Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 27)

swara run inside the office,miss rose tried to stop her but swara didn’t stopped.
swara biting her lips and cried in mind:i am late….sanskar will kill me,god plz help.
she entered inside the lift and press the button.when door get close,swara join haands and look upward,close her eyes and start pleading.
swaragod plzzzz….save me today,u know na its not my mistake,so many things happened lasst night,i woke uup late…plz plz save me.
lift door get open ,swara open her eyes and run toward sanskar’s cabin.swara kiss her locket and hide it.she knock at the door.
sanskar in strict voice:come in….
swara cried in mind:he is angry….AGAIN!
she stepped inside and look at his angry red face.
swara meekly:wo…i….i got up late,sory!
sanskar angrily:why what were u doing in night?
whole incidence of night passed in front of her eyes.
swara in mind:if he came to know where i went so late….he will shot me at the spot.
swara bites her lower lip,thinking what to say.sanskar get up from his seat and walked toward her.
and stand in front of her.
sanskar:where were u last night?
swara quickly:at home…….
sanskar gritted his teeth and hold her from shoulders tightly.swara get scared and look at him with pale face.
sanskar furious:i told u na never lie at my face still u…..
swara stammering:i…i am not lying.
sanskar sarcasticallyright….to whom am i asking….who always lies to me.
he push her harshly and said:from today u will work at contraction area of new project……don’t show me your face.
swara look at him sadly then turn and leaves from there.sanskar cursed himself,goes and sit on chair.

swara walked toward incomplete building thinking about sanskar.
swara sadly:just because i get late he sent me here…….impossible man.
she look at the building then at workers,sitting at one place.
swara confused:why there are not working?
she walked toward them all look at her.
swara:excuse me where is incharge?
all point toward one side,one old in his mid 80’s were standing there scolding someone on phone.
swara poutingly:god made all angry man for me….except dad and jiju.
all workers giggled hearing her sad sentence.swara look at them and bite her tongue.
she walked toward man and clears her turned toward her and adjust his glasses.
swara show him full teeth.
swara:mr.maheswari send me here so that i can inform him about daily progress.
manager with lined forehead:now we have to answer a woman……..great.
swara in mind:MCP…..
manager:from where will u start ma’am?
swara hiding smile:why workers are on strike?
manger angrily:didn’t get their pay from two months how can they work?
swara:oh…any other problem?
manager:yes materials are finished.
swara bite her inner cheek and said:any other problem sir?
manager:no… get to work.
swara:yes sir….
she went to side and called sanskar.
swara a little afraid:sir!….
sanskar:yes why are they on strike?
swara:actually sir they are not getting pay from two months and materials for construction also…..therefore they are not working.
sanskar:hmm…….make list of materials and bring it in office and about pay i will handle that.
swara:okay sir….
swara started making list of all things and in that process she made workers her friends.

swara give list of materials to sanskar,he take the list without looking at her.
sanskar:u may go now…
swara sighed and leaves from there.
sanskar raise his eyes and saw her leaving.
swara come out from building and start looking for taxi,her phone started ringing,she take out her phone and look at number confusingly.she shook her head and cut the call.
she sit inside the taxi and her phone again start ringing,swara cut the call again,it started ringing again.swara sighed sufferingly and pick the call.
swara:hello…….(no response)
swara:who are u?……….why are calling when u don’t want to speak anything……have a lot of time?
she cut the call angrily,it started ringing again.
driver in scared voice:madam do u know one serial killer has came in mumbai now a days.first keep on calling them and then follow them every where and at last kill them.he is psycho… careful.
swara throat went dried,she look down at her ringing phone.
swara stammering:is it true or just roamers?
driver:100% true.
swara take out water from her bad with shivering hands and start drinking it.
driver stop the taxi,swara come out and start waiting for kids.her phone was continuously ringing,she keep her phone on silent.sunny and pari came there,swara make them sit and all left from there.


