Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 29)


swara make sanskar lay on couch. and start removing his shoes.
sanskar raised his head a little.
sanskar scolding tone:don’t touch foots…..u should not touch them.
swara angrily:shut up and sleep.
sanskar throw his head back,laughing.
swara keep shoes down and look at him.he was looking at her.
swara;close eyes.
sanskar hold her hand and pull her on him.swara fall on his chest.swara look at him angrily.
swara:what are u doing?
sanskar:i forgot to tell one thing.
sanskar:i didn’t stop the lift today it was out of order in real……and.
swara felt guilty doubting him.
swaraLi…i am sory u did that first ne so i thought u again……
sanskar put finger on her lips.
sanskar:and i was not happy seeing u like that….keep one thing in your tiny brain
he tapped his finger at her side of head.
sanskar:u played game i loved u truly
swara in hart voice:i didn’t play any game…keep that in your mind.
sanskar blinked at her.
sanskar:what did u just said?
swara:nothing…nothing….u sleep u are drunk.
she closes his eyes with her hands.she sit there for sometime until she was confirmed that sanskar slept.
she leaved from there.swara was walking and thinking about sanskar worriedly.
swara:his instead love decreasing start increasing.he is ready to accept a gold digger girl….how can he?,,,unpredictable person….i am not able to understand.
driver stopped swara look at him confused.
driver:ma’am sir asked me to drop u home.
swara smile widely and sit inside the car.

sanskar open his eyes,feeling deep pain in his head.
sanskar:ouch!!!!…..what the hall
he keep his head back and look around.
sanskar confused:swara’s cabin???….what am i doing here?…oh god how much i drunk last night.not able to remember anything.
he hardly gets up,wear his shoes and leaves from there.he saw the empty office and sighed.
sanskar:thank god today is sunday.
he sit inside the car and drive toward home.
sunny:maasi where will we go today?
swara;i have heard new hotel has opened…..we will go there today
maasi:i will call partner also.
swara look at him,opened her mouth to protest but stopped seeing his glowing face.
swara in mind:sanskar how much u made us addicted to u.
swara:bua will go with us?
bua:ya bi koi pochna ki baat……i get tired sitting here.
kavya curtly;i will also go.
swara glares at her.sunny giggled seeing swara’s face expression.


all were sitting in hall waiting for kavya to come out.
sunny irritated:maasi she takes more time than u?
swara glares at that time sanskar came there and look at them.
pari;kavya maasi is still getting ready.
kavya came out at that time and said;i am ready…
everyone look at her.swara breath stuck in her lungs.she was wearing swara’s black saree9sanskar’s favorite).sanskar look at swara with hurt filled eyes.she look at him helplessly.sanskar turned and leaves from there.all follow him.swara clenched kavya’s wrist.
swara angrily:with whose permission u wear my saree.
kavya acting being innocent:can’t i use your saree swara… i need permission?
swara blood boiled.
swara:keep your innocent acting for bua…i know u very well…..last warning ask permission before touch anything this is my house.
swara leaves from there.kavya smirked and goes after her.swara open the door of front seat but kavya sit there first.
kavya:swara plz close the door.
swara close the door,shook her head and sit with bua just at the back to sanskar.sanskar tightened his grip on steering and start the car with jerk.
swara in mind:someone is angry like hell.

all entered inside the hotel and get settled in seats.and ordered food.
one lady take mike and start announcing important thing.

sunny and par look at each other

sunny and pari look at swara
swara strictly:NO…..
meanwhile one lady came there.
lady:ma’am i am here to take children.
swara:i don’t want to send them……
sunny and pari look at sanskar.he just shrugged smiling.
lady;why ma’am everyone is sending….
she point at each table where different ladies were taking children.
bua:actually na…our children are extra ordinary…..
sunny and pari giggled.sanskar and swara chuckled.
lady:ma’am don’t worry we have experts there they can handle any kind of children
pari pleading;maasi plz…plz
sunny jump from his seat and pull swara down and whisper in her ear.
sunny whispering:maasi hotel owner should be worried we are here…..why are u getting worried….
swara look at him
swar whisper:don’t do anything
sunny kiss her cheek,hold pari’s hand and run from there.
swara look at them worriedly.
bua;take care…
lady:don’t worry ma’am we will take care of your children.
bua;i was telling to u.
sanskar laughed.,swara chuckled.lady goes from there confused.
kavya in mind:thank god finally peace
suddenly hall went dark and dance floor get lighted.
kavya:sanskar let’s go for dance….
sanskar looking at swara:sure….
he takes kavya’s hand and both went to dance floor and start dancing.swara look at him with teary eyes.bua look at swara than at sanskar who was looking at her.swara turn her face down and gulped down her tears.a man came there.
man:excuse me..
swara look at him.he was in his 20s

