Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 13)


MORNING (sunday)
swara was cooking a lot of sweet and continuously looking at watch.

kavita confused:sunny?
kavita:why is swara cooking so many things she gone mad?
sunny glaring:don’t say like this about her?
pari confused:why don’t u ask from maasi?
kavita muttered:swara and her little kids abhi sa aisa han bara ho ka kia honga?
sanskar reading newspaper: kavita remember swara’s last warning.if she heard than u are dead.
kavita giggling:yeah remember thank u sanskar.

she get up and walked toward kitchen
kavita take deep breath.
kavita:wow swara such a good smell
kavita:why are u cooking so many things?
swara stammering:wo…waisa…waisa hi today is sunday na.therefore.
kavita look at her than shrugged she tried to pick gulaab jamun but swara hit on her hand.
swara:don’t touch anything.
kavita pouting:why?
swara strictly: BUSS! u will not touch anything.these are not for u.
kavita: what is cooking in your mind?
swara avoiding eye contact:nothing.

she hold kavita from shoulder and drag her out.
kaavita:arra but i want to eat something.its smell is so good.
swara:u dare not enter in kitchen.
kavita irritated:arra but…..
swara:sssh…quite so u ask so many question?
swara look at sunny and pari sitting in hall playing and panic
swara:u both are sitting i told u to go and change clothes.

at that time pammi aunty and dev entered in the hall.all look at them.swara take blessing fro them.kavita yelled
kavita:mama,pappa u here.
she run and hug them tightly.
kavita after breaking the hug
kavita:u were coming tomorrow na.last function is tomorrow
pammi caressing her cheek:we thought its time for our daughter’s marriage so no wasting time
in other’s daughter wedding.kavita blushed deep red.
pammi exclaimed: ji suniya!
dev:what happened?
pammi:is she our daughter?
dev looked at kavita’s blushing face and smiled.
dev hiding his smile:why?
pammi:she is getting shy na.
all laughed.

kavita stamped her foot and said irritatingly:why? can’t i get shy?
pammi:u never get shy na therefore.
kavita making face:who told u?
swara:i told them.
pammi slightly hit on kavita’s head and said: u should have told us.thank god swara told us.
kavita with pout face:i forgot in excitment.
pammi:okay now take this dress and change fast.
pammi:karan’s parent and some relatives are coming to fix marriage date.
kavita yelled:what????
kavita:therefore u were preparing so many things.
swara nodded.kavita hit her on shoulder
kavita:u should have told.don’t u know i need alot of time to get ready.
swara:it was surprise.
pammi:kavita go get ready otherwise karan will run away after seeing u like this.

kavita stamping:dad see your wife is teasing me.
dev:pammi ji don’t tease my daughter
pammi chuckling:okay fine i will not tease her but go and change they will be coming aat anytime
kavita nodded and walked toward swara’s room for change.
pammi worried:swara sory for troubling u.
swara shook her head and said:no aunty its fine.
pammi suddenly:but swara plz do one more important work.
swara:ji aunty?
pammi:when they come don’t let kavita speak.
all chuckled.
pammi worriedly:here this girl open her mouth and there all women run away.
swara giggling:don’t wory aunty i will take care of it.
swara:u both come and change clothes
pari and sunny run toward their room sanskar also get up and went to change.

kavita was sitting between karan and swara.swara was holding her hand tightly.
karan’s mother (AP):now its decided after two days all function will start.i can’t wait more.i want my daughter in my house as soon as possible.
pammi and de look at each other tensedly.
pammi:ap ji so fast?
ap smiling:pammi ji we just want your daughter nothing else.this idiot already took so long therefore i want this marriage as soon as possible.
ap pull karan’s ear.

karan:AAAA!!! mom.
dev and pammi nodded smiling.
karan whisper:kavita u wanted to do run marriage na?
kavita:no i don’t wanted to do it now.
karan look at swara.she nodded smilingly.
karan loudly:arra wah!
everyone look at them.karan meekly smile at them.swara and kavita giggled.
sanskar was standing at some distance from them.staring at swara lovingly.

sunny come there look at sanskar than follow his gaze and look at swara.
sunny giggling:she is beautiful na?
sanskar lost:hmmm
sunny:stop staring maasi says it is bad manners.
sanskar came in his senses and look down at sunny.sunny move his eye brows up and down
sanskar scratches his head smiling meekly.sunny laugh
sanskar:don’t tell anyone.u are my partner na
sunny:off course we partner.i promise i will not tell anyone
sanskar sighed and smile.
sanskar:thank u.
sunny:buttt….on one condition.
sanskar:what condition?
sunny:tell me do u like her?
sanskar clearing his throat:yeah a little

sunny teasing:only little?
sanskar:okay fine i really like your maasi happy?
sunny:yeah.he run from there happily.
sanskar worried:sunny wait u said u will not tell anyone….shit.
he hit on his forehead.
sunny sit on swara’s lap,pick barfi and make her eat.
swara surprised:what happened?
sunny:i am very happy today?
swara hug sunny tightly and kiss his cheek.
sunny rubbing his cheek:maasi don’t kiss.
swara kiss him again.
sunny:maassi no should come near u.he step down and walked out with irritated face.
swara,kiavta and karan laugh.

thank u sooooooo much guys for such overwhelming comments and soryyyyyy for short update i get very short time to write therefore plz forgive me but thank u very much

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