Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 23)



swara:first cheeks….then shoulders,arms legs and last at feets…okay?
pari:g maasi…first i will put haldi on cheeks than at shoulder,arms and feets.
swara kissed at her forehead.
swara:that’s like my good girl.
sanskar and sunny came there.
sanskar:what are u teaching her?
pari excitedly:maasi is teaching how to do ritual…i will do in place of maasi na.
swara smile.sanskar look at swara with annoyed eyes.swara look away.
swara:aajoa pari chalen.
pari extend her arms.swara pick her up in arms.and they left from their

kavita twirl around in front of mirror
kavita:how am i looking swara?
she was wearing yellow lehanga saree with yellow flowered earings and bangales
swara look at her face.her face was glowing with happiness
swara:gorgious i don’t think u need haldi rasam.
kavita blushed and hug swara.
kavita:i am so so happy.i am going to merry to him.whom i love so much.
swara put black spot behind her ear.
swara:nazar na lag jai.
at that door burst open and naina entered inside.
kavita happily:nainaaa….u here
naina angrily:shameless,mannerless girl…getting married and didn’t invite me.thuja abhi batati hun.
naina run after kavita.
kavita hold her ear while running.
kavita:sory…sory i forgot.

she throw pillow at her.
kavita stopped breathing heavily.
naina was about to beat her.kavita raise her hand.
kavita:ak min……let me breath
naina nodded and put pillow down.swara laughed looking at their antics.kavita hug naina.
naina smile:its okay.
naina:i have heard u are getting married to that book worm.
kavita break hug.
kavita glaring;don’t call him that.
naina look at swara with wide eyes.
swara:told u.
kavita putting hands on waist:i am possessive about him okay…do u have problem?
naina and swara laugh.they share group hug.
swara and naina in union:we have no problem.
kavita:better for u both.
kavita excitedly:chalen we are getting late.
swara chuckled,naina shook her head.swara corrects duppta on her head and take her out.after making her sit with karan.she sit beside her.
first dev do the ritual than pammi aunty apply haldi on karan than at kavita with teary eyes.
pammi:i don’t believe my daughter is getting married.
kavita:mama i am doing my haldi rasam still u don’t believe then when will u believe?
all laugh.pammi slap on her head.
pammi muttered: pagal larki…..bride don’t speak keep quite.
kavita:kunnnnnnn??……this is my marriage function why can’t i speak?
pammi beat her forehead.
AP:pammi ji let her enjoy function.kavita beta do what ever u want.
kavita:thank u mom.
naina excitedly:now my turn.
naina dip her both hands in bowl.kavita’s eye widened.
kavita horrified:naina little….
naina wink at swara and apply haldi on kavita full face.all laughed looking at kavita.sunny quickly click pic of kavita.
kavita shouted:sunny….don’t
sunny stuck out his tongue and click another pic.
kavita touch her face poutingly.
karan whispered:looking more beautiful.
kavita glares at him.
pammi:swara bacha now your turn.
one woman interrupted her:pammi ji i don’t think swara should do it….i mean
swara closed her eyes
swara in mind:now came the bitter words
pammi confused:why?
woman:her marriage got break at mandup,ya aacha shgun nhe hota.swara don’t think me wrong beta but i am saying this for kavita betterment.
kavita open her mouth,swara hold her hand and nodded in NO slowly.
swara:pari shona come here.
pari jumped from sanskar’s hand and run toward her.
swara;aunty if par do….
woman:no…no if pari will do this then it will be very gd.
swara:pari apply haldi on kavita maasi.
pari applying haldi;first cheeks then arms,hands legs and feet.
all smile except sanskar.he send swara a message and leaves from there.
swara open message
swara:kavi i will come.
kavita kept silent.swara sighed and leaves from there.