swara was sitting on the chair at construction site thinking about phone caller.when manager came there and saw her lost in thoughts.he clears his throat.swara came in her senses and stands up quickly.
swara:yes sir.
manager:make list of today’s that u can give it to mr.maheswari
swara nodded,take out pad from her bad and start making list.
after finishing list
manager casually;what’s wrong miss gadodia u are looking tensed today.
swara told him everything poutingly.manager look at her for one second then burst out laughing.all workers look at him in extreme surprise.
swara making pout face:here my life is in threat and u are laughing sir?
manager laughing said loudly:chotuuuu…..
a boy of about sunny’s age came there running.
manager:give tea to madam…..okay.
boy:g sahaab….
after that he run from there.swara look at him confusingly.manger shook his head smilingly and leave from there.swara again sit on chair.

swara knock at sanskar’s door and entered inside.she give her list.sanskar look at her pale face.whole day swara keep on thinking about caller and decreasing her B.P.
sanskar:i kept some files in your office,complete them,there is still three hour left in one hour.
swara:yes sir……
she walked toward her cabin and start working when miss rose entered there angrily.
miss rose:swara i am really upset from u.
swara confused:why/
miss rose pull chair and sit beside her and slap her on shoulder.
miss rose:why…..where are u now a days?….no meeting no phone calls.
swara:sir keep my duty on construction site therefore i am not in office.
miss rose:ohhh……okay.
she look at her pale face deeply.
miss rose:swara child what’s wrong why are u looking pale….any problem?
swara nodded her head vigorously
rose worriedly:what happened?
swara cryingly:i am going to die soon.
rose covered her mouth being shocked,sanskar who was coming to her office,get freezed to the ground.
ROSE shocked:why…..are u sick?…..tell me.
swara start crying like baby and tell her everything.about blank calls and about serial killer also.
swara crying:he will kill me…..what will happen to sunny and pari?
swara in mind:what about sanskar…..i can’t die without telling him truth.he will hate me his whole life.
miss rose banged her forehead,sanskar closed his eyes in deep relief.swara take tissue paper and wipe her tears and keep on crying,talking continuously.rose look at her,keeping her chin on her palm.
swara crying:didn’t find anyone else than me?
miss rose burst out laughing looking at her red nose and cheeks.sanskar take very deep breath and leaves from there.
sanskar in mind:she really need a medical check up.
swara look at miss rose,shocked.
swara cryingly:here i am going to die and u are laughing.
rose hit her on head with love.
rose:u are complete mad girl do u know that.
swara rubbing her head:what did i do.
ROSE:u believed that driver so easily……..u dumb girl there is no serial killer in mumbai.and u tell me one thing why will someone kill u……..what will he get after killing u,it is written on your face
swara confused:what is written.
swara touched her face and said:there is nothing like this.
rose look at her dryly.
rose:will u do one thing if i say?
swara nodded.
rose in very serious tone:plz go to some doctor….u really need it.
swara mouth get open fully.
swara:u think like this of me?
rose with wide eyes:thinks…i am damm sure u need doctor.
swara glares at her.miss rose smile and patted her cheek and gets up.
rose:stay like this okay……
swara shocked:u went me to remain mental whole life.
miss rose laughed loudly at that.
she left from there laughing lightly.
swara poutingly:now what did i say on which she laughed?
she shook her head and start doing her work

