Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 15)

kavita:swara don’t talk with them let’s dance.
swara turned happily and said:let’s go
swara and kavita hold each other hands and leaves from there
karan sanskar hurriedly go after them.
karan:sanskar plz handle swara and take her home.i will handle kavita.
sanskar just nodded staring at swara angrily.
swara and kavita were dancing together when karan pull kavita toward him.
kavita sulkingly:karan i am taking to u leave me i will dance with swara and tried to move away.but karan hold her tightly.
karan:why are u not talking to me?
kavita hit him on chest and said:u don’t know the reason.
karan chuckled and said:just because i came to do party.
kavita nodded her head vigorously.
karan cup her cheek and said:don’t u trust me?
kavita quickly:i trust u but i can’t tolerate it if u think about dancing with someone else.i have only right on u.
karan huskily:and i have right on u. and kissed her cheek.kavita blushed.
swara was staring at them with wide smile but her eyes were wet.
sanskar angry:what are u staring at them?
swara look at him who was on his right side.swara twiched her nose.
swara:why are u angry?
sanskar hold her arm and turned her brutally toward him.
sanskar:because u are wearing so short dress.
swara tried to remove his hand from her arm.
swara:sir its paining,leave.
sanskar leave her arm and hold her soft hands and keep another on her waist and pull her close to his chest.
swara look at him with wide eyes.
sanskar:sssh not a word.
he turned her around and back hug her.
sanskar whisper in her ear softly:first tell me one thing.who are u?
sanskar in husky tone:who are u in real the swara whom i am seeing now? or the swara whom i were seeing until now?
swara look at him:why do u want to know? keep your work with work na.its is none of your business
sanskar tighten his grip on her.swara gasped
sanskar:it is my business?
swara shooking her head vigorously:no its not.why it is your business?
sanskar:i am your friend na therefore.
sanskar chuckled at his own answer.swara turned quickly being shocked.
swara:i am yourrrrr friend? i don’t make kahroos friends like u.
she poked her index finger at his nose tip.sanskar rub his nose.
sanskar: am i kahroos?
swara:u don’t know u are kahroos?
sanskar nodded his head in NO
swara extend her hands side to side.
swara:ap itna kahroos han…..anger always remain on your nose tip.
she again poked her finger on his nose tip.
sanskar irritated:stop doing it.
swara giggled.sanskar stare at her for a second than pull her close to his face.
sanskar in deep tone:making fun of me.hmmm?
he caressed her cheek softly.
swara stammering:nh…nhe
swara trying to change topic:i want to go outside.
sanskar sighed:chalo.
he hold her from waist and walked outside.and sit on bench
swara making face:why it is not raining?
sanskar:sky is full of stars how will it rain?
swara look at sky.
swaa in deep tone:u know sir….mtlb sanskar….in childhood di used to say that when someone die he become star.that is mom(pointing toward a star) that is ragini di,that which is close to it is jiju and that is dad.
one tear fall from her eyes.sanskar’s heart shrink looking at her.he softly wiped her tears.and keep her head on shoulder.and entwind their fingers.
swara:whenever i get sad na i stare at stars.
swara chuckled humorlessly:so that they come to know that what is happening after their leave.
sanskar get shocked at her emotionless tone.
swara wipe her tears and get up
swara:but why i am telling this to u.
sanskar look at her face angrily.
sanskar:i will give u answer tomorrow.
sanskar:first tell me one thing why suddenly u started calling me sanskar.
swara giggling:because kavita said.u are my boss in office not outside.u didn’t like i call u by name?
sansar smiled;u have no idea how much i liked it?
swara confused:mtlb?
sanskar;leave it time to go home.
swara making face:no i don’t to go home.
sanskar angrily:swaraaaa……u will not listen like this?
he pick her up in bridal style
swara protesting:sanskar i don’t want to go home leave me.
sanskar angrily:quite…….
swara making face:u are number one kahroos……..why do u get angry so easily i will give u B.P medicine from tomorrow.
sanskar confused:B.P medicine?
swara giggling:your B.P get raised suddenly na therefore.
sanskar keep quite not wanting to argue buta smile appeared on his lips.he make her sit on front seat and put seat belt and himself sit behind wheel.they reached after 15 mins.sanskar open the door for her and look at her.she was sleeping peacefully.sanskar chuckled again pick her up and walked inside.make her sleep on bed.and pull cover on her.kissed her forehead.
sanskar:sweet dreams.
after that he went to his room.

