Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 6)



swara was sitting beside sanskar, pari and sunny at back seat.swara was looking at bunny from mirror and sanskar was chuckling continously.when bunny barked.swara that time its start raining outside.swara looked towared window and smiled.she open the window and rain droplet falls on her face.sanskar looked at her with fast heart breathing.his grip on staring tightened and he increased the speed to reach home fast.when they reached was raining heavily.and they get drenched fully while reaching to the main door.swara opens the door and they entered the home quickly.
swara:sunny go change the clothes fast.u will get fever.come pari i will change yours and sir i have pressed your clothes in cupboard.(she said in one breath)
sunny and pari make faces.
sunny:maasi tomorrow is sunday…and as if we get drenched can’t we play in rain.
pari:yes maasi i also want to play.
swara shook her head in negative vigorously.
both in union:maasi plz..plz…plz..plz and bunny also barked as pleading.swara throws daggers at bunny.
swara:fine go…but only 20 mins.

both yelled:wowwww….and they both drag swara with them.sanskar laughed looking at swara.and for sanskar surprise swara started playing with kids as she is also a kid.sanskar was mesmerized to see her like that.he was capturing whole scene from his eyes.swara was whirling in circle holding pari infront of her.and laughing whole heartedly.
swara:20 mins over go change.they make faces and run inside.swara giggle and closed her eye and extend her hands fully to enjoy the cool breeze and rain altogether.sanskar stepped toward her lost in her beauty.he stopped near her.swara opens her eyes feeling presence of someone.she shocked looking at him and quickly straighten herself.sanskar get annoyed to see her being conserved infront of him.

sanskar hold her hand and put it on his shoulder and said in husky tone.
sanskar:a boss can dance with his employee. and hold her another hand softly.swara just looked at him silently.
swara in mind:as if he will stop if i refuse to dance with him.
sanskar smirked as he had read her thought.they were dancing slowly.suddenly there was loud thunder storm.swara flinched and hug him tightly.sanskar’s heart beat increased immediately.swara raised her head and look in his eyes.they were standing there lost in each other eyes oblivious of everything around that time rain stopped.sanskar tried to slid hair stand from her pink cheeks but swara jerked back quickly.
swara avoiding eye contact:kids will be looking for me. and she run inside.sanskar slid his hands from his hairs.
sanskar in mind:what’s wrong with me? what was i doing? god i should stay away from her.she is making me mad.
he shook his head and moved inside.he changed the dress and come out and saw them sitting in hall.pari was sitting in swara lap and she was rubbing her hair with towel.
swara didn’t look at him.he narrowed his eyes and sit on sofa opposite to them.
swara:sunny come your turn.pari get down from swara’s lap and sit with sanskar and smiled at him.sanskar just glare at her.

sanskar in mind:i should stay away from this little girl too.
sunny shooking his head:maasi i am fine.
swara stickly:sunny!.
sunny make faces and sit in front of swara.swara rub towel on his head.
swara:sit here quietly.sunny nodded his head like obedient kid.after sometime swara bring three glass of milk in tray.
swara give one glass to pari.she started drinking it and other to sanskar.he frowned.
swara nervous:its cold so…..sanskar shook his head in disbelief and hold the glass.
sanskae mumbling:am i a kid? a small smile appear on swara lips but she quickly turns to hide it.and give last glass to sunny.
sunny confused:maasi why its colour is yellow?
swara:because i mixed haldi in it now drink.sunny make faces.
sunny:maasi just in morning i drink full glass now again?no i will not drink it.
swara looked at him with narrowed eyes and said:u will catch cold drink it now.
sunny irritated:i am not girl who will catch cold after getting drench in rain.
pari objecting:bhai i never catch cold u always catch that swara sneezed.
sunny giggling:but maasi catch na.swara glare at him and again sneeze.
sanskar chuckled.
swara strictly:sunny drink it.
sunny:maasi u catch cold u drink it.
swara:sunny…….again sneeze.sanskar get worried.
swara rubbing her nose:u wait i will just come.swara goes from their sneezing.
pari:where did she go?
sunny:taking medicine.swara come again after taking medicine.her condition was better.
swara:now drink. sunny hold the glass making faces and was about to drink when kavita came there.sunny take breath and put glass on table.

