Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 7)


Thank u soooooo much guys for your overwhelming comments they mean a lot to me and NADANI dear i am uploading this fanfic on fb pade A SAGA OF SWASAN AND HARYA.and i hace a request plz make a account on tellyupdates so that if i reply to u u can get that.

Sanskar comes out from swara’s room worried a little.suddenly something stuck his mind he rushed toward kids’s room and there she was,sleeping leaning against bad.he sighed in relief and walked toward her.his heart beat increased within a swift when he saw her innocent face sparkling in sunrays which were coming from transparent curtains.he went close to her.his hands automatically moved toward her face to slid back hair strand from her face.
but his hand stopped in mid and he jerked back,turn quickly and leaves from there clutching his fist tightly.
sanskar in mind:damm that girl started affecting him.
he picked up his car keys and was about to step out from house when a sweat confusing voice stopped him in mid.his body stiffened
swara confused:sir breakfast is ready.where are u going???
sanskar turned toward her and look at her with anger filled eyes.he moved toward her.
sanskar in strict voice:i am not bound to answer u.keep that in mind. swara was hurt a little.but she didn’t show it.just nodded.
swara:sory…sanskar leaves from there hurriedly without looking at her face.
swara in mind:i only asked because its not good to go outside without eating something.she sighed and went to kitchen and start arranging dishes.
sunny:maasi where is partner?
swara”he went outside.
pari confused:why?
swara”pari bacha he would have some work na.

sanskar was roaming in whole city whole day.he went to his penthouse4 and warned them to increase the speed and finish it quickly.
he didn’t go house even at lunch.he didn’t want to face her.sanskar stopped car at random and leaned back at seat closing his eyes.her face came with a flash in front of his eyes he jerked open his eyes.
sanskar in mind:its just a attraction.he took deep breath and turned the car toward was almost evening.
sanskar entered the home and get surprised to see sunny and pari ready to go outside.he went close them.
sanskar surprised:why are ready? going somewhere?
sunny and apri exclaimed happily to see him.
sunny:where were u whole day? we did a lot of masti or should i say tease maasi a lot (he mumbled last sentence).sanskar chuckles.
pari:we going out for dinner.we always go out on sunday.
sunny yelled:maasi we are getting late.
swara comes out from her room and said:sory sory chalo.
but she startled to see sanskar staring at her.she was wearing dark green chori dar shalwar kameez with duppta with light make up.sanskar’s body stiffened looking at her.
there are a lot of surprises for him.he always saw her simple kameez shalwar and without makeup.but one thing was smiliar.she had tied her in simple braid.
swara get nervous with his constant stare.
swara nervous:sir i didn’t prepare dinner i…i thought u will do dinner outside.after some time.
swar:i will prepare something.she quickly turn but sanskar stopped her.
sanskar in deep tone:not needed miss.swara i will manage.u can carry on.
sunny:yes maasi we will get late.partner why don’t u come with us.we are also going outside for dinner.
sanskar:i am not hungry that much.
pari:plz friend come with us.we will enjoy a lot.
swara feeling guilty:sir plz its a request.sanskar looked at her deeply then nodded.
sanskar:i will get freshen up.he went toward his room and changed cloth and come out.


sunny:maasi i want malai cofta
pari protesting:maasi i want baryani.
sunny glaring at pari:we will eat malai cofta.
pari shooking her head:no baryani.
swara and sanskar were chuckling looking at their cute fight.suddenly they hear a very loud sound of a woman.their afce turned toward the source of voice.
a very healthy woman and a man came toward them.swara get up from her seat.swara take blessing from woman and the man.
swara smiling:pammi aunty u here? where is kavita?
pammi:u ask too many question first give me a hug.and after saying this she hugged swara and squeeze her.swara’s breath got stuck in her lungs.
man quickly:pammi ji leave the girl.she can’t bear your strength.sunny and pari nodded in agreement.
pammi leave swara and turned toward man putting her both hands on her waist.
pammi angry:kiya kaha ap na.are u saying i am fat? all giggled.pammi turned toward swara.
pammi:swara u tell me am i fat.swara bite her lower lip firmly to prevent herself from laughing.
swara:aunty, dev uncle is just pulling your leg.sunny and pari giggled.sanskar chuckled.
pammi glaring at looked at swara with raised eye brow.swara giggled.
pammi looked at pari and exclaimed happily:pari bacha u look beautiful.
pari shying:thank u aunty
pammi to swara:she just look like ragini.swara nodded smilingly.suddenly pammi look at sunny who was trying to hide.
pammi loudly:oye…ya apna sunny ha (is he our sunny)…kitna sona ho gya ha (he become so handsome.

pammi pulled sunny cheeks in full punjabi style.all laugh looking at sunny’s expressions.pammi looked at sanskar.
pammi:who is he?
swara:he is my boss.
pammi:ohhh…he is your boss.she looked at sanskar from top to bottom.
pammi:namasta ji i am kavita mother.and he is kavita’s father.(pointing at dev).sanskar gave them fake smile.
pammi whisper in swara’s ear:swara bacha if he is troubling u tell brother is in police.swara’s face turned red.
swara whisper:aunty its nothing like that.sanskar looked at swara’s red face with narrowed eyes.swara clears her throat.
swara:aunti where is kavita?
pammi:she went with karan.i hope he will propose her today.aj kal ka larka.doesn’t have enough courage to say “i love u” to a girl.complete useless.
i am sure he also(pointing toward sanskar) didn’t have said i love to the girl he love.
swara looked at sanskar’s annoyed face and giggles.sanskar glares at swara.she quickly rearrange her face.
dev:pammi ji i propose u infront of your whole family.
pammi:ap to rahna dijiya.(u let it be)swara u know.another boy’s family came there for my hand thank i warned him if he didn’t propose me i will say yes.than he propose me.
all laugh.
dev:pammi ji chalen ya u want to stay here.
swara:uncle plz join us.
pammi:no bneta we are done.we will take a leave.
swara:okay.pammi again hug swara tightly and pull cheeks of sunny patted swara’s head and both left.
after ordering food they start chit chatting.and eating food.
after dinner they left for home.


