Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 4)


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It was usual morning.they went office separately and worked whole day and now it was time to go home.sanskar sighed and call swara to take the files for tomorrow’s meetings.
swara:may i come in sir? her sweet voice echoed in his ears.
sanskar:yess.swara stepped in the room.she was looking a little worried.
sanskar:swara give me the files of tomorrow’s meeting i will read them tonite.but she reamain silent.sanskar narrowed his eyes.
sanskatr a bit loud:swaraaa…
swara stammering:sir files are…not complete.sanskar’s anger reached to the peek.
sanskar:what the hell and he get up from chair.and moves towared her.and holds her from shoulder.
sanskar shouted:swara i gave u second chance and u take it granted.u became irresponsible.swara shivered from top to bottom and her eyes got teary.she bowed her head down.sanskar pushed her harshly.and close his fist in anger.he was not going to tolerate negligence in work.NEVER
sanskar angry low voice:complete your work tonite.u are not leaving office before completing your work.swara nodded in yess.and a tear fall from her eye.
sanskar yelled:am i clear?
swara scared:yes…sir.sanskar goes from angrily bagging the door.swara cried silently for a min then wipes her tears and goes to her cabin and sits on her chair.and take out her phone with shivering hand.she take deep breath and clears her throat.

swara:kavita will u pick kids today…if u are free.
kavita angrily:from when u get formel with mee…just order me kavita pick up the kids.swara smile a little.
swara:thank u.
kavita:your welcome my dear.when will u come.
swara:just a little work,will come soon and ask pari to not cry and make them eat something and…..
kavita:swara i know everything.don’t worry.i will handle them but don’t get late.okay.
swara:hmm…okay and hang up the phone.swara closes her eyes and start working.

sanskar reaches house in full range and dirctly moves toward his room without looking anyone.but he heard kavita voice behind him.
kavita worried:he came where is swara?.he take shower for about 20 mins to control his anger.
sanskar in mind:i forgive her first mistake it doesn’t mean i will forgive her all mistakes.she should get punishment and comes out from room.and sit for dinner.sunny,pari and kavita were also sitting their.they all were looking at watch.he looked at the time.8:45.he closed his fist in anger.
sanskar put food in his plate showing that he don’t care.
sankar in mind:who made food?
sunny worriedly:kavita massi! plz call maasi.she didn’t come till now.
kavita worried:i called her she didn’t pick my call.sanskar hand stoped for a min but then he eat without any care.
kavita:pari plz beta eat something,your maasi will kill me if she come to know u both didn’t eat something till now.
pari hugging her doll:no…i will eat from maasi’s hand.
sunny tensedly:maasi also didn’t eat till now how can we eat.kavita looks at sanskar angrily and again call swara.

after sometime pari starts crying all were tensed it was 9:30.and she didn’t come till now.they were sitting in hall.sanskar was also getting tensed but his ego was bigger.
kavita:pari stop crying.maasi will be coming.but pari was crying continuously.sunny was also very tensed.he hugged pari
sunny:pari stop crying maasi will be angry if she come to know u cried.sanskar looked at the time and gritted his teeth in anger.
kavita angrily: swear to god when she will come i am going to kill her.
‘REALLY’ swara said with a warm smile.their heads moved toward the door.she was run toward her and hug her.sanskar closed his eyes in relief and kavita just stamp her foot on ground.
pari:maasi where were u.i thought u leaved us like mom and dad.all get frozed.swara was hurt very much.she hugged pari tightly and closed her eye and two tears slipped through her cheeks.sanskar feels someone stabbed him.
swara:i will never leave u pari.never think like that.your maasi will be always with u.and hugged her again.a tear skipped through sunny’s eye.he wipe that quickly not wanting to show that he is crying.
swara:i saw that.
sunny nervious:what…i am not crying…something went into my eye.kavita smile.swara also pull him in hug.sunny hugged her tightly.
sunny:today u scared us.u will get punishment for this.
swara:what punishment?
sunny:we will tell later first eat something i am very hungry.swara looked at the time and gets angry.
swara angrily:u both didn’t eat anything till now.
sunny:uh..wo..we…hmm….pari was not eating anything.swara looked at pari angrily.

