Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 28)



swara was scolding phone caller when chotu came there.
chotu:didi your tea…
swara keep phone on her lap and take tea from chotu.
swara:thank u.
chotu;can i ask a question?
swara smiling:yes off course…
chotu:how much u ear per month?
chotu exclaimed:only 60….i earn more than u?
swara chuckling:aacha how much?
chotu proudly:i ear 150 rupees daily…..i will tell everyone i earn more than u.
swara laughed loudly at that and tried to stop him but he run away.
swara hit on her forehead laughing continuously.
swara laughing:children……

at that time manager came there,swara close her mouth quickly and get up but she was still giggling little.
manager look at her and smile a little;what happened miss gadodia?
swara giggling:nothing sir.
manager:here give this list to mr.maheshwari.
swara:okay sir.
manager leave from there,swara again sit worker came there laughing,
worker:ma’am u earn 60 rupees per month….i earn 25000 per month…..
swara laughing:therefore i am thinking to leave this job and start working with u all.
worker show her thumbs up and leaves from there.all worker came to her one by one and give her thumbs up.swara keep on laughing whole day.this news also reached to manager and he burst out laughing hearing that.


swara reached office at 4 and knock at door.she touch her cheeks which were paining because of laughing.
swara entered inside and give him list.
sanskar:prepare presentation u have to give after one hour.
swara mind yelled:prsentation in one hour…..he became mad or what?
swara:sir which presentation…..and in one hour?
sanskar curtly:why can’t prepare presentation now?
swara in mind:he is taking out anger of last night…..
swara:sorry sir…

swara leaves from there making faces.she sit on her seat and start preparing presentation.she called miss rose also because presentation of new project in one hour alone is not possible.
after completing presentation,swara take deep breath.
swara:thank u miss rose….if u would have not helped i was gone.
rose patted her cheek and said:mention not.
miss rose leave from there.swara smile and get up and walk toward presentation hall and start doing arrangements at that time sanskar and clients enter there.
swara with professional smile welcome them.
sanskaar looking at his watch:did u prepare presentation or not?
swara:sir presentation is ready….
sanskar look at her deeply then walk forward,swara stuck out tongue at his back.sanskar turned toward her immediately.swara arrange her face quickly.sanskar look at her with narrowed eyes then sit on chair thinking that how did she do that in one hour.
swara start her presentation only 15 mins were passed when swara look at the door,unintentionally and she forget her presentation.

sunny and pari were peeping from door.they wave their hands,giggling.swara look at her wrist watch 20 mins were left in 6.
swara look at tittle on screen and start her presentation but looking at door continuously.
sunny and pari entered inside tip toed.swara’s eye widened.sanskar look back confusingly and he coughed seeing two devils there.he look back at swara.
swara sign him to do something.sanskar get up immediately.all look at him.
sanskar clearing his throat:ladies and gentleman we should take a break…right?
all:off course.
sanskar pointing toward door:plz.

all left from there.swara walk toward sunny aand pari and hold their ears.
swara:what are u both doing here….and one more thing how do u both reached is almost at opposite corner from your tution center.
both:AAAAA…..maasi leave ear.
swara leave their ear and look at them worriedly.
sanskar entered inside worriedly and stand with swara.
sanskar;how did u both reached here?.
kavya entered inside the hall and said loudly:i brought them here.
swasan look at her.
kavya in sweat voice;actually i thought swara do work whole day then come and pick children so why not share some responsibility…….i am also their maasi and love them.

swara and sunny look at each other then at kavya.kavya smile sweetly at sanskar.swara gritted her teeth.
mis rose entered inside the room.
ROSE:sir clients want to sign the papers…..they are ready on our conditions.
sanskar:okay i am coming
mis rose look at children questionaly.
swara:my children.
mis rose get surprised and walk toward children and caresses pari hair.
mis rose:your name is pari right?
pari nodded.
ROSE:u are beautiful.
pari shly:thank u.
swara and sanskar smile.
mis rose pull sunny cheek.
ROSE:and u are sunny.
sunny dive her tight smile.
all giggled except kavya.
sanskar:miss rose give papers to clients i am leaving now.
miss rose:yes sir.

pari and sunny:plz come with us.
sanskar;i have some work.
kavya:children are so insisting plz come.
sunny;plz….plz… is ice cream party day.
sanskar smile:okay chalo!.
swara in mind:i forgot….what will i make?
all left from there.swara was about to sit on front seat like always but kavya stop her and sit at front seat.swara blinked at her.sanskar tightened his grip on steering wheel.
swara sighed and sit on back seat.

