Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 2)



sanskar:mis.swara stop….
a hope raised in her mind but she jerked it as he never give second chance to anyone.
swara:yess sir…
sanskar:where do u live…
swara confused:hmm…near india gate.sanskar’s eyes raised in frown.
sanskar:is there a room free at your house..
swara:yess sir…
sanskar stands up and closes the button of his coat and said:my house is under renovation i can’t go back….do u want to save your job?
swara:yes sir..
sanskar:i am going to live in your house for one month…take your resignation letter back.
swara’s face glow up instantly she quickly picks the letter.

sanskar in serious tone:mis.swara don’t think i am giving u second chance i have no other option left i have serious allergy from paints and if u did another mistake then don’t dare to come infront of me it?
swara:yes sir.she quickly goes to her cabin and pick everything and goes out.sanskar was already in car.swara sit infront seat beside driver to show him the way to her house.after 5 mins they were infront of her house.sanskar stepped out from car and looked toward was small beautiful house there was two grass land on either side of a small path which lead to a main door of house.he sighed.and ask driver to take luggage.
swara ring the door bell and looked toward sanskar who was looking at the house with narrowed eyes.

a girl open the door and exclaimed with happiness:swara u came thank god…
swara:why…..what happened kavita?and they stepped in.
kavita:first take this devil and give her pari.swara take pari in her arms.
kavita put hands on her waist and said:she is crying from half an hour…i wonder how do u manage these two devils.
swara glare at kavita.
kavita looking at her angry face:sorry…these two angels…and murmur something in her breath.
swara looked at pari wipes her tears and said:what happened? pari nodded in NO and hugged her putting her small arms around swara’s that time sunny stand in
kavita looked toward sanskar and said:who is he?
swara turned and said in mind:oh i totally forgot.
swara:he is my boss
pari and kavita looked at him with deep eyes.
kavita:ohh…hello i am kavita.swara’s friend.
sanskar just nodded
kavita murmured:rude

pari was staring at him with her big brown eyes.sanskar looked at pari annoyingly.he don’t like children.swara kissed pari on cheek and said in whisper.
swara:stop staring…bad manners.
pari:sory.swara smiled.
swara:this way…she show him his room and driver put his luggage in his room.
sanskar looked at the room.then at swara who was looking at him.
sanskar:arrange my clothes i will take shower.
swara nodded.he goes in washroom.kavita and pari peek in the room.and then entered the room.
swara open the beg and arrange his clothes on bed and then start putting things in cupboard.

kavita:swara what is this?
swara busy:i will explain latter first tell me where is sunny.
kavita’s anger rose up to maximum heights.
kavita:don’t ask about that devil…u know he make me run whole house 2 times.swara just smiled.
kavita irritated:u are smiling…oh god.
swara:thank u kavita for staying with them for 2 hours.
kavita:don’t be…and helped her in arranging clothes.
in meantime sanskar shouted from washroom:clothes.kavita get annoyed
swara give him clothes.he stepped out from washroom wearing after clothes.
swara:sir will u eat dinner?
kavita get tensed
sanskar nodded.
kavita hold swara’s arm and drag her out.
kavita:i didn’t make dinner…u know i don’t know cooking.
swara:i know…come.

sanskar heard them and shook his head then looked toward pari who was again staring him with big brown eyes holding a doll near her chest.sanskar feels uncomfortable.
sanskar in sharp tone:what??? pari nodded in no and runs outside.
sanskar:i didn’t know that she is married and she has two kids also.its quite surprising.she doesn’t look like mother.he feels unknown pain in one corner of his heart.
sanskar shook his head and murmur:i don’t care if she is married or not..

swara had quickly made some dishes and salad.she did all this in 30 mins.kavita was sitting on slab and eating carrot.
swara had explained everything to her.
swara:kavita…stop thinking much and help me in arranging dishes.
kavita makes face and start helping her.
when sanskar walked out from his room.he walked toward but stopped hearing kavita’s voice
kavita:swara but what will people say.if he will stay here.and his room is also just opposite to yours.there was a silence for a min.sanskar unknowingly waited for swara’s reply.
swara in uncaring tone:i have stopped listening the peoples long time back.sanskar was a little shock hearing her sentence.
kavita open her mouth to say something but swara stopped her.
swara:kavita listen….i can’t afford loosing a job right now.and i don’t care what will people think and say.they are not going to help me when i will become jobless.or i don’t want to argue on this more.
kavita nodded.

sanskar in mind:she is intelligent and too practical.
kavita looked at swara mischievously and said:swara but if he did anything to u then.
sanskar get annoyed and angry.
swara confused:what do u mean…
kavita:arrra! u are a beautiful girl…swara rolled her eyes.
kavita make face and said:did u ever tried to look at mirror…u know i have complain from GOD
swara:aacha…or vo kia?
kavita:he should have made me a boy…
sanskar frowned at that
swara:what would have u done..if u would have been a boy..
kavita mischievously came near swara and said: agar main larka hoti to tera sath flirt karti.swara giggle
kavita:i would have hold your hand slowly (and slowly hold her hand) then pulled u near me (and pulled her) swara laughed.

