Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 3)

Thank u soooo much guys for your lovely comments and sory for not replaying them and i am trying to update long episodes but can’t update 2 parts in one day.and once again thank u soooo much.i was little upset that readers will like previous part or not but u all give soooo much lovely comments thank u so much.

swara was sweating badly.she was breathing heavily.she was throwing her head side to side vigorously.suddenly she wake up looking here and there.she quickly get up and moved outside at meantime sanskar also came out.but swara didn’t noticed because she was lost somewhere.sanskar looked at her face and frowned.swara move toward kids room and open it and sighed in relief looking at them sleeping peacefully.
sanskar:what’s wrong? swara get afraid and turn around quickly.
swara stammering:no…noth…nothing and again looked toward sunny and pari and wiped sweat from her forehead and closes the door slowly.sanskar looked at her deeply.swara avoided eye contact with him.sanskar narrowed his eye.

sanskar in mind:she is hiding something…swara looked at watch 5:00.
swara mumbled:perfect timing… and tied her hair in bun and goes from there.sanskar was standing there thinking about her.he again goes to his room and changes dress for jogging and came out.he looked at her working and said:i am going for jogging,will be back after 30 min.i want orange juice after that.swara just nodded.he goes from there.

swara quickly do cleaning and after that take shower and lits diya and folds hands and closes her eyes at the same time sanskar entered the house and was mesmerized to see her.long wet hairs were open at her back.water droplets were dripping down at the floor.she was looking so pure with closed eye.he was just standing there looking at her face.suddenly he feels something new in his heart.he never saw her with open hairs she was always in simple choti or sometimes in bun.swara open her eye and smiles.sanskar’s heart beat increased when she smiled.swara rubbing her hairs with towel looked at him.her hands stopped sanskar came to his senses.swara looked at the time 5:30.her eyes widened.she quickly goes toward kitchen.sanskar also goes behind her.and stands at the door laying his at door folding his hands on his chest.swara quickly give him juice.sanskar silently take it from that side where she was holding the glass.there hands touched each other.she looked at him.there was a short eye lock and swara quickly pulls her hand back.after some time swara broke silence.

swara:sir what will u take in breakfast.
sanskar:toast,boiled egg and black coffee without sugar.swara nodded and tied her hair in bun which were little wet now.sanskar get annoyed when she tied them and goes from there.swara quickly made breakfast and arrange it on table.she was going toward kids room when sanskar called her.she goes toward his room and knock at the open door.(it was weird but he never closed his room door)
sanskar:come in..swara entered the room.he was in washroom.
sanskar yelled:swara arrange clothes.swara silently arrange the clothes and was about to leave when he again called her
sanskar:clothes.swara take deep breath and give him clothes and goes from there and wake up the kids.and as useuall make pari ready and when she was tying her hairs sanskar called her.swara shook her head.
swara:pari i will just come
pari:okay maasi.and swara goes toward sanskar room and entered after knocking.
swara:yess sir.

sanskar:make a knot of tie.swara looked at him and sighed then take tie from him silently and make a neat knot and all this process sanskar was staring her putting hands in his pockets.
swara give him tie and leaves.
sanskar come at dining table pari looked at him and smile he in return give her glare.sunny also smile.swara make pari eat breakfast.she goes to get something from kitchen after her leave.sunny exchange his glass of milk with pari which was almost empty.
pari protest:bhai cheating

sunny in warning tone:if u told maasi i will pull your choti. pari get sad and hugged her doll tightly.sanskar get angry it was not like he liked that small cute girl who always stare him with her big brown eyes it was just…..boy was doing wrong therefore he satisfied himself with this meantime swara came.she looked at glass with narrowed eye and exchange the glasses and hit sunny at his head.
swara in serious tone:finish it now…pari’s face lite up and a smile appear on sanskar lips but he hide it quickly
sunny:but…swara cuts him
swara:or else u will drink two glass of milk instead of one.
sunny’s eyes bugged out and he said:twoooo….he quickly hold the glass and drinks it in one breath.pari giggle and sanskar chuckled
swara worriedly:slowly…
sunny:it is better to drink one glass instead of two and give her tight smile.swara bite her lower lip to stop herself from laughing.and then they hear school bus horn.swara picks up pari quickly and make her wear shoes and give them school bottles.swara kissed sunny
sunny irritated:maasi don’t kiss i am not girl and rubbed his cheek.pari and swara giggle and sanskar chuckle. and they run outside.swara looked at time.
swara:offo she drink one glass of juice quickly and take used things to the kitchen,sanskar silently finish breakfast and leaves.swara runs toward her room and pick home keys.files and duppta and comes outside the room.sanskar was sitting in his car after seeing her he leaves for office.swara also leves for office.both
reached at same time both looked at each other but sanskar goes inside.swara also goes inside.
swara:good morning ms.rose.
Mis.roose little worried:gd morning swara boss reached already.go fast.swara nodded and goes.she knock at the door.
swara:may i come in sir?
sanskar:yess.swara entered the room.sanskar was sitting on sofa which was near the window room was dark.swara quickly opens the curtains and set the table and then goes toward sanskar
swara:sir medicines.sanskar take it silently looking at her.swara goes from there
whole day passed working.