man:plz help me…my wife got angry from me
bua smiling:why is she angry?
boy scratching his head:i forgot our marriage anniversary..
bua and swara hide their smile.
swara:but how can i help?
boy angry:she is dancing with someone else……i hope u know how it feels when person whom u love start dancing with some one else.
swara look at sanskar and nodded slowly.
boy:plz if u dance with me she will get jealous and forget her own anger….plz plz
bua:swara go help him….shakal dakh bhachara ki..
swara sighed and get up,both went to dance floor and start dancing formally.
boy:ma’am i don’t understand one thing.
boy:why can’t wives understand we husbands are not good with dates
swara chuckling:husbands knows the dates of their every meetings….even remember when is annual meeting of next year……remember that when wife went for shopping last month….also remembers how much money she spend last months….just don’t remember when is marriage anniversary and wife’s birthday…..why?
boy stare at her with mouth.swara giggled.

boy clearing his throat:ma’am i will surely give u answer just let me think first….
swara laughed at that.
swara:think then tell me later…first tell me who is your wife?
boy:there dancing with that idiot…
swara looking around:where….
boy:she is wearing white dress… our right.
swara look at her right and get freezed seeing sanskar with red shot eyes,staring at her.
boy happily:looking angry…isn’t she/
swara move her gaze from sanskar to a cute girl.who was looking at boy with red that time girl leaves from there throwing daggers at them.
boy:finally…thank u so much ma’am for help…i think i should go after her…she is little mad.
swara nodded smiling.
boy was about to go but stopped.
boy;ma’am any advise….u are also girl.
swara;just tell her u love her….her anger will get vanish.
boy:i will surely try…thank u again.
boy leaves from there.swara was leaving the dance floor when she was turned roughly.swara look at sanskar with wide eyes.she tried to move away but sanskar hold her tightly somewhere painfully.
sanskar in dangerous threatening voice:who was he?
swara struggling;who/
sanskar:with whom u were dancing….
swara:leave me….who are u ask question?
sanskar dig his fingers in her waist.swara hissed.
swara angrily;with which right u want answer?……did i said anything when u went for dance with kavya.
sanskar angrily;rightss????
swara;leave me…..
she free herself and leaves from there.sanskat take out his phone and went to side.
sanskar (on phone):bring the papers i told u to prepare one week before…in xyz hotel.
MAN:yes sir…
sanskar cut the call,give a glance to swara and walked out from there.

swara,bua and kavya were sitting on table.swara looked around for sanskar.
swara in mind:where did he went?
at that time one lady came there running.
lady:ma’am plz come your children…we can’t handle them.
bua laughed at that.
bua:where are experts???
lady make face.swara smile,get up and walk with lady.swara open the door of hall and her eyes popped out.all children were jumping madly on a big jumper.she looked around the hall.everything was just….uff!.
lady;ma’am your children are leading them….especially your son.
swara walked toward jumper and look for sunny.
sunny yelled loudly;maasi…..
swara look at him jumping up and down and get worried.
swara;sunny get down now…u will get hurt
sunny:it soo funnnnnnn….
swara angrily:get down now…
sunny loudly:everyone down now…maasi’s order.
all children get down in an instant.
lady in disbelief:so easily…devils