after sometime they reached home,swara take pari in arms and walk inside.kavya walk with sanskar,flirting continuously.sanskar anger was getting rise he was just tolerating because of kids otherwise he would have told her very well what he is and what he do with fake people.
sanskar in mind:she should learn acting from swara…..such a bad actor.
he sit in hall,kavya sit with him,very close to him.sanskar cursed his faith.
swara was looking all this angrily.sunny look at swara’s red face then at sanskar and kavya.
sunny in mind:kavya maasi u are gone……maasi don’t get angry usually but when get angry….ufff!!!
he left from praying for sanskar
swara in mind:how dare he sit with her so close……
swara stop sunny,make him stand with her.
swara in warning tone:don’t tell anyone okay?

sunny nodded vigorously.swara hold bat tightly,throw ball in air and hit it with full force.ball went flying and passes from small space between sanskar and kavya.
sunny covered his face in shock aand look at swara.swara handover bat to shocked sunny and run from there hurriedly.
kavya scream a little,sanskar look back at sunny with wide eyes.
sanskar shocked:partner what are u trying to do?
kavya shouted:sunny…..
sunny drop bat and run from there,yelling swara’s name.kvya run after him angrily.
sanskar place hand on his cheek,ball just went an inch distance,he was feeling its warmth.
sanskar:sunny is turning dangerous day by day.
sunny hide behind swara,kavya stand in front of angry swara.
kavya angrily:do u know what he did just now?
swara calmly:what?
kavya;he tried to hit me and sanskar with ball…..didn’t u teach him manners.
swara walked toward her and said:nothing happened right… relax.
kavya angrily:control your children
swara:u don’t need to wory about them.i am here for that.
kavya stamp her foot and leaves from there.sunny look at swara poutingly.
sunny:kavya maasi is okay but what if that ball had hit partner?
swara angrily:i hit that for him only….didn’t see how close he was sitting with kavya.he is lucky i didn’t hit on head otherwise his head would have get open like coconut.
sunny hit on his forehead and leave from there,shooking head continuously.
swara angrily pick phone and start looking for new thing.someone clears his throat behind her.
she turned and saw sanskar standing behind her,smiling
sanskar stepped forward and stand close to her.
sanskar:u hit the ball……which passed so close from my face.
swara in dangerous voice:next time it will hit on your head……
she leaved from there giving death glare to him.sanskar saw her leaving with surprise.
he felt immense happiness in his heart seeing her jealous.


sanskar smiling wide:pari what did u do this week?
pari:i make this painting for bhai…..
sunny gets happy and look at painting excitedly.
pari:bhai this is u….this is your bat and this broken TV.
all laughed.sunny look at pari dryly.
sunny:next one should of maasi?
pari confused:mtlb….
swara give death glare to sunny.sanskar smile wide.
sunny:today i become the monitor of my class.
swara happy:really….
sunny nodded vigorously.swara kissed his cheek.
swara:i am proud of u.
sanskr:well done partner.
sunny:maasi what did u do?…….
swara look at him.
sunny meekly;leave it if u didn’t do anything.
pari tried to protest but sunny whisper in her ear.
sunny whispering:leave it pari today maasi is not in good mood.
pari whisper back:what happened?
sunny giggling:don’t ask partner got saved from an inch.
swara flatly:i made new friend.
sunny and pari:aach who….
swara show them chotu’s pic.when pari was about to show sanskar that pic.swara take phone from her hand.sanskar look at swara.
sanskar in mind:angry….that is fun.
sanskar:today i signed partnership with foreign clients from next month my business will spread in foreign country also.
kavya’s eye widened completely.bua just smiled.sunny and pari hug sanskar.
swara make face,sanskar look at her and smile.


swara reached construction site late rubbing her hands was foggy today.her phone started ringing.
swara beat her forehead looking at number.
swara on phone:what’s your problem.
angery manager welcome her with angry red eyes.swara felt pity for herself.she remove phone from her ear.
manager angrily:miss gadodia u are late today.
swara:sorry sir traffic jam
manager pull is glasses on nose tip.all worker get gather and start looking at them
manager:miss gadodia…school children also don’t make excuses like this now?
all workers giggled,swara look at them then bend her head and listening a lot of scolding.
manager:i have some work i will be back after an hour.
swara:yes sir.
manager left from there.swara look at workers and walk toward them.
swara angrily rubbed her nose and said :i was getting scoldings and u are laughing here?
all worker laughed loudly after looking at her small red nose.
all in union:such a lame excuse miss gadodia.
swara’s mouth get open,she look around,pick a wooden stick and run toward them.all worker run here and there.
swara shouted:work or otherwise i will complain to sanskar.
chotu pull her duppta.he give her water
swara look down at him,and throw the stick.and take water from him
chotu naughtly:didi waisa i also don’t make such lame excuses.
swara spit out water and said:u also.
she again pick stick and run after him,chotu run from there laughing loudly.


