Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 26)


sunny:maasi bua came after so many days na.
sunny excitedly:we should gave her welcome gift.
swara and pari look at him then at each other.
swara:what gift.
sunny wink at her and run from their.
swarasunny nhee…..
pari and swara goes after him.sunny look at them before giving gift.pari and swara nodded in no.sunny giggled.
sunny innocently:bua,kavya maasi
both look at him.
sunny:u came after so many days na so i thought to give u gift.
bua gets happy with his love.kavya look at him as i don’t care.
sunny giving gift:this for u(bua) and this for u(kavya).
bth start opening them.swara covered her eyes worriedly.
bua and kavya yelled:AAAAA!
both get up on couch and start jumping.sunny and pari laugh.swara look at them jumping and a lot of cockroaches on couch.swara’s phone started ringing.swara pick it looking at bua and kavya jumping on couch.
swara lost:hello!!!
but before she could have heard something from otherside,kavya jump down,her foot sliped and she fall down,causing great noise and bua jump from couch and fall on swara.she fall down on her back,swara laying on the ground at her back and bua on her.
swara shout:AAA!
phone slipped from her hand
sunny and pari worriedly:maassiiii!
both run toward her.
swara cried out:get up bua.
sunny shouted:get up from her……otherwise i will pour all cockroaches on u
bua get up quickly.bua give hand to swara being worried.
swara cryingly:AAA!…meri kamar.
swara hold bua hand and get up with much difficulty.
kavya angrily:mom help me.
bua give her hand,looking at swara..
kavya angrily:my foot got twisted.
bua calmly:kavya go to your room.
kavya give death glare to sunny and leaves from there.
bua hold swara from waist and make her walk toward her room.bua make swara lay on bad and keep pillow under her waist.swara look at her with surprise.
bua avoiding eye contact:i will bring hot water bags.
she leaves from there hurriedly.
sunny worriedmaasi are u fine…..i mean to say so much heavy weight fall on u.
pari angry:bhai this is all because of u.see maasi get hurt.
sunny poutingly:i didn’t know that maassi will get hurt….sory.
swara smile:its not your mistake my abd they fall on me during jump…..and pari beta aisa baat nhe karta.saay sory.
pari:sory bhai.
sunny smilingly:its okay i am very generous.
swara chuckled,pari make face.
swara feeling pain in her back:sunny go bring pain killer.
sunny:okay maasi…..
sunny was moving toward kitchen when he saw swara’s phone ringing continiously.he pick phone and gets happy seeing sanskar’s name shining on screen.he picks it quickly.
sanskar in grave voice:sunny where is swara…..i am calling from long time.
sunny meekly:don’t assk partner what happened just now?
sanskar:what happened?
sunny dramaticaly:weight of abouttttt……80 kg fall on maasi
sanskar a little worried:where is she now?
sunny:in her room…..on bad.
swara shout:sunny medicine lana main itna time lagta ha.
sunny bite his tongue and shout:coming….
sunny:partner i will talk later maassi told me to bring pain killer.bye.
he cut the call and run toward kitchen.sanskar look at cutted call.

swara adjust pillow under her waist,but after sometime get uncomfortable and start adjusting it again.
swara:i should take one more pain killer.both don’t look fat but are very heavy.
she lay back again taking rest.her phone started ringing.she pick phone at screen.UNKNOWN number.
swara keeping phone on ear:hello…..(no response)
swara loudly:helloooooo!!!(no response).
swara angrily:wheen don’t want to say anything why are u calling.
she cut the call but after sometime phone started ringing again.swara sut the call start ringing again after sometime.swara gritted her teeth,cut the call and switch off phone.

