Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 14)


swara was preparing things for lunch and pammi aunty was helping her when kavita entered there.
kavita:everyone give me gift u will not give me?
swara smile.pummi slapped on her own head.
pammi:kavita have some shame.who ask gift from her own?
kavita:mama u go papa is calling u.and swara is my bestii plus childhood girlfriend i can ask from her anything.
pammi shook her head.
pammi:swara bacha if she ask anything nonsense no need to fulfill it.
swara:g aunty
pammi leave from there.kavita glare at swara.swara hold kavita’s both hands
swara:what u want?
kavita smiling:only one promise
swara confused: promise?
kavita nodded her head
swara:what promise?
kavita giggling:u will do everything what i will say to u during my marriage function.
swara chuckled:okay as u say
kavita yelled:yeahhhhh!!! and hug swara tightly.
swara smiling:but only on one condition

kavita break hug and said:what condition?
swara in serious tone:u will not ask me to do such things which i can’t do.
kavita stare at swara than nodded.
kavita:promise not such things which u can’t do.
swara smiles.kavita smile mischievously
kavita exclaimed:time to do first thing?
swara with wide eyes:from now? kavita nodded vigorously.
swara sighed and said: kavi remembered my condition na?
kavita:yeah i remember
kavita went close to swara and whisper something in swara’s ear.swara eyes widened.she shook her vigorously.
swara: no i will not do this
kavita glaring:swara u promised now u can’t back out andddd u can do it.
she turn swara and start pushing her outside.

swara in crying tone:what’s the use of it.
kavita: swara shut up and go do it. she pushed her swara stumble and strike with sanskar.
sanskar hold her.
sanskar:are u fine?
swara nodded her head vigorously but didn’t said anything.
sanskar nodded and was about to go when swara stopped him.
swara:wo actually…….
sanskar stopped and look at her
swara quickly:nothing….after saying that she leave from there in swift movement.
kavita slap on her forehead.
kavita murmured:she is good for nothing.and went after swara.
sanskar was standing there confused like hell and was trying to understand what was just happened.


all were sitting and having food silently.kavita hit on swara’s foot with full force.
swara pressed her lips to hold her scream.she glares at kavita.kavita in return give her death glare.and point toward sanskar.swara pleaded her.kavita nodded in NO
swara in mind:plz god save me.
.swara took a very deep breath .
swara:sanskar plz pass water jug.
sanskar who was drinking water spit out whole water.
kavita giggled.
sanskar shocking look at swara.
sanskar:what did u just said?
swara with composed face:jug
sanskar:before that?
sanskar irritated:before that?
before swara would have replied pammi aunty give water jug to swara.
pammi loudly:she said plz pass the jug.did u forgot your ears in your office?
swara silently drink water to wet her dry throat.
sanskar get up and leaves from there.
swara saw him leaving and look at kavita


swara:kavi i can’t call him by his name.he is my boss.
kavita:swara he is your boss in office not in your own house.u can him sanskar outside the office.what’s wrong in this.
swara:what is wrong if i call him sir?
kavita irritated:u promised me now its time to fulfill it.
swara hit n her head


sanskar was sitting in hall with everyone and was thinking about swara.
sanskar in mind:she called me by name didn’t she? why so suddenly?
he get up and walked toward kitchen.sanskar chuckled seeing her working.
sanskar murmured:always in kitchen.
he walked toward her and clears his throat.swara turned and look at sanskar.
sanskar moved close to her swara moved back and her back strike with slab.sanskar keep his both hands on slab bending a little forward.
sanskar in husky tone:what were u calling me in noon.
swara’s heart start beating very fast because of his so much closesness.
swara nervously:sanskar
sanskar in teasing tone:sanskar?????
swara stammering:no…no…i…i…mean sir.
sanskar softly wipe sweat from her forehead.goosebumps raise on swara’s skin.
sanskar in deep tone:why such change so suddenly.
swara stammer:wo…wo kavita….gift….promise…….name
sanskar sighed and keep finger on her lips and said:first breath.
swara look at his face.both stand there in same position and share very long eye lock.
pammi yelled:swara?????
both came in their senses.swara run from there before sanskar could have said anything.
sanskar chuckled at her shy nature.

pammi hugging swara: take care of yourself okay
pammi whisper:and if your boss is teasing u tell me okay?
swara giggling: ji aunty
pammi breaks hug and glare at sanskar.
sanskar in mind:she don’t like me one bit.
kavita:swara i want u 2 hours before starting functions okay?
swara nodded smilingly.
sunny:kavita maasi why don’t u take her with u?
kavita exclaimed happily:sunny such a gd idea.swara pack your things u are leaving with us.
swara:what are u mad?
sanskar slapped sunny on head without any notice.
sunny pouting:what is my mistake?
sanskar:u gave her such gd idea

kavita sit on sofa in punjabi style and said:i don’t know anything u sunny,pari will go with us.
first pammi hit on sunny head than dev hit sunny than pari.
pari giggling:everyone is doing it so i thought why not me.
sunny yelled angrily:maasiiiiiii everyone is slapping me.
swara:who is slapping u?
sunny:partner,pammi aunty,dev uncle and pari also slapped me.
swara:pari shona he is your elder brother.
pari:sory maasi everyone slapped him so i also.
swara :say sory
pari:sory bhai.and kissed on his cheek.
sunny angry:pariiiii how dare u kiss me.
pari laughed and hide behind sanskar.all laughed.
sunny rubbed his cheek firmly and said:maasi this is because u kiss.
kavita loudly:will anyone listen to me.
pammi loudly:swara we are leaving she will not come today i have so many works.
pammi and dev leaves.
swara;kavita only one house difference between your and my house i will be there on time.
kavita glaring;just like u come from office on time.
swara:offo it is useless to talk with u.
swara leaves from there.
kavita mouth get open fully.