swara get up from bad,rubbing her eyes and look at the calendar,she keep on staring at the date.
swara cofused:something is special today….but what.
she laid stress on her head and something struck her mind.she bang on her forehead.
swarahow can i forget this?
she jump from her bed and run toward washroom.she get fresh quickly and come out and start doing routine works.
she goes to wake up kids.first she wake up sunny and whisper in his ear something.sunny giggld and nodded.then she wake up pari.
par smiling:gd morning maasi.
swara:gd morning sweetheart.get up quickly.
pari nodded,swara leaves from there.pari get up and look at the gaate.her eyes widened in happiness.she quickly get ready,comes out and stand in front of swara,smiling wide.
swarwhat happned shona,do u want something?
pari excited;maasi what is today’s date?
swara casually:13 dec,why?
pari with more excitment:and what is special in this date?
swara thinks for something and said:nothing.
pari get sad,spark in her get dimmed.
swara:pari am i forgetting something……
pari first nodded in YES then in NO.swara hide her smile.
pari sadly:nothing maasi….
she sit on that time sunny come there and give swara his tshirt.swara make wear tshirt.
sunny sit opposite to paari.
pari expectedly:bhai what is special today?
bhai excitedly:how can i forget?
pari gets happy,swara shows eyes to sunny.
sunny:today is my painting class.
pari make bad,bad faces at that.sunny and swara giggles.
swara sit beside pari.and pull plate to make her eat.
pari poutingly;i am big girl i can eat myself.
pari pull plate and start eating with her small small hands.after sometime bus came.swara kiss pari cheeks,
pari poutingly:maasi don’t kiss.
she rubbed her swollen cheeks and walk out from there angrily.swaraand sunny look at each other.
sunny whisper:partne’s company had putted very bad affect on her.
swara laughed at that,kiss him and sunny also left from there.

swara entered inside the sanskar’s cabin after getting permission.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:what are u doing here at this time?…..didn’t went to construction site?
swara nervously:wo……today’s is pari’s birthday,
sanskar surprised:what?…then what are doing here?….instead of celebrating it u are here?where is pari?
swara making face:school.
sanskar shocked:what….are u mad?….u send her school on her birthday,impossible woman.
sanskar get up quickly,looking at watch and walk toward door.
swara confused:where are u going?
sanskar:to pick her from school.
swra hit on her forehead and came in front of him quickly.sanskar look at her in surprise?
swarau can’t go…..we planned surprise party for her.we didn’t wish her till now.
swara:sunny and me.
swara:i….need leave today.i have to do arrangements for party and need to buy gift also
sanskar flatly:chalo…….
swara confused:where?
sanskar look at her angrily.
sanskar:to buy gift
sanskar walking:i need to buy gift also,she is not only your daughter.
swara smile and walk after him.

swara was looking for some dresses and select blue coloured fairy frock with a lot of furs.she smile looking at it.
swara:she will look Cinderella in this.
she walked toward sanskar after finalizing it.
swara:sans……sir did u select something?
sanskar show her dress,confusingly looking at dress.
sanskar:will she like this?
swara show him her dress,poutingly.both dresses were same,colour was also similar.
swara quickly:i selected it first….i will not change.
sanskar calmly:select something else.
after saying he walked toward counter.swara gritted her teeths.
swara muttered:badtameez….
sanskar loudly:i heard that….
swara loudly:good.
sanskar turn and give her death glare.
swara leaves from there hurriedly.
after buying gift,they came out from mall,and walk toward parking area.
sanskar sit inside the car,but swara stands outside.sanskar look at her confused.
swara;i need to go home…..need to bake cake for her.
sanskar getting:i will get sunny and pari…….
he left from there with full speed.
swara sighed:didn’t even offer lift…..badtameez.
swara reached home,walked toward kitchen and start preparing things.bua came there and look at her confussingly.
bua:why did u came so early from office?
swara in flat voice:meri marzi…..
bua look at her sadly and said:swara still angry.
swara look at her and said:for one moment i thought u changed after dad’s death but u opened my eyes.
bua get more sad after hearing that,swara was about to leave when bua stopped her.
bua:bhaisa came in my dream.
swara turn and look at her.
bua:he was very worried about u……..swara.did something happened which made him so worried.
swara gets teary eyed.bua look at her sad face and her doubt get confirmed.
bua:what had happened/
swara firmly:nothing happened……and why do u care.
bua:i do care……..because my brother used to love u a lot.
swara sarcastically:and in your view i am cause of his death.
bua guilty:i didn’t mean those words……but i will not hear single word about my daughter.
swara took deep breath and said:today is pari’s birthday.plz ask your lovely daughter to not spoil it.i have arrange small party……..
bua with wide eyes:why didn’t u tell me its pari’s birthday………i should have helped u.
swara:i don’t need your help…..just keep your daughter away.
bua:my daughter is not that bad as u think.
swara whisper:yeah right……
swara leaves from there,to decorate hall.

