Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 17)

swara was standing there keeping her hand on chest,looking at the way from which he left.
swara in mind:why didn’t i pushed him when he was so can i allow him so i…i….love him?
her heart beat increased to maximum level realizing her own feeling.all moments when they were close came in front of her eyes.tying his tie,his care when she got injured,their movement in lift,his worry when boys teased her,their first dance in rain,his teasing,proposal than kiss.
A tear slipped down remembering everything.
swara whispered to herself smiling wide:i love him.i love him from every corner of my heart.don’t know from how long.
she wiped her tear and was about to go run inside to confess her feelings.when her phone starting ringing.she pick it hurriedly.
swara:hello! i don’t have time call later.
she was about to cut it when person spoke quickly.
person:swara plz don’t cut the call.i want to talk to u.
swara freezed to the ground hearing the voice.
person:swara….swara plz listen to me.i…i… sory.i know i…….
swara angrily:how dare u call me.from where u get my number.i don’t want to talk with u.u dare not call me again.
she cut the call without listening anything.swara closed her eyes and two tears fall down.she opened them hearing sanskar’s voice.
sanskar:u are still standing in cold.come inside u will get fever.
she look at him for a sec than run inside close the door and lock it from inside.
swara:i should stay away from u sanskar.i am not good for u.u are not safe with me.
she walked toward her bad slowly and lay down and start staring at roof.
sanskar scratches his head.
sanskar:sometimes i don’t understand this girl.why did she run like there is a fire behind her.

sanskar shouted:swaraaaaaaa!!!!
sanskar irritated:don’t know where is this girl? no sign from morning.
at that time sunny came there running
sunny:what happened? why are u yelling?
sanskar angrily:where is your maasi? calling her from morning.
sunny:partner she woke up late today.busy in work.what u want tell me.i will tell maasi.
sanskar gritted his teeth and show him tie ask her to tie it plz if she get time.
sunny mocking:partner u don’t know how to tie it?
sanskar in same mocking tone:u also don’t know how to wear shirt.
sunny making face:i am habitual of maasi therefore.
sanskar smiling a little:she made me habitual of her.
sunny snatched tie from his hands and run yelling:wait.
sanskar sighed.sunny came there running and give him tie and run again.

sanskar entered the hall and sit on dining table.and start waiting for everyone.
sunny swara and pari came there and sit on chairs
pari smiling:gd morning friend.
sanskar smiled:gd morning.
he look at swara but she didn’t look at him.
sanskaar:again ignoring.
swara was making pari eat food when her phone ringed.swara look at the number and cut the call.and keep it on silent.
sunny meekly:maasi what did principal ma’am said to u? are u angry?
swara:she said don’t repeat it again and i am not angry but no more complains.
sunny staring at her face said n mind:but smile is missing today.
sunny sign pari.
pari:bhai what are u saying.i am not understanding.
sunny beat his hand on his head.
sunny murmured:don’t know from which angle she is my sister.
at that time bus came.swara make them wear bag kiss pari.and then kiss sunny.but for her shock sunny kissed swara cheek and whispered in ear:u lost your smile maasi.i am giving u reason to smile.
swara smile a little at his sweet care.
sunny smiled and said:love u and run from there.
swara get up and without looking at sanskar go inside her room pick things and come out.
sanskar had already leave.she locked the house and come out walked toward main road but stopped with a jerk when sanskar stopped his car in front of her.
sanskar:sit arguments.
swara silently sit in car.
sanskar start his car and they left.they reached after sometime.
swara and sanskar entered the office.
Rose:gd morning sir
sanskar nodded and left from there.
swara:gd morning miss rose.
rose stare at her face for a second then said:gd morning here these are files of new contract.clients will be coming at any time plz check them.
swara nodded and take file from her.swara was about to go when rose hold her hand.
Rose:everything fine swara? u look tensed
swara avoiding eye contact:fine didn’t sleep well last night therefore.
rose nodded slowly and said:if there is something u can share.
swara:i will surely.
she left from there.miss rose gaze at her back.
she sighed and start working.

swara knock at sanskar’s cabin.
swara:may i come in sir?
swara stepped inside and give file to sanskar.
swara:clients are arrived they are waiting in meeting hall.
sanskar get up from his seat and walked outside.
sanskar walking:how many are they?
swara:3 men and 1 woman.but miss rose welcome them.
sanskar stopped and look at her
sanskar:if u didn’t meet them how do u know that they are 3 men and one woman.
swara biting her lips:miss rose informed me.
sanskar chuckled and entered the meeting hall.
swara in mind:what was funny in that? impossible man.
she also entered the hall and strike with someone and staggered.she hold her head.
sanskar worriedly:are u alright?
he glares at person.
person:i am sory.i hope u are not hurt.
swara raise her head and freezed to in her posture looking at the also get shocked looking at swara.
sanskar:mr sahil u may take seat.she is alright.
sahil look at sanskar nodded and seat at his chair.
sanskar whisper:swara are u fine?
swara came in her senses and nodded quickly.
swara:i…i am fine.
sanskar:u take seat i will give presentation.
swara look at him and said:i am fine i can give……
sanskar glaring:shut up turn off the light and sit silently.
swara nodded and left from there.
sanskar muttered:she only listen when i order her.
swara turn off the lights,turn on the projector and sit on chair..she was looking at forward but past incidence kept coming in her mind continuously.