swara corrects sunny hairs.
swara;kia halt bana ka rakhi ha?….where is pari?
sunny;there your Cinderella…told u don’t tell her that story see…
swara look at pari who was behaving as princess,plastic crown on head and a beautiful Scepter in hand.swara take out her phone and click her pic with teary eyes.
swara:your sister is so peaceful and u naughty….
sunny:kids she is maasi say hello…
all kids loudly:hello maasi…
swara smiling;hello….
lady:ma;am plz sign these papers….
swara confused;papers?
lady irritated:this is agreement that u and your children will not come here again…this hotel is new we can’t afford so much loss in initial stage…plz sign these.
swara stare at lady in disbelief.sunny laughed loudly.swara glares at him.pari also came there running.
swara;i am sorry for the mess….
lady nodded.
swara take papers and sign them and return it.
pari pull swara down.
pari;maasi i am hungry…elephants aere jumping in my…here and here also.
swara look at lady.
lady:this agreement is for next time.
after saying this lady leaves from there.
sunny:i am also hungry chalo chalo….
sunny run hurriedly,swara shook her head,pick pari in arms and start walking behind sunny.

lady bring papers to sanskar.
lady;sir your papers….
sanskar take papers and nodded.
sanskar:u will get your amount.
lady:thank u sir…lady about to leave but sanskar stopped her.
sanskar;can i have that pen.
lady look at pen in her hand.
she give him pen and leaves from there.sanskar keep it in his inside pocket and walked toward table.
all were were walking toward parking area.kavya and bua were walking at front,swara was holding pari in her arms,who was tired and keeping her head on her shoulder.sanskar and sunny were walking together.
they reached near the car,bua and kavya sit inside.kavya at front and bua at back.swara open the door when same boy and his wife came there.sanskar and sunny also stand beside them.sanskar look at boy angrily.
boy:ma’am my wife kajal….
swara and kajal shake hands.
kajal excitedly:thank u soo much….otherwise this idiot had almost destroyed our day.
swara smile.boy glare at kajal.sanskar get confused.
sanskar in mind:what help.
boy:i forgot to ask your name?
kajal pulls pari’s cheek and said:is she your daughter?
swara nodded smiling.
kajal:u are so cute…
pari shly:thank u….everyone says the same.
they laughed at her innocence.sunny comes forward
swara:my son (pointing at sunny).

arjun exclaimed:ma’am u are married…therefore u were taking wives side?
arjun to sanskar:your wife is very intelligent.
swara eyes widened.sanskar smile and shake hand with him.
sanskar:thank u….
sunny and pari giggled.
arjun:waisa swara i will like to give u answer.
sanskar:what answer?
arjun:actually your wife a very intelligent question….why we husbands forgets only marriage anniversary and wives birthday otherwise we remember everything.
swara in mind:again wife….
kajal why u forgot our marriage anniversary…btao!!
sanskar in mind;marriage anniversary?
arjun:actually swara it says we should forget our lives bad days….so we husband don’t remember when our lives biggest witch came in this world and we also don’t remember in what day that witch entered in our lives.
swara,kajal’s mouth get open.
arjun to sanskar;right?
sanskar modded laughing.swara give death glare to him.kajal patted on arjun’s shoulder.

arjun turned and look at her angry face.
kajal angrily;i am witch?
arjun:when did i said that?…..i said wives are witch?
kajal furious:i am not your wife?
arjun hold her from shoulder and said sweetly:u are not understanding….u are not my wife u are my only love then tell me how can u be witch….those wives are witches who don’t love their husband u love me right?
kajal nodded vigorously.
arjun:problem solve simple….
arjun took deep breath and wink at sanskar.he hide his smile.
sunny loudly:anty uncle is making u idiot indirectly.
kajal look at him confusingly.swara and pari bang their heads.
sunny:he revolved u round and round and made u forget that he call u witch.
kajal look at arjun angrily.arjun’s mouth get open fully.kajal hit arjun on shoulder and leaves from there angrily.arjun run after her.
arjun yelling:kajal arra yaar meri bath to sun….
swara glares at sunny.he grinned and sit inside quickly.swara sighed and sit after him.
sanskar in mind:why didn’t she tell me that she was helping him…and he was married?
he walked across the car,sit behind wheels and starts the car.