kavita:then slide your hairs beside your ear (and slide her ears)….
kavita:but see he did injustice with me,making me a girl…and leave swara and make pout face.
swara chuckle and said:u know on marriage night groom romances with bride and bride shy but…
kavita looked at her with narrowed eyes
swara:but in your marriage night u will romance with karan and he will get shy and burst out into laughing.
a smile appear on sanskar after hearing swara’s laugh for one sec but it disappeared quickly.
kavita looked at swara silently and said:swara your smile is very beautiful….
swara control her laugh and said:kavita control your emotions i am not that type of girl…and again laugh.klavita hit her and said:shut up i am committed start laughing with her.

in meantime sunny and pari came there.
sunny:i am hungryyyyy..
swara:sory bacha…come sit and make him and pari sit on dining table.
kavita:i will call your boss…by the way what is his name.
swara thinks for sec:i…don’t know.sanskar also get surprised that she don’t know his name.
kavita gives her unbelievable look and said:he is your boss not mine.i will call him by his name.
swara smiled and said:i know his last him mr.maheswari
kavita sits again on chair and said:u worked in his office for 8 months still don’t know his name? and frowned
swara:ufff…..i call him sir or mr.maheswari.kavita shook her head.
kavita:what is market price of his company?
sanskar narrowed his eyes at that

swara uncaring:500 billions why? (its an imaginary)
kavita with smile:and in how many companies he has shares?
swara thinking:8 why are u asking this?
kavita giggling:and where is his penthouse
swara irritated:xyz colony and house no 123
kavita pleading:last one plz.swara sighed and nodded.
kavita:how many files are present on his desk.
swara:20.kavita stop all this right now.kavita laughed loudly.sanskar was amazed at her information.he knew it she is talented but didn’t know she is too devoted to her work.
sunny:i think kavita maasi gone mad.swara smiled.kavita stopped laughing and hit sunny.
swara calmly:now will u tell me why did u asked about sir’s bio data?
kavita giggling:u know swara i never saw unique piece like u before u know everything about his office but don’t know his name and laughed loudly.swara hit her on shoulder.a smile appear on sanskar lips.

swara:shut up there is rule in office.
kavita:and what is that?
swara giggling:keep your work with work.sanskar frowned who made that rule.
swara:and i have no work with his name.
kavita:who made that rule? your boss?
swara chuckled:nope…at my first day in office everybody in office came and said that if i want to work in this more than 2 months just keep your work with work.kavita laughed loudly.anger rose up in sanskar.he knew he is famous as stone heart who throw out his employees at their first mistake.
swara irritated:in your talks i forgot to call sir.u wait i will call him by myself and hit her on that time sanskar stepped in hall.she stopped.he silently sit on head chair all looked at him.pari looked at him and smile.sanskar ignored her.swara silently served him food.and sit beside pari and start making her eat with her hands.
kavita clear her throat and tried to say something but swara hit her foot under table and sign her not say anything.
kavita ignored her and said:so…..swara hit her hard this time as they were sitting opposite.
kavita:ouch…all looked at her.
sunny:what happened?
kavita irritated:nothing..and give death glare to swara.swara pleaded her from eyes.sanskar was seeing everything but says nothing.he was irritated because pari was continuously staring him.he once give her angry glare but instead of getting scared she smiled back that make him more angry.

kavita:okay swara i am leaving.and hugged her.
swara:bye but before leaving she turned and said:lock your room before sleeping.swara hit her and said:stop watching movies mad girl..kavita laughed loudly and goes from there.
swara came to tv hall.sanskar,pari and sunny were sitting there.sunny was watching tv.sanskar was working on laptop and pari was staring him.she looked at watch 9:30.she walked toward them.
swara:sunny go and sleep…its late
sunny irritated:plz 5 mins.
swara shook her head and said:pari come. pari obediently go to her.swara picks her and leaves.sunny looked at her and then stands infront of sanskar.sanskar looked at him.
sunny:hello uncle….
sanskar angrily:uncle…i am looked like an uncle
sunny nodded and said:u are going to live in our house for one month.there are some rules u have to follow them.sanskar frowned

sunny:first…u have to be in my team..
sunny:there are two girls in this house i was alone man here but now u will be in my team.okay??sanskar looked at him confusingly alone.where is her husband?
sanskar:first tell me something
sanskar:is she your mother?
sunny:no pari is my sister.
sanskar irritated:i was talking about swara
sunny:no she is our maasi.
sanskar surprised:where are your parents? sunny get sad
sunny:muma…but before he could have complete his sentence swara shouted

sunny quickly:aya maasi…and run from there.
sanskar:wait but sunny run…sanskar shook his head and start working again after half she came out from kids room.he looked at her.swara off the lights except the hall because sanskar was sitting there.
swara:sir u will take something.
sanskar nodded in no.swara goes to her room.
sanskar worked late at night sitting in the hall about 12:30 he get extremely he gets up and start moving toward his room but for his surprise swara’s room lights were ON.he looked at his wrist watch.he stepped toward her room to see what she is doing at this late but stopped and goes to sleep.
sanskar before sleep said to himself:why do i is her life.

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