Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 45)


They were shocked to see 10 to 15 man holding sticks and ranbeer was standing infront of himRanbeer smilingly:I thought we will need some help all nodded and smiled at mean time they get a call sanskar take out his phone and frowned looking at the unknown number and picks it.
Sahil: hello mr.maheswari one hour is over time for next punishement.he get tensed and signalls everyone to sit and keeps phone on speaker.they all silently went and start their journet.ranbeer sanskar were sitting at the back seat while ranveer was behing the wheel and neil was sitting beside him.
Sahil:u know their was so hot there I have to make food their there was so smoke and heat thete I feel so suffocated so why not make her deel the same.everyone cluthes their fists ranveer increase the speed to maximum lever.
Sahil: if she get saved then……he laughed
Sahil: I will come again byee all the best and he cut the call.
Sanskar yelled:fast

Swara open her eyes due to extreme pain.she looked arpund trying to recognize the place but her eyes got wiled open looking at the smorking face of sahil
Sahil:time for next punishment sweat heart.swara tried to say something but he had already closed her mouth with tape.tears start rolling down from her cheak.she tried to free her hand.”
Sahil comes close to her and put finger on her cheek swara winced in pain.sahil smiled seeing her in pain.
Sahil wickedly:I hope u will get saved so that I can give u third punishement after that he take out match stick swara looked around the floor was looking wet she looked at him with pleading eyes.
Swara:um…hmmmm.she nodded in no vigoriously but sahil was not looking at her he pull out two stick and soon two spark were fallen to the ground as it fallen the fire started in no time it get sptead in circle around swara.sahil run off quickly from there the room was filled with smoke and fire swara start coughing hardly she looked at the close no one was going to come bhai,sanskar no fog start appearing infront of her eyes.her moments with his father,lovely moment with her brothers,pranks with ragini and dadi, dida’s love and lastly SANSKAR the most important and beautiful part of her fog spread all around her mind and her face fell to the side as if soul leaved from her body bur before that she saw that her dress was cathcing fire.
HELP… her mind cried out loudly

They reached at the place in no time but ranveer didn’t stop the car outside but he banged inside breaking the giant gate the all stepped out and as expected sahil was standing there with 10 men behind him
Sahil:welcome brother….but ranveer didn’t wait to complete her sentence and punched him hard and sahil fall on the ground.sahil laughed and spit out the blood.
Sahil in fake sad tone:what’s the use of it now your so cold sister must be dead until now.and point toward the window from which smoke was coming.they all tried to go inside
sahil loudly:just don’t let them go inside.
All the men came infront of them and in no time war started between them everyone was trying to go inside sanskar punch hardly on the head of man and tried to go inside hut sahil came infront of him blood enters in sanskar’s eyes and he punched him hard breaking his lower jaw ranveer also come there hit the sahil black and blue in meantime sanskar run inside
Sanskar yelled with full strength:swaraaaaa
Sanskar thinks:god plz no u always do this to whom ever I love u snatched him from me.but not this time I can’t bear to lose swara please I will die I can’t breath without her.
Sanskar sees smike coming out from lower portion of closed door he run toward and flung open the door.he coughed hard and his eyes sting due to smoke his heart stopped beating looking at her unconscious state and her dress was getting into fire.Sanskar jumbed into the fire without thinking much to save his life SWARA
He lit off the fire by his hands quickly he looked around the fire was in citcle around her he just wanted her to die from suffocation he open her hands quickly and pick up as bridal style and run outside he put swara on the ground in meantime others came there.
he take off the tape from her mouth and patted her cheek. your eyes.swara
Neil:we should take her to hospital they nodded and sanskar picks her and they run outside he put her on back seat.
Neil:u all go I will handle sahil he still need a better treatment he said angrily.
Ranbeer:I will help sanskar and ranveer nodded and left ranbeer and neil turned toward unconscious sahil.neil cluthches his hair in tight fist and ranbeer slap him so hard he again gain consciousness.
Nei with anger filled eyes:I think 5 years in jail failed to teach u proper lesson.don’t worry I am here na.I will give u a proper treatment neil leave him and called someone.
Neil:prepare the torturing room I am comming with in a min.
Ranbeer had tied sahil and they put him in car and left.

