Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 19) (SPECIAL EPISODE)


swara pour hot water in pail.
swara:sunny take bath from this water.
sunny put finger in water and shouted:maasi its hot.
swara open the tap.
swara:take off clothes…i will give bath to u.
sunny shook his head.
swara strictly:sunny fast.i didn’t prepare dinner till now.
sunny make face and swara pour water on him.
swara:stand straight.
swara give him bath quickly than take water to sanskar’s room.
swara:clean face from this water than take shower.sanskar hold her from wrist.
swara look at him with questioning eyes.

swara stammering:wh…why?
sanskar chuckling:there is still paint on your face.i am sure u forget about yourself.
swara touched her face.and remembered how he apply paint.
swara:i will clean it.she tried to free her hand.sanskar pull her.she strike with his chest.
swara look at him with wide eyes.
sanskar:i don’t like your habit of saying NO….sit silently.
swara sit silently sanskar take cotton,dip it in water and start cleaning her face carefully.swara stare at him.her eyes get filled with tears.swara remove his hand and leave from there hurriedly.
sanskar called her but she didn’t stopped.sanskar sighed sufferingly.

sanskar:don’t know when will she accept my i that bad?
swara wipes her tears.
swara in mind:how will i control my feelings f he will take care of me like this.stay away from me sanskar.i am dark shadow.your life will also turn dark.
swara was making sunny wear shirt.
sunny:maasi tomorrow is diwali na.
swara smile:hmmm…..
sunny excited:its mean holiday.
swara slap on his cheek softly.

swara:are u excited for diwali or u will not go school?
sunny giggling:both.
swara:sunny remember na today u are going to say sory to that girl.
sunny make face and nodded.they all did breakfast,and went for their respective place.
swara and sanskar was standing in lift when it get stopped with a jerk.both get worried.swara raise her hand.sanskar stepped back quickly.
sanskar horrified:don’t……….slap i am fine.
swara giggling:sir i was not slapping. i was just asking are u fine.
sanskar take breath and said:i am fine.
swara keep hand on mouth to hide her smile.
sanskar:u slapped me before there i thought u are again slapping me.
swara turn her face and laugh a little.sanskar saw her laughing.
sanskar:i didn’t give u punishment for slapping.right?
swara’s eye widened.she look at him with horrified expression.
swara in mind:swara u are going to work for whole night.
sanskar pinned her to wall.
sanskar slid her hairs behind her ear.
sanskar in deep voice:why were u tensed yesterday.
swara look at him with shock.
swara in mind:i can’t tell him.

sanskar:answer me
swara avoiding eyes:i was not.
sanskar hold her chin and made her look at him.
sanskar sighing:than u say i get angry easily.
swara look at him with confused eyes.
sanskar in serious tone:i don’t like when someone lie at my face keep it in mind.
swara bites her lips and looks down.sanskar goes closed to her.swara head jerked up.he always keep a safe distance from her.
sanskar cup her left cheek.
sanskar angrily:didn’t i warned u never bend your head in front of me.
swara being afraid from his anger:sir……
sanskar cutting her in between:don’t want to tell than don’t.but no lying.

he stepped back and look at his wrist watch.5 mins were still left.sweat started trickling down from sanskar forehead.sanskar wiped it and again look at watch restlessly.swara look at him worriedly.she take out water bottle from her bad and offer him without speaking anything.sanskar look at her,murmured something in his breath, take bottle from her hands and gulp down half bottle.he felt relaxed a little after drinking water.door get open after one second.sanskar returned the bottle and said:send the electrician in my cabin.i need to do a serious talk with him.
swara:yes sir.

sunny irritated:maasi i will not wear it tomorrow.
swara look at brown sherwani
swara:what’s wrong in this?
sunny:don’t suit my personality.
bunny baked.sanskar and pari raised their to look at him than again start doing their respective works with smiling face.swara bites her lips to stop her smile.and show another white coloured sherwani.sunny shook his head.
sunny:u have so bad taste in clothes.
pari and sanskar giggled.sanskar glare at him.
swara in mind:choosy about clothes just like di.she smiled and show him black sherwani.
sunny happily:i will wear this one.swara sighed in relief and get up.there were so many work to do.

sunny confused:what about shalwar?
swara shuffle his hairs and said:white….now complete home work.
swara pressed the clothes hang them in their respective rooms,made children sleep and went kitchen to wash dinner dishes.
swara in mind:need to get up early tomorrow…..decorations is remaining….sweets are need to prepare…..and….make sunny ready biggest task in this world.
swara smile at her thought.
sanskar:smiling on your own is not good sign.
swara jumped from her place,turned and look at him with wide eyes.she was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t release his presence.
swara with wide eyes:u scared me.
sanskar chuckled seeing her red cheeks.swara took deep breath and composed herself.
sanskar:u get afraid easily.
swara:it’s not like this i was thinking about tomorrow didn’t noticed your presence.
sanskar nodded.swara wipes her hands and walked toward door.
sanskar:i am sorry.
swara stopped and looks at him with confusion
sanskar:i should have not get angry in morning.
swara:its fine sanskar..u have right.
swara bite her tongue.sanskar look at her with surprise.swara within no second vanish from there.she cursed herself for blurting what came in her heart.sanskar smile widely.
sanskar:u will confess soon swara that i know.