pari:maasi…vo…main..vo and looked toward kavita for help.
kavita angrily:i am leaving.and started to move.swara hold her hand quickly.
swara concerened:kavita its very late.its not safe to go at this time.kavita’s anger reaches to peek.
kavita it? u are also coming at this time.
swara changing the topic:i am hungry we will talk later.
kavita shouted:swaraaa….are u mad and shook her holding her from shoulder.
kavita:its almost 10 in night.if something would have happened.did u even think about this?….its too dangerious for a girl to roam like this in night.okay not about yourself think about about sunny and pari.u are only their family in this whole world.what would they do?if something happened to u.she scolded her for almost 20 mins.sanskar feels guilty like hell for this.kavita was right.she is a girl.if something would have happened to her.who was responsible.swara get irritated at her constant scolding and make her sit on sofa forcefully and give her glass of cold water.kavita open her mouth to say someething.
swara sharply:enough….drink it.sunny and pari giggle.kavita give her death glare.
swara naughtily:it is not good for a bride to take soo much tension.
kavita still angry:uuu…
swara:kavita nothing happened na…then
kavita:u are waiting for something to happened.u are just impossible and shook her head.swara smiles a wide one.kavita looked at her smile and her jaw dropped to the ground.
kavita:u are smiling like seriously.swara runs toward her room.
swara:i am going to get freshen up.kavita stamp her foot on ground.pari and sunny laugh.sanskar was recalling kavita’s words.and a high range start rising inside him.

swara and kavita was sitting in the lawn and drinking coffee.
kavita:i don’t believe that u didn’t complete your work.
swara sighed and said:actually….sanskar who was sitting in his room working on his laptop get concerened.
kavita looked at her and said:what?
swara:i didn’t get files on time.sanskar beck get straight.
kavita confused:what do u mean?
swara taking a sip of coffee:their was emergency in mis.rose house.her husband got heart attack.she leaved in hurry and forgot to give me files.i just receive them before entering sir’s cabin.sanskar’s eyes flashed with anger.
kavita annoyed:u bear insult of someone’s other mistake.
swara:mis.rose is old kind lady.if sir got to know that.he will ask for resignation letter and I DON’T WANT stress at her last sentence.sanskar get annoyed as hell.
kavita:but still swara i am angry on your boss.i mean i agree before two days he didn’t know that u take care of two small kids and he used to make u work late night.but now after knowing this he still make u work late.its really rude.u know pari carried so much.he should have atleast called u and ask u to come home but no he didn’t.sanskar feel more guilty.
swara taking another sip:hmmm……kavita i was thinking…
kavita excalimed happily:to leave the job right.sanskar get tensed.
swara giggling:shut up…i have singed the contract for 5 years sanskar get revealed
kavita sad:what were u thinking in your small little mind.
swara looking lost:i made sunny and pari addicted to me very much.didn’t i? kavita get annoyed
kavita:why u think so?
swara still lost:didn’t u see pari was crying.and i never saw sunny that much tensed.he was tensed like that when di and jiju died.i made them close to me very much.and tensed lined formed on swara’s forehead.sanskar walked toward window and looked at swara’s tensed face.
kavita:swara i think they love u more then their parents.swara get more tensed.
swara:its not right kavita…..i… still fighting for their guardianship.if i didn’t win the case then? and rubbed her forehead.sanskar heart shrunk looking at her.
kavita assuring:swara everything will be fine.u will win case.their is no doubt in that.u are taking care of them from one year.decision will be in your favour.
swara:u don’t know them they are powerful…..sanskar’s forehead get lined.
kavita:don’t worry everything will be alright.
swara:i hope so…now-a-days my bad luck is on that time pari and sunny came their running.
swara worried:u both are still awake…
sunny:maasi its time for punishment.swara smile.sunny winks to kavita.
swara:what punishment…now u kiddo will give punishment to your maasi?and pulls his cheek
all three in union:RULE IS RULE…..

sunny:u made the rule that the person who will do mistake will get punishment right.
swara giggling:right…
sunny:now we decided that u will sing a song for us….swara’s smile vanished.
swara in serious tone:i will not sing…
pari:maasi plz…its being so long we didn’t hear your voice plzzz and give her puppy dog eyes..swara looked at kavita for help.who give her ‘who are u i don’t know u’.swara take deep breath and gets up.
swara:fine i will get gitar.its in sir’s room.
all yelled:yaaaa!…swara give them a little smile.sanskar goes and sit on bed.swara knock at the door.
swara:i just came to get something and looks toward cupboard.she stands on the stoll and start struggling to hold gitar which was on top of cupboard.she was struggling continuously.sanskar shook his head and stands up.
sanskar:swara come down i will get that.
swara:no sir its okay i will get that and their she slipped from stoll .sanskar hold her at right time.they have a long eye lock.but swara came to senses and compose herself.sanskar was still looking at her.
swara:sir…sanskar came to his senses and give her gitar without using stoll.swara sighed looking at that.she take gitar from his hand her eyes get teary looking at gitar.

swara yelling and running:di…ragini di i won the competition.
i girl is shown doing work and she turned happily and huged swara
ragini:i knew that my shona is best no one can beat her in singing.
swara putting hands on her waist:aacha ge….but only one can beat me
swara:uuuuu and hug her tightly…
swara:where is my gift…
rigini:here it is…and give her gitar….
swara:wow…di thank uuu….