swara stand in front of angry looking sanskar.
swara innocently:i brought something for u.
she show her him her palm in which white tablet was placed.
sanskar angrily:what is this?
swara:this is pill to control high B.P.
sanskar just stare at her angrily.swara entwind their fingers.
swara:small walk?
sanskar silently start walking.
sanskar:i will not tolerate it every time.
swara keep her head on his shoulder.sanskar’s tensed muscles relaxed in an instant.
swara:anger is not solution of everything.
sanskar:let’s get married.
swara look at him surprise then chuckled
swara:u are saying this in anger
sanskar angrily:i am not angry.
swara laughed.sanskar take deep breath and make her stand in front of him.
sanskar:someday we have to get married na…then what’s wrong in NOW
swara crossed her arms and said:who said i will marry u?
sanskar with narrowed eyes:mtlb
swara excliamed:ARRA!!!! first propose me in salman khan style then i will think…should i say YES OR NO.
sanskar chuckling:aacha?
swara nodding her head:haan.
swara in teasing tone:i am also thinking should i marry with high B.P patient or not.
sanskar start tickling her and said:i am high B.P patient
swara nodded her head laughing.
kavita came out from her room after getting fresh,naina stopped her.
naina meekly:i need to talk to u
kavita:about what
naina scratching her head:wo i was saying….
Meanwhile swara stand behind kavita,holding haldi bown and pour it on her head.
kavita turned toward swara giving her death glare.
swara:what do u think i will leave u so easily…forgot my time.
all laughed looking at kavita.haldi was dripping down from her head to her face.
kavita frustated:just now i took shower.
swra laughing:sooo…..
kavita:abhi btati hun.
swara run from their,kavita after her.swara hide behind sanskar.
kavita in threatening voice:sanskar move….today i will not leave her.
sanskar laughed and move aside.swara look at sanskar with open mouth.kavita smirked.
swara hit him and said:u are traitor….
sanskar:some wise man said never poke your nose between two mad best friends.
swara and kavita laughed.
swara with puppy dog eyes:still angry.
kavita hug her and said:i can’t u know na.
swara making face:eeek!….kavi u are covered with haldi…get away.
kavita hug her more tightly.sanskar laughed loudly

sanskar:tell me something about u which i don’t know
swara looking down at his dark brown eyes:u tell me something about u….i don’t know anything.
sanskar smiling:what u don’t know?…i heard your interview about me.
swara confused:which interview?
sanskar laughing:in which u knew everything except my NAME.
swara embarrassed:tell me something….how many times u had heard my and kav’s talks
sanskar thinking:almost every time.
swara pull his nose and said:didn’t feel shame?
sanskar remove her hand and glares at her.
sanskar:i didn’t told u to sit in front of my room window and start talking loudly.
swara poutingly:u know everything about me…i don’t know anything.
sanskar:what u want to know.
swara:about your family…..
sanskar smile but that was not his genuine smile.
sanskar:my parents are in London…dad has his own business and mom have her own social life.she was modal in past.i didn’t meet them from about 10 years.
swara just stare at him.trying to find some words what to say.
sanskar without any emotion on his face:u know one thing…..she didn’t want to bring me in this world.but dadi forced her.i had only dadi in my family.and now i have U,sunny and pari.
sanskar take her hand, kiss on back of her hand and keep it on his chest.
swara bend and give him a peck on lips and retreat back.sanskar look at her with surprise.
swara whisper;i love u.
sanskar get up and kiss her passionately and deeply.
sanskar murmured breaking kiss:i love u too.
he kiss her again which trailed toward her ear.
sanskar huskily:i think i should leave before i loose my night
after saying this he leaves from their hurriedly.swara touch her lips and blush.

swara laughing;sanskar it is girl’s function boys are not allowed….were are u going?
sanskar irritated:why?
swara make him turn and pushing him out from room
swara:go i have to get ready also……
sanskar;i will get bore at home….can’t u take me with u.
swara:no…i can’t…now go.
she push him out and close the door.sanskar glare at door poutingly.
swara yelled:sanskar don’t glare at door…it will get burn.
sanskar chuckled and leave from there.