swara get up and hold her head
swara:AAAA! my head…….
she look around.kavita was sleeping beside her peacefully.swara get angry she take her pillow and hit kavita.kavita get up with jerk and hold her head.
kavita:AAAAA! my head.
swara angry:told we should not get drunk.
kavita pleading:swara don’t yell my head is paining like hell… i become poet.
swara fumed:poet ki bachi….
she beat kavita with pillow
kavita:arra meri maa stop it.promise next time will not get drink.
swara:next time…..she again beat her
swara:who is going with u next time…..haan?
swara keep on beating her but stopped hearing throat clearing voice.she look at source of voice.
karan and sanskar were standing there crossing there arms.swara stopped immediately
kavita exclaimed:hey karan u here?
karan glares at her and than look at swara.
karan:swara i didn’t expact this from u?
swara bite her lips.
kavita angry:what did she do?
than went close to swara and whisper
kavita:what did u do after getting drunk?
swara whisper back:i don’t remember anything.u remember anything?
kavita nodded in NO.sanskar and karan look at each other and wink.
karan angry:main btata hun tum dono na kia kiaaa kiya tha.take this lemon juice first
sanskar give juice to swara.she take it without looking at him.karan give juice to kavita.
kavita excited;what did we do?
swara get up quickly and said:i don’t want to know.
kavita:swara we should know na what did we do?
swara angry:nhe…get up she made kavita stand and pushed her in washroom.
sanskar:arra swara wait.but swara run outside.
karan and sanskar laughed
pammi:swara bacha as u are on leave today and sunny and pari also went school.go shopping with kavita.just bridal dress and engagement ring is remaining.only one day is remaining.
swara:g aunty
kavita:i will call karan.he will drop us.
sanskar:kavita i will drop u both.
kavita happily:arra wah mr.sanskar mahehwari is offering us for lift how can we refuse?
sanskar glaring:shut up and get ready i am waiting outside.
kavita laughed.swara smiled a little

kavita twirling around:swara how it is.
swara:looking good at u.
kavita look at sanskar.he nodded in YES
kavita:but this is so dull colour
swara sighed and give her another dress.sanskar take out his phone and goes from there
swara:try this
swara start looking for some other dresses.
sanskar comes back after some time and look at swara looking for dresses.
sansakr:u don’t want to buy dresses?
swara nodded in no without looking at him.sanskar narrowed his eyes.
kavita exclaimed;how it is.
both look at her.
swara:kavi u are looking beautiful in this.plz buy this one.
kavita pouting:but karan don’t like yellow colour.
swara irritated:is karan going to wear it?
sanskar chuckled.
swara making face:what is karan favourite colour?
swara look at dresses and bring a blue and white mixture and give it to her.
swara:go try this.kavita goes to try.sanskar open his mouth to say something but swara leaves from there quickly.
sanskar in mind;what happened to her? she was fine in morning? is she avoiding me?

kavita:i like this ring.
swara beat her palm on forehead and said:we came to buy ring for karan not for u.bhea we said rings for male not for females.
man:g…g madam
kavita:nhe bhea first we will also buy a female ring.swara i want to buy one ring for me.
swara nodded silently.kavita start trying rings on her hand.swara was smiling looking at her crazy friend.sanskar was talking to someone on phone.he looked at them and saw swara trying one was simple ring with a diamond in mid and small blue diamond on either sides.
kavita:u like this?
swara take out ring and said:no…did u select someone or not.
kavita:yeah this one.
swara:now one for karan also plz fast.
after some time they select ring and leave for home

swara come out from washroom rubbing her wet hairs
swara:don’t how many siyapa i did last night.its all your fault.who told u to go with kavita.ayyao rabba! what did i do?
she beat her palm on her forehead.
swara:is kavita ki to main……swara turned angrily and get shock after seeing sanskar.
he was standing laying at door.he get straightened and walked toward her slowly.
sanskar:what happened?
sanskar walked forward and stand in front of her.
sanskar in husky tone:u were avoiding me today? can i ask the reason.
swara avoiding eye contact:why would i avoid u? its nothing like that
sanskar sighing:than u say i get angry quickly
swara confusingly look at him.sanskar hold her from arm and pinned her to wall.swara get shocked.she tried to move but sanskar keep his hands on both sides.
swara:sanskar what are u doing?
sanskar:u don’t know what am i doing?
he slid hair behind her ear.swara closed her eyes feeling his touch.
swara stammering:it…it is wrong.
sanskar moved close to her and whisper in her ear:no its not because I LOVE U.
swara freezed to the ground.she look at him in shock.
swara:it’s not love is just attraction.
sanskar angrily pull her close
sanskar:i am not a immature kid who don’t know the difference between love and attraction.
i am mature enough to understand the difference.
swara with teary eyes:u know nothing about can u say u love me.
sanskar cupped her face:the things which i know about u is enough for me to fall for u.
swara stare at him.
sanskar:do u have any other excuse and one more thing swara i don’t care what happened in your love strong enough to bear any truth.
he stepped back and leave from there.swara was standing there shocked.she hold her head and walked toward mirror to look at herself.she gasped when she felt two strong bands around her waist.sje look at mirror.sanskar was back hugging her.
sanskar huskily:and one more thing……..
he turned her and kiss her softly on lips.swara’s eye widened.
sanskar murmured on her lips:find a good reason for not accepting my love.
he again peck on her lips and leave from there.
swara sit on bed holding her head with both hands.

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