swara look at time and run toward her room to get ready.
bua came from kitchen wiping her hands.
bua busy:kavya bacha go get ready guests will be coming.
kavya uncaring:mom i am not interested.
bua calmly:pari will get happy…can’t u do that for her.
kavya make face and leaves to change.bua smile.
swara quickly get ready and calls sanskar.
sanskar;i am going to pick them.
swara:okay…..where is your gift?
swara:what will she wear in party.
sanskar:i am bringing that with me……select some other dress for her.
he cut the call.swara look at the screen and sighed.
swara:therefore i wanted to buy that….
she goes from there and greet guests.
after sometime she received sanskar’s message.”REACHING IN 5 MINS”
swara quickly off the lights.and all start waiting for them.kavya yawn feeling bore
sanskar and children enters there with bang.sanskar and sunny smile seeing the dark.
pari confusingly:why there is so much dark….maasi!.
suddenly whole hall get lighted.pari’s eyes widened fully.
all together:surprise!!!!!!
pari run and hug swara.
pari:i thought u forgot my birthday.
swara kissing her cheek:how can i?….happy birthday.
pari:thank uuuu.
then pari hug sunny and sanskar.
both:happy birthday….
kavya get straight seeing sanskar there.
kaavya shocked:sanskar maheswari the most eligible bachelor….what is he doing here?
pari poutingly:friend do u know what they do with me in morning?
sanskar chuckled:first go change,cut the cake then i will listen everything….okay?
pari nodded and run toward her room.sunny stand in front of swara.
sunny innocenly:my clothes?
swara:i have arranged go change…..
sunny:which one?….i don’t trust your choice….what are u wearing?
bua giggled.swara looks down at herself.she was wearing white chuddi dar frock and looking very cute.
swarawhat’s wrong in this dress?
sunny:not looking good….go change.
bua laughed loudly,sanskar look at her fro top to bottom.he skipped his heart.
swara push him toward his room
swara:go change…i will not change dress
sunny:maasi but u are not looking good.
swara angrily:sunny!!!!
sunny make faces and leaves from there.swara look at bua who was still giggling.bua get straight and leaves from there.swara murmured something in her breath,sanskar stepped toward her but kavya came in front of him quickly.
kavya in sweet voice:hey!
sanskar with narrowed eyes:who are u?
kavya laugh in her melodious voice.swara gets angry.
kavya;i am kavya….sunny and pari’s maasi.
sanskar rudely:hello!.
kavya seductively:may i know how do u know sunny and pari….i just saw they came with u.
swara look at sanskar worriedly.he will not tell her about their relationship right?
sanskar sternly:i don’t think i need to give answer someone.
swara sighed in relief.some time his anger is beneficial only some times.
sanskar look at swara and tried to leave from there but kavya stop him holding his one arm softly.
kavya smiling:mr.maheswari i am their maasi….i have right to know.
swara look at kavya angily.she stepped forward and stand in front of sanskar.
swara:sir guest will like to meet u.
he gave a intense look to swara.
sanskar smiled a little:sure…..
he leaves from there.kavya turn toward swara angrily.
kavya:what the hell i was talking to him na….why did u poke your nose between us.
swara strictly:he is my boss and he hate flirty people,don’t spoil my daughter’s birthday.
kavya crossing her arms:how do u know he hates flirt….boys like it when beautiful girls flirt with them…
swara in deep voice:no he don’t…..