swara hug kavita.
swara:kavita u came here at this time.everything fine.
kavita happily:swara i bring pakora stop questioning and taste it.
sunny and pari yelled:wow and snatch the plate from kavita hand.
swara put one pakora in her mouth and asked:aunti made it?
kavita smiling:no i made them.sunny and pari split the pakora immediately and looked at each other horrified.sanskar looked at them confused.
swara chew the pakora and fire spread all over her mouth,her eyes immediately get filled with tears.
swara in low whisper:kavita how much chilly powder u mixed in it.
kavita excited:u know i wanted to make it spicy so i put 5 spoon full of chilly powder.sanskar looked at kavita as she is mad

swara coughed and said with wide eyes:fiveee!
kavita looking at swara:how is it?
swara:nice and turns toward side table to drink water.sanskar offer her glass of milk which was half empty.
swara looked at him with teary eyes and hold it with out thinking much and start drinking.she felt relief immediately
she blinked several times to hold back tears.sanskar was looking at swara’s red face.suddenly they hear yelling sound.swara quickly turns around.
kavita yelling:AAAAA! mirchen(spice)
sunny with more loud sound:AAAAAA! maasi mirchen
swara looked toward pari who was going to eat swara quickly snatch and said:pari don’t eat it.its spicy.
sunny and kavita yelling:swara paani….aaaaa!
kavita shook swara and said horrified:u said it is nice.nice? are u mad?
sunny yelling:maasi pani…..mirchennnnn….phooooo!
both keep on yelling and shooking swara here and there.pari was laughing holding her stomach.sanskar was also smiling at them. swara looked at them angrily.
swara shouted angrily:shut up both of u.
sunny and kavita stopped immediately and looked at her horrified.
sanskar shocked and said in mind:she is yelling? am i dreaming?
swara bend and pick sunny milk’s glass and pour half of it in her empty glass and offered it to kavita.and then sit infront of sunny and make him drink milk.
swara wipe corner of his eyes and said:better?
sunny nodded silently.swara smiled and stand up and looked toward kavita who was giving her sheepish smile.sunny give glass to swara and pick up a pillow.all looked at him confused.sunny throw pillow at kavita.
sunny angrily:u are worst cook of the world.and pick up another pillow.all chuckled.kavita hide behind swara.

sunny angry:come out.
swara giggling:sunny everyone do mistake at first time.
kavita peeping from swara shoulder said:haan swara also made worst dish like this at first time.
sunny throw pillow at them swara quickly bend and pillow hit at kavita face.swara giggles.kavita give her glare.
kavita:u traitor stand straight.
sunny angry:maasi u also planted boom like this in everyone mouths.swara laugh and shook her head in negative unable to control her laugh.sanskar looked at without a single blink.he was seeing her laughing for the very first time.he missed his several beats.
swara took deep breath and said:actually sunny i put alot of sugar at first time.
pari raising her hand and said cutely:but maasi there is a lot difference between sugar and chilly powder na.swara walk toward her and pick her up in arms.
swara pulling pari cheeks:because i made kheer at first time not pakora.
swara then look toward kavita and sunny and bite her tongue.sunny look at kavita and raised his eye brow.
sunny smirking:who will save u now.and start throwing pillow at kavita.both start running in full hall.swara was about to stop sunny when pari stop her.
pari cutely:maasi don’t its so fun.swara tickles her
swara:u are having saying kavita maasi like this.sanskar chuckles
pari:hahahaha maasi stop.swara stop her tickling.both sit on sofa and start watching cartoon(sunny and kavita) giggling all the time.

kavita breathing heavily:sunny bus i can’t run more.
sunny smirking:then promise u will not cook again.kavita silently walked toward swara and put hand on swara’s head and said in serious tone:i swear on swara i will not cook again.swara’s mouth hung down.sanskar shook his head.sunny anger rose up immediately.
sunny furious:u…u swear on maasi…how dare u.he run after her.kavita run yelling:HELP!!!! swara hold sunny at right time.
swara giggling:bas…bas…its enough for today.
she wipe sweat from his forehead.
kavita yelling:i promise next will be better.
sunny angry:u just swear on maasi…maasi leave me i will not leave her today.he tried to run after her but swara hold him tightly.

