Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 16)

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swara was sitting on bad with frozen body.staring at floor keeping both hands on eithersides.
swara:why u do this with me God!.when ever everything start getting normal u made it even more could u make him fall for………
she didn’t even completed her sentence when tears start rolling down from her cheeks.
swara:i…i can’t let this happen.
at that sunny entered in hury.swara quickly wipe her tears.
sunn:maasi pammi anuty and kavita maasi is leaving they are calling u.
swara:i am coming.
he leaves from there.swara first sprinkles water on her face than went outside.
kavita pouting:swara plz come na.
swara:i will come one hour early.
kavita:only one hour?
swara smile a little:two hour early okay?
kavita happy:okay.
both hug each other after that they leave.
all were sitting there.sanskar was working on laptop pari was sitting on swara lap and swara was helping her in home work.sunny was sitting with opposite to them doing his own home work.
sunny obediently :maasi i completed my home work.
swara and pari head raised at once.sanskar also look at him for once than again start working.
swara take note book from his hand and start checking it.
sunny clearing his throat:maasi……
swara without looking at him:sunny what did u do now?
sunny smiling meekly:principal ma’am asked u to call her.
swara sighed and look at him.sanskar chuckled.
sunny:don’t look at me like this i didn’t do anything? today new teacher came i give her welcome gift.she instead of getting happy complain to ma’am.
swara with narrowed her eyes:what gift?
sunny excited:u wanted to see….
pari:bhai show me also….
sunny open his bag and take out something in his hand.
sunny:forward your hands.
swara in mind:why i am feeling not good about it.
swara and pari forward hand sunny put thing on their hands.sanskar also close his laptop and look at them.sunny pull his hand back.swara and pari yelled loudly.
they jerk back their hands.and stand up.sunny and sanskar laughed looking at them yelling.
cockroach fall down near their feets.swara and pari stand on sofa yelling.
swara rubbed her hands with her duppta.
swara horrified:what type of gift is this.
pari:maasi my hand too.
swara rubb ddupta on pari hand.
sunny laughing:maasi u get afraid.sanskar was still laughing looking at swara’s horrified expression.
swara and pari glares at him.
pari pouting:friend u was also laughing with him.
sanskar:pari it was just a insect why did u scream so loudly.
he was saying looking at swara.
sunny:partner girls get afraid from everything.teacher was also yelling like this.
swara pick something and throw it on sunny and yelled:sunny spider.
sunny screamed loudly,jumped and sit on sanskar lap.
pari and swara laugh loudly.sanskar look at sunny and chuckled.
sanskar:u are afraid from spiders.
sunny nodded his head vigorously.
pari in mocking tone:girls get afraid from everything.
swara giggling:come pari i will wash your hand.
pari stuck her tongue out at sunny and run from there laughing.swara also giggled and leave.
sanskar look at sunny.
sunny embarrassed:what? maasi know that i get afraid from spider.
sanskar:get off me.u cut the nose of boys.
sunny pouts.
Swara:hey naina
naina smiling:finelly u get time to call me
swara sit n kitchen stole and said:i am sory from sunny side
naina:don’t be i am thankful to him.he did that
swara confused:why? what’s good in that
naina irritated:she was a teaching to for time pass and came with high refrence. u know what she did?
swara giggling:what?
naina:she came wearing a short dress and keep on coming complaining…oh kids are so dirty….they don’t listen to me……they are making so noise…..they are so naughty.
swara laughed keeping her hand on mouth.
naina:she was more worse teacher than u
swara:how mean! i never complained about children and i even didn’t come wearing is not a place for wearing short dress.
naina laughed.
swara:by the way what complains do u had from me.
naina: compliannnnnnnn let me think.
swara get up and pour milk in in pout and put it on burner.
naina loudly:yeah i remembered…
naina:u used to came late always.
swara bite her tongue.
swara giggling:this is problem from childhood but now i improved it don’t wory.
naina laughing:good….by the way how are u?
swara”get time ask how am i?
naina:don’t use my words on me? i send message to u.u don’t have even time to do that.
swara pour hot milk in cup and mix coffee powder in it.
swara: u are complaining like kavi
naina exclaimed:how is kavita? she vanished after collage.
swara smiling:for your information.she is getting married this week.
naina shout:whattttt!….how? why?
swara giggling:what do u mean by why? doing marriage is not a crime?
swara pick the cup and walk outside and sit at her favourite place GARDEN
naina angrily:she didn’t even invite me.we were best friends.
swara:she will get time from karan than call u na.
naina shocked:don’t tell me she is going to marry that book worm.
swara laughed.
naina shocked:oh my god!!!!….i don’t beleive u
swara:why don’t u come and see yourself
naina:off course i will come.first she is marrying to that book worm with whom she used to fight whole day and second she forget to invite me.i will teach her a good lesson.
swara:best of luck and…and plz don’t tell her i told u everything she will kill me.
naina:arra don’t wory tomorrow my target is kavita not u.u are next target. byeeee i have to plan something
swara smiling:bye
swara put mbl on table and lay back on chair and start sipping coffee slowly staring at stars.
sanskar proposal came in her mind with a jerk and she that time sanskar came there and saw her staring at stars.
sanskar loudly:i never thought any girl get sad if iwil propose her?
swara turn her head with a jerk.and look at him with frightened wide eyes.
sanskar chuckled:get afraid
he walked toward her and extend his hand.swara look at him confusingly
sanskar:just for dance
swara nodded in no silently.
sanskar shook his head take cup from her hand,put it on table hold her hand and make her stand with jerk.
swara strike with his chest.
sanskar whisper slowly:i didn’t ask i ordered.
swara look at him angrily.sanskar keep his one hand on waist and with other hold her hand.
swara looking away:u can’t force someone everytime.
sanskar turn her around and back hug her.
sanska softlyr: only special treatment for u.
swara irritated: i don’t want any special treatment.
sanskar smiling:what is your answer?
swara flatly:no
sanskar sighing:as expected can i know the reason?
swara:i have my own reasons.
she tried to free herself and go from there but sanskar hold her and pull her back with jerk.swara look at him
sanskar in soft yet firm voice:u are not allowed to go.
swara turn her face:let me go.u get your answer.
sanskar:first give me a reason.
swara bite her lower lip frmly.
swara in low voice:i don’t love u.
sanskar softly:u do love me
swara firmly:no i don’t
sanskar in husky tone:answer some question if u answer u than are allowed to go.
swara gasped when he tighten his grip on her
sanskar whisper in her ear:u don’t feel anything when i come close to u?
swara breathing heavily:no…i…don….
her sentence was completed when sanskar kissed her softly on neck.
sanskar:not feel anything when i kiss u.
swara close her trying to control her heart beat more heavy.
he whispered:i can hear your heart beat.
he turn her slid single hair strand behind ear and said smiling:i got my answer
he stepped back slowly leaves from there.swara keep her hand on her heart.who was beating violently


