Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 2 (Episode 10)


kavita came out from the room yelling swara’s name and hug her tightly
kavita happily:i am so happy.swara broke the hug and look at her blushing cheeks and a bright smile on her lips.swara get happy and hug kavita tightly.
swara: congratulation finally.
kavita: thank u.
sanskrar,sunny and pari were looking at them with wide open mouth.what is happening?
bunny barked at kavita and start pulling swara’s duppta
kavita and swara look at bunny and break the hug
kavita dryly:swara your puppy is jealous from me.all laughed.swara pick bunny up in her arms.he licked her face.
pari making face:maasi after making friendship with u he forget me.
bunny barked loudly,jump from swara’s arms and sit on pari’s lap.pari get happy and caressed his hair.swara smiles
sunny irritated: maasi will u tell us why u congratulate kavita maasi?
.swara hold kavita from her shoulder
swara with wide smile: kavita and karan are going to get married.
sunny and pari yelled:what????
swara and kavita nodded.sanskar smiled.sunny and pari shouted happily and hugged kavitha.karan came there.
karan smiling: i am also getting married,will someone hug me also.sanskar happily hugged him.
karan surprised:thanks
swara:i will bring some sweet
after some time karan stand up to leave.
sunny confused:where are u going?
karan:to home sunny i don’t live here remember.
sunny:wait for some time is ice cream party day.
swara’s head jerked toward sunny.
swara shocked:today is ice cream party day?
sunny:haan.u forgot.
swara clears her throat and said:no i didn’t.u all go sit i am coming.
swara walked toward kitchen mumbling continuously.
sanskar watch her leaving and goes after her.
swara was cursing herself when sanskar entered and stand behind her crossing his arms.
sanskar hiding his smile:u forgot to do anything.
swara turned quickly and nodded vigorously.sanskar chuckled.
swara think for sometime and eyes sparkled thinking about it.
swara:sir can i tell them i slapped u.
sanskar in serious tone:no u will not tell them.
swara making pout face:sir plz i will not mention your name.
sanskar walked toward her slowly and lock her between him and kitchen counter.
sanskar:u and i know kavita very well she will not leave u untill u will not take my u will not tell them about slap.
swara nodded innocently.sanskar stare at her face for sometime thank goes from there quickly.swara slapped her forehead
swara:why this always happens to me.
she pick ice cream tray and walked out.

sunny:maasi now your turn.
swara look at sanskar pleadingly and sanskar nodded in no slowly.
swara sighed.sunny and kavita look at each other then shouted “PUNISHMENT”
pari:maasi why didn’t u do anything?
swara:i forgot.
sunny:maasi get ready for punishment.
kavita excited:i was waiting for it.swara glares at her.karan chuckle
sanskar in mind:sory swara.
at that time bunny barked and sit on swara’s lap.swara look at bunny and her eyes widened.
kavita and sunny together:no…no….no this is not acceptable.
swara happily:i get over from my fear of dogs.
kavita and sunny slap their heads.karan side hug swara.
karan:today u get saved.
swara to bunny:oh my baby u saved me today.swara look at sanskar as saying “i am upset from u”
sanskar chuckled.
after spending good quality time.karan left from there.

swara:sunny,pari go and sleep i am coming.
both:okay maasi.
kavita yawning:me also going for sleep.
swara:u will sleep with me.
kavitha surprised:why?…..i will sleep with pari.
pari look at swara helplessly.sanskar see the worried face of pari then look at swara.
swara strictly: no u will sleep with me.u don’t let her sleep.last night she also came to me at 3:30
kavita pouting:what did i do?
swara hit her on head and said:u disturbed her sleep…u go sleep in my room.pari go to your room.
pari happily:thank u maasi and run from there.
kavita make sulking face.than move closed to swara and whisper in her ear mischievously
kavita: swara think again if i slept with u and something happened then?
swara confusingly look at her face.
swara confused:what will happen if u will sleep with me?
kavita went more close to her and said in low whisper:u can loose your virginity.
swara face turned red she hit kavitha on her shoulder with full force.
swara whisper back:if u again did vulgar talks with me i will kill u.keep that in mind.
kavita rubbing her shoulder: okay fine sory
kavita went from there sanskar also get up but swara stop him.
swara nervous: sir?
sanskar turned and look at her.she forward a letter
sanskar with narrowed eyes:what is this?
swara: leave application only for tomorrow
sanskar surprise:why?
swara:i have exam tomorrow i forgot to give it to u in office.sory
sanskar shook his head and hold the letter and goes from there.
sanskar in mind:sory? for what? impossible woman

