Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 5)


Pari free herself from kavitha’s grip and step down from her bad hold her doll from her leg and comes out from room dragging the doll behind her.she slowly walks toward swara’s room rubbing her eyes and open the door and shook swara with her little little hands.swara open her eyes slowly look at pari then jerk up.
swara worried:pari shona what are u doing here at this time? she on the lamp and look at time.3:15.
pari pouting:maasi i am not getting sleep.
swara make her sit on her lap.
swar:but u were sleep when i come out from your room and where is kavitha maasi.she was sleeping with u na?
pari:maasi so many question together.swara smiled.
pari pouting:my sleep got disturb 10 min before because kavitha maasi hug me so tightly like i am her teady bear.swara giggled.she kissed on her forehead.

swara:kavitha disturb my shona bacha sleep? i will punish her what should we do now? she think for a sec.pari look at her face with wide eyes.
swara:idea if pari will drink choco milk and sleep with maasi will she get sleep? pari’s eyes sparkled and she nodded vogorously.swara get up and put pari on her waist and they walk toward kitchen.swara make pari sit on counter chair and make choco milk quickly and give it to pari.pari finish it quickly in no time.
pari innocently:maasi u always make it so yammmi! swara smiled after that pari sleep with swara in her room higging her tightly.swara caressed her hair slowly.
swara was staring at peacefully sleeping pari.

swara was rushing toward hospital pari was in her lap looking at her worriedly and trying to undertand what is happening and sunny were crying.
swara:dad!! why are u not telling anything?why are we going hospital?
shekhar:shona…i will tell u just keep let me drive the car.
swara stubbornly:no tell me now…i am not feeling good.
shekhar helplessly:shona!!…ragini and laksah met with an accident their condition is not good.
swara shocked:what…she got numb she feel like someone snatched her soul.they reached to hospital.swara was crying hard.she give pari to shekhar and run toward ragini’s ward.
swara sit beside ragini and hold her hand.ragini smiled weakly.
swara crying:di what happened….are u alright?
ragini:shona…be stronge.after me u have to take care dad,sunny and pari.
swara shouted:shut up di nothing will happen to u.u promised me u will not leave me alone.
ragini smiled:your di failled to fulfill her promise but plz shona promised me u will be a singer.
swara shooking in no.
swara:u are not going anywhere.u can’t leave me alone.
ragini breathing heavily:shona plz promise me.
swara:i promise.
ragini:one more promise plz.
swara:what promise??
ragini:plz take care of sunny and pari like your own children.never let them feel my absence.
swara crying:i promise di…i will take care of them.ragini smiled and her hand slipped from swara’s hand.
swara get shock.she yelled:diiii…..she shook her vigorously
swara crying hard:di wake up.u can’t leave me alone.plz di… came and declared that she is dead.swara stopped crying.after sometime she came to know that.laksah also died at same time when ragini died.
shekhar crying:shona they leave us together.swara didn’t respond she just went and hugged sunny and pari tightly.

swara looking at pari:i hope di i am fulfilling my promise.but sory i failed to be a singer.the day u leave me alone my passion of singing and becoming a star also left with u.sory.several tears escaped from her eyes.she off the lamp and sleep hugging pari.
swara and kavita were in kitchen making breakfast.
sanskar yelled from his room:swara…
kavita annoyingly:now what he want.swara shrugged and goes to his room.she entered after knocking
swara:yess sir.sanskar showed her,his tshirt button annoyingly which was broken.a corner of her lips lift up in a smile but she hide it quickly.
swara:sir i will give u another shirt and will swea this.
sanska angrily:no i want to wear this shirt swea it now.swara get a little annoyed but says nothing and sanskar was angry with her because she didn’t told him anything about nightmare
swara:give me shirt i will swea it in 2 min.
sanskar:i am getting late swea it now.swara get tensed.his shirt buttons were open.
swara in mind:such a shameless how can he ask me swea it when he is wearing it.what am i? his wife? swara goes near him.she hesitated first and then start tucking the button.her heart was beating fast.when she stepped more close in her unconsciounious.sanskar looked down at her.he inhale fragrence of her shampoo in his lungs.when swara was tucking buttons.her hand touched his bare chest.sanskar feel like current passed through his body.
swara in a low…sory.sanskar was mesmerized to see her so near to him.he never let any girl come near him this close.swara drew her face close to his chest to break the thread from her mouth.sanskar feels like his heart will come out at any min.

swara:sir its done.and she goes from their.sanskar was still standing their like a statue.they did breakfast and kavita left after that.swara also lock the door and comes to main door for auto.sanskar stopped car infront of her with full speed.swara stepped back a little.
sanskar in curt voice:get in the car
swara:sir i will go myself.sanskar looked at her annoyingly and leaves from there with fast was useless to argue with her.she was stubborn girl.he reached office and stopped near mis.rose cabin. but goes from their remembering swara’s sentence.’I DON’T WANT THAT’
sanskar in mind:just great now i started doing what she want and cursed himself hard for this.swara entered just then.she was holding a bouque of red flowers.
swara:gd morning miss roose
mis.roose with smile:gd morning child
swara concerned:how is your husbend now.
mis.roose sad:he is in hospital
swara put hand on her shoulder and smile:don’t worry he will be alright.he is not going to leave her beautiful; wife so easily.sanskar smiled listening her
mis.roose laughing:naughty girl.u become naughty leaving with the way boose has arrived.go fast.otherwise he will scold u in morning.sanskar frowned.