swara entered inside the office and walk toward lift.
miss rose:swara.
swara:good morning miss rose.
miss annoyed:where are u know a days?
swara meekly:u know how is san…..sir is.
miss rose nodded and said:take sign on these files.
she walked toward lift and her eyes widened.OUT OF ORDER.
swara cryingly:is ko bhe aajj he kharab hona tha.
she keep hand on her waist thinking about last night incident.
swara hit files on her head and walked toward stairs.
when swara reached on last step of 3rd floor.her face was red because of pain in her waist.meanwhile lift door get open and sanskar entered.swara look at him shocked.
swara whisper to herself:it was out of order right?
sanskar look at her red face,smile and move toward his cabin.swara just look at him leaving,with open mouth
swara gritted her teeth :he did it purposely………badtameez,idiot.
swara walked toward his cabin holding her waist..she glare at close door.
swara in mind:the day i get chance to take revenge i didn’t beat u with broom na… name is not swara gadodia.
swara knock at the door,angrily
sanskar smiling voice:yes.
swara fumed hearing his smiling voice.and curse him in mind.swara entered inside,walk toward windows and pull the curtains apart.she walk toward his table,stand near him,unknowingly and start arranging table.sanskar’s body stiffened feeling her closeness.after arranging the table,she take water and give him medicine,not looking at him.
sanskar take medicine from her hand,eat it and gulp down half glass.sanskar keep the glass on table
swara was about to move away when he hold her hand and pull her in his lap.swara look at him in shock.
sanskar teasing:tired……..
swara murmured something in her breath……mostly curses.
sanskar pulling her close:i had heard weight of about 80 kg fall on u.
swara look at him with wild open eyes.
swara still in shock:u knew it i have back pain……..still u.
sanskar laid back and said:how can i let go chance of giving pain….hmmm?
swara stare at him.
sanskar:what are u staring…get up.
before swara could have get up,her phone started ringing.she pick up phone,sitting on his lap.sanskar looks on.
naina sadly:swara your rezult came today.
swara worriedly:what is it?
naina:u didn’t pass them.
swara shocked:what?
naina angrily:told u na first complete study then do job….didn’t listen to me na now see.
swara started crying and said:u are lying my exams went well.
naina bite her tongue and said crossing her fingers:if u don’t believe then check yourself.
swara cut the call and look at sanskar crying like baby.
sanskar clearing his throat:get up i am not your couch…..
swara angrily hit him on chest and said:shut up… i got failed in my exams and u can’t even let me sit.
sanskar look at her with surprise.swara start looking her rezult on her mbl.
swara without looking at him:silence.
sanskar mouth get open.swara was looking at her phone with full concentration.she gritted her teeth seeing 75% rezult.
swara call naina and start scolding her:naina ki bachi….don’t u have a little shame by laying so confidently.
sanskar crossed his arms and start staring at her.she was not going to get up early.naina laughed loudly.
naina:congratulations……u passed the exmas…i want treat
swara gritted her teeth:come home i will give a big treat
naina happily:really.
swara:full plate of cockroaches with bitter gourd juice
sanskar chuckled
naina:yukhhhhh!!!!……swara,bye i don’t want to vomit.
she cut the call quickly before swara could have said anything else.
swara:wait i will tell u what u will get more…..
swara take off phone from ear and look at sanskar angrily
sanskar calmly:done…….then your highness get off from me.
swara looked down with wide eyes then at him.nodded vigorously, quickly get up from him and leaves from there.sanskar chuckled

swara rubbed sides of her head,closing her eyes.she gets up,pick files and walk toward sanskar’s cabin.she entered inside the cabin after getting permission.and give files to him.
swara in dull voice:can i go?
sanskar without looking at her,said in stern voice:no stand there silently.
swara close her eyes for a min and start staring at him.10 mins passed like this.
swara’s headache inceased,tears start forming in her eyes.
swara in watery voice:sanskar can i go?
sanskar’s whole body stiffened hearing his name from her mouth that too with pain in it.
he look at her and his heart flinched seeing her dull face and tear filled eyes.
swara pleading:plz….
sanskar went numb,at her pleading.a strange feeling surrounded his heart.he nodded slolwy.swara turn and leave from there.
sanskar thinks:i should be happy she is getting weak…….but why am i not feeling happy?
he shrug weird thoughts from his mind and start reading the files without full concentration.

