Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 20)


swara and sanskar break hug.
sanskar:i think we should go back home.
swara nodded sanskar hold her from waist and both started walking.
sanskar:i didn’t thought it will be like this.
swara:me also.
sanskar look at her than said:u thought it should never happen.
swara meekly:sory.
sanskar shook his head and said:god is just perfect na.
swara confused:huh?
sanskar pulling her close:i never said sory in my life to anyone and he made me fall for a girl who has habit of saying sory without any reason.
swara giggled and nodded.sanskar smile.they stop near home and look at each other.
sanskar:sunny knows about it.

swara with wide eyes:how…u told him?
sanskar:i didn’t…..your son is very intelligent he catch me staring at u.
swara blushed immediately.sanskar skipped his heart beat.
sanskar whisper in her ear;u are looking beautiful in this saree.
swara face turned red tomato.
swara stammering:first i will tell kavi than others.
after completing she run run inside hurriedly.sanskar chuckled and entered inside the house after 5 mins.
pari:bhai that is mine give it back.
she tried to snatch firecracker from his hand.
sunny:go get another one this is mine.
pari look at him poutingly and yelled:maasiiiiiii……
and run from there.
pari pull swara’s saree.swara sit in front of her and get worried looking at her crying face.

swara:pari shona what happened?
pari:bhai snatched my cracker.
swara:come i will give u another one.
kavita excitedly:mujah bhe…..
pari and swara laugh a little seeing her so excitched.
kavita shout:every one enough of talking lets enjoy the festival in real manners.
all went outside and start enjoying the festival.sunny snatch another sparklers from pari hand.swara hold his ear
swara:give her back.
sunny:aaa….maasi i want to fire it first.
swara:then share it.
she make both hold the sparkler and fire it.sunny and pari get excited with its lite and play together.swara smile,sanskar hold her hand swara look at him.
sanskar:share something with me also.
swara:anyone will see.
she looked around worriedly.everyone was busy in their own.
sanskar take her to side.
sanskaar:sssh!!!!!……..not a word
both hold sparkler in their left hand and revolve it in circle sanskar back hug her.
sanskar whisper:this diwali brought happiness for me in your shape.
swara put her head on his shoulder.
swara smiling:for me too.

both look at each other and share a short romantic eye lock.
guests started leaving karan pull kavita to corner.
kavita blushing:what?
karan:are u ignoring me?
kavita:nh….nhe tu….karan leave anyone will come.
karan slid hair strand behind her ear and cup her face
karan in deep voice:are u happy with this marriage?

kavita look into his eyes and said:u are not happy?
karan smile and pull her close.
karan:don’t be over smart.answer my question first.
kavita nervous with his closeness:i…i…..
karan kiss her on cheek softly and said: I………what?
kavita with thudding heart:i…..i….am…hap….happy.
karan kiss her on another cheek and said:mee too.

PAMMI in fake angry voice:ya kiya ho rha ha.
karan and kavita get separate quickly and looked at pammi horrified.
karan stammering:kuch….kuch nhe.
swara,sanskar,dev and karan parents come there.kavita goes and stand with swara with blushed red face..
AP:what happened pammi ji.
all laugh a little.kavita tried to hide behind swara.karan scratches his head
kavita whisper in swara’s ear: is all because of that idiot i told him anyone will see.
swara pressed her lips and patted her hand which was on swara’s shoulder.
dev:arrra pammi ji let the children enjoy……….why are u troubling them u forget your own time.

pammi glare at dev.all laughed loudly.
kavita giggling:mamma too.
pammmi:kavita and karan come here.
kavita and karan stand in front of pammi with bow head like a criminals.
she hold their ears.
pammi:romance after marriage and u both can’t meet or see each other till your marriage day.
both shocked:whattttt!!!!
ap come forward and said:ji haan.
karan and kavita look at each other sadly.sanskar gulped
sanskar in mind:mtlb whole week can’t see each other.

he look at swara who was giggling at kavita and karan state.
sanskar in mind:we will do court marriage.he made a firm decision
pammi and ap hide their smile.
ap:we should leave now.
dp:i was thinking the same.
karan and their parents leave from there.
kavita look at swara poutingly.swara giggled.
swara:don’t take tension.
pammi:swara we are also leaving take care of yourself.
swara:g aunty

swara and kavita hug each other and they left.
swara:sunny,pari come its time to sleep tomorrow is school.
sunny shouted:school!!!!!….maasi what did u made me remember.
swara smiling:stop doing drama and come fast.
swara pick pari in her arms and goes to kids room sunny walk behind her with sad face.
swara was correcting her bad to sleep when sanskar entered in her room.swara look at him with questioning eyes.
sanskar hold her hand and maker sit on bad.
sanskar:i need to talk to u.
swara:about what…….

