Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 24) (MAHA EPISODE)


all were doing their breakfast when door bell ringed.
swara shouted from kitchen:sunny see who is on the door.
sunny:g maasi…
sunny run toward door,post man was standing there.
sunny shouted:maasi post man came….
swara came there and said:go finish breakfast.
sunny leaves from there.
postman:swara gadodia.
swara:yes i am.

postman:notice from court…
swara heart stopped beating for one min.she take notice with shivering hands
swara:thank u.
postman leaves from there.swara open the notice and start reading it.sanskar came there and gets worried seeing her pale face.
sanskar:what’s wrong/
swara:tomorrow is last hearing
she look at sunny and pari who were teasing each other.
sanskar keep hand on her shoulder.
sanskar:everything will be fine don’t worry.
swara pleading:can i take leave today plz.i want to spend some time with them.
sanskar annoyed:u can just tell me u are on leave today..why so formal.
swara nodded with faint smile and walks toward kids.

swara:sunny,pari come here i wanted to tell u something.
sanskar look at her.whole day they spend quality time together but her eyes were wet all the time.
both:g maasi.
swara hold their hands and said:tomorrow is court hearing.
glow from their faces vanished just now they were laughing whole heartdly.
sunny sad:therefore u make us spend time with u.
swara caressed his cheek and said:can’t i spend time with u both.
pari hug swara.
pari scared:i will not go with them they are bad…i want to stay with u.
swara blinked her teary eyed.she break hug
swara:no one will take u okay.
swara look at sanskar.
sanskar:pari come here i want to show u something.
pari goes with sanskar.
swara:sunny u brave boy na…will u do a promise with me.
sunny nodded silently.
swara licked her lips nervously and said:i…i don’t know what will happen tomorrow…but i want promise if adharsh take u both with him then u will take care of your and pari.she is your little sister,u will make her eat food and will never let her cry.okay?
sunny:he will take us tomorrow and will not let u meet us?
swara hug sunny,tears fall down from her eyes.
swara:its not like this.he can’t stop me from meeting u…i am just saying if something happen like this.promise me u will be brave boy.
sunny crying a little:promise.
swara break hug and wipe his tears and said:brave boy don’t cry.

swara get up with jerk,screaming,she was covered with sweat.
sanskar worried like hell:swara are u fine/
she didn’t reply him,stepped down from bad and run toward kids room.sanskar run after her.swara open the door quickly,and step inside she kissed on their foreheads, correct their blanket and comes out,closing door behind her.
sanskar shocked:u get nightmares.
swara nodded.sanskar pull her in tight hug.swara keep her head on his chest.
sanskar:about what?
swara:adharsh kidnapped them after di and jiju’s death.pari was only two year,she was so scared at that time and sunny was crying when i went to take her.i just can’t forget that
sanskar’s blood boiled hearing that.

sanskar softly:do u have proof about that.
swara:hmm…..karan is very hopeful that i will win case.but….
sanskar softly:but what…..
swara sobing:if something went wrong then?
sanskar caressing her hair:nothing will go wrong have faith on GOD
swara tightening her grip:i can’t live without them….i will die sanskar.
sanskar angry:stop talking rubbish…..go with sleep pari today.
swara break,sanskar cup her face and kiss her forehead.
sanskar:nothing will go wrong….okay?
she goes and sleep with pari.sanskar think for some time then take out his phone and walked toward his room.