  1. Rabia


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    Awesome epi as always and dont worry i will not throw eggs n tomatoes infact i will make omlette πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  2. Rosey


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    Wow so sweet
    In ur story Sanskaar’s character is good I never expect that Sanskaar will understand Swara’s “No” so sweetly
    I just loved it

  3. Kakali


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    Zaimall !!!!! u made me wait sooo much … huhhhh….
    ommggg d dance was breath taking… loved it dear.. thnk u..

  4. Siya

    I was really angry on you for not updating for whole week…anyway awesome episode…now wanna know her past??? Did she marry already ?? Y she is telling “how can he fall for “…. N then her “no'” doesn’t make any difference for him… N he ll make her fall for him n after all our charming n handsome hero never accept defeat…

  5. Scooby


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    Amazing chapie.. hahehe sunny is bck nd his gift for his new mam ws perfect. Nd his lines only girls gt afraid nd alas he got nose cut. Finally sanski kiss nd swara shock.. tremendois chaoie zaimal

  6. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Amazing chapie tremendous one.. hahege sunny gift lol nd teasing ws superb.. end with swssan momenys loved it zaimal

  7. shiksha

    Nice but u made us wait for long n updated a short chapter,but still we loved it atleast now u have shown up.Good to see u.

  8. Hadi


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    awww sooo good garden men dil hogaya garden garden awsum siso in fact beyond awsum fabulous its just superb aww my cutie swara always teased by sankybut this teasing i loved it to the core of my heart finally swara also feels something something by sanky’s presence glad to know that sunny is so naughty i think sometimes that u was also naughty in ur school lyf that’s y in ur mind this much naughty ideas came πŸ˜€ dont mind n post soon

  9. xavia

    Hey ds z nt fair u updted aftr such a long tym…n dat toooo chotu sa…..well cmng back to chappy it ez shoo chweet……

  10. Madhu

    I was waiting for ur ff wow Dr awesome really loved it…. But but what was that swara hidding… I mean why she can’t love him…..
    Anyway part was excellent….

  11. Pavi

    Awesome… I guess coming Thursday in icecream party sanskar will that he proposed a girl(swara) as its new thing for him…lol..haha…

  12. SwaSanFan.Goldie


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    Simply Awsum Yaar…Loved it…Swara too Falling fr Sanskaar..Amzing..Plzz Reeval da Past to Sanskaar asap n Show Protective Sanskaar to Us fr Swara..Continue soon. .cnt wait..

  13. mona

    dear zaimal, please do me a favor to hand me a knife. I will be thankful to you if you do so. I need it because………………………..I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SRSLY NEED TO STAB U !HOW DARE U? I USED TO COME ON TU PAGE IN HOPE TO FIND UR FF EACH DAY …ARGGGGH I M NOT REMEMBERING A BAD WORD NOW IN ANGER , NOR CAN I TYPE A ANGRY RED EMOJI COZ I M OPERATING FROM LAPTOP PRESENTLY ….. anywayscoming to epi it was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing I m short of words but loved loved loved loved swasannnnnnnnnnnn and want swara past revelation soon. n pls kindly don’t disappear again if u want yourself alive*LOL* PLUS THERE IS SOMETHING I WANNA TELL U,,,, ,,,,frankly speaking if anyone has read ur previous season of love is a beautiful emotion no one will believe that both are written by the same person , CONCLUDING – both seasons are totally diff from each other……….gr8 work done by u as both were equally awesome!!!!!!LOVE U

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