swara cryingly:what wrong did i do with u……don’t let me sleep.i am tired,i need to wake up early in morning.sleep yourself and let me sleep also.u tell me one thing….are u HE OR SHE?……it will be easy for me ne how to scold u…….idiot let me sleep.
she cut the call and fall on bad again.her phone again started ringing again.
swara put pillow on her keep on ringing.swara cursed the person badly.
she pick the phone answer it and was about to start its scolding session again when pari entered inside holding her doll.swara look at her.
pari poutingly:maasi i am not getting sleep….can i sleep here.
swara:arra ye bhi pochna ki baat ha…..come here.swara keep the phone on side table,hold pari and pull her on bad and adjust blanket on her.
pari;maasi u didn’t tell me story from so long.
pari excited:yes my favourite…..
sunny putting both hand on waist:what is happening here?
swara and pari look at the door where sunny was standing.
sunny:u both traitors sleeping together leaving me alone.
he jump on bad beside pari and pull blanket.
pari excitedly:bhai is telling cinderella..
sunny:maasi start….

swara tell them story like always in sweet magical voice.pari and sunny’s eyes started dropping down.
swara completing the story:prince and princess get married and live happily ever after.
sunny in sleepy tone:maasi i have a question?
swara feeling:hmm….ask
sunny:why didn’t princess tell truth to prince….if she would have tell him he would have made everything correct.
swara looking at distance:why she didn’t tell him truth?
pari:my teacher says she didn’t tell because boys are idiots….
swara look at pari and laugh.sunny glares at pari.
sunny:princess was idiot she didn’t tell anything and run away.
swara deeply:prince was also idiot na….he also believed what happened,believed what princess told him,didn’t even try for once to learn the truth just believed her and assumed princess is bad and started hating her.
a tear drop fall from her eye,she quickly wipe it and look aat sunny and pari.both were already slept.swara free herself from pari’s grip and leaves from there silently.
swara come out from house and sit at her favourite place,GARDEN
she take out her hidden locket and start crying.
swara crying:sanskar u didn’t even tried for once to learn the truth…..just believed what i said,i feeling like like very good actor very good actor.i agree i would have done the same just like you are doing but i would have tried for once to learn the reason of sudden change but u didn’t tried…….just believed.
she wipe her tears from back of her hand,pull her legs on chain and start crying again silently,keeping head on knees.



swara and all workers were doing lunch together,they complete their lunch.
swara:there is still time.
chotu excitedly:let’s play something
all look at each other.
worker:nakal uttarta haan.
all laugh and agreed.everyone start doing each other mimicry.all were laughing including phone was ringing continuously.
chotu;now didi your turn.
swara nodded in NO vigorously.
swara:no plz i can’t do.
all push her forward.
swara confused:of whom?
swara thinks for some time and take glasses from one worker and ask chotu to come.
swara:think i am maanger and u are swara….okay.
chotu nodded vigorously.
swara frowned and said stirctly:miss gadodia u are again late…..
cotu acting of being scared:sorry sir……traffic jam.
all laughed loudly at that,swara hardly control her laugh.
she put finger on nose tip and said:school children also don’t make excuses like this miss gadodia.
chotu shly:sir i will tell good excuse next time.
roar of laughter.
swara laughing:i didn’t said that.
suddenlt all worker get straight looking at back of swara.
swara:what happened?
she turn back and her breath got stuck in lungs.
sanskar and manager were standing there,glaring at her.all worker vanished in no second.swara look back and get shock seeing no one.
swara yelled in mind:traitors left me alone in front of two hitlers….mama!
one worker asked for glasses.swara take out and give it to him.worker leave from there hurriedly.
sanskar sternly:isn’t it work hour?
swara stammering:..lunch….lunch break sir.
sanskar look at his wrist watch and again look at her.
sanskar:lunch break get off 5 mins before.
swara look at her watch cryingly then look down.
swara in mind:why is he here….can’t let me live peacefully
sanskar in more strict voice:where is your phone?

