Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 30) SECOND LAST EPISODE



sanskar was calling on swara’s number but she was not picking call.
sanskar worriedly:she will be thinking about that b*t*h’s word….i need to check her.
he get up,pick his keys and jeck and was about to leave when he stopped,throw keys on table and coat on bad and sit down on bad.
sanskar:what am i doing?
he hold his head with both hands,frustrated like hell.
suddenly (IMAGINARY) sanskar get appeared in front of him.
sanskar (imagined):confused?
sanskar look at him and sighed.
sanskar:u again…..
sanskar (imaginenary);why don’t u go and check her….she will be crying for sure thinking about kavya taunt.
sanskar heart thudded but he closed his eyes and took deep breath.
sanskar:i don’t care….
sanskar (imaginary0 taunting:don’t care?….then why u keep on calling her?….why run to construction site when she met with accident………why u get jealous when she danced with arjun and after that u took her sign on marriage certificate……why all this?……if u don’t care then let her go……take resign and throw her out from office.
sanskar angrily shouted:shut up….just shut up….what u want to hear i still love her even after her betrayal……can’t see her in pain.
imaginary sanskar smile and said:then why u don’t just accept it…things will become easy for u?
sanskar angrily:u want me to trust her again so that she can betray me again…..never i did mistake first will not do again.
sanskar (imaginary):who is asking for trust…..don’t trust her just accept her the way she is…..
sanskar confused:mtlb.
sanskar (imaginary):u are an idiot…..she is just right about u.
sanskar give him death glare.
sanskar (imaginary):u still love her….then keep her with u and in return she will use your bank balance….simple.she is your wife….thanks to your angry nature.all wife use their husbands bank balance if she will use then what’s wrong in that……can’t even spend few lacks for love…such a miser u are.
sanskar quickly:i am not miser…i can spend millions for her.
sanskar (imaginary) calmly:u will get heart and mind peace…think about it.
after saying that he vanished.sanskar stare at the floor.
sanskar in deep thoughts:may be he is right…i love her and i need her also…and how much that peanut size girl can spend thousands or maximum few lacks…its not bad deal….isn’t it.
he get feeling deep relief in his heart,pick keys and coat and left from there.

bua: we should sleep now…its very late hmmm.
swara:i will sit here for some time….plz
bua patting her cheek:okay…
bua leaves from there.swara pull shwal and layed back smiling.message ringtone disturbed her.she pick up phone and read message.
swara blinked at message.another message came immediately.
swara type message and send him.
sanskar was standing outside the her message.
sanskar irritated;this stubborn woman…
sanskar send her another message.
swara open it.
swara get up quickly and walked outside.sanskar smile seeing her coming.swara stand in front of him.
sanskar teasing;good girl.
swara with narrowed eyes:what are u doing here?
sanskar hold her from waist and said:just came to meet my wife.
swara angrily:i am not your wife.
sanskar look at her shwal.
sanskar:u became responsible…..shawl?
swara:bua gave it….
sanskar:that’s what am i saying…..u are so much responsible.
swara give him death glare.
sanskar lost in thoughts;swara tell me one thing…why did u call me today?……when sunny and pari were missing?… your list i should be last person to whom u should have called?
swara stammering:i…i…thought u care about kids therefore….
sanskar stare at her for a second then nodded.
sanskar:from tomorrow driver will pick and drop kids.
swara:i can do that….
sanskar angrily;shut up…i said driver will pick them.
swara took deep breath.
swara in mind:it is useless to argue with him
sanskar teasing:how long u are going to stay here….i don’t want my first time on road like this?
swara confused:first time.???
sanskar pull her close and whisper in ear.
sanskar teasing:first time…..after marriage.
he kiss her ear lob softly.swara’s eyes popped out.she push him and run from there.
swara yelled during running:I AM NOT YOUR WIFE……
sanskar laughed loudly at her running.swara close the door and keep hand on heart,breathing heavily.
swara worried like hell;i really need to stay away from him.
swara was laying on bad staring at roof.
swara worriedly:because of him i became insomnia patient.
on the otherside sanskar was also laying on bad,not able to sleep.he pick up his phone.
sanskar;when i am not getting sleep because of her how can she sleep?
he dials her number.
swara look at number and make bad bad faces.she cuts the call.sanskar smile and call her again.
sanskar keep on calling her until she didn’t pick it.
swara snapped:kia ha???……don’t have any other work?
sanskar shook his head in NO slowly.
swara angrily like hell:dakho….i am married…
sanskar’s mouth get open till ground.
sanskar in mind:wow in front of me…i am not your wife…u are not my husband…i don’t believe this marriage and here…..great
swara angrily:i have two…nhe…three children…
sanskar in mind:THREEE(shocked)
swara:sunny,pari and third one that idiot,would have sleeping peacefully after ruining my sleep.
swara angrily:he is my youngest baby…..sunny is more intelligent than him.
sanskar glares at phone and keep it on ear again.
swara:u idiot stop calling me…if my husband came to know this first he will kill me then he will kill u……U IDIOT
swara shouted last word,cut the call and switch off phone.
sanskar rubbed his ear.
sanskar:i am youngest baby…sunny is more intelligent then me…..i will kill her if i came to know about blank calls….am i some kind of hitler…i will tell her tomorrow.
sanskar keep phone on side table and again lay down.
sanskar murmured:started yelling so much.