swara shouted:sunny come fast how much time u will take.
swara turned and her eyes widened looking at him.he was fully wet and covered with soup all over her body and a towel around her waist.swara put hand on pari’s eye quickly.
swara:u didn’t change till bus will be coming.
sunny:maasi vooo….he show him broken tap.
swara flatly:u broke the tap again? gop take shower in my washroom.
sunny meekly:this is of your washroom.
sanskar smiled wide.
swara:what’s wrong with yours.sunny show him another broken tap.swara and sanskar’s mouth get open fully.
pari remove swara hand and said giggling:bhai were u playing football in washrooms?
sunny angry:u keep silent.
swara warning tone:sunny….then look at sanskar.
swara:sir can he use your wahsroom.
sanskar:sunny go use mine but don’t break the tap.
sunny happily:okay he quickly turn but stopped
sunny:maasi i forgot to tell.tap of your washroom is still open.swara bang her forehead.
swara:pari plz eat your breakfast i will just come.
swara quickly run toward her room.sanskar shook his head.

after sometime sunny come out taking shower.swara also come out at the same time wet from head to toe.sunny and pari giggled.sanskar looked at her shocked.his throat went dry after watching her like this.
sunny in teasing tone:maasi u take shower again. swara glares at him.
swara:finish your breakfast.
swara sliding her hair strand behind ear said in nervous tone:sir can i use your washroom.
sanskar gulped hard:miss swara this is our house.u need not to get permission from me.swara nodded and left to change clothes.
she took a quick shower and come out quickly but due to her fast speed she slipped and was about to fall when sanskar hold her from waist.sanskar looked at hr scared face.she was looking at him with wide open eyes and her hair were touching to the ground due to her bend posture.they share a long sweat eyelock.sanskar slid hairs from her face.a electric current passed from her whole body.swara came to her senses and stand up quickly after mumbling thank u she left room.sanskar clutched his fist tightly when she run away from him.

swara was working in her office when sanskar entered.swara quickly stand up from her seat.
sanskar:swara i want account list of new construction site.
swara:sir list is in computer i will give u after 5 min.
sanskar:i am in hurry i want to check it the folder.he comes in front of computer.swara open the list.sanskar bend a little, swara’s back straighten when she feel his warm breath on her neck and shoulder.sanskar unknowingly put hand on swara which was on mouse.she quickly pull her hand.sanskar noticed that he smirked and went a little more closer to her.swara heart start beating fast.he for a moment forget that he was in hurry he was just feeling her closeness and inhaling her rose fragrance in him.swara slowly turned her face toward him.there was only inches distance between their faces.sanskar looked at her eyes.they were showing so much pain but swara quickly wiped every emotion from them.he frowned when she did that.
swara:sir!!!!. sanskar came in his senses and stepped back.
sanskar:send me the account list.after saying that he leaves from there.
sanskar in mind:she very well know how to hide emotions.

swara was standing on road looking for a taxi when sanskar stopped car in front of her but before sanskar could have speak swara cut him.
swara:sir today weather is fine i will manage.sanskar glares at her.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:let me first speak miss swara.i was saying prepare presentation for our new project.u have laptop at home right?
swara ashamed:yes sir.
sanskar:good here is the file and handover her the file and left from there.swara hit the file at her head.
swara mumbling:now a days your mind is not on right could u think he will again give lift.she shook her head.
sanskar saw her sitting in taxi and leaving.
sanskar annoyed:stubborn woman.
he started the engine and left from there.

sanskar was leaning on couch watching cricket match with full concentration.when a ball came straight and hit the screen at mid and break it.sanskar jerked up from couch and looked back being shocked.sunny was standing their with open mouth and open eyes,holding bat.
sanskar shocked:sunny u did that?
sunny still shocked:i hit the ball for sixer but it crossed the boundary.maasi will kill me.
sanskar chuckled seeing his frightened face.he looked at pari who was standing there looking at broken tv with wide eyes.
pari pouting:bhai u again broke the tv.
swara shocked:WHATTTT!!!
all heads moved toward swara who was standing at kitchen door step looking shocked toward tv.
swara in disbelief:u again break it?.sunny gulped looking at her furious face
sunny:maasi….anger….anger is not gd for health.from anger blood pressure get increased.
swara angry:u…u…come here i will tell u what happened after getting angry.she stepped toward him.
sunny loudly:maasi catch.he throw bat at her and run.swara failed to catch the bat and it fall on glass table.and table also get break.swara mouth get open fully.sanskar hit his forehead.
sanskar mumbled:u are dead partner.
sunny meekly:i didn’t do it attentionally.
swara with red face:youuuu.she run after him.
swara in scolding tone:how many times i told u not to play in hall but u don’t listen to me.
sunny hide behind sanskar.
sunny:maasi i promise i will not break TV again.sanskar was looking at swara’s angry face amusingly.he never saw angry.everything about her was so new and different for him.he had always saw her in 8 months with calm and compose posture.
swaras angry:come out u said this last time also.u again break it.and that to with bonus of table.sanskar and sunny laugh.swara give glare to both.
swara:u come out she tried to pull sunny from behind but in struggle to save himself sunny pushed sanskar and run from there.sanskar fall on swara.she was not ready for that and both fall on couch.both were looking at each other.they share a cute romantic eye lock.

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