sanskar:yes come in….
swara entered inside and said:sir construction is completed and here is last bills.
sanskar take bills and keep it on table.
sanskar;ask mr.sharma to do preparations for opening of hotel….
swara;yes sir…..
she turned to believe but sanskar stopped her.
sanskar:i forgot to give this paper to u… it.
swara look at his face.
swara in mind;what he did now?
she take papers from his hand and start reading it. “MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE”
sanskar get up from his seat,walk toward her and stand in front of her.
swara look at her and sanskar’s signature and her eyes get wild open.
swara;what is this?
swara blinked at him confusingly.sanskar bend forward and whispered near her ear.
sanskar whisper:congratulation!!!….u are married.
he bend back and look at her shocked expression.everything start getting registered in hr mind
marriage….her marriage with him.
she look down at papers then at him.
sanskar smirking:u were saying about rights….so i thought i should have some rights.
he hold her from waist slowly and pull her close.
sanskar:now as i have rights now answer my question…..why didn’t u tell me u were helping him to reunite with his wife.?

swara look at him with wide eyes and tried to push.sanskar tightened his grip.
swara stammering:le…….wh…what….are…u…doi…doing?
sanskar calmly:answer my question
swara:i didn’t feel to tell u?
sanskar pull her close to his chest,swara’s heart beat increased to maximum level.
sanskar in deep voice:from now u will tell me everything…u feel to or not…now i have rights also.
he slid her hair behind ear.swara stare at him.
swara in mind:did he tell anyone about this?…did he tell dadi about this….what if she tried to harm him.
sudden fear surrounded her from every where.
swara:did u tell some one about this….
sanskar leave her and was about to leave when swara hold his arm and come in front of him.
swara scared:i am asking something,give me the damm answer….did u tell any one?
sanskar look at her pale face with narrowed eyes.
sanskar:i didn’t…..this is just to keep u in limit nothing else.
swara angrily:i don’t believe this marriage…u are not my husband…don’t u dare to tell anyone about this.
after saying she leaves from there.sanskar saw her leaving.
sanskar:she was looking scared….

swara was walking and blabbering about sanskar angrily.
swara:what type of marriage is this?…..unpredictable person.
she hold her head and sit on the road in punjabi style.
swara:i did so many things to keep him away and he ruined every thing…..uffff!!!…don’t know what his mother eat before giving birth to him….stubborn,idiot,dumb,batameez.
someone clear his throat,swara look up and she blinked.
mr.sharma:miss gadodia what are doing…don’t u know it too late for a girl.
swara gets up quickly and grinned to him.
swara:sir i was just going….
MR.SHARMA:come i will drop u…..
after saying he goes and sit in his medium size car.swara make face.
swara in mind:every one just know to order me.
she goes and sit beside him.old man starts the car.
swara tell him her adress.
swara rubbing her palms together.
swara:sir..i am sory about that day….
MR.SHARMA:which day?
swara clearing her throat:when i did your parody…i just did that workers asked me to do otherwise i would have not done that.

manager smiling:its fine miss gadodia i didn’t mind that…….. i must say u are very good in that.
swara bite her lips to stop herself from laughing.
MR.SHARMA in deep voice:honestly say i wanted to say thanks u made me remember some one.
swara look at him confused.
MR.SHARMA;my wife u always made me remember her.
swara gets sad thinking that she is dead.
MR.SHARMA ;she will love to meet u….
swara face turned red,getting embraced on her own thoughts.
swara:sure….sure sir…..
swara in mind;swara shut your mouth right now….stupid girl
MR.SHARMA CHUCKLING:to whom u were scolding so much sitting on road?
swara make face and said:sir there is an idiot.
MR.SHARMA laughed loudly at that.
mr.sharma stopped car in front of her house.
swara:thank u sir.
mr.sharma:u can call me uncle and remember your promise of meeting my wife.
swara smiling:g uncle.


