Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 18)

swara scream:dadddd!!!!
she fall down unconsciously.all get worried hearing her scream.they run inside.kavita hold swara and patted her cheeks and shout:doctor

doctor come out from ICU kavita run toward him.
kavita:how is she?
doctor:she is fine
karan:what was happened to her? why did she faint like this?
doctor:shock….actually when we get continuous shocks than our nervous system stop working same happened with her.she is lucky that her brain vein didn’t get explode.she had narrow escape from death.
kavita covered her mouth crying.karan clunched his fist.
karan in mind:i will kill that bastered.
doctor:keep her away from shocks.its not good for her health.
pammi:can we meet her?
doctor:off course she is conscious
dev worried:thank u doctor.
doctor nodded and leave from there.
dev and pammi went inside the room.kavita hug karan crying.he patted her back.
kavita crying:why this happened with her? she don’t deserve this.she hardly accepted ragini di’s death now uncle.she can’t handle it karan.she can’t.
karan break hug and wipes her tears.
karan:she needs her friend to be her side.she needs u the most right now.
kavita nodded and went inside the ICU.she sit beside swara and keep her hand on hers.
swara look at her with blank face.kavita stiffened seeing that look at her face.she gathered some courage.
swara:he left
whole room went silent.pammi hug swara and caressed her hairs.swara didn’t respond
swara breaking hug:where are sunny and pari?
pammi;they are with naina.
swara get up from bad and said:we should leave.pari will start crying.
kavita worried:but your health.
swara:i am fine.
she leaves from there.all look at each other worriedly.they reached home with shekhar;s dead body.
swara jerked up from her thoughts,hearing clapping sound.all were standing at their and clapping for sanskar.she gets up from her seat wiping lonely tear from corner of her eye.she switched on the lights and take files from sanskar.
her phone beeped.she open the message

“meet me outside…….sahil”
swara delete the message without changing any expression of her face.
sanskar:swara contract pappers?
swara give him another file.both owners sign the pappers and deal get confirmed.
swara move toward her cabin and start arranging things sanskar entered their
sanskar;swara lets go
she look at him confused
sanskar:remember yesterday incidence,i don’t want any arrguments.
swara just nodded.sanskar look at her in surprise.she didn’t argue,that’s new.
sanskar murmured:i like it
they come out from building.sahil was waiting near his car.swara ignored him like he was invisible for her,sit in sanskar’s car and both leave from there.
swara’s phone was continuously ringing.sanskar look at her.she was looking outside,deeply engrossed in thoughts.
swara:no response.her called her twice but she didn’t even look at him
sanskar louder:swaraaa!
swara look at him with shock.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:your phone is ringing pick the call,called u twice.what are u thinking so deeply?
swara avoiding eyes:nothing.
she look at screen “sahil calling”.she cuts the call and keep it on silent.sanskar noticed it but kept silent.
they reached outside the tuition center and comes out.a small boy come there running.
boy:hello aunty.sanskar look at swara from top to bottom.
sanskar mind yelled:auntyyyyy!
swara sit down,patted his cheek and said:hello ansh! how are u?
ansh:i am fine
swara:where is sunny?
ansh giggling:aunty don’t laugh after saying this he run from there.
swara and sanskar get confused.
swara murmured:don’t laugh….mtlb.
she gets up and looks at sanskar.he that time sunny and pari come there.they look at them and get extreme shocked.sunny was covered with colours from head to toe.
first word which came in swara and sanskar’s mind were “RAINBOW”they look at each other than at sunny.
swara in disbelief:ye kia haa? played holi today?
sunny make face.pari and sanskar giggled.
sunny:return gift.
swara hiding her smile:your teacher did this to u?
sunny irritated:new girl.i give her gift and she gave me return gift.
sunny look at their faces and said angrily;o one will laugh.
swara and pari quickly keep their hands on their mouth to suppress their laugh.
sanskar in mind:thank god i have huge control on myself otherwise this little devil would have killed me.god save u both.they all settled in car,pari and swara were trying hard not to laugh.and for this they were not looking at sunny.swara was looking outside and pari was looking everywhere but not at sunny.but when they reached home.swara burst out laughing.sanskar and pari also started giggling.
sunny angrily:maasi!!!!!
swara still laughing:how long i can control.when swara didn’t stopped laughing.swara take her phone and take his pic.sunny eyes popped out.
sunny angrily;maasi no pic.he run to snatch phone.swara run from there.sanskar and pari burst out laughing seeing sunny chasing swara.after running in whole hall.sunny stamp his foot and shouted:i hate u.
he went from there,sit on sofa and make cute angry pout face.swara took deep breath,controlled her laugh and sit in front of sunny.he glares at her.swara smile.
sunny nodded his head vigorously.swara hold his little hands
swara;who gave the gift first?
sunny making face:i did.
sunny angry:she throw all paint on me.
swara smile:u give her gift she gave return gift.hessab braber,if u do something good or bad then always be ready to bear the consequence okay?

sunny cutely;okay.
sanskar smiled widely.
swara:tomorrow u will go and say sory to her.
sunny irritated:why.she also throw paint.
swara shuffled his hair and said:u started first than u will say ssory first.
sunny make bad bad faces at that.he silently take out colour bottle from his pent pocket,take some in his finger and apply it on swara face and run from there yelling:punishment for laughing.sanskar and pari giggled.swara catch sunny and start tickling him.sunny laughed loudly.pari walked toward them tip toe,take paint from sunny hands and apply it o swara face quickly.all look at her in shock.
pari innocently:my teacher says follow your elders.bhai is elder than me na.swara leave sunny and hold her.
swara:bring white colour her favourite.
sunny laughing:yes maasi.
pari shook her head vigorously.sunny keep all colours on table.
swara apply white on pari’s little nose tip laughing.
swara:turning naughting.sunny also apply colour on pari..sanskar crossed his arms and look at their small family laughing together.he smiled himself.ssunny look at him standing far.he run and pull him also.sunny and pari both apply different colour on his face and laughed.sanskar also apply colour on their faces.swara giggled looking at his,yellow white.sanskar look at her giggling and glares at her.swara get straight quickly.
swara:sunny,pari go to your room i am bring warm water.there paint will not come out soon.
both:okay maasi.they run from laughing looking at each other.swara look at sanskar’s colorful face,bites her lips and tried to run from there.sanskar hold her wrist and pull her back.
swara controlling her laughing:i am not….not laughing.
sanskar in deep voice:all applied colour….its my turn now.
he pull her close and apply red colour on her cheek slowly.swara look in his eyes,they shared long romantic eye lock.
sanskar staring at her face:u will not apply?

sanskar smiled a little and said:never mind.
he rubbed his cheek on hers where he applied colour.swara heart started beating hard,felt like it will come out at anytime.sanskar leave from there smiling.swara touched her cheek which was burning with touch.

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