swara:sanskar tell na….why did u give me second chance otherwise i had heard u throw your PA at their very very small mistakes.
sanskar chuckled:swara think deeply if i would have done that en how we would have been like this?
swara look down at him then push him,she cross her arms and make pout face.
swara:u never give answer to me in straight way.
sanskar smile and make her look at him.
sanskar:okay fine i will tell u…..
swara gets happy and saidand one more question
swara:why did u fall in love with me?
sanskar smile widely and said:answer of both is same…….girls always tried to come near me,flirt with me because of my states,money and some where i am a little handsome also.
swara laughed loudly and pull his cheek.
swara:u are veryyy handsome mr.sanskar maheswari….not little.
he pull her close,holding her from waist.
sanskar:flirting with me…..
swara nervous from their closeness,said stammering:don’t change the topic….answer first.
sanskar sliding her hair strand:i hate it if some one try to use me for their own benefits and before you each and every girl did the same thing so i always throw them at their first mistake to get rid of them.
sanskar sighing:but u are only unique piece who never raise her eyes to see how much handsome and hot i am…..and biggest heart attack i get when i came to know u don’t even know my name.
swara burst out laughing,keep her head on shoulder and continue her laugh.
sanskar smiling:i was not mad to throw such hard working employee at small mistake and if i had done that then again new selections and again flirting girls.
swara controlling her laug:in short u don’t like if someone tr to use u for their benefits.
sanskar hugging her tightly:hmm….
swara: will keep that in mind……
sanskar just chuckled.
swara in mind:sory sanskar u shared your feelings to me and i used it against u.
kavya loudly:are u become deaf or what?
swara came in her senses and look at her.
kavya:your son is calling u from long back.
swara nodded and leaves from there.

all claps for pari when she cut the cake.pari make eat cake first swara,sunny,sanskar then to bua also and kavya make herself eat forcefully.
pari excitedly:now my gifts….
sunny making faces:who ask for gift himself?
all laughed
pari putting hands on waist:i am asking bhai… example is not enough for u?
whole hall burst out laughing.first swara give her rectangular box wrapped in pink cover.pari quickly opens it.
pari loudly:new doll….thank u maasi….i lost my previous doll.
pari hug her doll happly.sunny bite his tongue hearing her last sentence.
swara looking at sunny:i know where u lost it?
sunny show her full teeth.then sanskar give her square shaped box wrapped in blue colour.
pari open it and her eyes sparkled seeing the Cinderella dress.
pari:its so beautiful thank u friend.
sanskar caressed her cheek,swara make faces.
pari:bhai your gift?
sunny mischievously:here….
he gave a small box.sanskar hold his collar and pull him back.
sanskar in threatening voice:partner i hope this is a good gift or else i have a lot of spiders with me.
sunny gulped take gift from pari hand quickly.pari look at him poutingly.
sunny:this is not your….here keep this.
he gave her another wrapped gift.sanskar shook his head.
pari open the was a beautiful painting.