swara was cooking in kitchen,her eyes turned red because of pain.she hold her head and sit on the stool,holding her head.headache was the only which she can’t bear.meanwhile sunny entered in kitchen
sunny:maasi your phone…….
he stopped seeing swara sitting like this.he walked toward her fast.swara look at him
sunny worried:maasi what happened?……why are u sitting like this?
swara:nothing just headache.
sunny:take medicine na.
swara smile weakly and ruffly his hairs.
swara:didn’t eat anything from morning if i take medicine like this.i will land in hospital.
sunny:don’t cook food me and pari are not angry.who want food will cook himself.
swara smile widely at his so much concern.she kiss him on forehead with love.
swara:u know it says children are strength of mother… i saw it.
she caressed his cheek.sunny’s eye sparkled.
swara stand up.suddenly she felt like her whole tiredness vanished.
swara:chalo jao i am bringing food.
sunny:maasi but u……
swara:i am feeling much better now….go i will come in 5 min.
sunny irritated:maasi u are stubborn…..don’t listen to anyone.
swara giggled.sunny make faces and was about to go when he remembered why was he came there.
sunny:maasi your phone is ringing continuously.
swara:who is calling.
sunny making faces:when i pick call no one says yourself.
he give her phone and runs from there.swara look at the number and make faces.
swara cut the call and put it on slab.for swara’s surprise it didn’t ring again.


swara was sleeping after taking medicine when her phone started ringing.she put hands on side table in sleep and keep phone on ear.
swara in sleepy voice:hello!…….
but her hand slipped from ear and fall down.after one sec her phone again started ringing.swara open her heavy eyes for a sec and again put phone on ear.
swara:hel…….but before she could have complete her word she again went into sleep,keeping phone on ear.
swara phone started ringing again,swara jerk up from her sleep because of high ringtone,directly entered in her ear.she look at phone with wild eyes.her heart was beating fast.she clenched her fist.
swara angrily:hello…..who is this? (no respond)
swara fumed:if u don’t want to talk then why are u calling again and again.idiot stop calling me.i have to get up early tomorrow.
she cut the call and again sleep,covering herself from head to toe.her phone started ringing again,she cried loudly.get pick phone.
swara cryingly:let me sleep……
at that time bua entered inside her room worriedly.swara look at her.ak or siyapa!.she keep her phone down.
swara in mind:is ko baad me btati hun.
bua worriedly:swara kavya didn’t come till now.
swara look at wall clock 12:00.
swara:where did she went at this time?
bua:she told me she is going with friends….didn’t come till now.
swara:did u call her?
bua:not picking my call….don’t know where is she?
swara confused:so……
bua:so mtlb….go find where is she?
swara confused:where will i find her? that too at this time?
bua angrily:what kind of girl u are…..your sister is not home and u are not worried a little………u don’t look like shekhar bhaisa’s daughter.
she said that and leaves from there.
swara loudly:i have same opinion about u too……….u also don’t look like dad’s sister.
bua angrily shouted back:swaraaaa……..
swara chuckled and get up sighing heavily.she completely forgot about phone call.
swara poutingly:everyone is against my sleep……thank god headache vanished.
she changed dress and pick phone and look at screen in was still n.she cut the call angrily.and walk out from room.

