?
swara:long story will tell u later.bye

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