miss rose entered inside swara’s cabin,worried like hell.
swara:what happened?
miss.rose:swara we need to leave from office now….one politician get killed.his party is very angry doing strike and u na how they do strike…..
swara worriedly:but sir is not here how can staff leave like this?
miss.rose:sir gave permission okay u just leave now….
swara nodded and start picking things.rose leaves from there.swara phone started ringing.she picks call.
swara:hello naina…
naina worried:did u hear about strike
swara:hmmm….what about kids?
naina worriedly:i have call police force for children safety……nothing should happen to small kids….police will drop every kids.
swara:do one things…take sunny and pari with u…..i don’t know when and how will reach home.plz take them with least there is police with u.kavya is there at home i don’t trust her a little.
naina:okay fine i will take them…u take care of yourself…inform me when reach home.
swara:okay bye.
swara cut the call,pick her bag and walked outside quickly.she entered inside the lift and press the button.door get closed.
swara worriedly:where is sanskar….is he fine?
she take out her phone and call him.
swara snapped:sanskar where are u?….do u know city’s condition is so bad and u are wandering.
sanskar:i am coming office…where are u?
swara:i am going home.
sanskar angrily:are u mad…..u will not go alone…..i am coming.i will drop u.
swara;i can go myself…u go to your home.
sanskar furious shouted:swara can’t u listen one single thing of mine…i am saying na its not safe to be alone……city’s condition is worse than your thoughts.
swara get scared at his shout.
swara stammering:wh…why….ar….are u shouting?
sanskar guilty:sorry…but plz stay back i am coming.
sanskar cut the call and increased the speed of car.after 15 min he reached in front of office and msg her to come out.swara come out and sit beside him silently.sanskar startes the car.
sanskar:what about kids?
swara flatly:naina had called police force for safty of children….she will take sunny and pari to her house.
swara look out,murmuring angrily.sanskar smile a little.
sanskar in mind:someone is angry?
suddenly someone throw stone at the back mirror of car.they get shock and both look back,they saw a gang of furious men,holding hockey sticks.
swara get scared seeing them,she hold sanskar’s hand
swara:sanskar increase the speed plz.
sanskar increase the speed but another gang came in front of them.sanskar unwillingly apply the break.
swara look at him.sanskar cup her left cheek.
sanskar;u stay inside and lock the door.sanskar shook her head.
swara:don’t go outside.
saanskar:lock the door….
he freed his hand and come out.
swara worried like hell;sanskar…..
swara also come out quickly seeing the man surrounding sanskar.
saskar angrily:i told u to stay inside.
swara shouted:watch out…..
sanskar hold he coming stick and punch the man and gain look at her.
sanskar;go inside.swara shook her head vigorously.sanskar beat goons,throwing swara’s anger on them.
saanskar angrily punch the man and said;stubborn woman.
sanskar shouted angrily:swara if something happened to u na then i will kill u with my bare hands.
swara shouted:shut up.
swara pick a hockey stick and try to hit a man… look at her angrily with his red eyes.swara get scared and run after her.both run around car chasing each other.
sanskar to goon:what are they doing?
goon shrugged.sanskar hit stick on his head.goon finally catch swara,clenched her hairs and slap her hard.swara winced in pain.
sanskar look at them and his blood boiled to maximum level.he hold man hand and squeeze it’s grip get loose.sanskar hit hi so hard,he fall down on the ground.
sanskar furious:how dare u touch her.
he beat him continuously.swara just stare at him beating goon.goon get faint,but sanskar was still beating him.another goon hold swara arm.she look at him worriedly and tried to free her goon come from behind and hit sanskar on head.sanskar hold his head.swara look at him and scream his name.that goon beaat sanskar.
swara shouted crying:leave him…..
she freed her hand and run toward them.sanskar fall down on the ground because of revolving head.swara keep his head on her lap and look at the blood on her hands and cried.
Goons leaves from there thinking that what a girl can do.
swara:we need to go hospital….
sanskar keep his eyes open with much difficulty.swara tried to make him stand but sanskaar hold her hand.
sanskar;first say you accepted this marriage……
swara crying vigorously;so much blood is coming out….we will talk about this later….plz we need to go hospital.
sanskar stubbornly:first say….
swara nodding her head:i am your wife and don’t want to become widow…now plz.
sanskar smile widely.swara make sit in car and sit behind wheels.
swara starting the car;don’t….don’t close your eyes,
sanskar:hmm…..he was feeling deep pain at back of his head,his eyes were getting close slowly.swara shook his shoulder while driving.
swarra;talk to me plz….
sanskar fainting;u are really stubborn woman….told u to stay inside.
swara increased speed to maximum level aand said;i will listen everything of your but don’t….don’t close eyes
swara stop the car infront of hospital and run outside.two man keep sanskar on stretcher and take him inside the nurse come to her and ask her to fill form.swara fill form with shiving hands and give her.
she sit on bench outside the OT and look at her blood covered hands.New tears start flowing down from her cheek.
swara rubbing her hands firmly and whispered;don’t take….don’t take him….don’t take him plz.
she keep on muttering this until doctor came out from OT.
swara get up quickly.
swara;how…how is he?
doctor smiling:he is fine…operation is successful.
swara get happy to beyond and hug doctor.
swara:thank u doctor…thank u so much.
doctor chuckled.swara break hug.
swara;can i meet him.
doctor nodded and leave from there.swara entered inside the room,run and hug sanskar tightly.sanskar who was looking at the bandage,get surprised and happy with her sudden hug.sanskar hug her back but swara break hug quickly and start beating him with hands.
sanskar shout in pain.swara stop at once.
sanskar:have some shame…i am injured badly……
swara:sory…is it paining?…should i call doctor?
sanskar look at her surprised.door get open and nurse came with a injection. sanskar look at injection horrified.
sanskar quickly:i am totally fine…no need of this injection?
swara look at his horrified face.
swara in mind;he is afraid of injection?.
she laughed loudly in her mind.
nurse;but doctor said it is very necessary.
sanskar angrily;i said na NO.
swara:let it be….he is afraid of it…..the person who can’t even beat 5-7 can he let u infect this injection.
sanskar:oh hello!! i was beating them very well…they hit me from back.i have no eyes in back of head.
swara;u know salman khan beats 20-20 goons together and u useless.
sanskar angrily;that is not real….
swara sign nurse to inject him.nurse inject him efficiently and leaves from there
sanskar furious;he is fake hero.
swara’s mouth get open fully.
swara angrily:how dare u said that about him.
sanskar:that is only truth.
swara hit her finger on his forehead wound.
swara warning:u dare not say anything again like this about him.
sanskar;badtameez larki…..
he hold her hand and pull her with a result swara fall on him.swara look at him.they share short romantic eye lock.swara tried to get up with fast beating heart.sanskar started feeling dizzy.
sanskar:did that nurse injected me?
swara:haan….she injected… leave me.
sanskar:stay still……i am feeling sleepy.
his eyes drew together after some min.swara tried to free herself but he was holding her tightly in his sleep also.swara get tired after struggling.then she adjust herself with him and keep her head on chest.swara stare at front door then something stuck her mind.
swara:my phone?…..damm i forget it in car…now how to call naina.
she look at sanskar and bites her lips.she take out sanskar’s phone slowly and dail naina’s number.
swara whispered:hello!!!
naina;swara did u reached home?
swara:haan wo did u reached home/….sunny and pari are fine na/
naina:each we reached home safely. sunny and pari are fine.
swara;i want to talk with them.
naina give phone to sunny.
sunny:hello maasi.
swara:sunny are u fine?
sunny;g maasi i am fine totally.
swara:and pari?
sunny:she is also fine.
swara:aacha where is she?
sunny give phone to pari.
pari;maaasi where are u?
swara;pari shona are u fine?
pari:yes maasi i am fine….police uncle was very nice he gave chocolate also.
swara smiling:did u say thank u to him?
pari:yes maasi i said thank u uncle…..
sunny shouted from behind: and after hearing uncle he faint.
swara bite her lips firmly to stop her loud laugh.her face turned red because of it.
swara inhaling deep breath and said:pari givee phone to sunny.
pari give phone to sunny.
swara:sunny i will come tomorrow to pick u both…..or when will city’s condition will get batter….don’t tease naina, uncle and aunty.okay?
suny:okay maasi.
sunny poutingly:promise.
swara:make pari eat dinner like a good boy.
swara:take care…bye.
swara cut the call and call bua.
swara:hello bua!!.
bua worriedly:swara where are u?…..i saw the news….are u fine na?
swara:g bua i am fine…..wo actually sanskar is in hospital i am with him.
bua:what happened to him…is he fine/
swara look at sleeping sanskar:he is fine now…..but little injured.i need to stay at hospital with him.
bua smile:okaay take care of him.
swara put phone again in sanskar’s pocket and close her eyes.