swara (ON PHONE):sanskar where are u?
sanskar driving car:i am on my way toward home
swara:okay…she cut the call.
meanwhile karan and kavita came there.swara’s heart thudded.
karan:swara need to talk…where are sunny and pari?
swara:in their room.
karan nodded and said:come sit…..
swara:what happened?
kavita before karan:we have one bad and one gd news…what will u here first?
karan look at kavita like “what the hell’
swara meekly:bad first.
karan chuckled.kavita make weird faces.
karan:swara case is dismissed.
swara shocked:what…but why? how can they dismiss case like this?
swara hold her head being worried like hell.kavita get up and sit beside her and slap on her shoulder.
kavita:who will hear gd news?
swara:what gd news?
kavita yelled:u won the case idiot.
swara confused:how.
kavita:that karan will tell u i don’t know.
swara look at karan.
karan smiling:adharsh is arrested for doing illegal works….he is behind bars therefore court give decision.
kavita and swara hug each other and yelled loudly together.karan quickly put finger in his ears.
karan muttered:i will become deaf some day.sanskar entered that time and smile.swara break hug and run toward kids room.sunny and pari look at her.swara pick pari and twirl her in air.pari laughed.sunny blinked at them.
swara put pari down and kissed her whole face and hug her tightly and pull sunny also.
swara hugging tightly:i am so happyyyy.
sunny:what happened maasi?
swara:we won the case.

sunny and pari:whatttttt!!!!
sunny yelled:yeahhhhh!!!!!!!
swara and pari laughed.sunny and pari danced in whole room.swara looked at sanskar who was standing at dooe,she goes and hug him tightly.
swara:thank u…thank u so much
sanskar:for what?
swara:don’t behave as don’t know anything……from morning u are vanish.
sanskar took deep breath and hug her more tightly.
sanskar:are u happy?
sanskar:i am also….
sunny cried loudly:maasiiii…….i have not space empty in my tummy to eat more.
swara:eat silently…….she put another
bite in his already fully mouth.
pari and sanskar were giggling at his sanskar was making pari eat food and swara was making sunny therefore sunny was in big trouble.
swara put large size glass full of milk in front of him.sunny look at the glass with eyes.
sunny yelled:nheeeeee…..
he run away from there.sanskar and pari laugh loudly

swara:sunny come back here now.
sunny shook his head vigorously.swara pick glass and goes after him.
swara threatening:if u will not drink it silently then u will drink two.
sunny get heart attack,take glass from her hand and start drinking it
swara;take breathes
sunny finish glass and fall down on couch holding his stomach.swara ruffled his hairs and get up
sunny:maasi….partner didn’t eat anything in process of making pari eat.
swara look at sanskar,his breath got stuck in lungs.sunny wink at sanskar.
sanskar in mind:i really need to patch up with this devil.
pari whispered:best of luck friend.
she get up and leaves from there giggling.

swara worried:sanskar u didn’t eat anything
sanskar clearing his throat:swara i have very urgent work…i need to leave now
he get up to leave.swara hold his hand
swara:sit….is not gd to leave without eating anything.
sanskar unwillingly sit.swara fill his plate fully,sanskar look at the amount of food with wide eyes.
sanskar:are u going to share with me?
swara:no its your…u became so weak in these days.
sanskar looked down at him “weak”
sanskar:did u eat anything?
swara:i will eat later
sanskar:shut up and eat with me……..u don’t do breakfast except sunday right?
sanskar shook his head and sign her to eat,both started eating together.

sanskar:swara tomorrow dadi is coming Mumbai…..
sanskar:be ready i will take u to meet her after that marriage simple.
swara nervous:sanskar what if she didn’t like me?
sanskar teasing:hmm…..there will be some problem but i like u na she will also like u.

swara worried:what problem…did u tell her about my past
sanskar:she is nt narrow minded…i know her but i was talking about your face.
swara touch her face and said:what about face?
sanskar thinking:don’t know what will she say after looking at your face
sanskar:this always worried face,colour is also getting dim,eyes are coming out……i will take u beauty parlor before making u meet her.
swara mouth get open fully,she push him from her lap,pick pillow a pillow and start beating him.
swara:take some another girl to meet her i will not go with u.
sanskar laughing:swara i was joking….sory
swara pouting:i am not talking to u
sanskar hold his ears:sory
swara smile a little.sanskar again put his head on her lap
sanskar:but i am really thinking to take u parlor.
swara irritated:sanskar……
sanskar chuckling:what….