pari was standing at the mid of garden,holding her doll and sun was shining at her back.
every shade was didn’t look as seven year old had done that excellent work.
swara and sanskar look at each other.
pari happilybhai it is beautiful thank u.
sunny smiling:told u today is my painting class.
swara take painting from pari’s hand and look at it again.then she hold sunny and sit in front of him.
swara;sunny do u like paintings.
sunny:i love to paint maasi.
swara:u should have told me i would have arrange a painting master for u.
sunny exclaimed:really maasi…
swara nodded,sunny hug her tightly.
sunny:thank u.
swara ruffled his hair with love.sanskar look at them.
saanskar in mind:i don’t believe the girl who break my heart in thousand pieces,she is so good with her sister’s children……..just can’t believe.
pammi loudly:pari your gift…
swara and sunny look at it.
pari happily:bunnnyyy……
she take bunny from pammi’s hand.swara look at bua with horrified expression.
swara in mind;there is still pain in my back…
she tried to move away but bua hold her hand tightly and squeeze it in fear when bunny barked.
swara look down at their hands,poutingly.
she tried to free her hand but bua was holding it tightly.sunny look at swara face then down t their hands and giggled.
bua looking at bunny:haan?
swara cryingly:my hand….
bua look at their and leave it quickly.swara rub her hand.
swara went away from bua and strike with sanskar.both look at each other and share intense eye lock.
swara turn her face and stand a little far from him.sanskar clenched his fist,he never liked it when she move away from him.pammi takes bunny from pari and bua take deep breath.
bua happily:see paari what i had made for u?
pari loudly:rasgullaaaa….
bua made pari eat with her hands.sunny stand in front of bua and open his mouth.
whole hall again echoed with laughter.bua put one in his mouth.
swara’s mouth get watery seeing that.
swara whispered:rassgulla….
bua loudly:pari if u want more tell me i have kept more in kitchen
swara make sad puppy face.
swara phone started ringing,swara was just staring at rasgulla.sanskar look at her,irritated from her ringtone and saw her staring at one thing without a blink.he followed her gaze and chuckled.
sanskar:swara!!! (no response from swara)
sanskar loudly:swara….
swara look at him poutingly.
swara snapped:what…..
sanskar:your phone.swara look at screen. “KAVITA”
she pick up phone.
kavita shouted:happy birthday to u happy birthday happy birthday,happy birthday to u.
swara laughed without control.sanskar look at her
swara laughing:its not my birthday kavi….its pari
kavita:give phone to pari……what are u laughing?
swara:pari….kavita maasi want to wish u.
pari take phone from swara’s hand.kavita again wish like child.
at that time naina came there running at strike with swara.
naina:sory….sory i am late.
swara glaring:always.
naina hold ear and make puppy face.swara smile.
a bot was standing near naina greeted swara.
swara confused:hello….who is he?
naina excliamed:my goood friend,nikhal
nikhal glare at her.naina blinked at him innocently.swara chuckled.naina hug pari.wisshing her happy birthday.sunny gulped seeing his principle there.
swara look at nikhal with questioning eyes.
nikhal meekly:friend….only friend.
swara nodded smiling wide.