Swara wakes up screaming sanskar’s name.sanskar also get up with her scream.
swara look at him sweating hard.she cups his face.
swara:are….are u fine?
sanskar;i am fine swara….
swara hug him tightly and close her eyes.
swara sobbing:thank god u are fine….nothing happened to u.
sanskar in mind:nightmare
sanskar break hug and wipe her tears.
sanskar:nothing happened to me….i am in front of u.
swara nodded.
he make her sleep.swara hug him tightly and close her eyes.sanskar alsso close his eyes,he was still in effect of injection.
sanskar gets up and look around the room.his gaze fall on swara.she was hugging so tightly as she was afraid of loosing him.he unknowingly smile.
swara in sleep:hmmm…..
saanskar:get up its morning……
swara adjust her head on chest and whispered;let me sleep…i am getting peaceful sleep after long time.
sanskar teasing:doctor will be coming any time….what will he say?……..
swara open her eyes and look at him.
swara confused:what will he say?
sanskar in meaningful way:he will say… these things in your home this is hospital.
swara innocently:sleep is not allowed in hospital?
sanskar stare at her for a second then burst out laughing.
sanskar laughing:u are innocent to dangerous level.
swara glares at him and hit him on chest.
swara:why are u laughing like idiot?
she remove his hand from her waist and get up from bad.sanksar was still chuckling.
meanwhile doctor came inside the room and saw him laughing.
doctor:good morning.
sawsan:good morning.
doctor:i think u are feeling much better.
sanskar;right….when i can go home?
doctor:i will ask nurse to ready discharge paper….(to swara) ap mera saath aen.
swara nodded and both leaves from there.
after getting discharge they come out from hospital.
swara give medicine to sanskar.
swara:go home and take rest.
sanskar;who will go office?
swara angrily:go home silently.
sanskar teasing;who are u to order me.
swara: your wife….go home now.
sanskar in same tone:wife will not come with husband.
swara:nhe i will not…i need to pick sunny and pari. don’t u dare to step down from bed.
sanskar:u also don’t do office…take leave today.
swara open her mouth.sanskar look at her with warning eyes.
swara nodded her head.sanskar leaves from there.swara stop taxi and also leaves from there.

swara,sunny and pari entered inside the house.sunny and pari run toward their room.
kavya come in front of swara.
kavya;where were u whole night?…….
swara:and why u think i will answer your question.
kavya smirking:did u spend night with your hot boss….would have enjoyed it a lot right?
before swara could have said anything.kavya get a tight slap from bua.kavya keep hand on cheek and look at bua shocked like hell.
kavya:mom u slapped me because of her?….what wrong did i said?
bua angrily:kavya enough is enough…..she was in hospital last night,sanskar was injured and she informed me about it……how can u talk like this about your sister?
kavya angrily;she is not my sister….why did u slapped me?
bua angrily:pitch low kavya……….that night she said wrong things about u…i scolded u did wrong i slapped u.
kavya look at bua with teary eyes and leaves from there.bua get sad seeing tears in her eyes.
bua:swara don’t mind her words.
swara:i am not…the things i don’t do…i don’t feel bad about them.
bua nodded smilingly.
bua:go get resh i will arrange breakfast.
swara nodded and leaves from there.
only swara was doing breakfast.because sunny and pari had did breakfast at naina house.
bua was sitting with her.
bua:how is sanskar?
bua hesitated :swara i was thinking…we should go back to kolkata now.
swara sad:why?
bua:kavya is troubling u alot…isn’t she?
bua:she is really angry and i am afraid she might not do anything wrong in anger…..and we can’t stay here whole life right?
swara nodded sadly.
bua:we will come again.
swara:when are u planing to go back?
bua:after one day
swara:so early….nhe bilkul nhe.
bua chuckling:do your breakfast.
bua get up and leaves from there.