sanskar shocked:partner where are u going/
swara coming out from room;with me.
sanskar look at her and said:boys are not allowed right?
swara chuckled:he is kid sanskar…..
sanskar look at sunny.he wink at him.sanskar make faces.
swara,sunny and pari leaves from their.sanskar slid his fingers from his hairs then take out his phone.
sanskar:hello…karan i need to meet u.
karan dryly:sanskar if u want to go in function then i can’t help…i myself is not allowed to go.
sanskar frustrated;u are biggest lawyer…can’t find some solution.
karan exclaimed:u are also biggest businessman…can’t find some solution
sanskar sighed sufferingly and said:find some solution plz.
karan;i have an idea
sanskar and karan are dragging leader toward kavita’s room window.
sanskar furious:rom where u get this GREAT idea/
karan breathing:kavita gave it.
sanskar stopped and look at him.
sanskar:kavita gave this idea/
karan breathing fast and said;she wanted to show her mehndi…why?
sanskar shook his head and said:therefore i asked for court marriage
karan laughing:what?
sanskar keep his hand on his shoulder and said:kavita at least tried to meet u secretly but swara would have restricted me whole 7 days from meeting her.therefore i decided to do court marraige.your friend is completely useless.
karan laughed loudly holding his stomach.
sanskar:now drag
they drag leader toward window and sneak inside the room.
kavita exclaimed loudly:karan…
she hug him tightly but careful with hands.sanskar shook his head.
sanskar loudly:where is my swara.
at that time swara entered inside the room.she look at karan and get shock
swara shocked:what are u doing?
she then look at sanskar and her eyes widened.
swara in more shocked voice:what are youuuu doing here?
karan and kavita laughed looking at sanskar’s face.
sanskar looking at karan:told u naa.
karan:let’s go
kavita excited:where?
swara worried:where are u both going…i will tell pammi aunty.
all hit their forehead.
kavita:karan we should sanskar will handle her.
swara:nhe…kavi its not right.
kavita and karan reach down through leader.swara look down at them worriedly.
swara:sanskar ye…….sanskar keep one hand on swara mouth and other on her waist and pull her close to his chest.
sanskar deeply:not a single word..u are coming with me okay.
swara nodded with wide eyes.
sanskar smile and said:gd girl…..
they also sneak out from room.all four settled in car.karan behind wheel and kavita beside him and swasan on back seat.
karan drive car and stopped near pani puri stall.kavita and swara show their mehndi to them.which was still wet.sanskar make swara eat.karan offer kavita golgapa,kavita open her mouth but karan instead of her put that on his own mouth.
kavita poutingly:karan.
karan laughed and put another in her mouth
karan:now show your menhdi.sanskar look at swara’s hand.
sanskar:u write my name.
swara nodded slolwy. sanskar give her side hug.
karan looking at mehndi deeply and said:u didn’t write my name.
kavita;why should i?…did u write my name no na.
karan look at her in shock then at sanskar poutingly.
sanskar and swara giggled and pull swara more close to him.
sanskar:everyone have their own benefits.
karan glears at kavita.
karan:learn something from swara…..shameless girl.
kavita not get affected at all
kavita:i am full we should go back.
kavita goes and sit in car.karan look at her attitude with open mouth.


sanskar entered inside the swara room frustrated
sanskar:swara this tie…….but he get mesmerized looking at her.she was wearing red saree with ,hairs curled and was on her right shoulder,smoky make up.she looking gorgeous.swara turned and look at him.she smiled seeing tie in his hands.swara take tie from his hand and put it around his neck and start making a knot.sanskar was staring at her constantly.swara get confused
swara:sanskar what are u looking/
sanskar in deep voice:u will go like this?
swara completing knot said:why am i not looking gd?
sanskar put his hand around her waist.
sanskar:there will be so many men….everyone will look at u
sanskar:change clothes.
sanskar keep his finger on her lips.
sanskar:i can’t bear a single bad eye on u.
swara remove his finger and said:if u will stand beside me than i don’t think some one will get courage to look at me.right?
sanskar kiss her softly,swara kiss him back.they break kiss after sometime
sanskar kiss her cheek and trailed toward her neck and start giving her short and wet kisses.
swara breathlessly:sanskar….
sanskar turned her and kisses at her bear back.swara gasped.
swara:sun…sunny will come
sanskar move his hand on her belly and pull her close and start kissed her shoulder and neck.swara close her eyes tightly and place her hand on his.
sanskar murmured huskily:we should get married soon.
he kiss her cheek and leaves from there.

kavita was hugging pammi and crying vigorously.karan was looking at her dryly.
karan whisper:sanskar…she crying like i made her marry with on gun point.
kavita break hug from pammi and hug swara and start crying loudly.
karan hold his head and said:kavita i will not stop u from meeting anyone.
kavita looking at karan,crying and said:boys are na emotionless and heartless idiots,can’t understand anything.
after that she again hug swara and start crying loudly.karan’s mouth get open at her definition.
sanskar and sunny giggled.karan hold kavita from shoulder
karan:swara plz step back.swara silently step beck karan pick kavita up in arms.
kavita:karan my crying session didn’t completed till now leave me.
karan looking at her;we boys are emotionless heartless idiots na…….stop doing drama otherwise i will kiss u in front of everyone.
kavita keep hand on mouth.karan make her sit on car.all laughed loudly.
karan irritated:from one hour doing this drama.he sit behind wheels and drive off.
kavita in mind:u na wait i will take revenge of this….didn’t let me cry properly.
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