Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 12)



swara was working in her office when miss rose entered smiling.
Rose:swara take sir’s signature on these files and one more thing first read them u know him na.
swara:i will read them. u are looking happy what happened.
miss rose:nothing just a simple thing.sir anger is decreasing day by day yesterday he said sory to me.swara look at her with shock expression.
swara in serious tone:u didn’t find anyone else to make fool.
miss rose slapped on her own forehead.

Rose:arra i am saying truth.he said “SORRY”
swara quickly get up from her seat when sanskar entered her cabin.
sanskar:swara i am leaving for some urgent work cancel my meeting.
swara was staring at her with shock expressions.
sanskar look at her then look down.was there something wrong with him.
Miss rose hit swara with foot.she immediately came in her senses.
swara:yes…yes sir i will cancel meetings.
sanskar murmured:weird…and left from there.
Miss rose:no one should tell u anything.what’s the need to stare at him.
swara pouting:what’s my mistake.i was shocked.she again sit on her seat.
Miss rose slightly hit her on head and said:useless girl.
she leave from there.
swara:he said sory? impossible

swara was walking on road alone and was looking at her wrist watch.
swara:today i am dead.don’t know why taxi driver do strike.kavita will kill me.
she was little far from office.she was walking when some boys whistle at her.they were looking drunk
swara murmured:siyapa!
one boy: hello sweat heart.where are u going? can we drop u?
swara gritted her teeth and said:no thanks i can go myself.
another boy come in front of her and said: why are getting angry we were just helping.
swara sighed and said: spirit don’t need anyone’s help.
all laugh loudly one boy said:u are spirit?
swara nodded.
boy:now a days spirits wear shalwar kameez.
swara look down at herself.
swara:how many spirits u have seen.
trio looks at each other and said in union: never saw any spirit.

swara” so spirits wear shalwar kameez
trio nodded innocently.swara hides her smile.
boy:how can we believe u are spirit.
swara:arra tell me one thing any wise girl roam on roads alone at this time when she knew that jurks like u will be on road?
they shook their head in NO.
swara murmured:only i am mad.
boy:what did u said?
swara:nothing okay tell me what a spirit can do?
boy:what can she do.
swara exclaimed:she can disappear na
all nodded vigorously

swara:i will show u how to disappear.close your eyes
all get excited and close their eyes immediately.
swara slid her shoes,one boy open his eyes and said:where are taking off your shoes.
swara:it should not broke down in disappearing process na.close your eyes no cheating.
he close his eyes.swara quickly take off her shoes and run toward office building holding shoes in one hand and umbrella on other.
boy:did u get disappear?
after one second they open their eyes.
boy scared:she was spirit she disappeared.another boy hit him on head.
boy:wo dakho bhaag rahi ha.pakro usa.
swara bumped with sanskar on office door.
swara:sory sir and run inside.
sanskar look at her running inside
sanskar:what’s wrong with this girl?

at that time boys come their panting heavily.
1st boy breathing heavily:did u see a girl in pink kammez and white shalwar.
sanskar cluched his fist and nodded in no.
2nd boy scared:bhai i am telling na she was spirit.she disappeared suddenly.sanskar look at them confusingly.
1st boy:shut up i saw her running.
3rd boy:bhai i am also getting scared plz leave from here.swara who was peeping from door giggled.
1st boy hit his own forehead and said:chalo maro.because of yours stupidity we lost such a hot girl.before sanskar could have rearranges his face.2nd and 3rd boy hit him
2nd boy: we are saying na she was spirit.
3rd boy:plz leave the spirits atleast.
swara was laughing holding her stomach.
3rd boy to sanskar:u should also leave from here one spirit is roaming here and there.
sanskar nodded.
trio boys leave from there.swara took deep breath keeping her head on wall.
swara:aj to bach gai.
sanskar came in front of her with red eyes.
sanskar:just one day i leaved from office and u created a mess.
swara open her eyes and look at him.
sanskar hit his hand on wall with full force.swara get scared.
sanskar:what were u thinking while pulling this stunt.if they would have been a real goons instead of collage boys than? what would have u do?

swara scared:sir…..
sanskar snapped:shut up….why didn’t u leave on time.
swara glaring:i left on time but today there is strike therefore i get late.
sanskar furious:from today u will come and go with me.
swara protesting:sir i can go……sanskar stopped her putting finger on her lips.
sanskar in low threatening voice:i am not asking.i am ordering u.keep it in mind.
swara stare at his eyes.they share long romantic eyelock.
swara coming to her senses turn her face.sanskar stepped back quickly and walked outside.swara follow his trail.

Both were sitting in car silently.
sanskar in mind:i should have not scolded her so much.DAMMM!
swara in mind:always angry nothing happened than what’s the need of getting angry?
sanskar in mind:mistake is irresponsible.if something would have happened to her then?
swar in mind:did i invite them.come and tease me? no na
sanskr in mind:if again i met with that boys sware to god i will cut them limb to limb for bad eyeing started raining outside.swara smile and look outside and open the window.
sanskar also smile after seeing her smile.suddenly car stopped with a jerk.both look at each other.
swara worriedly:what happened.
sanskar:don’t know.he again tried to start the car but no use of it.
sanskar pressing his forehead:i think engine got jamed.i will call driver he will bring another car.swara nodded.sanskar tried to call but because of rain.there was no network.sanskar hit on staring irritatingly.