ALL were doing breakfast.kavya came there yawning and sit on chair.
kavya shouted:mom breakfast….
sunny quickly gets up,run toward kitchen and bring sandwitch for kavya.swara and pari look at him.
pari whisper in swara’s ear;maasi from when bhai became so good boy?
swara whisperd:he did something right?
pari nodded vigorously.kavya was about to put sandwich in her mouth when she saw tail coming out it.
kavya confused:what is this?
she remove the upper bread and A DEAD RAT!!!!!.
kavya throw sandwich,keep hand on mouth,run toward washroom and vomit.swara also keep hand on mouth feeling disgusted.she also run toward her room and start vomiting.pari close her eyes and turn quickly.
pari to herself:there is no rat on sandwich….chiii bhai…yuck!!!!!.
sunny was rolling on floor.bua came outside from kitchen and saw him laughing.
bua:sunny why are u laughing?
sunny:nothing….laughing is good for health.
swara come out from her room wiping her face with that time driver knock at the door.
he come forward and pick their bags and walk outside.sunny and pari also goes behind him.
swara;bua see kavya she is vomiting in washroom and remove this rat also.
bua worriedly:what she is vomiting….in morning
bua goes to kavya’s room.swara goes outside and kiss pari.pari kiss her back and sit inside car.
swara stop sunny and said:why did u do this sunny?…..such a bad prank….so ugly?
sunny:she also said so bad things to u na….so i did my best prank on her…i thought she will take a bite then see it.
swara make bad bad faces.
swara:u are a good boy na…good boy don’t do this.
sunny stubbornly :i don’t know anything…if anyone will hurt u i will do the same thing with him.i am good boy for them who are good with u.
swara’s heart increased in size.she kiss him on forehead.
swara:u are my son na?
sunny nodded vigorously.
swara;then u will not do this again okay?
sunny pout.
swara corrects his hair.
swara:we should always keep difference between right and wrong…..ALWAYS.
he kiss her on cheek and sit inside the car.swara smile.

swara was throwing daggers at sanskar sanskar.who was reading files very calmly as he has no other work than this.
sanskr:there are mistakes here…correct them.
swara cursed him,take files from him,went to her cabin.
sanskar:when u think me as hitler than i should behave like hitler…right.
swara came after some time and give him file.
sanskar after reading:u may go now..
swara turned to leave.
sanskar:but before that bring me a cup of hot coffee…..its so cold today.
swara gritted teeth:YES SIR….
she leaves from there.sanskar chuckled.
swara give him coffee and leaves from there.sanskar put cup on table and pick mbl and dial her number.swara look at number and cut it angrily.sanskar call her again.swara cut it again and look was raining heavily.her phone again ringed.swara pick call and keep phone between ear and shoulder and start struggling with her umbrella.
swara angrily:what is your problem…when some one is not picking call then it means he don’t want to pick….
sanskar pick his cup and start taking small sips,hearing her scolding.
swara tried to open the umbrella with a jerk and it get separated in two portion.swara open fully seeing two parts of single umbrella.
swara face turned furious.she take phone in her hands.
swara furious:u…u…idiot because of my umbrella got break…i didn’t gave your number to poilce na i will change my name……
sanskar gets worried a little.
sanskar in mind;how will she go home now.
swara snapped:wait a second why should i change my name….stop calling me.
she cut the call and look at broken umbrella.
swara cryingly:how will i go home now?
she throw the broken umbrella to side,look at rain.
swara:tomorrow high fever is must….
she put duppta on head and start walking fast.she take a shortcut to reach home fast.
sanskar keep cup on table,pick his keys and stepped outside.he sit inside the car and drive the way through which she always goes.sanskar find her whole way but she was no where.he find her whole hour but was not able to find her.
sanskar:may be reached home…i should check her.
he stop the car in front of house and bell the ring.
bua open the door and without looking at him,start scoldings
bua:swara ajj to had hogai itni late?….that too in this weather.
sanskar gets worried.
bua meekly;sory i thought swara came therefore….come inside.
sanskar:swara didn’t reached till now.
bua worriedly:nhe…i called her…she told she is coming…see there she is.
sanskar turned and look at her.she was drenched from head to toe,sneezing continuously.
bua worriedly:swara bacha ya kia ha?
swara sneezing:rain…(sneeze)…allergy….
bua take her inside.sanskar also stepped inside behind them.
bua:go change cloth i will bring haldi milk for u.
swara sneezed:i don’t….(seeze)….like milk.
sanskar et angry at her stubborness.
bua slap on her head.
bua:go inside and come out fast.
swara goes to her room seezing continuously.
after some time swara came out.and sit on couch.all were there except kavya.
bua keep haldi milk in front of her.swara look at it with horrified expression.
sunny:maasi it is good for your health…drink it fast.
swara rubbed her red nose after seeze.
swara:bua i will take my medicine i will be fine.
bua strictly:drink it….
swara look at sanskar as saying”this is all because of u”
sanskar smile at her meekly..swara sneezed and rub her nose.
she pick glass,close her nose and drink it in one gulp.
sunny and pari giggled.
bua put stream tub in front of her.
bua:take stream….
bua keep towel on her head and push her face inside the towel.
sunny,pari and sanskar burst out laughing.bua hide her smile.
swara loudly:silence.
after some time.
bua:don’t raise your head….take stream your seezing will get stop.
swara push towel back and take very deep breath.
swara poutingly;here i can’t breath and u are saying don’t raise head.
all look at her with open mouth.
swara rubbed her nose.
swara:what are u both staring at me…tomorrow is school go and sleep.
sunny and pari nodded vigorously and run from there.swara look at bua.
bua:i am also going for sleep.
bua gets up and leaves from there hurriedly.
swara look at sanskar.
swara angrily;are u planning to stay here today?
sanskar:yes…do u have any problem.
swara get up and move toward kitchen.
sanskar goes after her.swara take her medicine and drink water.
sanskar stare at her long hairs,driping water to the ground.he skipped his several breaths
swara turned and look at him.
swara:what are u doing here?
sanskar stepped toward.swara stepped back and strike with counter.
sanskar in deep voice;i was looking at your nose.
he forward his hand to touch it.swara slap on his hand.
swara angrily:don’t touch it.
sanskar teasing:it turned red…
he poke his finger on her nose tip,swara sneezed at his face.sanskar close his eyes.swara giggled.
swara giggling:told u don’t touch it.
sanskar take her duppta’s palu and wipe his face.
swara glares at him.sanskar smile after cleaning his face.
sanskar smirking:ready for punishment of sneezing at my face…..
sanskar kiss her immediately after completing sentence.swara eyes get wild open at sudden kiss.
sanskar rubbed her cold cheek with his thumb during the kiss and his other hands went in her wet hairs.swara’s whole body warmed up.her heart ached to kiss him back but she restrained herself from kissing him.sanskar travelled toward her neck,giving her warm kisses
swara breathing heavily:sanskarrr…
sanskar stopped hearing his name,he stepped back look at her face.
he stepped back quickly and turned to leave.swara felt like all her warmth went with him.she hold his hand quickly.sanskar look at her confused.don’t know what came in heart,she kissed him,closing her eyes.sanskar get shock at her act.but pushing every thought aside he kissed her back passionately and deeply.they were fully engrossed in their kiss when sanskar phone started ringing.swara came in her senses hearing such loud ring.she open her eyes,push him and run from there quickly.sanskar tried to stop her but run fastly.he cursed himself badly for that.he take out his phone,cut the call and walked out thinking about their kiss.
suddenly someone stopped him from behind.sanskar turned and look at bua.
bua;sanskar can i talk to u for a second.
sanskar nodded.
bua hasitant:i know i should not between u and swara but i think there is some problem between u two.
sanskar face turned stone.he can’t allow anyone else in their matter.
bua:i am sory beta but i can’t see swara like this.
she give him pic.sanskar look at the pic and his heart stopped for a min remembering their beautiful moment.
bua:she is keeping this pic under her pillow……and i mostly saw her talking with it.
sanskar look at her shocked like hell.
bua:i don’t know what is problem…but i can clearly see that u both love each other……try to solve problem…..will u?
sanskar nodded with freezed mind.he was not in condition to understand anything.
bua patted his cheek.
bua:take care of swara,she is very innocent.
after saying that bua leaves from there.sanskar look down at pic then keep it inside the coat and leaves from there.