sanskar looked at her teary eyes and forward his hand to place his hand on her shoulder but pulls it bacj and said
swara:yes..yes sir
sanskar:are u alright?
swara shook her head and goes from their.sanskar moves towared window to see his swara singing.he didn’t know she sings.she was mulitalented.he smiled at his thought.swara sits in her chair and three sit opposite to her.swara’s face was towared sanskar.swara closes her eye and sings ( sun raha ha natu from aasiqui 2)

Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Ye meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai aa…

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de naye bahaane de
Khabon ki barishon ko mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)


Waqt bhi thehara hai
Kaise kyun ye huaa
Kaash tu aise aaye
Jaise koi duaa
Tu rooh ki raahat hai
Tu meri ibaadat hai

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)

kavita,pari and sunny clapps.swara opens her eyes and a tear skipped her eyes.she wipe it quickly without anyone knowledge.sanskar get restless seeing her tears.
kavita:swara u should be singer…swara’s heart misses a beat.she smiles painly.
swara:now all u three go sleep and tday kavita massi will sleep with u.
all:okay.they leaved from their.swara caresses a name on gitar ‘SWARAGINI FOREVER’

ragini:swara focus on feelings your voice is good but their is no feelings.
swara irritated:diiii…from where to get feelings
ragini smiled and places her hand on her heart:yahan sa
swara:di…salman khan stolen my heart jab dil he nhe ha feelings khan sa aen gi? ans start dreaming about salman khan.ragini giggle and hit swara on head.
ragini:swara i want u the best singer in this world.
swara:just like u…
ragini:yes…but more papoular then me…
swara:but di u have love in your life.
ragini confused:love?
swara:jiju…when ever u close your eyes u see his face and bring feelings.patta nhe mera pyaar kab aye ga.
ragini blushes and at same time lucky huggs ragini from back.
lucky in dreamy voice:thinking about mee.ragini blushes hard.swara clears her throat.bith get embrassed.lucky leaves ragini.
swara:i am leaving u both cary on and runs from their laughing.
ragini hit lucky and said:have some shame
lucky pulls her and said:when my wife is so beautiful how can i control?

swara:i know u will be angry,i broke my promise but u broke my promise so i broke yours and wipes her tears and goes from their.
sanskar:about what promise she was talking about?i should tell her atleast a sorry.i shouted on her without any mistake.
and goes to his beds.he saw swara going to her room.because his room door was open.he waited for her room lites to get off.11,11:30,12,12:30,1,1:30,2 AND 2:30
it was enough for sanskar.its was 2:30 and she didn’t sleep till now.he was walking to and fro in his room in she worked late in office and didn’t sleep till now.just impossible girl.
sanskar:sanskar relax i am sure she has habbit to sleep with on lites.she was tired as hell how can she awake soo late.just then swara opens her room door and steps out.sanskar was shocked as hell.swara goes toward kids room and kiss them and then moves toward kitchen.sanskar goes after her.his blood was boiling.swara sits on chair and drinks water.sanskar just stood their folding his hands around his chest.and then she turned.sanskar mind brust out looking at her.dark circles around her eyes.she was looking tired as hell but their was spark and determination in her eyes.swara get shocked looking at him.

swara:sir! u awake till now and looked at watch.
sanskar in serious angry tone:i should ask this question from u?why are u awake till now?
swara looked here and there.swara in mind:i just don’t my boss to get involved in my personal life.
swara:their was little work (avoiding eye contact) sanskar’s jaw get ticked.and he moved toward her slowly.swara get tensed but stand in her position.
sanskar stops at safe distance from that he might not do anything wrong in anger.
sanskar in low angry voice:what were u doing at this late? swara bites her lower lip.
swara:sir its my personal life. sanskar closes his fist in anger.she was not going tell.wasn’t she?sanskar hold her from shoulder and tightens his grip and said:swara?…don’t test my patience u still don’t know the real me?
swara stammering:i..i…was studying…this month i have exams.sanskar narrowed his eyes at her and he left her.
swara still scared:i am doing M.ED.(biting her lower lips).sanskar just shook his head in anger.
sanskar:what’s the need?
what should she tell?she wanted to make her case strong.the fear of loosing sunny and pari was not letting her sleep.they are her whole life.if she will loose what will remain in her life.they both are last sign of her sister.and she does not wan’t to loose them at any cost.NEVER EVER.she can do anything for them.
sanskar looked at her lost in deep thoughts.and again goes close to close that he can hear her heart beat.swara looked at him in shock.
sanskar:u should take care of your health.if u will fell ill.then how will u fight?.after saying this he leaved from their.he didn’t mension that he had heared about kids’s guardianship.he came to know at once that she is doing for sunny and pari.he just give her advice to take care.swara stood their thinking about what he said.he was unpredictable.sometime caring and sometime brute.she shook her head and goes for she read half an hour extra.

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