sanskar:we will do court marriage.
swara shocked:what?….why?…….so suddenly just today we……..
sanskar cut her:i am not saying today.i am saying when ever we will marry we will do court marriage.
swara:okay….but court marriage?
sanskar worried:u didn’t hear.we will not be able to meet for week.i can’t tolerate that so court marriage.its final.
swara covered her mouth hiding her smile and stare at him.
sanskar:don’t laugh i am serious.
after saying that he laid down on bad keeping her head on swara lap.swara look at him in surprise.
sanskar looking at her face:i want to spend time with u.don’t u?
swara stammering:i…i…didn’t said anything.
sanskar hold her hand and keep it on his chest:did u tell kavita about us.
swara:i didn’t get time.i will tell her tomorrow.
swara unknowingly start playing with his hairs.
swara with teary eyes:i am still not able to believe,this is real.
sanskar stricklty:i don’t like tears in your eyes.
swara smiling:these are of happiness
sanskar:happiness or sorrow……….not a single tear.
swara nodded and wipe tear from corner of left eye.
sanskar:that like good girl.
swara giggled at the way he called her.
sanskar smile and closed his eyes,feeling peace in her lap.
swara looking at space said in deep tone:sanskar……..
sanskar with closed eyes:hmmmmm…..
swara taking deep breath:i am fighting for sunny and pari guardianship
sanskar calmly:i know about it.
swara stammering a little:do….do u have some problem with it?
sanskar open his eyes and stare at her face in silence for more than a second .he gets up from her lap.
sanskar in serious tone:i think we should clear somethings .
swara heart start beating fast.
swara in mind:if….if he asked to back out from guardianship then?
sanskar:what do u think why i fall for u?
swara just stare at him in confusion.
sanskar;answer me……

swara:how….how do i know?
sanskar with narrowed eyes:are u scared from me?
swara shook her head vigorously.
sanskar:then why are u stammering?
swara start biting her lips nervously.
sanskar hold her both hands and said:swara first thing stop getting afraid from me.i love u.
swara nodded with small smile but she had still fear that if he ever asked how will she choose between him and children.
sanskar cups her left cheek and said softly:and second i fall for u because of our children…..your so much care toward them made me fall for u.and how u took care of me like a house member.these all things made me fall for u.
swara looking deep into his eyes:our???
she didn’t listen anything else except our children.
sanskar confirming:our children…..
swara hug him immediately and closed her eyes.sanskar hug her back tightly.
swara:thank u….thank u…thank u
sanskar break hug and said chuckling;why so many thanks.
swara:for everything.
he wipes tears from her corner of her eyes.
sanskar in bit anger:i said na no tears…u only listen when i order again u cry na then u will see angry sanskar.
swara smiling:i am not scared.
swara giggling:g haan.
after a second room echoed with their laugh.sanskar again put his head on her lap.
they spend one more hour with each other talking,laughing together.

AT 12:00

swara yawned a little sanskar look at her sleep filled eyes and gets up from bad.swara looks at him.
sanskar:sleep its late and u will be tired also.
swara open her mouth to protest.she wanted to spend more time with him.sanskar kiss her forehead.
sanskar:don’t worry this will be our daily routine i also want to spend a lot time with sleep.
swara laid down on bad sanskar put blanket on her.
swara;gd night
sanskar:gd night.
sanskar leaves from there after switching off lights.

sanskar yelled:swaraaaaa…….
he shooks his head and start struggling with his tie again.his frustratingly take out his tie and walk toward kitchen,stand at door and start looking at her working.swara washed her hands quickly,turned but stopped seeing sanskar.sanskar show her tie.swara smile a little,take tie from his hand and said:i woke up late today therefore everything is getting imbalance.
swara start making knot but sanskar hold her both hands,pull her close make her put tie around his neck.
sanskar:tie it here.
swara blushing a little:we are not married yet
sanskar hold her from waist and said:if u say we can marry today i have really not problem.

sunny and pari came there,holding school shirt and look at them romancing
sunny loudly:i have problem.
pari giggling:me too….
swara and sanskar look at him and get separate quickly.
sunny naughtly:maasi don’t u know i get problem while wearing shirt.
pari innocently:and i get while tying my hairs.
bunny barks at him.