swara look at the table and pick it up.her eyes widened seeing 20 missed calls of unknown number and 3 of sanskar.
swara:it was on silent therefore didn’t pick call….sory.
sanskar:mr.sharma how days are remaining in hotel construction.
manager:only 4 days sir.
sanskar nodding:u may go now.
manager nodded and leaves from there.swara cried loudly in her mind.
sanskar taunting:having a great time here?
swara kept silent biting her lips.sanskar look at her with narrowed eyes.
sanskar:if u again didn’t pick my calls then u get punishment.
swara in mind:do u have any other work except giving punishment.
sanskar:don’t keep your phone on silent.
swara in mind:that caller eat my brain whole day i will become mad.
sanskar strictly:am i caller.
swara:yes sir.

sanskar leaves from there.swara look around angrily.
swara:where are they…..i will not leave them…..i did that because of them and they left.
all get stand in front of her giggling together.swara take out her one shoe and throw at catch it laughing
swara angrily shouted:traitors left me alone….
all laugh at her cute anger.swara take out another shoe and throw it on them also,seeing them laughing.
swara angrily:i will talk with u all……
they hold their ears and make cute pappy face.
all together:sorry miss gadodia.
swara smile little at that but hide it quickly and turn her face.after some time she peeps at front and saw them vanish.
swara poutingly:left
suddenly they BOWW!!! her from behind.swara jump from place keeping hand on chest.
swara horrified:what is the way to say sory.
all laughing:ours.
swara angrily run after them:uuuu…..

sanskar pull window up,smiling
sanskar;start the car.
driver:yes sir.
they left from there.


swara was making list of completed works at construction site when her phone started ringing.she pick phone and keep it between ear and shoulder and continue her work.
swara:hello….(no response)
swara gets angry,take phone and cut the call.her phone again started ringing.swara hit file on head and pick phone,keep file on table and start walking.
swara angrily:who is this?…..don’t u have any other work….why are u teasing me.
she walked here and there,scolding continuously.
manger who came there for some work,look at her in anger and smile but his smile vanished when he saw mirrors falling,which were hanging from rope.
manager shouted:miss gadodia….
swara was in her own world and scolding phone caller with full anger,it was construction different machine were ON.and collectively making aa big noise
manager walked toward her but he was an old man and his speed was very slow.
manager shouted:miss gadadia move from there.
swara stop her scoldings in between and look at him confusingly.
manager taking deep breath because of fast sleep and point upward.swara look up and get shocked,seeing big window glasses falling down.she take several steps back,
her foot strike with stone and she fall down.mirror fall down just in front of her with a loud bang.
swara covered her face with pieces get immersed in her arm and feet.
all workers look at here in shock and run toward her.
one worker;are u fine?…..

swara nodded slowly and look at her arm,which was covered with blood and glass pieces.
another worker slap first worker.
2ND WORKER:so much blood is coming out from her arm and foots and u are asking are u fine?
swara was still in shock,what if that glass would have fall on her.
all workers help her and make her sit on chair.
swara stammering:i…i am fine….thank u.
chotu pick her phone and keep it on table.
manager angrily:i thought u are responsible girl…this is construction site not garden in which u were wandering.
swara looking down:sorry sir.
all worker look at him angrily.she was just saved from a big accident and he was scolding her.
manager shouted;some one bring first aid box.
chotu run and bring first aid box.swara remove glass pieces,wincing a little.tears started following down from her eyes because of pain.all workers were standing around her in circle.
one worker:carefull beta.
all worker tried to cheer her up.swara smile a little.they do her dressing on arm and on foots.

manager dialed sanskar’s number.
manager:hello sir!
sanskar strictly:yes…
manager:sir a little incident happened here.
manager:sir miss gadodia get injured here.
sanskar get up from his seat and said in shock:is she fine?….what had happened?
manager calmly:sir she is fine now….
he look at swara and workers.who were trying to cheer her up.
sanskar sighing:okay ask her to come office.
manager a little worriedsir she is injured…….she can’t walk
sanskarokay i am coming ask her to stay there until i don’t come.
manager:okay sir
he cut the call and give message to swara.swara get worried.
sanskar closed his eyes and take deep breath and pick his another phone on which call was still ON.