swara came in kitchen for some work and her eyes widened seeing the bowl full of rasgulla.
swara peep in hall,everyone was busy.swara exclaimed slowly,walk toward bowl and stare at it.
swara:if i will eat one nothing will happen….haan na/
she pick bowl and take out one and open full mouth to put it inside but stopped seeing bua and kavya standing at door.
swara meekly:i was just tasting….
bua giggled seeing her standing with open mouth.kavya come forward and take bowl from her hand.
kavya curtly:mom made this for pari not for u.
bua’s smile vanished but she kept quite.kavya leaves from there.swara shrugged and put raasgulla in her mouth which she was holding.bua smile a little seeing her like this and leaves from there.swara also come out licking her fingers and startled seeing sanskar holding that bowl.sanskar look at her and smirked,sit on chair and start eating them one by one..
swara mouth get open.
swara;she said those for pari……
kavya was standing near him,talking continuously,sanskar was eating rassgulla staring at swara.
swara was look at sanskar poutingly when naina came near her and saw her like this.
naina;swara what happened?
swara muttered;rasgullaaaa…..
naina laughed at that.swara look at her angrily.
naina:u are still made behind them.
swara make pout face.
naina:i forgot i want to do important talk with u.
swara give last death glare to sanskar and turn toward naina completely.
naina:about sunny?
swara:what did he do now?
naina:swara tell me one thing first whaat did ragini di eat before giving birth to him?
swara giggling:golgapa that too chandni chock ka.
naina bang her forehead.swara laugh a little.
swara:what happened?
naina:every teacher is complaining about him?
swara worriedly:is he not good in studies?….but i daily check his tests he always bring good marks.
naina shooking her head;he is brilliant student but everyone complain about his famous gifts…..i don’t know what he gift that everyone came in my office crying….especially female teachers.
swara laughed at that.
swara laughing:wait….
she look around for sunny.
swara loudly:sunnnyyyyy come here.
sunny look at swara then at naina and shook his head vigorously.swara show him eyes.
sunny make face and walk toward them.
swara:sunny u never gave gift to naina?
sunny nodded in NO.
naina poutingly:why?
swara:go bring gift for naina she is your principle.
sunny look at swara with surprise..swara wink at him.sunny’s eyes sparkled.
swara to naina:gift will be from me and sunny.
naina get excited.sunny hold naina’s hand and make her walk toward a corner.
swara:gift for teasing me on my rezult…..god save u naina.
swara keep hand on mouth and giggle.swara walk toward her room and get surprised seeing the sweet bowl there.she pick it up and start eating them.
ONE…..TWO….THREEE…..she was about to eat FOURTH when sanskar entered inside room.swara look at him with complete round face.her face was full of rasgulla.
sanskar walk toward her slolwy.swara stepped back,sanskar take bowl from her hand.
sanskar in deep voice:those were mine……why did u eat them/
swara gulped down the rasgulla from her throat and said:i…i…..wo……
sanskar pinned her to wall softly and said:i want them back.
sanskar bend forward looking at her lips,swara quickly turn her face to side.
swara stammering:u…u can’t kiss
sanskar gets furious at that.he hold her face and turn to him.
sanskar:who is asking for permission?
he kiss her hardly.swara’s eye get widened in shock.
sanskar murmured on her lips:kiss me back swara……
swara look in his eyes.ANGER….HATRED…….PASSION….where was LOVE.
she push him back and was about to run when sanskar hold her arm and pinned her to wall harshaly.
sanskar angrily;i taught u how to kiss and u can’t even kiss me back…….u want money for that also.
swara’s eye get teary.
swara;let me go……
sanskar:first kiss me……..
meanwhile there was a big noise outside,both look at door,swara push him and run from there.sanskar punch at the wall.
swara come out and saw all ladies were yelling and running here and there.sunny and pari were laughing at one corner,standing at couch.swara saw a lot of rats on the floor.
swara covered at her open rat come toward her running.swara jump screaming a little.
sunny and pari look at her and laugh.
sunny shouted:how is gift?
swara worried like hell;i told u to give naina only….what did u do?
sanskar came outside and get extreme shock seeing that.another rat came near swara,she shout,jump and stand on couch quickly.sanskar look at sunny angrily.
sasnakr angrily;sunny u spoiled your pari’s birthday party.
sunny point his finger toward pari.sanskar look at paari,who was laughing holding her stomach,seeing ladies running here and there.sanskar smile.
whole hall get empty in one second,bua and kavya were also standing outside from house.swara hole her head.sunny step down from couch,put cheese in small iron cage,and whistle.all rats get gathered in cage.sunny lock the door.swara step down from couch and stand at floor and look at sunny with full anger.
sunny blink at her innocently.and make puppy dog face.swara’s anger melt in one second.she sighed.
swara:no one will come at your birthday.
sunny laughed at hug her.pari also hug her.swara hold them and look around the messed up hall worriedly.
sanskar in mind:drama queen…..

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…loved itt

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr chappy dear.. Loved it.. Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz I am not well,*fever.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  3. Awesome .
    Will sanskar ever realize how can swara do this

  4. Scooby

    Tremendous lovely marvellous chapie.. swara drama queen as said by sanskar… sunny is bck to avatar in this chapie.. thou swasan are in MU i live thm.. so cute..

  5. Hadi

    Awsum update dear party is so adorable swasan choice regarding dress of park is also same this is good that sanky don’t show their fight on sunny n pari he is very kind hearted for both of them glad to know this but my heart pains when sanky says that I want money for kids also how can he trust that lines of Swara why can’t he make efforts to learn the truth high but kiss is good as well n sunny is n will always be badmash waiting eagerly for next n plZ unite them soon

  6. Outstanding

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