swara was working in her office when her phone started ringing,she pick phone and keep it between her shoulder and ear.
kavita cried loudly:swaraaaa….
swara worried:kavi what happened why are u crying?
kavita cried:swara karan is a cheater,liar and everything.
swara:what happened kavi?
kavita crying:he was flirting with some other girl…i saw with my own eyes.
swara take deep breath and said:kavi don’t behave like sanskar…..can’t he talk with someone else.stupid girl.
kavita cried more loudly and said:u are my friend or his?
swara giggling:your friend kavi…do u have doubt in that.
kavita:then don’t take his side…….say that he is an idiot.
swara laughing:all men are idiots…what’s new thing in that?
her laugh stopped when her gaze fall on pain of black shoes.she move her gaze up and saw sanskar,with crossed arms.
kavita:i agreed completely…
swara:kavi i will talk to u later okay.
kavita:but……but my problem.
swara lookking at sanskar:byeee.
she cut the call and stand up.
swara with tight smile:good morning SIR….
sanskar in dangerous voice:men are idiots???
he walk around table slowly.swara walk on other side.
swara stammering:kavi was crying so…i agreed…agreed with her.
swara laughing a little:i completely agreed with her.
she run from there after saying that
sanskar run after her and hold her from waist before she can escape from room and twirl her.
both were laughing whole heartedly.swara stopped laughing realizing their closeness.sanskar also stopped.he keep her down and leaves from there without looking at her.

swara completed her presentation and ON the lights.all gets up from seats and claps for her.sanskar smile.
client shaking hand with sanskar
client:we were not agreed with your conditions first but after this presentation i think it will be idiotic thing if we will not agree.
sanskar:thanks…shall we.
they sign the papers and left from there.
sanskar teasing;u get so praise today…
swara make face.
swara in mind:never said any word in praise just know how to tease…..badtameez.
sanskar:did u said anything?
swara amking face:nheee….
she start picking files from different place.sanskar hide his that time kavya open the door and entered inside..
kavya:hey sanskar…..
she hug him
kavya:why are u not picking my calls.
swara heart shrunk,she picks files and leaves from there.
she wipe her tear after coming out.
sanskar depart kavya angrily.
sanskar angrily;don’t cross your limits.
kavya smile and put hands around his neck.
kavya:what limits….is there any limit between us.
sanskar push back her arms.
kavya;why are u behaving like this?

sanskar hold her face in anger.
sanskar:if u are thinking that u can trap me with your cheap tricks then u are highly wrong miss kavya…….i love some one else so stop trying,got it….i was not saying anything only because of sunny and pari but it really doesn’t mean i will tolerate it always.
he hold her arms,drag her and push her out from hall.
sanskar;leave before i call guards here.
kavya look at him with red furious eyes.
sanskar in taunting voice;do u want to hear more insult or will like to leave.
kavya furious:u will pay for this.
after saying this she leaves from there.
sanskar worriedly:where did swara go…..
he went toward her cabin and saw her sitting on chair,lost in deep thoughts.
sanskar:what are thinking?
swara look at him with jerk and stands up.
sanskar:ask your cousin to be in her limits…i got trapped once will not get trapped second time.
swara in deep voice;u gave her signs to come close to u…what are saying me?
she pick bag and walked out from there.


swara entered inside the house thinking about sanskar and kavya.
bua:swara where are kids?
swara shocked:kavya was going to pick them….
bua worried;she told today u will pick them.
swara look at her wrist hour was passed.swara turned quickly and run outside.
bua hold her head,goes and stand in front kavya.
kavya:what happened mom.
bua:did u tell swara to pick kids?
kavya uncaring:no…why?
bua angrily:one hour passed…do u have single percent care where will be kids.
kavya gets up and said:mom….i was picking them only to impress sanskar when he is not intrusted in me why should i care?
bua stare at her in disbelief.


swara get down from taxi and look at close door of academy.she run toward watch man.
swara:where are sunny and pari/
watch man confused:who?
swara stammering:two kids boy seven year and girl 4 year,
watchman:madam here a lot of kids of this age?
swara take out her phone and show them their pics.
watchman:aacha ye….they went that side.

swara nodded and run toward right side and start looking every where.tears started rolling down from her eyes,thinking about them.
swara hold her head from both hands.
swara yelled:sunnyyyy…..pariiii.
swara dailed sanskar number with shaking hands.
swara crying:hello…sanskar.
sanskar worried;why are u crying?
swara crying hard;sanskar kids……kavya didn’t went to pick them….its seven now…..u…sai..said me na they are our kids i am not able to find them alone..plz help me.
sanskar worried like hell:u stay there i am coming nothing will happen to them.
he cut the call and run outside.after doing rush driving he reached there.
swara look at him.
swara crying hard:sanskar our kids…
sanskar:relax we will find them….
swara:watch…watchman said they went alone to right side….where we will find them in this big city.
she hold her head and start crying vigorously.
sanskar hold her from shoulder and shook her firmly.
sanskar:this is not the time of crying we need to find them before something really went wrong…….i need my strong swara right now.
swara nodded and wipe tears.
swara stammering:do…do u have their pics.
sanskar:hmm…go to that side and be strong….okay.
both went on different directions and start looking for them.after 15 mins swara saw them near pani puri stall.a deep relief came in her heart.