sanskar is standing outside the airport,wearing black dress with matching glasses.after sometime a old lady wearing white dress,silver hairs,high heels,sunglasses on her eyes comes out,two black suited person are behind her.sanskar smile.
lady:put bags in car.
sanskar give her side hug and said:long time……
dadi smile:u didn’t come so i thought why not me.
sanskar open door for her,lady sit inside.sanskar sit beside wheels and start driving.
dadi looking at phone:how is your buisness going?
dadi with narrowed eyes:only good….no perfect.
sanskar chuckled:perfect….
sanskar:i wanted u to meet someone….special
dadi’s back straightened,she take out her glasses.
dadi:really…who is she?
dadi laid back and said:what is special in her?
sanskar smiling:she can handle me well.
dadi’s face expression changed.sanskar stopped car in front of mension.both comes out from car.
dadi:what if i don’t like her?
sanskar:if i like her then u will also………..
dadi looking at him deeply:if not?
sanskar face expression changed a little but he handled it well.
sanskar:u can’t….because i love her and going to marry soon.
he kiss her cheek and said:i will take a leave….take rest u will be tired.
he sit inside the car and leaves from there.dadi call someone
dadi:i want each single information about swara,what is her weakness,what is her strong point.everything.
she cut the call and walked inside.

sanskar opening door:swara i drop sunny and pari,are u……
sanskar look around the room,there were clothes everywhere.and swara was sitting on bad holding her head
sanskar:u are not ready….
swara confused:i don’t know what to wear?
sanskar sighed and sit in front of her and hold her hands.
swara nodded vigorously
sanskar smiling:we will go meet her,small talks and will return what is difficult in this.

swara poutingly:i am not feeling gd we will go some other day.
sanskar:don’t u trust me?
swara:i trust u….
sanskar:then get up….and about your dress.
he get up and look around then give her black saree
sanskar:wear this….my favourite colour.
swara smile a little.
sanskar teasing:do u want me to change your dress.
swara’s eyes widened,she get up quickly and pushing him out from room.
swara with red face:no thank u very much,i can do myself.
sanskar:let me help u……
swara:shut up…..out
she close the door at his face.
sanskar:swara 10 mins otherwise i will come inside to help u.
swara angrily:sanskar……
sanskar laughed,goes and sit in hall.

swara comes out after sometime,wearing saree.sanskar smile seeing her.
swara biting her lips:fine.
he stand in front of her and take out a locket from pocket of platinum which was of double “S”
swara:what is this?
swara:i can see that.
sanskar:then why are u asking.
swara glare at him.sanskar make her wear locket.
sanskar:ii thought there should be something of mine which can make u remember me.
swara;it is expensive i can’t…….
sanskar:can’t u do something without arguing.

swara looking at locket:its beautiful.
sanskar:looking nice on u.
swara blushing:thank u.
sanskar holding him from waist:your welcome.
both walked outside.they start their journey toward mension.
swara:why did u take your luggage from house today
sanskar:painting got completed and dadi also came therefore.
swara confused:when painting got completed?
sanskar:week before.
swara;why didn’t u tell me?
sanskar;i thought u will kick me out from house.
swara hit him on shoulder.
sanskar:what i am serious…..u would have said,sanskar its not right,what if someone hear about it.

he mimics her,swara give him death glare then laugh.
sanskar:why are u laughing?
swara laughing:sometime i don’t believe u are same sanskar maheshwari.u know in past u were so kahroos,anger used to remain on your nose tip,i never saw u smiling in 8 months and NOW.
sanskar glares at her.
sanskar:are u praising me or insulting me.
swara innocently:both.
sanskar stopped the car with jerk.
sanskar:step out.
swara worried:why…..aacha sory i will not tease u.
sanskar dryly:swara we reached…step out.
swara look out from window then look at him.
swara:u scared me.
sanskar:what can i do u get worried on little thing
both step out from car and entered inside the mansion.sanskar make swara stand in front dadi.
sanskar:here dadi meet swara…..swara dadi.
swara greeted her.
dadi smiling:stay blessed….come sit.