sanskar angrily:such a clumsy girl u are……..thank god u are fine but i need to see u fine.
he walk outside and drive toward construction site.
after 20 mins,it was almost off time. all workers had already left except manager and chotu.he stopped his car and walk out.he saw her sitting on car staring down at one point.his whole body stiffened seeing bandages around her arm and foots.
his forehead get lined.he walked toward her fast and stand in front of her.swara look at him and get scared seeing anger filled eyes.
swara scared:wo…..mirrors fall down….i didn’t….didn’t do purposely…..just happened.
sanskar furious:shut up…….
swara shut her mouth,seeing him furious.
sanskar:from tomorrow u will work at office….got it (he shouted at her)
swara nodded.
sanskar:now get up… almost 6…time to pick sunny and pari.
swara tried to get up but felt a lot of pain in foot.tears fall down from her eyes.she sit down again.
swara sobbing a little:its paining.
sanskar’s heart shrunk hearing her sentence.she never complained,NEVER
sanskar keep her hand on shoulder and pick her p in arms,swara look at him,sobbing little.
sanskar looking straight:stop crying…it stopped affecting me.
swara wipe her tears and rubbed her red nose..sanskar walk toward car.
manager and chotu were standing at far distance,saw them leaving.manager smile a little.


he stop car in front of house and step out.he open the door of swara’s side and take her out holding her in his arms.
swara worriedly:bua and kavya will be at home.
sanskar uncaring:so…..
swara sighed and keep her head on his chest.sanskar look down at her.
they entered inside the house.kavya and bua look at them being shocked.
kavya angryly:what is this?
bua worried:is everything fine?
swara:just got little injured.
sanskar take her to her room and put it on bad.swara quickly hide the pic without sanskar notice.
kavya give death glare to swara.
bua sit beside swara and said:how this happened….these bandages.
kavya cutting swara:she said na nothing happened small injuries.
sanskar look at kavya angrily.
swara:kavya u didn’t went to pick kids….it is almost 6.
kavya uncaring:i was just going.
sanskar:i will pick them not needed
kavya sweetly:no needed mr.maheshwari i will pick them… my bag.
kavya leave from there.

bua:i will just come.
bua also leaves from there.
sanskar look at her for one second then turned to leave.
swara;thank u.
sanskar:for what….
swara:for bringing me here.
sanskar harshaly:i am really happy to see u like this….i only did this because of sunny and pari…..they love u….don’t think much.
sanskar leave from there.
swara sighing:liar!!!
she look at her banded arms and caressed it poutingly.


swara was laying on bad thinking about incident when sunny and pari entered there running.
both:maasi what happened to u,
swara:nothing i fall down.
sunny angrily:maasi u are very clumsy….keep on falling here and there.
pari hit sunny and said;bhai maasi is not fine and u are scolding her….very bad.
swara smile.
swara:both of u go change clothes…….fast(showing eyes)
both nodded and run from there.

sunny:maasi… mouth…open it….open
swara;sunny i am full.
bua angrily:finish the bowl now.
swara open the mouth sunny put full big spoon in her mouth.
pari was sitting in front of her,holding new doll and laughing at swara stage.
sunny:u do the same thing with me when i get ill na…u see what i will do.
swara pick her ringing and look at number.
swara angryly:this is all because of this caller.
pari take phone from swara hand.
pari:i will talk u eat silently…no cheating.
sunny again put full spoon in swara’s open mouth.
pari in sweet voice:hello maasi is busy in eating….plz call later thank u.
she cut the call.bua,sunny and pari look at her then laughed loudly.
on the other side sanskar also burst out laughing hearing pari’s sweet sentence.
sanskar;i think i should call later otherwise sunny will pick call.
he chuckled and close his eyes.

sanskar is sitting on his chair and hearing swara’s scolding with smile.
he sighed sufferingly.suddenly he heard the bang of broken glasses.he get straight hearing such a loud sound.he heard every single sentence of their conversion with fisted hands.after getting manager’s call he left to see her.
sanskar while driving:i hope nothing happened to her.