swara was sitting on the bad,cursing herself badly.
swara:how can i loose control on myself….how can i kiss him…what will he be think of me…god what have i done.
she slip her hand under pillow to take out pic but get freeze finding nothing.she move pillow from her place and get shock seeing nothing.she gets up quickly and take out bed sheet and start finding their pic.she look every where in drawers,cupboard,on floor.EVERYWHERE.
she sit on floor crying hard.
swara crying:i lost our pic sanskar…i lost it i am sorry…sorry.

sanskar was looking at the pic and remembering their good time.


swara and sanskar come out from office and walked toward parking area.
swara angrily:sanskar we can’t come out during office hour every time.
swara:why…mtlb?…it is wrong thing if we will come out everyday then when we will do work?
sanskar behave as he didn’t listen anything.
swara irritated:sanskar……
sanskar teasing:yes sweetheart….did u asked something from me?
swara blush cherry red,the way he called her.sanskar smile.
sanskar open door for her.
swara hasitated:let’s walk….
sanskar:why not….
he close the door and both started walking at the footpath with joined hands.
swara:your company stocks are going to fall soon…i am warning u.
sanskar chuckled.
swara glaring:i am serious…..if this will continue like this.
sanskar calmly:we work 12 hours continuously if we will take a break of 2 hours then nothing will happen to my company stocks…….or waisa bhi i gave my 12 years to this company and in return it can’t even give me 2 hours with u…what’s the use of it?
swara smile and keep her head on his shoulder,while walking.
sanskar:for your kind information…when we will become old,our teeth will fall down,hairs will turn white then we will remember this moments.
swara smile imagining their future together.
swara;i thought u will take me out at that time also….instead of remembering old moments.
sanskar tightened his grip on her hand.
sanskar:hmm……that will be much better.
swara look at him raising her head.
swara poutingly;u didn’t purpose me till now?
sanskar chuckling:u are wearing ring of my name and still asking for it…so childish.
swara mouth get open…she freed her hand and start walking at little distance,making cute pout face.sanskar look at her face and smile.he look at flower shop and take one rose from there.
he stops swara and knelt down in front of her and forward rose.
sanskar in deep voice:swara i love u a lot and can promise one thing i will not stop loving u,ever in my life plz marry me….plz
swara take flower,jump and hug him tightly.
swara:i love u toooooo.
sanskar hug her back and said:happy???
she kiss him on cheek and said:thank u…u are best,love u.
sanskar proudly:i know i am best….
swara laugh,sanskar also laugh with her.someone click their pic……both look at an mid age man,keeping camera around his neck.he gave them their pic.sanskar pay him with wide smile.
swara ordering:i will keep it….
sanskar with narrowed eyes:why i will keep it….
swara shook her head vigorously,snatch pic from him and run laughing.sanskar run after her yelling her name.
A lonely tear slipped down from his cheek.
sanskar halplessly:swara why are u keeping it with u till now…….is there something which i am not able to see…
swara words start echoing in his mind.
sanskar lost in thoughts:prince didn’t try to learn truth….that day was she talking about us?
Her pale face came in front of his eyes when he was injured badly,her nightmare about him,
sanskar closed his eyes tightly.
sanskar whispered to himself:sanskar u damm idiot.
he takes out his mbl quickly and dial dadi’s number.
sanskar clearing throat;hello dadi….
dadi surprised:sanskar u called at this time…everything fine?
saanskar:i hope i didn’t disturb your sleep?
dadi laughing:no not at all…tell me everything fine in business?
sanskaar:everything is fine?….i want to ask something
sanskar:that day when i bring swara to meet u,did u both talked about company and property?
dadi’s face turned dark instantly.
dadi fumbling;n…no…..nothing about property…..after your leave……we….we were talking normally when…she….she got a call and leaves from there quickly…….we didn’t talk about property?…….we just talked for 5 mins.
sanskar:ae u sure?
dadi:off course i am sure…..
sanskar nodded feeling heavy weight on his heart.
dadi:but sanskar why u are asking this? anything happened?….did she tell why she left like this?
sanskar:yeah there was emergency at her home therefore.
dadi:ohhhh!!!!…okay u take care.
sanskar:u also take care of yourself…..bye.
sanskar cut the call.dadi gets furious.
dadi angrily;i need u see what is happening there….why he asked about it so suddenly.
she called someone else.
dadi:book my tickets for Mumbai.
dadi cut the call and laid back on chair again and start reading newspaper again.