swara sit beside sanskar,opposite to dadi.
swara in mind:i am feeling like i came here to give interview again and old sanskar is sitting in front of me.
dadi:be relax….feel free.
swara give her faint smile.
dadi:sanskar what are doing here….go i want to talk with my future daughter in law alone.
sanskar smiling:what u want to talk in alone?
dadi;don’t wory i will not eat her up.
sanskar chuckled and get up,swara look at him worriedly.sanskar assured her from eyes and leaves from there.dadi laid behind on couch putting one leg on another.
dadi:do u love him?
swara smiling:g dadi….
dadi:not dadi….ma’am
swara worried a little:yes a ma’am.
dadi:i have heard your marriage got break once and your father died because of it.
swara get teary eyed but nodded.
dadi:i don’t know how to talk indirectly….so i am coming on point directly,i don’t want u to merry him.there is no match of u two.say no to him yourself.he will not listen to me.
swara look at her hell shocked.
swara stammering;we…we love each can i say……..
dadi raise her hand and get up from seat.
dadi sarcastically:i don’t want to listen anything,say no
swara get up and said:but why u don’t want us marry.
dadi:i don’t think u are gd enough for him……u have two children also.
swara:my sisters children.
dadi taunting way;what proof do u have that they are your sister’s children not your own dirt which u are naming of your sister.

swara stepped back little,tears fall down from her eyes.dadi smirked
swara wipe her tears and said:this is not true……u don’t want us marry because he loves and u are afraid that u will loose your control on him if i got married to him RIGHT?
dadi smirking:hmmm……sanskar was right about u.u are really intelligent….but let me tell u something very clearly,i wasted my 27 years on him so that he can give luxurious life.i can’t let my hard work got wasted like this.
swara angrily;u lied to him about his parents.u purposely made him stay away from them.
dadi smirking:he would have told u that his mother didn’t wanted him to come in this world,father never tried to meet and at that time being a good grandmother i took care of him.
swara clenched her fist tightly and said:i will tell him everything
she turned to leave but stopped hearing dadi’s voice.
dadi loudly:u will tell everything when he will be alive.
swara turned toward her.

swara:what do u mean/
dadi walked toward her and stand in front of her.
dadi:he went for a ride…..and i planted a bomb in his car,if u tried to tell him anything bomb will blast.
swara crossed her arms:u can’t let anything happen to him otherwise how will u get your luxury life.
dadi:there u are wrong…if he will die all his property will directly come to my name i will make sure about it.
swara:he is your grandson how can u do this to him?
dadi irritated:shut up this drama will not work on me.
dadi hold swara’s arm in painful grip and said dangerous tone:and if my grandson die then your children will also not remain alive.
swara look at her shocked.tears start falling down from her eyes.
dadi:choice is yours……..his life or try to tell him truth.
swara sobing:he will abduct me if i said no.i had tried a lot already
dadi:show how much u love him.

swara:one thing ma’am the day he learn the truth u know better what he will do…..
current passed from dadi’s spine.
swara taunting:what happened got scared.
dadi:if u will tell him he will not believe u.
swara chuckled and said:here u are wrong……..if i tell him everything he will just hug me nothing else.
swara freed her arms and walked away from there slowly.dadi smirked.
swara was walking on road,crossing her arms around her shoulder.sanskar stopped car in front of her with jerk.swara wipe her tears quickly and arrange her face.sanskar came out from car and stand in front of her.
sanskar annoyed;why didn’t u wait for me?
swara:i didn’t want to.
sanskar:what’s wrong?
swara:why didn’t u told that there is nothing on your name.
sanskar confused:what?
swara holding her head:everything got wasted.your dadi told me that there is nothing on your name.
sanskar’ jaw get ticked,he didn’t like her tone.
swara:now i have to start everything from begining……….again that innocent drama again love drama uff.
sanskar’s face turned dark,DRAMA.
sanskar in dangerous voice:swara stop doing drama……
swara scarastically:come out from your world i am not doing any whole hard got wasted and here u are in your own world.
swara:now i have to find someother boy……
sanskar hold her from arms and shouted:enough…….shut up…just shut up.
swara’s heart thudded with his roar but she determined herself for him.
sanskar furious like hell:drama……… dare u play with my feelings,my emotions.u dare to make fun of my feelings.
swara angrily:leave me u started it i was not doing anything u came first then i thought why not just a little love drama.
sanskar dig his fingers in her arms and said:everything was lie….u used sunny and pari as toys to accomplish your plan
swara:i didn’t used anyone……leave me i just did acting of being in love with u.
blood entered in his eyes.
sanskar:you………he tried to find words what to say about her.
sanskar:u are really really good actor….not a single mistake.i should give u OSCAR award.i became fan of yours.