AT 6
swara was packing her things.her phone ringed swara pick it and put it between her shoulder and ear and continue her the same time sanskar came in the room
kavita:swara should i go to pick sunny and pari…i am leaving i will pick them..
kavita:ohh…okay.and cuts the call.swara also put phone in her beg.
sanskar:swara…swara get straight.she catch her phone at correct time.
swara:yes…yes sir?
sanskar:finish this file till tomorrow.
swara:okay sir.he was about to leave from there but swara stopped him

sanskar looked at her.swara give him keys.
swara:these are duplicate keys of house.sanskar take it and leaves.swara hurriedly leaves from office.
swara:taxi…she sit in it and leaves.

sanskar was sitting in the hall.unintentionally waiting for swara and kidssss…..
the main door opened and he heard sunny’s irritated voice.
sunny:maasi u asked teacher to cheek my lunch this is so unfair.
swara chuckling:i don’t want u to spend whole day with empty stomach..and they entered.swara was holding pari on her waist and holding sunny hands with other hand.
sunny:but maasi its so embarrassing.
swara:okay then i will call principal to cheak your lunch…she is my good friend.
sunny stamp foot on floor.pari and swara giggle.
sunny irritated as hell:fine from Monday i will finish my lunch.
swara make pari sit on sofa and said:good boy.

sunny mumbled something.sanskar was looking at them amusingly.sunny sit on sofa.swara also sit beside him to take some rest.she was looking tired.she leaned back at couch closes her eyes for sometime.sanskar looked at her tired face.but his gaze shifted to pari who as usually doing her work STARING him.
sanskar:why this little girl always stare me.
pari innocently:maasi i am hungry…swara opens her eyes quickly and stands up without wasting time.
swara:sunny go change clothes first i will prepare dinner.
sunny without moving a little:maasi i am tired…..
swara:taphar para ga…go change clothes…. and make him stand.sunny make faces and goes.
swara:come on pari and picks her from couch and goes to her room.sanskar looked at her disappearing behind the door.
sanskar:too caring…..
they did dinner and after that as usual settled down in hall.but kids were looking excited.sanskar shook his head and goes to his room.
sunny:maasi come fast…

swara:coming baba coming (yelling from kitchen)
pari whispering:bhai should we call UNCLE
sunny:u are right.he is my partner come…and goes to sanskar room and peeks through door.sanskar look at them and frowned.both entered in the room.
sunny:partner we are doing icecream party…will u come.
sanskar in serious tone:no i have work..
sunny:its special party…it will be fun…come plzzz

sanskar a little curious:what is special in this?
sunny:actually… maasi make a rule that we have to do one exciting and new thing in one weak and this day is fixed to tell what we did.sanskar chuckle at this childish thing.
sanskar in angry voice:no..u go.sunny goes making sad face.pari moves toward sanskar and put her little hands on his big one.
pari in her sweet voice:plz…friend and blinks.sanskar get swhen she called him FRIEND.he just nodded and stands up.pari get happy and jumps
pari:thank u.sanskar smiled and goes with her.they sit on couch.swara came their at that moment.she was holding a tray in which icecream cups were placed.she was little surprise and more shock to see his arrogant and rude boss their.
swara:uhh….she gave icecream to kids and looked toward sanskar who was staring at her.she get more confused.
sunny:maasi one for partner also.he is also joining us in game.
swara narrowed her gaze at sunny:partner?

sunny points toward sanskar.
swara:sir which flavour…
sunny shouted:i also love chocolate but maasi and pari eat strawberry.they are girl na.sanskar smiled.swara and pari give him glare.swara bring chocolate and give it to sanskar.and sit with sunny and make pari sit on her lap.
sunny:soo partner u are new so i will repeat rules.we have to do new thing in a weak and we can’t repeat it.and second thing we always start from small to bigger.okay..sanskar nodded with smile.swara looked at his smile and then said in her mind:what happened to this kahroos? due to her intense gaze sanskar looked at her.swara changes her gaze quickly.sanskar smiles and eat his icecream looking at her.