sanskar on phone:karan u called at this time.everything is fine?
karan:sanskar everything is fine i called u because my friends and me are going for bechelor we became very good friend so i thought to invite u.
sanskar chuckling:bachelor party? karan if kavita came to know about it.i hope u can imagine what will she do with u.
karan clearing his throat:sanskar are u scaring me.plz don’t.she will not come to know about it.i request u plz come.
sanskar laughed:where?
karan:xyz club
sanskar:u carry on i will join u there.
karan:okay bye.
sanskar open his cupboard and start taking out cloths.
kavita who was going in swara’s room heard their conversation fumed in anger.
kavita angry:karannnnn how dare u? u want to enjoy party na?wait and watch
kavita take out her phone and went from there.

kavita shook sleeping swara.
kavita:swara wake up
swara open her eyes and saw kavita than down at her cloths.she was wearing blue short dress which was coming to her knees.
swara turn toward otherside and said:kavi are u going somewhere?
kavita exclaimed:haan to my bachelor party.
swara chuckled with closed eyes and said:boys do bachelor party not girls kavi
kavita slap at swara back:i am also getting married na than why party only for karan.i also want to do bachelor party.
swara:no response.
kavita hold swara and made her sit forcefully.swara open her eyes with very much difficulty.
swara:kavi plz let me sleep it very late.
kavita:no u are coming with me.
swara shook her jead in sleep and said:kavi first i am very sleepy and second i can’t go leaving sunny and pari alone.
pammi entered at that time and said:swara i am here na i will take care of them.
swara confused:aunty?
pammi smiling:arra i can atleast do this small thing for my daughters na.kavita called me so i came back.i will stay here u both go.
kavita:no more excuses and u promised me u will do everything what i say.
swara step down and said:u making me regret for doing promise to u.
kavita:shut up and fast we have to reach before karan and sanskar.
swara’s hand stopped for a second.
swara:sir also went for party?
kavita:first yes he also went and second take his name.
swara in mind:he said he have some urgent work.this is his urgent work.liar!
swara sighed and go to change cloths.


kavita:they didn’t come till now.idiots
swara teasing:why do u care? u are angry on him na.
kavita avoiding eye contact:off course i am angry on him.i cam here to enjoy not because of him.
swara chuckled.
kavita:swara time to enjoy the party.
kavita give her on shot.swara shook her head.take the shot and place it on counter
swara strictly:i am not going to drink alcohol.
kavita loudly:see they came and quickly tried to mix it on swara’s orange juice.but swara hold her hand.
swara:i also spend years in collage i know such type of tricks i am not kid.
kavita:that what i am saying u are grown up girl u can drink your mouth…open it…fast
kavita make swara drink alcohol.swara coughed with effect of it.
after some time both were standing on counter keeping hands on each other shoulders and……
jumping and yelling: ONE MORE……
kavita and swara giggling:cheers…… and drink another shot
more than ten glass were already placed on their table

karan,sanskar and their friends entered the club with frustrated face.
one friend:yaar karan can’t u keep extra tyre with u.whole mode get spoiled before starting party.
karan:relax we reached na stop making sulking face.
all settled on counter chair just opposite to swara and kavita.
they ordered drinks for them.
friend:check out that hot girls.
all look toward pointed sides.karan and sanskar spit out their drinks looking swara and kavita there.than look at each other.
sanskar and kran in union:what are they doing here.?
friend:yaar girl in blue dress is so hot
karan hold his collar angrily and said:she is your bhabhi mind your tongue.
sanskar and karan walked toward swara and kavita.
they were about to drink another shot when karan snatched drink from them.
karan angrily:tum dono or nhe piya ga.
swara and kavita snatched back glasses and said:whyyyyy?
karan again snatched glasses.swakav hit on karan stomach together take drink from his hands and drink it quickly.

sanskar was looking at swara up and down than down and up.
swara was wearing white shirt and black skirt.with high pony tail.
sanskar hold swara’s arm and pull her toward him.swara look at sanskar with wide eyes.
sanskar angryily:what type of dress u are wearing?
swara blinked at him than show him her four fingers.
swara cutely:sir….oh sory sanskar how many are these.
sanskar confused:four
swara exclaimed happily:congratulation sanskar! u are not blind.
sanskar fumed in anger.
swara:can’t u see i am wearing white shirt and black skirt.
sanskar:why are u wearing such dress
swara drly:sir i can’t come in night club wearing saree na.and i wear such dresses.
sanskar shocked:u are comfortable in this short dress.
kavita loudly:swara don’t talk with them lets dance.
swara turned happily and said:let’s go.


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