swara cryingly:bua baas……i can’t eat more.
bua in scolding tone:u think dad i s not here,mom is not here so u will do anything…..look at your face……choha(rat) jitni shakal nikal ae ha.
sunny and pari laugh loudly.bua was making swara eat allu ka parata being angrily.
swara:bua i had already ate one this is my second paratha my tammy has no space more
bua proudly;we are punjabi….two or three we don’t count.bhaisa used to eat 5 in one go.
sunny horrified:bua these is no space in her mouth.bua look at swara.she was keeping hand on her round face.bua had continuously put food bites in her mouth while talking.
bua meekly:eat these first i will not give more.
swara start chewing food and swell it hardly.
swara look at bua in disbelief.sunny and pari runs hearing these bus horn.
bua smiling:what are u looking?
swara:u changed a lot.
bua:i know i did a lot mistakes in past but i release it now after bhaisa’s death….i am sory swara plz forgive me for previous mistakes.
swara hug bua.bua caressed her head.
bua:u also changed a lot.
swara wipe tears from corner of eye and break hug.
swara;i should leave now.
bua nodded smilingly.

swara look at out of order lift and get sad.
swara whispered:sanskar….
she move toward stairs and started walking.when she walked only two floor stairs.her bangeges started turning red because of blood.swara sit on stairs and look at dripping blood.and gets worried.
at mean time sanskar came there running and get startled seeing her siting there.he look down.his blood boiled seeing red bandages.
sanskar angrily:when your foots were injured why did u take stairs?
swara sighed and get up holding railing.
sanskar was taken aback with her reply.
sanskar in dangerous voice;what did u just said?
swara a little loud:i said are u happy now….seeing me like this?
sanskar clenched his fist.he wanted to throttle her until her teeth rattled.
he turned back angrily and leave from there not wanting to do anything.
swara shook her head and start walking upward again holding railing tightly.


sanskar was drinking alcohol sitting in bar,remembering swara.he gulp down another glass.
swara’s voice echoed in his mind.
swara:are u happy seeing me like this?
sanskar closed his eyes and a single tear fall down from his eyes.
sanskar whisper:swara……
he get up and staggered a waiter hold him.
waiter:sir are u fine.
sanskar:yeah i am fine…..thank u.
sanskar free himself from his grip and start walking toward door with unsteady steps.

swara was picking her things,she look at the time and bite her tongue.
she pick bag and turned to go but startled seeing sanskar coming with unsteady steps,coat on shoulder,hair dishevelled,sleeves up.
swara disbelief:sanskar….
sanskar pushed glass door,entered inside and staggered.swara run and hold him.
swara:sanskar u are drunk?
sanskar:yeah a little. he staggered again.swara hold him tightly.
swara angryly:LITTLE…….this is little u can’t even stand straight.
sanskar smile,seeing her angry.
swara angry:why are u smiling like idiot.sanskar touch her cheeks softly.
sanskar:can i ask a question?

swara nervous with his change behaviour:haan….
sanskar take her hand and place it on his heart.
sanskar in deep voice:u break it in thousand pieces but still its each broken piece keep on yelling your name…..when ever i give u punishment it start scolding me a lot…….i am not able to understand what should i do…… me.
tears fall down from swara’s eyes.
sanskar confused:why tears….
he wipe her tears softly.
sanskar:u didn’t answer.
swara:make it understand….i am bad girl….
sanskar helplessly:told him so many times don’t listen to me a bit…keep on yelling your name.
swara stare at him with teary eyes.
sanskar:lets make a deal…….
swara confused:deal……

sanskar nodded vigorously.
sanskar put hand on her waist.swara blinked at him.
sanskar:u want money right……..i will give it but………
swara closed her hearing him.she feeling deep pain in her heart.she open eyes and tried to push him.sanskar hold her tightly.
sanskar;but in return bring my swara back… acting do whatever u want but give me my swara in return….
swara stopped and look at him.
sanskar pleading:plz.
swara:sanskar don’t…..
sanskar pull close to his chest.there faces were very close to each other,breathing were getting mixed.
sanskar:get agree…..
swara helplessly:u are drunk sanskar…u should go home.
sanskar look at her whole face.
sanskar in husky voice:can i kiss u?
swara:last….last time.

sanskar smile and kiss her softly. swara kiss him was soft at first that turned into passionate one.they get separated when it turned hard for them to breath.sanskar kiss her again immediately after taking single breath.swara get shocked.
sanskar murmured on her lips:last time right?…..then should be a lot.
he kiss her cupping her face.swara’s hand travelled toward his hair.both kiss each other conveying there love for each other.
after a long passionate kiss both departed each other.and start taking breath.
sanskar bend to kiss her again.swara keep hand on lips.
swara blushing hard:enough….no more.
sanskar look at her deeply and pull her in tight hug.swara keep hand on his back and close her eyes.
swara whisper:i missed u a lot.
sanskar tightened his grip around her.
sanskar:missed u too.

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