sanskar:network problem.
swara open the door of but sanskar hold her hand immediately.
sanskar worriedly:where are u going?
swara:sir we can’t wait here whole night.and there is only half an hour distance from here.
sanskar:its raining will we leave in this weather.
swara:sir i have umbrella.and we can walk.
sanskar angry:u will catch fever.
swara blinked at him then look at their joined hands and remove it quickly.
swara:pari will start crying again.don’t know when will rain stop.i can’t sit here waiting for it to stop.if it didn’t stop whole night then?
sanskar sighed and muttered:stubborn woman.

both come out.swara open her umbrella. sanskar locked his car and both started walking.
sanskar whisper:this is all because of rain.
swara with narrowed eyes:sir what’s rain mistake in this?
sanskar look at her.both were under same embrella and were inches apart from each other.
sanskar in teasing tone:don’t defend rain.just because u like it.
swara:i am not defending it.
sanskar:yes u are.
swara irritated:no i am not.i am just asking what’s its mistake in all this.
sanskar was about to argue with her when he stumble and fall down.his face was a little far away from ground and both hands were on ground preventing him not to touch ground.he took deep breath.and look at rough and rigid with open eyes.
he turned and sit on the ground keeping his arms on his knees.
sanskar to himself:my handsome face got saved today.
sanskar in mind:look like i get punishment for scolding her.

swara was looking at him with wide open eyes keeping her hand on her open mouth.sanskar look at her shocked face.
sanskar meekly:i am fine.
swara pressed her lips together to prevent herself from laugh.her cheeks turned red.
sanskar dryly:u are not good at it.
swara trying hard to cntorl her laugh.her eyes got filled with water in process of controlling her laugh.
swara:no…no sir it…its fine….any….anyone can fall.
sanskar stare at hr red face than said looking away:u can laugh.
swara look at him than suddenly burst out laughing keeping her one hand on her mouth.
sanskar was watching her laughing and one smile appeared on his lips.
swara was still laughing without any control.sanskar get up hold her hand from witch she was holding umbrella and pull her toward him.
she strike with his chest.
sanskar huskily:laughing very much don’t u?
swara laughing:sory…sory sir…its just u fall so suddenly.

he tighten his grip on her waist.swara’s laugh stopped suddenly.sanskar take umbrlla from her hand and moved back quickly.swara get shocked.she started getting drench in rain.
swara:sir….my umbrella. she tried to get back it but sanskar hold it high from its hight.and laugh.
sanskar:u were laughing very much na.
swara jumping continuously:sir plz give it back.
sanskar was laughing after seeing jumping and trying to get hold of umbrella.
sanskar laughing:start drinking complian.
swara glares at him and stop jumping.she moved back and start walking fast without looking at him.
sanskar run after her and hold umbrella above her.swar stepped out from umbrella.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar teasing:angry!
swara:no response.

sanskar hold her arm and pull her under umbrella.swara tried to move but sanskar hold her firmly from waist.
sanskar whisper in ear slowly:sory.
swara stopped and look at him in shock.
sanskar chuckling:what? u think only u have copy right to say sory.
swara remove his hand from her waist and start walking slowly.sanskar sighed and walked with her.everything went silent between them.
after sometime swara sneezed.sanskar look at her worriedly.
sanskar:are u fine?
swara rubbing her nose:yes sir.and there she again sneezed.sanskar cursed heavily.
sanskar angry:walk fast stop doing cat walk
swara get annoyed and start walking fast.
swara in mind:again angry.because of him i get dranched.
both reached home after 15 mins.

kavita open the door and look at them with utter shock.
kavita:what happened to u both.
sanskar”kavita fiorst plz let us in we are fully drenched.kavita nodded and let sanskar enter the house but when swara tried to enter kavita stopped her.
kavita glaring:u can’t enter.i told u na come at time.
swara sneezed loudly.sanskar get worried.
swara:kavita plz let me come in i will tell u a very good news.
kavita happily:what good news.
sanskar look at swar with narrowed eyes.
swara:u remember that spirit method.
kavita nodded vigorously.
swara giggling:it still works.

kavita shocked:really.swara nodded.kavita hold swara from shoulder.
kavita excited:what had happened tell me from start.
sanskar hit on his head.
sanskar in mind:all are mad here.
he walked out from there.
swara:first plz let me change cloths.
kavita:go fast.
swara nodded and run from there.
swara came out from washroom after getting fresh.she looks at box on table.she walked toward it and start opening it carefully.
swara irritated:so much packing
she finely open it and her eyes widened.
swara happily:VASE! she pick it up
swara:exactly same.but who send it.

she start thinking.
swara chuckling:kavita….mad girl i told her its not needed.
she put it in center of her table.
swara:this if she break it i will break her head.
she come out from her room and saw them sitting in hall.kavita jump from her sit and hold swara’s hand
kavita:now tell me what had happened?
swara chuckling:chalo btati hun.
swara:thank u kavi.
kavita:for what?
swara with narrowed:u send gift na.
kavita:i didn’t send anything
swara confused and thought:if kavita didn’t send than who?
kavita:arra forget about it tell me na?

swara:kavita plz make pari eat food
pari:no maassi i will eat from your hand
swara sneezed than said:pari shona i have cold u will also get fever na.plz for today eat from kavita’s hand.
pari shook her head vigorously and crossed her arms on her chest.
swara:pari u are good girl na.
pari:no i am not.
sanskar:pari will u eat from my hand?
pari happily nodded.
sanskar smiling:come here.
pari jumped from chair and run toward sanskar.he make her sit on his lap and start feeding her from his hands.
kavita and swara look at each other sunny smile.swara sneezed.
sunny worried:maasi u didn’t take medicine
swara rubbing her nose:i will eat after eating food.
she look at sanskar and pari.both walkig talking and eating together.sanskar look at her and raised his eyebrow.swara shook her head,bend her head and start eating.

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