swara give her roose and said naughtily:rooses for mis.roose and giggle.and goes from their.mis.roose laughed loudly behind her.a smile came to sanskar lips looking her naughty side.swara and sanskar entered in lift together.swara pushed the button of 5 floor.after sometime when they reached at 3rd floor.the lift stopped with a jerk.
sanskar worriedly:what has happened.
swara:sir lift get jamed.
sanskar more tensed walked towared door and tried to open it
sanskar tensed:when will it start working.
swara tensed:after an hour.sanskar panicked.
sanskar:what one hour??? are u mad.his hands started shivering.
swara concerened:sir are u alright.sanskar doesn’t say anything.he was panicking.swara goes near him.
sanskar panicking:i have Claustrophobia.his panick was increasing
swara get tensed.she hold his shivering hands.sanskar looked at her.
swara:sir everything will be alright.but u never get panick in lift before.
sanskar:i..i…am taking medicine but today i didn’t take it till now.swara remembered medicines which she used to give him at 8.

swara:sir u should have told me.i would have given to u in breakfast.
sanskar:we are going to die.i can’t breath.he start breathing heavily.he loosened his tie.
swara in mind:swara think something…….divert his mind….what can u do.sanskar was holding her hand titghtly.
swara’s eye widened thinking something.
swara in mind:sir will kill me if i did this.looking at him but i have no other option.
swara worried:sir i am sory but i have no other option.and moved close to him
sanskar confused:what….but before he could complete his sentence
she slapped him hard right in mid of his left cheek (lol its not necessary everytime that hero and heroin kiss in close lift)

sanskar places his hand on his was burning like hell.
sanskar:ouch….he moved forward to her
swara nervious and steps back:i am sory i was just helping….i have no other idea to divert your mind.
sanskar moved more close to her and said in mocking tone:i don’t think so.u slapped me because of yesterday night.didn’t u?
swara moved backward and…i am really sory and looked down.her back touched the wall.
swara in mind:swara what u did? he going to kill u for sure.
sanskar moved close to her and place his hand on wall and rose her face holding her chin.
sanskar in low angry tone:never bow your head infont of me again…..swara looked into his eye confusingly.
sanskar smiles mischeviously and said:i didn’t know that your delicate hand can slap soo hard.(he said lifting her hand from which she slapped him)
swara still scared:i am sory sir….
sanskar takes deep breath and said:u will get punishment for this.swara get tensed.
swara:what punishment?
sanskar stepped back as he heared opening of the door.
sanksar:i will tell later when time will come.and don’t tell anyone about this,specialy about will spread like a fire..swara just nodded her head.

AT 6
swara come out fast and looks for auto.
swara:offo….watching her wrist watch
swara:i am getting late.and suddenly car stopped infront of her.she looked through glass window.
swara mumbling:not again….
sanskar:swara sit….
swara:sir i am not going home.i have to pick sunny and pari.u go home.sanskar gives her angrily glare.
sanskar:i am not asking from u i am ordering sit in the is not can rain at any time.
swara bites her lower lip and sits in the car.
sanskar in mind:she only obey silently when u get strict just like sunny.and shook his head.

they reached outside the tution enter.swara stepped out.
pari:maasiiii….and hug her.swara and sanskar smiles. swara kiss her on forehead.
swara:how was your day?
pari:good..hello friend.
pari:maasi my friend give me a gift.sunny moves towared sanskar and whispered
sunny whispering:get ready for fun partner.sanskar looked at him in confusion.
swara:what is it?
pari shouted:sonaaa…. a girl came running.and give something to pari.they didn’t saw it clearly.pari turned holding her gift.
swara yelled:aaaaaa!!……she jumped from her place and hugged sanskar being afraid.sanskar get shocked when she hide her face in his chest.sanskar unknowingly placed his hands on her back.and looked towared the thing.
sanskar:puppy????? sunny brust out into laughing.pari looked confused
sanskar:swara its just cute puppy.u are afraid from it? (said last sentence in surprize)
swara stammering:i…i…am afraid from dogs.then realise her position she breaked hug quickly but still holds his hand tightly.

sunny controlled his laugh and said:pari maasi is afraid from dogs.
pari:really maasi?…and swara nodded her head innocently.sanskar chuckled.
pari sadly:should return bunny to sona?
sunny:who is bunny?
pari excaited:i kept his name bunny.he is so white na.and kissed the puppy.swara get sad looking at pari.
swara mumbeling:swara breath..relax…its just a cute puppy…with sharp teeths (saying being scared).sanskar heared her and looks at her facial expression then at her hands which were holding his hands tightly.
pari:maasi why are u afraid from dogs? and sunny again started laughing holding in stomach.
sunny with red face:pari…i will tell u..when maasi was in your age na…she loved puppies a lot then one day a puppy bite her and she was injected by 14 injection.from that day she is afraid from dogs.sanskar feels sorry for swara.and swara nodded in agreement.

swara confused:sunny how do u know that?
sunny quickly:muma told me….then he bite his tounge.swara face turned red.
swara angrily:how dare she? she told u she promised me that she will not tell anyone.sanskar smiled looking at her angry face.he was looking her angry first time
sunny:sory maasi…mum asaid don’t tell u….
swara murmured:she had a habit to break promises…sanskar again looked at her.she was looking hurt.
pari:maasi i am going to return it…
swara leaves sanskar’s hand and said:pari u can keep it…but keep him a safe distance from me okay.
pari happily:really maasi..i love u…and bunny barked toward swara.swara get scared again..they leave from their.

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