swara was getting ready in her room and kavita was helping her.
kavita exclaimed:u are looking beautiful in this red lehanga.sahil will die looking at u.
swara blushed and hit her.
swara:shut up.
at that time someone knock at the door.kavita opened the door and laughed.
kavita:what are u doing here.can’t u wait for 5 min.we were just coming down.
sahil in serious tone:i want to talk with swara.
kavita:no… whole life is remaining to with her after marriage.go from here u are not allowed to come in.
sahil a bit angry:kavita it is serious.
kavita was taken aback with his tone.
kavita:everything fine sahil.
sahil angrily:will u let me come in.
kavita stiffened and stepped back quickly.
kavita:u talk with her i will just come.
she leaves from there hurriedly.swara get up and look at sahil in surprise.
swara:what are u doing here? if anyone see what will they think.groom can’t wait for a second.
she giggled.sahil look at her with narrowed eyes.
sahil:u file case against adharsh kappor for your sister’s children guardianship
swara;yes why?
sahil angrily:u didn’t even thought for once to ask from me.
swara smiled a little:i knew that u would have said yess.
sahil hold her in painful grip and said angrily:i would have said no.i can’t take responsibility of someone other’s children.
swara look at him in shock and said with teary eyes:other’s children.they are my sisters children.if i will not take care of them who will do?
sahil:adharsh is lakshah’s brother he can take care of them.
swara;sahil leave me.u are hurting me.we will talk about this later.
sahil:what’s the need to talk about this.u will withdraw the case.
swara a little angrily:i will not.adharsh kappor only want jiju’s property which is on sunny and pari’s name.they don’t love them.
sahil angrily shouted:swara enough.
tears roll down at her cheeks.

swara cup his face and said:sahil today is our marriage. let’s not fight today.plz
sahil:swara i am sory for shouting but i want u to back out.try to future when our own children will come in this world we will not be able to balance between them.
swara crying:they are very bad sahil.they kidnapped sunny and pari to get property directly without any hurdle.plz they are ragini di’s children.she took care of me like her children needs a can a bake out.
sahil angrily:u will not listen to me.i am giving u 2 or your sister children.
swara shocked:are u mad i love u both how can i choose between u two.
sahil angrily:swara yes or no?
swara crying:sahil plz try to understand.
sahil:its mean u are choosing your sister’s children.
he turned to leave.swara hold his hand and cried.
swara:sahil plz i love u alot.don’t do this.
sahil’sphone start ringing.he take out mbl from pocket.swara look at the number and her hand slipped from his.
swara whispered:adharsh’s calling.
at that time shekhar,karan,kavita,pammi and dev come there.sahil tried to leave shekhar stopped him
shekhar tensed:where are u going beta.marriage rituals are going to start.
sahil curtly:i am breaking this marriage
all get shocked and look at swara who was standing like statue.
shekhar:don’t….don’t say like this beta.marriage is not a thing to break it on small matters.we will solve mattersdon’t go like daughts life will get ruined.i am joining hands in front of u.swara look at shekhar in shock walked fast and hold shekhar joined hand.shekhar look at her.she nodded in no
sahil:stop this drama and let me go.
he pushed shekhar.he staggered a little.swara hold him at time.all look at them angrily.
swara slapped sahil tightly.
swara angrily:u jerk how dare u push my father.what will u break this marriage i am breaking it.
she take out ring from her finger throw at his face.
swara mocking:do u want me to show you the door.get lost from my house.and one more thing ask adharsh that his cheap tricks will not work here.
sahil fumed in anger and walked from.swara fall down on her knees crying vigorously.kavita hug swara tightly.
swara crying:everyone is mean kavi.he leaved because adharsh gave him could he.
dev shouted:shekhar….
swara look at shekhar who was laying on floor keeping his hand on chest.

in next 15 min they were sitting in hospitals waiting for doc to come.swara was crying vigorously.kavita was not able to handle her.doc came after half an hour.
swara run toward him and asked:how is he?he is alright na.
doc hesitantly:his condition is not gd.he calling his daughter inside.
swara wipe her tears and walked inside the room slowly.shekhar look at her.swara run and hold his hand.
swara:u will be alright.don….don’t wory.
shekhar smile:swara shona.i have less time.will u promise me one thing.
swara shook her head vigorously and said:i will not.u will take a promise and leave me like di.
shekhar:swara plz promise.
swara cried and nodded in yes.
shekhar:world is bad be a brave girl.take care of everyone and find a reason to smile.
swara crying:dad plz don’t leave everyone plz.
shekhar:keep your promise.
shekhar closed his eyes.swara yelled loudly and faint.
everyone get tensed and run inside.
kavita shoked:swaraaaa.
she hold her and patted her cheeks,
kavita shout:doctor.

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  15. Scooby

    Wow hapiee swara found her love nd feeling for sanskar. But latr it ws emotional segment. Bad past. Now she should delect sanskar bravely nd explain her prblmz to him or atleast kavi shud tell swara past to him.. sahil ur dead nd asual sunny love him

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