swara was studying fully engrossed in her books and kavita was trying to sleep putting pillow at her face.she irritatingly turn to another side and again put pillow on face.after doing the same exercise for 15 times she gets up and sit putting pillow on her lap.
kavita irritated:that’s why i didn’t wanted to sleep with u
swara: no response
kavita:swara plz sleep its 2:30 already when will u sleep and get up?
swara:kavitha tomorrow is my last paper so plz let me study.u sleep i am not saying anything to u.
kavita making sulking face:how can i sleep when 100 volt bulb is shining in front of me.
swara:no response.
kavita throw pillow at swara and for surprisingly it hit on swara’s head.
kavita shout:swara off the lights now.i will get dark circles. karan will get scared from me and run away.
swara turned rubbing her head and get up glaring at kavita.swara pick her books and moved toward door.
kavita:where are u going?
swara sighing:i have to complete my study also.u sleep i will study in hall.
kavita:no u sleep its very late.
swara strictly:shut up and sleep
kavita murmured:stubborn woman
kavita:fine but if u dare to awake whole night i will kill u keep that in mind
swara nodded smilingly and goes from there after switching off light.
swara get surprised when she saw sanskar staring at her.
(sanskar always keep his door open and their rooms are opposite)
swara in mind:he is awake so late never mind i can’t ask anything so let it be.
she shrugged and moved toward hall.

AT 3:45
swara was still studying yawning continuously,her eyes trying hard to get close but she bring stubborn was still studying.two cup of teas were placed near her and one was in her hand.
but after 10 more mins her head fall down on book which was on exactly that time sanskar came there and startled after seeing swara in that state.he walked toward her and stare at her face.he slid hair strands from her face lightly making sure her sleep didn’t get disturb.he put blanket on her which he had brought with him.
sanskar smiling:u also need someone to take care of u
after staring her more 16 mins he leaves from there.

swara wake up with a jerk sweating badly.she look around and took deep breath.
swara murmur:nightmare
she get up and look at clock and a sudden panic attack her.
swara panicking:oh my god 5:00 i am late.
she quickly stand up but blanket caught her attention.
swara confused:blanket?
swara shrugging:maybe kavita put it.
she quickly made breakfast,woke up kids,kavita and went to sanskar’s room to arrange clothes
but sanskar was already dressed and trying to make a knot of tie.swara crossed her arms and start watching his unsuccessful attempts.
swara:may i help u? sanskar raised his head and look at her
sanskar irritated:how do u make a knot.its so complicated
swara walked toward him giggling.she hold the tie from his hands,first balance it in his neck than start making a knot.
sanskar look at her elegant face than the way she was making knot
sanskar in deep voice:how do u know to tie it?
swara smiling:i used to tie it for my dad.he also didn’t know how to tie it.
sanskar stare at her.there was an extra shine on her when she took her father name.
swara: its done….see perfect
sanskar was still staring at her.
swara nervous:sir is there any problem?
sanskar came to his senses and said:no its perfect (looking at tie)
swara smiled and goes from there