sanskar rubbed his forehead.
sanskar;this girl again lied to me………such a big lie and damm it!!! i trusted her so easily….shit shit…shit.
he look at the pic.
sanskar;why did u do this?….why?…..everything was perfect between us.we were so happy….why did u do that?…….how to find out who called u and what happened in that hour/
he call someone and ordered:i need phone call list of swara gadodia.
PERSON:of which date sir?
sanskar:18 december…….in one hour.
person obediently:yes sir.
sanskar cut the call.
sanskar:i just hope swara. Reason was big enough….


pari sadly:bua u are leaving….
bua kiss her cheek.
sunny hug her.
sunny naughtly:i never thought i will miss u.
bua laughed loudly at that.kavya yawn.
kavya:can we go mom?
swara and bua hug each other.
bua:take care….okay.
swara:u also….
they break hug.bua and kavya sit inside the bus.Bus starts and vanish after sometime.
she pick pari and hold sunny’s hand.they sit inside the taxi and went toward their house.
after reaching home.
swara:go sleep for one hour i will wake u both up at 6.
BOTH;we are not sleepy.
swara:what will u both do then?
sunny:i need your phone?
sunny:we are awake so how can partner sleep.
swara give them and went for daily work..
sunny and pari run inside the room and sit on bad.
sunny dial sanskar’s number.


sanskar was sitting on chair.his eyes were burning and were completely red.he didn’t sleep whole night.he had severe headache and neck pain.his phone started ringing.he look at screen.
SWARA’S CALLING.he quickly take phone and keep it on ear.
sanskar:hello swara….
sunny loudly:partnerrrr…its me…not maasi.sunny put phone on speaker.
sanskar taking deep breath:u are awake at this time…everything fine?
sunny:not only me….pari is also awake….we went to see off bua and witch.
pari shouted:maasi bhai is calling kavya maasi as witch.
swara shouted:sunny behave.
sunny shouted:maasi i will only call her witch…because she is witch.
sunny hit pari on head lightly
sunny:maasi ki chamchi…..can’t u keep silent.
sanskar smile and said:sunny don’t tease pari…i will pull your ear.
pari:friend u know what he did yesterday?
sanskar laid back and close his burning eyes.
pari:he put rat in kavya maasi’s sandwich.
sanskar laughed loudly.
sanskar:well done partner.
sunny happy:thank u partner….therefore i made u partner.
pari’s mouth get open fully.
pari:friend bad thing….kavya maasi was vomiting so much.
sanskar:when people do bad thing with u.u should do bad thing with them.
sunny quickly:partner but maasi said we should keep difference between right and wrong always.
sanskar open his eyes and said in deep voice:did she said like this?
sunny;haan and take promise from me that i will not do this again.
sanskar:then u should keep your promise.
trio keep on talking with each other.Hour spend like this.swara entered inside the room at six.
swara busy tone.:pari come…i will change your cloth.
sanskar take suffering breath hearing her voice.
sunny:maasi can we skip school today.
swara: why don’t u like school?……..always think to skip school.
sunny:no fun at school….teacher don’t let me do any prank.
swara:get up quickly…otherwise i will give u shower with cold water.
sunny look at horrified,give phone to pari and run toward washroom.
swara;don’t break tap…..
swara giggled.
pari poutingly:maasi its so cold……u would have not give cold shower to bhai?
swara pick pari up and said:i was laying.
pari:laying is bad habit…..
swara:when u lie for benefit of your loved ones then it is not bad okay?
sanskar cut the call and gets up.
sanskar in mind:laying to your loved ones is bad thing MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI……it is really bad thing.
he went toward washroom to take shower.

swara entered inside the sanskar’s cabin and walked toward curtains.
her phone started ringing.she pull the curtains apart and take out her phone.kavitha’s calling.
she gets happy and keep phone on ear and walk toward table and start arranging things.
swara;hello kavi!!! u in morning?
kavita:can’t i get up in morning.
swara giggling:very hard.
kavitha:just shut up…if i want i can get up early.
swara:when are u coming back…..don’t tell me u will come with baby.
kavitha blushed deep red.
swara teasing;someone is blushing…
kavitha:shut up….sanskar made u shameless……oh my god my sweet innocent friend turned shameless….ya din bhi dekhna tha….is sa phala main mar kun nhe gai?
swara laughing:stop drama and tell me when u are coming back…i am missing u so much.
kavitha:i am missing u too……u na wait i will ask karan to book tickets today.
swara:haan okay bye….
swara keep phone in her bag and walk toward her cabin.she sit there and look at time.8:30
swara:why didn’t he come till now?
she start completing her work.MR.sharma entered inside her cabin.swara gets up.
swara;good morning uncle?
MR.sharma:good morning beta….i came to inform that tell mr.maheshwari all arrangements for opening of hotel is done…….and today evening is opening.
swara:okay i will inform sir when he will come.
mr.sharma;hmm….waisa with whom u are going?
swara:i am not coming.
swara:i have two little children i can’t leave them alone at evening.
mr.sharma confused and somewhere happy:u are married?
swara bites her lips,finding words to say.
swara:they are my sister children….she her husband died last year.they live with me.
mr.sharma:oh okay….but i hope u know it is compulsory for everyone to come.its rule in office.
swara confused:i didn’t know that…
mr.sharma:u have no relative…where u can make them stay…its only about 2 hours.
swara:okay i will come.
mr.sharma:u will be saying why am forcing…….actually i have no partner so come with me.
swara giggling:g uncle..
mr.sharma leave from there.swara saw sanskar going toward his cabin.she gets up and walk toward his cabin.she knock at the door.
sanskar;yes come in….
swara entered inside.sanskar look at her.
sanskar strictly:yes any work?
swara confused:sir medicine
sanskar:i will take myself.
swara blinked at him then said:mr.sharam has informed that arrangements are done for opening of hotel….today evening is function.
sanskar:hmm….okay u may go now.
swara turns and was about to leave when he stopped her.
swara look at him and said:yes sir?
sanskar;inform everyone that today off time will be 1 in noon.
swara:yes sir….
she leaves from there and inform about the order.