swara to bua:did she told where is she going?
bua:talking about some pradise club on phone.
swara giggling:u heard her talking on phone….very bad bua.
bua give her death glare.
bua:are u going or should i go?
she turned to leave but stopped,turn toward bua again.
swara mischievously:one thins bua……… nose went on dad but you have nothing similar with him.
after saying this she run from there laughing.bua’s shoes strike with door from which she run.
bua with small smile:pagal larki!!!
swara was laughing walking toward main road.
swara:it so fun to tease bua.
but she gt worried after seeing empty road.she scratches her head.
swara:from where i will find taxi at this time…….ugh!!!!
she started walking toward main road thinking that….maybe she will get taxi there.she dialed kavy’s number also but she was not picking phone.swara sighed and walked toward main road fast.she get taxi.swara reached in front of paradise club.she come out from taxi.swara look at the third class club worriedly.
driver looking at her shalwar kameez:madam ji this club is not good for girls like u.
swara making face:this is not good for any girl…..u wait here i will just come back in 10 min.
swara:i will give u extra money plz….i have to just pick my sister from here then drop us home again.
driver nodded and off the engine.
swara:thank u.
she walked toward club.she entered inside the club and covered her mouth instantly because of strong smell of smoking and alcohol.
swara:i am gonna regret for it very badly.
she look around for kavya and saw dancing madly between boys.swara get worried
swara:what type of dress she is wearing?
kavya was in black dress which was hardly covering her thighs and deep cut in front.
swara walk toward her.she hold her hand and pull her to side.kavya look at her in shock.
kavya in drunk voice:what are u doing here…….that too in this dress….what will my friends say.
swara shocked:u are drunk…….
kavya staggered a little,swara hold her at right time.a boy in drunk came there.
boy fully drunk:kavya baby wht are u doing here come let’s dance……who is this bhanji?
kavya:i…i don’t know her baby….let’s go dance.
swara gritted her teeth,clenched her arm tightly.
swara:we are going home now.
boy angrily:oh hello she said na she want to dance…….who are u to order?
swara walk toward him and said sternly:i am her sister……now back off…..before i call police here.
boy look at her in shock.swara drag kavya with her.
kavya shouted:leave me…how dare u talk to my friend like this?
swara angrily:shut up.
driver look at kavya,down at her dress. then at swara.swara get embarrassed,take off her duppta and cover kavya.
kavya angrily:what the hell….keep your duppta with yourself.
swara make her sit in taxi forcefully and sit beside her.

driver nodded and start the taxi.kavya keep on shouting at swara in whole way.swara was looking out as she was not hearing anything.driver shook his head.after reaching home.swara take out fully drunk kavya,she gave money to driver.
swara smiling:thank u…….
driver nodded and leave from there.swara hold kavya from waist and start making her walk toward home.
kavya angrily shouted:how dare u spoil my party…..who asked u to come?
swara dragging her:i have no interest to help u….i just came because your mother was worried at home and eating my it!!!
kavya keep on scolding her loudly,swara look around worriedly,if anyone see them at this time.that will create a big problem for her and childrens.her eyes narrowed at one car.
swara confused:is this sanskar’s car?
but there was a lot of dark there,swara shook her head t her nonsense thought.she gets scared from kavya loud yell.
swara angrily:shut up…….not a single word.
kavya:leave me i can walk myself……i don’t need your help.
swara shrugged and move aside,leaving her completely.kavya staggered because of unsteady steps and fall down.
kavya cried:AAAA!!!
swara covered her mouth to hide smile.
kavya:u b*t*h how dare u?
swara innocently:what did i do u said leave me…….and blinks at her rapidly.
bua who was standing at the door,saw this and came there running.
bua worriedly:kavya are u fine?
kavya start crying loudly:mom she made me fall down.
bua give swara death glare.swara’s mouth get open fully.
bua make kavya stand up.
kavya crying (fake):mom….why did u send her….do u know what she did?
swara crossed her arms and looked at her drama.
bua:kavya it was too late therefore i send her
kavya:u know i just told her let me say bye to my friends…..but she just dragged me from there forcefully.she made me fall down purposely.
bua angrily:swara what is this?……don’t have manners.
swara:i did do anything like this?…………ask from her in which type of club she was?
bua furious:don’t u dare to throw mud at my daughter………before that look at your own sins… least she is not cause of her parents death.
tears started falling down from swara’s eye.bua close her eyes immediately regretting what she said.kavya smirk.
swara run inside wiping her tears.
bua guilty:swara i didn’t mean……….but swara was gone from there.
kavya in fake sad tone:mom u should have not said like that.
bua guilty like hell,just nodded slowly.

swara entered inside her room and walk toward washroon quickly.she splashed cold water at her face,giving relief to her burning eyes.
swara sobing;i thought bua is getting change but no she is like same…who thinks i am cause of mom and dad’s death.
she splashed another round of cold water on her face.
swara in mind:she is like this always…..why should i cry for her.
she wipe her face with towel and went for was almost 2 at night.she take out pic of sanskar.
swara poutingly:i wish u would have been here?
she keep pic under her pillow and slept.

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