swara get up early and look at watch 4:00.she sighed she was not going to get sleep again therefore she stepped down from bad and walked out from the room.she look at open door of sanskar,bites her lip and walked inside.he was sleeping peacefully,looking so handsome with disheveled hairs.
swara in mind:shoo cute.
she smiled,shook her head and leave from there.
swara murmured:i can just stare at him from far nothing else.
she made a hot creamy coffee and went upstairs,sit at corner of roof and stare at the city.
it was not morning was waking up slowly and changes its colour from black to blue and white fog all around the city.the scene was overwhelming.swara sighed and took a sip from her was inspiring for her after stars.sometime she felt all these childish for doing all these things.staring at stars,waking up early to see how sky awakes,staring at falling drop of rain because she was not allowed to get drenched.
swara finished her coffee and look at sky.fog has started vanishing.everything will be clear was indeed a beautiful morning for her.
she get up and walked downstairs.wash her cup,look at the time 6:00.she was sitting their for 2 hours.swara sighed.she can’t help it.she started her daily routine work.her whole day passed working because it is diwali and she didn’t want her children to miss something.


sunny shout:masi…..
swara was preparing sweets.she gave final touch to her prepared dishes,wash her hands and goes to his room.sunny gave him black sherwani.
sunny:i don’t want to wear it.
sunny:i don’t like it.
swara:u decided it last night na?
sunny:i don’t like now.
swara hold his hands,sitting in front of him.
swara:sunny u look handsome in all clothes what ever u will wear.okay?
sunny:u are saying therefore i am wearing this.
swara:thank wear this i need to get ready if kavita came na.she will take one hour class of that time pari came there in white frok.
pari:how am i looking.swara kissed her forehead.
swara:just like a fairy.
pary happily:thank u maasi.

swara kissed sunny cheek.
sunny:maasi don’t kiss.
swara chuckled and leaves from there.
before entering her room she peeps inside sanskar’s room.he was almost ready.she quickly get inside her room before she would have seen her.swara take shower and wears silver coloured saari.sunny choose this for her saying that she should look good because she is his maasi.swara laughed for 10 mins at that.she let her hair open and did minimal make up,light earings and she was ready.sunny open the door with a bang.
sunny:maasi kavita maasi came.
swara took blessings from pammi and dev and hug kavita.
swara:happy diwali
kavita:happy diwali.she look at swara.
kavita:wow! looking hot.
swara hit her on shoulder.
swara:sunny ordered me to wear this.u know what he said?
kavita smiling:what.
swara whispered in her ear:maasi u have very bad taste in clothes.wear this saari so that u can look like my maasi.

both laughed that time sanskar entered the hall and saw them laughing.
he look at swara from top to bottom.he gulped hard.she was looking damm beautiful,her long hairs were coming down to her waist.
sanskar in mind:u are going to kill me someday by your innocence or beauty.i should keep a safe distance from her until she don’t confess.
he walked toward them took blessing from elders,wished happy diwali to kavita and avoid swara.sunny and pari run toward sanskar.he picked pari up in his arms.
pari:happy diwali friend.
sanskar:happy diwali and kissed her cheek.
sunny:happy diwali partner.
sanskar:happy diwali to u too partner.
pari:how am i looking?

sanskar:just like fairy.
pari excited:maasi said the same.
she jumped down from his arms and run toward swara.
sunny in teasing tone:partner how is maasi looking.she is wearing what i decide for her.
sanskar glares at him.sanskar hold him and start tickling him.
sanskar:u na just small from your age not from your talks.kavita gave u a correct name devil.
sunny laughed loudly.swara and kavita look at them laughing like this.
kavita:swara sanskar had made great bond with children na
at that time karan and his family came.they moved toward them.


swara was in kitchen when her phone beeped.she open it.
“swara meet me plz i need to talk with u”

swara delete the message angrily.another message came after that.
“if u didn’t come i will come at your home”
swara rubbed her forehead worriedly and looked in hall everyone where present.spending good time together.if he will come than everyone will get disturbed.
swara in mind:what the hell.what he wants now didn’t get satisfied that day.
swara entered in hall and saw everyone was busy and sneak out from house silently.sanskar saw her leaving and get conscious.
sanskar murmured:where is she going alone.
he goes after her.
swara reached where sahil has called her.sahil gets happy seeing her and tried to hug her.swara stepped back.
swara:don’t….what u want to say now?