swara:sunny plz don’t tease pammi aunty ……no pranks…i will come early….pari keep an eye on your brothe.
pari:maasi i will not let him do anything…promise.
sunny give her look :u will stop me”
pari:maasi bhai is showing eyes.
swara keep hand on sunny cheek and make him look at her.
swara:sunny plz…otherwise i will not go then answer your partner yourself.
sunny:i will not do anything…but come soon.
she kiss his cheek and then pari and gets up.
swara:aunty i am leaving.
pammi:okay beta…..
swara come out from house,sit inside the taxi and leaves for venue.
after 30 mins she reached outside the hotel and start looking around.she saw mr sharma and went to him.
mr.sharam glaring:u are late again.
swara poutingly;uncle my children were not letting me come….sory
she hold her left ear and make puppy dog face.
mr.sarma chuckled.
mr.sharam:u looking cute today.
swara looked down.she was wearing pink gown with a lot of furs.
swara:thank u my son selected it for me.actually my son is very naughty…so i was taking promise from him that he will not do any prank.
mr.sharma:hmm…mtlb he went on his maasi…i still remember your parody.
swara giggled.
swara:how is your wife?…why didn’t u bring her.
mr.sharma sighing heavily:family is not allowed…i am missing her very much.
meanwhile black Mercedes stopped in front of hotel.sanskar come out wearing black dress.
swara in mind:always black…don’t like any other colour.
on the other side dadi come out wearing silver saree.swara heart stopped seeing her there.
swara whispered:i should have not come.
both walk toward hoel.swara hide behind crowed when they passed from there.
a person offer scissor to cut ribbon.sanskar give it to dadi.daadi smile triumphly,take scissor and cut the ribbon.everyone claps.
swara in mind:he love her so much and she….chi.
sanskar look back toward the crowd before entering inside the hotel.swara hide herself.
dadi:sanskar let’s go.
sanskar:g dadi….
both entered inside all also entered behind offered swara her arm.swara smile a little but hand around his arm and entered inside the hotel.sanskar was moving his gaze around the hall and saw her coming.his heart stopped seeing her.she was looking mesmerizing.
pink dress with pink cheeks.
Ram (mr.sharma):swara u wait here i will bring drink…which one?
swara:orange juice.
ram leave from there.swara look at sanskar because of his continuous gaze.she then look at dadi staring at her and turn her face.
dadi:sanskar i will come just now.
dadi goes and stand in front of swara.she hug her with fake smile.
dadi:how are u?
swara didn’t said anything.
dadi chuckling:swaa,sanskar is watching….smile beta.
swara:i am fine MA’AM.
dadi in serious tone:careful swara……u are forgetting what can i do?…..yesterday sanskar called me at midnight….and asked about our conversation of that night?……are u giving him hint?
swara;i am not doing nothing…..he still believe i am gold digger girl and u are his fiery god mother…..didn’t see how he offer u to cut ribbon.
dadi smirking:i just want to make sure that u didn’t forget anything.
At that time ram came there and give swara her juice.
ram:good evening ma’am.
dadi:gd evening……(to swara)…i will take a leave now.
swara:sure ma’am.
dadi give a look to her and leaves from there.
swara take a sip of her juice and make faace.
swara:its bitter.
ram look at her face deeply.
ram:let’s dance….to make your mood good.
swara look at him and said:look at your age.
ram glaring:i am still young…if u had said this in front of my wife then she would have beat u very well….chalo ab.
swara giggled and both went to dance floor.
ram:what did ma’am told that your mouth get bitter?
swara:give a good advise… i not looking good?
ram:u are looking doll in this dress.swara smile.
Meanwhile sanskar came there.swara smile fade seeing him.
sanskar:can i have dance.
Ram:sure sir….
swara look at ram and sign him to not leave but sanskar hold her making her look at him.ram leave from there.
sanskar hold swara from softly and start dancing casually.swara was looking at his chest.
sanskar calmly:can i tell u a story.
swara look at his face with jerk.
swara confused:huh????
sanskar looking around normally:a very interesting story….can i?
swara in mind:is he competely mad or half?
sanskar not looking at her face:there is one prince and princess.both love each other truly and were living a perfect life.prince,princess and their two children.
swara start biting her lips in nervousness.
sanskar:one day princess lied to prince and prince being a blo*dy idiot believed her lie and left her alone in night.
he look at her finally.swara heart stopped beating.she was looking at him holding her breath all together.
sanskar looking direct in her eyes:u will not ask why prince believed in her lie?….even after so much trust on each other.
swara stammering:i…i am not…not entrusted in your story.
she tried to free her hand.he pull her close to his chest.swara look at him.
sanskar calmly:ask from me why he believed in her lie?
swara look at him with teary eyes then turn her face,gulping down tears.
sanskar hold her both hands,spin her and back hug her.
sanskar whispered in her ear:never mind i will tell myself……because princess used prince’s biggest weakness….HIS ANGER…..actually princes did a big mistake by telling princess that he hate gold digger girls.
sanskar taunting:princess being a intelligent very intelligent girl used it very well….made prince blind in anger and jerk prince throw princess out from his life.
a tear slipped down from swara’s left cheek.
swara:story end SIR……can i go now? (giving stress on sir)
sanskar spin her again,making her look at him.
sanskar:who said story is end…..after that princes start hating princess and was troubling her day when princess was telling story to their children and suddenly one complain slipped from her tongue “why didn’t princes try to learn truth”.
swara in mind:how…how he knows about it?.
sanskar in deep voice:prince want to learn truth…..why princess did that?
swara free herself somehow and walk from there fast.
sanskar in mind:u can’t leave without giving answer.
he look at one waiter.he nodded slowly.waiter moves toward swara and strike with her.making few drinks fall on her dress.
waiter:i am so sorry ma’am…i am so sory it was by mistake.
swara:its fine..
waiter:no ma’am…its not fine…u come with me…washroom is there.
swara:its fine i have to go.
waiter hold her hand and make walk toward washroom.swara unwillingly go inside the washroom.sanskar smile and goes toward washroom.
swra first splash water on her face twice and wipe her face with tissue.then bend and start cleaning her dress.
swara to herself:why he is asking these things so suddenly and he asked about that night from dadi also….why?…what is cooking in his mind.
sanskar entered inside the washroom and his eyes get freeze on one thing.swara get straight after cleaning dress and turned to go.she stopped seeing sanskar there.
swara in mind:plz sanskar don’t ask anything from me…i can’t tell u anything.
but he was not looking at her face.he was looking down.swara look down and she cursed herself badly.
sanskar was staring at HER LOCKET which came out.sanskar look at her.swara avoid eyes contact.
sanskar walked toward her fast,hold her arm and pin her to wall.
sanskar:give me the answer swara….why did u do that we were so happy…why did u do that.
swara firmly:u are thinking too much….i never loved u and that is only truth.u are again going in your own world.
sanskar calmly:u don’t love me?
sanskar calmly:fine its totally fine with me….but i have some confusion clear that then u are free from me forever.u can leave job also.
swara heart thudded.
sanskar:that day when i get hit on head…why u were behaving as someone is snatching your life?….why u get nightmare about me?…..why are u wearing this locket till now?….why didn’t u take it out?…..and why u keeping this pic under your pillow?.
he take out pic from his coat.swara look at pic and her hand automatically moved toward pic.
swara:my pic…
she tried to take it but sanskar moved his hand back.he cups her left cheek
sanskar in hurt voice:our pic…our pic.
swara look at him.he was looking so hurt…so much in pain.sanskar keep pic in coat again
and joined their forehead.
sanskar:give me answer swara…why all this when u don’t love me?…why?
swara avoid eyes from him.sanskar keep hand on her cheek and make her look at him.
sanskar with gritted teeth:don’t u dare avoid eyes from me…i want answer…when u don’t love me why are u keeping my memories with u.
swara tried to push his hands back.Tears were rolling down from her cheeks.she was getting weak one more min and she will blurt the truth.just dadi gave her fresh warning to be careful.swara kiss sanskar immediately.sanskar get shocked with he sudden kiss.swara put her hands around him and kiss him passionately.sanskar also start kissing her closing his eyes.they kiss showing pain and love to each other.swara open her eyes,look at him last time then push him full force and run from there quickly.sanskar staggered back.
sanskar frustatedly:she again did that….
he was going after her when his phone started ringing.sanskar keep phone on ear
MAN:sir we find CCTV footage.u can come and check it.
sanskar:good i am coming.
he cut the call.
sanskar:u think if u will not tell…then i can’t find it myself.