she run and hug them gul gappa fall down from sunny’s hand.
sunny poutingly:maasi mera gul gappa.
swara kissed on their faces continuously and again hug them tightly.
sunny feel like fainting with so much kisses.
swara:are u both fine?
pari:yes maasi we are fine…these are very yammi!!!
sunny in fainting voice:sooo many kisses in one go…i am feeling like fainting.
swara break and inform sanskar about them..sanskar reach there in one second and hug them tightly.
sunny warning;partner…don’t u dare to kiss…
sanskar:u devil u scared the hall out of us?
he break the hug and ruffled his hairs.
sunny:maasi u made my gul gappa fall i want one more.
swara:bhea give him one….how much u both ate already?
swara:only one then we will go home.
sunny and pari nodded.swara wipe tear from corner of eyes.sanskar keep hand on her shoulder.
sanskar;thay are fine…relax.
swara;thank god…they are fine.

they reached home and entered inside the house.bua hug sunny and pari tightly.
bua;thank god u are safe….
bua break hug and look at swara being guilty.
swara to sanskar:hold them…..
swara goes and slap kavya hard.everyone look at her shocked.
kavya:how dare u…
she raised her hand to slap her back.swara hold her hand,jerk it back and slap her again this time really hard.kavya staggered a little.
sunny and pari went close to sanskar.looking at swara with wide eyes.
swara angrily;my children are not toys to whom u used for your benefit and when u feel like there is no use of them….u throw them….u are lucky nothing happened to them.
swara:say thanks to god.
swara look at bua:i am sorry bua but your daughter crossed limit today…..animals also don’t make little kids prey.
kavya shouted:oh shut up….stop behaving as your are there real mother.
bua loudly;kavya….
sunny and pari look at each other with teary eyed.sanskar blood boiled.
swara slap kavya marks got imprinted at her cheeks.
swara in hurt voice:i very well now i am not there real mother…not need to make me remember.
kavya open her mouth but bua stopped her.
bua angrily:enough…go to your room.
kavya:but mom…she…
bua:i said GO….
kavya give death glare to swara and leaves from there.
swara walk toward sanskar take sunny,pari and walked toward their room.


swara laying on the bad,staring at dark.she turned to other side and wipe tear from corner of eyes.after some time she turned to other side again.she sighed suffering,gets up and walk out from room.she close the door behind her and sit in garden and start staring at stars.
some one put shawl on her shoulder.swara look at back.
bua:its so cold outside….u will get sick.
swara give her faint smile.bua sit beside her.
bua:not geting sleep?
bua carseed her head:if u want u can share with me.
swara in deep voice:i sometime get forget i am not there real mother but maasi.
bua sadly:don’t take kavya’s words on heart.
swara wipe single tear from cheek and said;she said one thing right.
bua hold swara hand and turn her toward her.
bua:mother is not the one who gives birth…there are a lot of mothers outside there who have no rights to be called as mother……..swara bacha if sunny and pari will call u mother then i don’t think there is something wrong in that….trust me.
swara smile sadly.
bua:and i am sory from kavya side…i know she didn’t did right.
swara:what’s your mistake in this?
bua:mistake is i didn’t slap her in childhood when she did her first mistake….but what can i do?….i love her a lot…she was three years old when her father died…i raised her up alone and i always tried she should never miss her father…..and in that process she became like i am feeling like i should have not done that.
swara keep hand on bua hands.
bua;u know in front of children we parents get helpless…..
swara giggling:anger get vanish seeing there faces.
both laugh together remembering sunny’s pranks. bua hug swara
bua;at least u smile.
swara;thank u bua.

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