swara:pari what did u do this weak?
pari:maasi i read poem infront of whole class and u know teacher give a kiss on cheeks.all smiled.swara give her kiss on her cheek.

sunny shouted:maasi last weak she read lesson.its same thing.
swara making pari eat icecream said:sunny lesson and poem is different thing.and for a three year old kid its a big thing.and again kiss on pari cheek.pari stuck out tongue at him.sunny make face.
sanskar:your maasi is saying right partner.
sunny make face and said:u are my don’t take their side
sanskar smiling:come on now its your turn what did u do?
sunny happily and excited:i made a girlfriend.swara who was eating icecream coughed.sanskar chuckled.
sunny:maasi are u fine.swara was still coughing.sunny bring water for her.swara drink water.
sunny:maasi u know she is sooo beautiful.swara put glass on table quickly and make pari sit on sanskar lap.sanskar looked at her in surprize.swara twist sunny’s ear.
swara:what did u just said?girlfriend really?
sunny:aaa!! maasi is hurting.pari giggle and sanskar was looking at her in amusement
swara angrily:i sent u school for study and u start making much old u are
sunny:aa!! 7
swara leaves his ear and said:this is your studying age not doing this stupid things.
sunny pouting:maasi then at what age i should make girlfriend.sanskar chuckle.swara again hold his ear
swara:when u will turn 18.
sunny:okay maasi i promise now leave my ear.swara leaves his ear.
pari:maasiii…now its your turn.swara smiles.sanskar get lost in her smile.
swara stands up and said:i will just come and goes from their.pari and sunny peeks through hall door.

pari:bhai is that girl more cute then meeee? and looks at him blinking.
sunny nodded vigorously.pari get sad and sanskar hit sunny on his back and give warning from eyes.sunny presses his back
sunny:but she has no dimple like u.pari smiles wide.
pari exclaimed:really? sunny nodded.
pari excited:is she more beautiful then maasi? sanskar looked at sunny face deeply
sunny smiled and said:NO…she is not beautiful than maasi.
sunny in mind:MAASI IS MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN MY LIFE AFTER MOM.sanskar in mind:she has deep connection with kids.

pari hugs that time swara entered with a chocolate cake in her get happy and yelled
both:chocolate cake.she sit infront of them and give them small pieces.she hesitated to give it to sanskar.
swara hesitantly:it might be not good.i made it first time…looking toward sanskar.sanskar just take it silently.trio eat cake.swara was looking at them expectantly.
swara:how is it? pari and sunny exchange looks.and made bad faces.swara get sad.then suddenly both hug swara
both:maasi its yummy….swara laughed.sanskar smiles.
swara:who will make me eat.
sunny:mee.both start their cute fight.swara giggle.

swara:stop both of and u both can make me eat.after making her eat sunny yelled
sunny:now partner its your turn.sanskar get serious.
swara in mind:he is smiling that is enough for full month.and giggle.sanskar looked at her giggling and narrowed his gaze at her.swara stop giggling at once and start eating cake.
sanskar looking at swara said in deep voice:i first time in my life give second chance to someone.swara hands stopped in mid which was moving toward her mouth.she looked at him.who was looking at her deeply.she changes her eyes direction quickly.
sunny shocked:really..u never give second chance to someone.sanskar nodded in no.
pari:bad manners friend….maasi always said we should give second chances to everyone.(to sanskar) haan na maasi(looking at swara).swara bites her lower lip.sanskar feels like his blood start boiling when she bites her lower lip.he gets up quickly and leaves from their quickly to stop himself doing something.she was making him crazy in just 2 days.swara take deep breath.
swara:sunny pari come on its late.u have to go school tomorrow.get up.sunny goes from their.
swara:pari go i am coming.pari smiles and goes from their running.swara picks things and goes toward kitchen.she put cake in kitchen and washes dishes.
sunny yelled:maasi…pari is calling u.
swara:coming.and goes from their quickly.she made them sleep and goes toward her room after kissing them.


sanskar rubbed back of his neck and switched off his laptop and stands up from bed and his eyes get narrow when he saw light of swara’s room was ON till now.he shook his head and walked toward her room and forward his hand to open door but stops in between.(sanskar’s room door was open)
sanskar:why would i care and goes back to his room and switched off light and goes for sleep.but turn towared door.he can easily see the lights on.
sanskar in mind:she would have a habbit to sleep in light and doze off.

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