swara run from the.dadi saw her leaving call someone and ordered.
dadi:she is leaving….complete your work.
dadi cut the call.
dadi in mind:why not finish the reason of every problem.

sanskar come out from hotel and saw swara leaving in taxi.he sit inside the car and drive toward his mansion.
sanskar stopped car in front of his mansion, come out and walked toward security area.
he entered inside four to five men gets up from their seats.
sanskar:show me the video after 8…..behind the mansion.
MAN:yes sir.
he starts the clip.main door was shown 15 mins passed but swara didn’t come out till now.
sanskar muttered:dadi said she left after 5 mins.
after more 15 mins swara come out from house,walking like lifeless body.tears falling down to the ground.
sanskar whisperd:what the hell…
sanskar:show me video of the hall from 8….
MAN open the clip of start when sanskar was leaving the hall.dadi laid back and ordered swara to call her ma’am.
Blood started collecting in sanskar’s eye after watching swara’s humiliation.
all security guards look at each other then look at sanskar’s thundaring face.
screen turned dark after finishing the video.tear fall down from his red eyes.he wiped his single tear.
sanskar dangerous voice:all of u go and keep an eye miss.parvati mahehwari and she shout not know about it….am i clear (sanskar shouted his last sentence).
all loudly:yes sir….
all leaves from there.
sanskar punch on table
sanskar:such a big betrayal dadi…if u would have asked for once sanskar give me all your wealth….i would have give u with my own hands….i made this whole empire just to make u proud at me and your snatched swara from me…..i will not forgive u for this never.
sanskar slid his both hands from hairs,frustratingly.
sanskar took deep breath and said:first i should go to swara….she beard everything alone.
he goes out,starts his car and drive toward swara’s house with full speed.
sanskar guilty:i hurt u alot swara…i am sorry.
sanskar reached in front of swara house and get confused seeing lock at door.
sanskar:she didn’t reached till now.
he come out,open the door with his own keys,entered inside and start waiting for her impatiently.One hour passed…she didn’t come till now.sanskar look at his wrist watch 10.
sanskar started getting worried.he takes out his phone and dial her was ringing but no one was picking phone.sanskar again called on her number.
sanskar:pick up the phone swara.
at that time call was picked
sanskar:hello swara…
some unknown person speaks from behind:excuse me sir
sanskar:who is this?….where is swara?
Person:who are u to her?
sanskar angrily:i am her husband give her phone.
Person:oh i am sory sir but your wife is dead…..the taxi in which she was got hit by a truck and she died at spot….plz come and take her dead body.
Cell phone slipped from his hand and he fall down on his knees yelling her name.
sanskar yelled loudly:swaraaa….

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