Love is beautiful emotion (promo)


A man is walking in dark continuously then a girl start walking with him.suddenly rays of light spreads hold her tightly from waist as he don’t want to let her go.and they start walking together smiling laughing but suddenly man stumbles and leaves girl’s hand.
Girl look at him in shock and then start walking away from again turns dark.
girl moves away from him.boy was just standing there watching her but he could not bear it long and start running after her.girl start running but boy grabbs her and hugs her tightly.girl fight but boy doesn’t let her go and after sometimes both again start walking together and the light rays again spreads more beautifully and brightly.

Sory guys I could not update today so I thought to give a promo for upcoming episodes.plz comment ☺ love u all

Credit to: Zaimal

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  1. S0rry 2 say but this was very very very very very very b0ring……and……u want 2 d0 s0me inpr0vement.

  2. wow.interesting

  3. Interesting

  4. interesting nice post asap

  5. ur ff interesting …i like ur ff soo much…

  6. Interesting but its definitely a dream may be sanskar or swara

  7. osm…

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