swara chuckling humourlessly:aacha thank u for compliment.
sanskar hold her face in his hand and said in hatred filled voice:but u did one mistake…your choosed person was wrong,u are going to pay for it badly.
swara tried to free herself and said:what is my mistake u yourself came forward i started doing acting after that.
sanskar in deep voice:u should have told me u don’t love me but instead of that u played a big game with me.time to get reward of it…….u seen very worse days right?…now i will make sure your life will turn hell.tomorrow office sharp at 7.
swara:i am resigning from job……
sanskar hold her face more tightly and said:u think i will let u go that easily miss swara gadodia…………u shouldn’t have done this.
last sentence was fully covered with pain.he pushed her with full force,sit inside the car and leaves from there.swara fall down on the ground and start crying vigorously.
swara:i am sory sanskar…am really sory but i had no other choice….your life is more important.sory
she cried badly for very long,setting there then she get up and start walking toward random direction,crying vigorously.

sanskar entered inside the house furious like hell dadi stopped him.
dadi:sanskar why did she left like this….everything fine.
sanskar clenching his fist:nothing dadi relax…..
dadi smirking:when u both are getting married?
sanskar in determind tone:soon don’t worry.
after saying this he left from there and sit on bar counter and started drinking.
dadi in mind:u will marry only when she will agree.nice job swara.well done.
dadi to her bodyguard:u know one thing about love?
man obediently:what ma’am?
dadi;u just want your loved one to be safe and sound.
dadi walked toward her room to enjoy her victory.


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  24. Sammykapoor


    |Registered Member

    nice dear..unexpectd twist…already swara beard so she also has to bare sanky anger….how sanky heart break …with some harsh words..that to.he know about swara very well…make sanky acting loke anger with her to know reason behnd her talks…

  25. Maithili

    Unbelievable….excellent twist…but cant bear swasan seperation….plz clr misunderstandings soon….u r an excellent writer….

  26. Mahjabeen


    |Registered Member

    What ws dat zaimal..omg suddenly a twist its totally shocking…ahhh flng bad fr swara…how cn dadi du dis things…huhh hate her….hope sanskar comes to knw da truth soon…nd may b he will forcefully marry swara…waitng egrly fr nxt…

  27. aamias

    Sanskars trust gone in one day I dont want sanskar to be rude arrogant like masochistic males plz its a request dont make him dumb
    Loved ur writing one of the best ff

  28. Naina

    Awesome. Lovd it. Bt plz dnt drage dis track end it wit 3-4 part. Or make like sanskar is acting to findout d truth. In all ff or serial same story girl or boy act to save their lov life nd they believe them as it is dnt try find real reason dnt make lyk tat plz. And more than san swara wil suffer kavi also nt ther to console her. Plz dnt make sanky hurt swara plz

  29. Ss_2503


    |Registered Member

    Awesomeeee!! I was a silent reader till now but I hv loved this story from the beginning….. But, today how could Sanskar believe Swara so easily? Plz don’t drag this thing much coz as it is Swara has suffered enough…. n post the next part soon….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.