swara in serious tone:sunny behave she is elder than u.
sunny make pout face and sit with her.kavita also sit with swara and after one sec all burst out laughing.sanskar looks on.
kavita:swara i should leave its very late.
swara:why don’t stay back today.tomorrow is sunday.sunny and pari nodded in agreement.sanskar gets irritated.
kavita smiling:i would love to but now a days mom and dad are getting very emotional.they want to spend time with me.karan’s family are asking for marriage date.but don’t worry next week there is my cousin dad will go to attend it then i will stay at your place for two days.
swara hugs kavita and said:sure.
after that kavita left for home.

swara was washing dishes in kitchen when bunny start licking her feet.swara jumped from her place screaming a little.bunny get scared from her scream and hide under table.swara was breathing heavy putting hand on her heart.bunny looks at her with her big eyes peeping from table.swara took deep breath and moves toward bunny and pick him up in her arms.
swara:i scared u again.right? bunny barked.
swara caressing his hair:u are shooo cute.bunny start licking her face.swara giggles.
swara:we will be friends at one condion…..
swara in little scared tone:u will not bite me.i am afraid from injections.bunny barked loudly in agreement.
swara:good that time she heard throat clearing sound.her head snapped toward door.sanskar was laying against door looking at her with amusement.
swara:sir do u want something?
sanskar shook his head and said:just came here after hearing your scream.swara get embarrassed.
swara:sory sir.i disturbed u.sanskar sighed heavily and leaves from there.

swara wake up early in morning as usual after getting bad dream.she step out from her room and bunny came toward her running.swara pick him up.
swara:u are wake so early in morning?bunny barked.
swara:u must be hungry.come i will give u food.she walked toward kitchen and give him food.bunny start eating.swara smilled and start doing cleaning.after sometime sanskar also left for jogging.swara make breakfast and moves toward kids was hard task to wake up them on sunday morning.
swara sit beside sleeping sunny and moves his hairs from his forehead.
swara in sweat tone:sunny wake up its morning.sunny open his eyes for a min then put his head on her lap.
sunny in pleading tone:maasi plz today is sunday let me sleep.
swara smiled and lay back on bad, closing her eyes and start caressing his hairs.sunny smile in his sleep.
swara with closed eyes:only 10 min.

sanskar enter the house after jogging and moves toward kitchen to get his orange juice but for his surprise swara was not there.that was new.he pick up his juice and after drinking it he moves toward his room.and comes out after sometime.he frowned when he didn’t found anyone not even breakfast.he sighed and moved toward swara’s room and knock twice.but he didn’t get any response so he entered in the room a little worried.he looked around in the room he was first time entered in her room.there was a big photo on the front wall of swara,sunny and pari.sunny and pari both were kissing swara on her cheek at the same time.then he looked on other wall.there was window and heavy curtains were on them preventing sun rays to come inside.and near another wall their was a study table and some photo frames on wall.he walked toward that wall slowly.there was wedding pic of a couple.he gassed it they were her sister and jiju.on other photo.swara and her sister both were sitting on swing.both were laughing.he unknowingly placed his hand on swara.
then he looked to other photo frame.and his gaze narrowed at that.there was a old man and swara and ragini were placing their heads on his shoulders.

sanskar:who is he? her father? where is he now? he take deep breath.her life was a complete mystery.and in other photo swara was holding a 1 year old girl in her hands and giving a naughty pose with her.he smiled at that and in other frame.his father is stretching swara’s ear and swara is laughing.and in the mid of all these their was a complete family photo.a old man is sitting in mid ragini and laksah is sitting on his both sides.and ragini is holding little pari and laksah is holding sunny and swara is sitting infront of his father.and his father hands are around swara’s neck.a complete family photo.sanskar smiles a complete beautiful family.
he checked the washroom but she was not there also.he was worried completely worried now.

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