swara:sunny come fast
she make pari wear shoes and put water bottle around her neck.sunny also came there running
pari kissed swara and said:all the best maasi
swara kissed her and said:thank u my shona.both look at sunny.
pari hit sunny and said:bhai wish maasi today is her exam.
sunny in very serious tone: maasi don’t cheat in exam.
kavita and sanskar chuckled.swara nodded giggling
sunny in same tone:if u don’t the answer of any question,leave it like a brave girl.
all(swara,sanskar and kavita) laughed loudly.
swara laughing a little:i never said this.
sunny proudly:this is my personal advise.
swara pulled his cheek and said:u leave your question in exams??
sunny shook his head vigorously.
swara:from today i will check your all papers.
sunny’s mouth get open fully.
sunny irritated:maasi this is wrong that advise for u not for me.i always complete my paper.
swara:we will talk on this latter first go your bus had already reached.
sunny make face and was about to go when he turned kiss swara on cheek and yelled
sunny yelled:all the best maasi and quickly run from there.pari also run after him
swara get surprised.he hate when anyone kiss him and today he himself kissed her.WOW! a wide smile appear on her lips
kavita and sanskar just admire their bond.
kavita:swara u should also leave.
swara looked at her wrist watch and her eyes widened.she get up quickly and pick necessary thing.sanskar also leave for office.swara was about to go when kavita called her from back
kavita:swara wait.
swara turn and kavita quickly put yogurt in her mouth
kavita:all the best
swara with filled mouth:thank u
kavita: or agar paper na ata ho to ghar aa jana hum dono shopping per chalen ga.
swara hit her on head and goes from there.
kavita yelled:i am serious she laughed and went inside.

sanskar was working in his office when miss rose knock at cabin door
sanskar without looking:yess come in.
Rose:sir file
sanskar:swara put it on table.
miss rose smiled and said:sir swara didn’t come today
sanskar look at miss rose and get embarrassed
sanskar:sory miss rose plz put the file on table.
Rose surprised;yes sir.
after putting file she left from there.
sanskar passed his fingers from his hairs than look at his wrist watch.
sanskar:her paper will be going on.and here i am getting mad without seeing her.
but after completing his sentence he get shock.
sanskar to himself:am i missing her????
his own shadow replied:yes u are missing her.
sanskar look at his reflection wo was sitting on chair in front of him.
sanskar confused:why?
Reflection smiling:because u LOVE her.
sanskar perplexed:no i don’t love her.
Reflection chuckling:aacha than why u always wait until she don’t get taxi and leave?
sanskar:because….because pri cry if she don’t come on time.
Reflection:how many times u call her even after knowing she is not in office.
sanskar:5 times
reflection:why do u get angry when she is trouble or crying
Reflection laughing:sanskar mahewari is in LOVE.
sanskar irritated:stop it i don’t love her.
reflection:and u also started running from your feeling.old sanskar maheshwari was not like this.u are changed now.she changed u completely.
sanskar angry:i am still same sanskar.
reflection:he never tried to escape from anything.u love her accept it.don’t keep it in your heart let it come out.LOVE will not make u weak it will make u strong.accept it which is in your heart.
and with this reflection disappeared.sanskar stare at far place.
sanskar murmured:do i really love her?
his heart yelled loudly:yess.
sanskar close his eyes and swara smiling face came in front of him.sanskar smiled fully.
sanskar to himself:i love her.he felt immense pleasure in his heart
sanskar open his eyes look at his wrist watch,get up hurriedly and leaves from there in his car.
after 15 mins he stopped his car near a collage and start waiting.after 15 mins alot of girls start coming out swara also come out after some time.she sit in taxi and leaved from there.
sanskar took deep breath,smiled widely and also leaved from there.
I hope guys u like this part especially whn sanskar accept his love for swara plz comment.

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  1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Omg..itna Mast FF i did nt read till nw..Its really Simply Awsum..Plzz Continue soon..

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      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Ur welcome…U Deserve it..plzz continue soon

  2. Vyshu10

    OMG….sanskar accepted his feelings, yipeee! Awesome awesome. Loved d ep…infact loving the ff. Sanskar waiting for her till she finds a cab, sanskar staying awake till she sleeps, Swara taking care of his daily chores,everyone’s bonding,….everything is amazing.

    Can u give the links of the previous ffs….feel like re-reading them again

    1. Zaimal

      thank u so much dear glad u like it and links of which fanfic?

      1. Vyshu10

        all ur swasan ffs….season 1, i don’t believe in love, etc. Sorry, I forgot the name of other one…swasan n swara’s bro used to live in sanskar’s club house. If there are any other swasan ffs too…plz give the links

    2. Zaimal

      u can find all links in my tu pages with sequence

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