sanskar:sahil agarwal.he knows swara.
sahil:swara plz listen to me i am sory…really sory i released my mistake.plz forgive me.
swara stare at him without any expression.
sahil:i released that i should have not leave like that plz i am sory.i still love u.plz believe me.i got blinded that day.
swara:said what u wanted to say? than i will take leave.
she turned to go sahil hold her hand.swara jerked back her hand and raised her hand to slapped him.
sanskar was shocked with her slap
swara angrily:i told u na don’t touch me.
sahil pleading:plz don’t go like this.
swara:i pleaded u the same way.didn’t i? u stopped no na than why should i?
sahil:i am sory plz believe me.i love u.
swara smiled painfully:LOVE….u don’t even know the meaning of it.sahil i am not old swara who will get into your trap again keep it in mind.
sahil:than bring old swara and believe.
swara crossed her arms:give me one reason to believe u.
sahil kept silent.
swara:should i give u reasons for not believing u.u are the one who left me on our marriage day after getting money from adharsh rajput.
sanskar stepped back a little after hearing it.

swara:u know what happened after your leave… get heart attack……and he died
tears started falling down from her eyes.sanskar and sahil look at her in shock.
sahil stammering:i…i am sory.
swara:keep your sory with yourself….u don’t exist for me…and i know very well why u are doing this drama next weak is custody final hearing….ask adharsh stop doing cheap tricks….it didn’t worked on me that day it will not work on me today.
sahil clapped while smirking.
sahil:i am big fan of your intelligence…no really i am…..but i hate your one habit u always put blame on others let me remind something to u.that day i told u to back off from your sister’s children guardianship,u didn’t i left your father died what is my mistake in this.
swara:u are so shameless i don’t know how i fall in love with jerk like u.
sahil laughed a little..
sahil hold swara’s arm and said evilly:your father died because of your stubbornness not because of me.just like your mother died because of u.
swara’s face turned pale when he took her mothers name..sanskar clutched his fist tightly.
sahil smirking evilly:i am lucky i didn’t marry girl who is so ominous that her mother died while giving birth to her.who ever enter in your life get died i hope remember it.therefore i left u to save my own life.tears started rolling down from her cheeks.that was enough for sanskar.he walked fast and punched sahil.sahil fall down on ground.sahil look at him while laying on ground.
sanskar picked him up holding his collar and punched him again.
sanskar in dangerous voice:u should have not make her cry.
sanskar beat him black and blue until he himself didn’t get satisfied.swaa was just looking all this with frozen body.
sanskar holds sahil collar and said :i am leaving u just because u left her for me.otherwise i would have killed right here.if u want to stay alive, never come near her again…got it.
sahil nodded and run from there.sanskar look at swara,closed his eyes took deep breath and walked toward her.
sanskar:swara are u fine?
swara look at him,wipe her tears and nodded slowly.sanskar hold her from both arms.
sanskar softly:stop keeping everything in your heart….let it out plz.
swara hug him tightly and start crying vigorously.sanskar hug her tightly and start patting her head slowly to calm her
swara crying:therefore i want u to stay away from me….i am inauspicious sanskar everyone get die because of me.
sanskar break hug and cup her face.
sanskar:are u mad how can u just believe him.these things are just false believes.
swara hold his hand and said crying:i never believed them but i don’t want to loose someone else.i have not courage to loose u.atleast u will be alive.
sanskar closed his eyes and joined their forehead.
sanskar with closed eyes:u didn’t confess because of this reason.
swara remove his hands and said angrily:don’t take it easily don’t u love your life.
sanskar smiling:u get angry also that’s new for me.
swara look at his cool attitude helplessly.sanskar cupped her face again and wiped her tears.
sanskar in deep voice:i love my life alot because u are my life.i love u a lot.and about your so cold believe let me clear it.for me u are my lucky charm,my good luck.the day u handled everything in my office my whole stress got company’s market stock get increased 30% and when i stepped in your house i started smiling,laughing,apologizing,flirting.
swara smile at his last word.

sanskar:finally u smile…i was thinking only sunny and pari can make u u believed how much lucky u are for me.
swara hug him and said:sory…I LOVE U.
sanskar kissed her head and said:I LOVE U TOO.
sanskar break hug and checks his pocket.swara look at him confusingly.sanskar take out ring.
sanskar:u liked it right?
swara:how do u…….
sanskar didn’t let her complete,take her hand and put it in her finger.
sanskar:i love u
swara hug him with teary eyes.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar:i think that is your way to say i love u.
swara whispered:i love u
at that time whole sky get lighted with different colours of fireworks.both look at sky still hugging eachother.
swara:happy diwali.
sanskar:happy diwali.


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