sanskar in mind:he also have problem from our marriage…..great
sunny winks at sanskar.sanskar glares at him,correct his almost tied tie and leaves from there,cursing his faith.swara takes shirt from his hands with red face.
sunny and pari giggles and hugs her.
BOTH:thank u maasi…….
swara confused:for what?
pari:for selecting friend….i like him

sunny:i like him too
swara smile,overwhelmed with their love and hug them tightly.
swara break hug and said:i am lucky to have children like u both.
sunny excited:in this happy moment can we skip school today?
swara and pari in union:NO……
sunny make face,swara make him wear shirt then tie pari’s hair and starts arranging breakfast.
swara loudly:sunny,pari,sanskar…..breakfast is ready.
TRIO yelled:comingggggg……
swara smile at that and moves toward kitchen to get remaining things.
all settled on breakfast table.

pari;i will eat from friends hand today.
she jumped from her seat,sanskar make her sit on his lap.swara look at them poutingly.
sunny sit with swara and said:u always make her…make me eat today.
swara and sanskar smile.and both start making their children eat food.
pari whispered:friend i am little angry on u
sanskar kissed her cheek:why my princess is angry from me.
pari pouting:i am not your princess…..u share everything with bhai not with me and saying i am your princess.
sunny teasing:he is my partner not yours.
pari look at sanskar poutingly.swara just adores them silently.
sanskar:i am really sory princess u tell me what i should do?
pari:its okay i forgive u but next time i will not.
sanskar kissed her cheek:thank u…i will keep it in mind for next time.
swara in mind:god plz make them happy like this always.don’t let anything happen to their happiness.
at that time bus horns.swara gets up quickly and make sunny wear his bag.sanskar make pari wear bag.swara kiss on pari cheek.pari stand in front of sanskar.
pari:good bye kiss?
sanskar kiss her on her cheek.pari kiss him.
pari:thank u.
sanskar hold sunny and sign swara.
swara and sanskar kiss sunny together.pari laughed seeing sunny’s expression.
sunny rubs his both cheeks.
sunny loudly:partner u too….god someone plz save me from these kisses.
swasan and pari laughed.


swasan entered inside the building miss rose stopped them and present them sweets.
sanskar taking one piece:for what?
miss rose happily:i am going to be a grandmother.
swara shocked:u are pregnant?
sanskar coughed and look at swara than at miss rose.
sanskar:u are pregnant?
miss rose stammering:no….no sir my….my daughter is pregnant i am going to be grandmother.
sanskar nodded hiding his smile and leave from there.
miss rose give death glare to swara.swara tuck her hair behind ear.
swara:i thought u said mother.
miss rose hold her ear and said:go to ear specialist

swara nodded her head vigorously.miss rose smile and make her eat sweet.
swara hug and said:congratulation!
ROSE:thank u
swara leaves from there and get surprised seeing the lift door still open and sanskar standing inside.she stepped inside and press the top floor the door close,sanskar start laughing.swara looks at him poutingly.
swara hit him on his arm and said:stop laughing….every one do mistakes.
sanskar didn’t stopped laughing.swara crossed her arms and look at him with narrowed eyes.
lift door get open,swara leaves from there angrily.
sanskar run after her,comes in front of her and hold her from arms.
sanskar;sory i was just not able to control my laugh.
swara sadly:its fine
she tried to go,sanskar hold her tightly.
sanskar:still upset from me.
swara shook her head slowly.
sanskar:laying at my face again……its written on your face u are still upset.
swara poutingly:u were making fun of me.
sanskar confused:fun?…i was not making fun i was just uff……..
he joined their forehead and said;i still need time to understand u.
swara releasing their state and said:sanskar…office leave me anyone will see.
sanskar:i don’t care.
swara:but i care na….leave.
sanskar shook his head,leave her and turned to go.swara hold his hand.
swara:i am not upset.

sanskar turned towards her and cup her left cheek.
sanskar:u can’t remain upset more than a second.right?
swara:i don’t want little fights between us….they can cause big misunderstandings.
sanskar just stare at her face.
swara nodded her head and moves toward her cabin.
sanskar murmured;always manage to surprise me.
sanskar smile and walk toward his cabin.

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  1. Dev

    Hey zaimal…..remember me????
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    love u lots as always….tc hugs n pecks in courier update soon buddy …

  2. u r such a brilliant writer i must say it is one of the best ffs . Sanskar is so understanding swara is happy. why i feel twist are going to happen bcz writers can see them happy”smiling face”i ever read a request will u continue i dont believe in love it was also very beautiful “puppy eyes” plz plz continue

  3. superb amazing dhasu episode.. literally laughing all while post next part soon

  4. Mirna

    Loved it amazing 🙂

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