Ranveer and sanskar was sitting on bench outside the ice in meantime doc came out both rushed towared him.
Both:how is she?
Doc:her lungs are filled with smoke we have to fash it quickly but…….
Sanskar with tears:but what doc?
Doc:we want conformation letter that if something happened we are not responsible.ranveer angrily hold his collar angrily.
Ranveer:save her at any cost or else I will your whole family got it.doc get scared at that.
Sanskar firmly:ranveer leave hin…u go prepare for opperation.doc nodded quickly nodded and goes from there hurriedly.ranveer sit again with thud and cluthes his hair.sanskar takr long deep breath nd sit with him.
Sanskar looking at far point:she always used if u hope for bst then best will happen.ranveer looked at him he looked broken completely but still his eyes were filled with complete.
Ranveer in shaking tone:how can u be so calm? If something happened to her then….
Sanskar firmly:don’t….I have full faith on swara she is very gd fighter nothing will happer to her.and she had promised me that she will not leave me alone never….keep faith on your sister.

Sanskar open around he jerked up from bench ranveer was missing he hurriedly moves towared the icu room the bad was empty his heart start beating fast he stopped a nurse.
Sanskar:whe……where the patient of this room?
Nurse:oh….she is transferred to the ward.
Sanskar:which ward?nurse point toward a room sanskar open the door immediately and sighed seeing her sleeping peacefully he goes inside kiss her on forehead and sit beside her.she was looking so pale he looked at her think hands there were wounds on her wrist he kissed on her wound and drop of tear fall on her hand swara wakes up and looks at him.
Swara in disbelief:sanskar? He looked at her.she clutches his hand in tight grip
Swara:are u really here? She looked around
Swara:where am I?…how did u find me? Where is bhai? Is he ok? Sanskar plz save he will kill me tears start roling down.sanskar gey sad looking at her
Sanskar:ssssh….he put finger on her lip
Sanskar:I am here na nothing will happen to u everything is fine he hugged her tighrly and caresses her head swara hug him tightly.
Sanskar in soothing tone:everything is fine sahil is arrested neil is taking good care of him don’t worry.hmmm?swara break hug and wipes her tears
Swara with smile:okay
Sanskar:that’s like my girl he kissed her on head in me ntime ranveer,neil and ranbeer came there.swara smiles looking at them neil almost run and hug her tightly swara hug him back.
Neil:u scared us to death.ranbeer also hug her.
Swara:I am fine.ranveer was just looking at her face deeply
Swara looked at him
Swara:bhai? Ranveer smiled and hug her tightly
Swara:uhmph!!!!! His grip was very tight ranveer quickly leave her
Ranveer sory I was just worried he carsses her cheek.swara hold his hand
Swara:I am fine bhai don’t worry.
Ranveer turn toward neil and said in strict voice:arrange a security guard for her.swara wrinkled her nose
Swara:I don’t want any security guard.
Neil with mischievous smile:who is asking from u
Swara protested and looked towared ranveer with puppy dog eyes ranveer shook his head in negative.swara looked at sanskar for help
Sanskar:I already arranged one for u swara mouth get hung down
Neil giggling:so I should not arrange
Ranbeer:its gd if there will be two isn’t it?
Swara looked at him with wide eyes:two?
Ranbeer chuckling:yes one on left side one on right side.swara foldded her hand on her chestand make pout face neil start pulling her leg swara thinking:there is only one way to make them agree.swara lets show them your skill
Swara start crying loudly tears start fllowing down all get shocked at her cry and moved towareds her in swift.
Swara crying loudly:don’t talk to me u all don’t love me I am leaving from here she tried to stand up but they stopped her.
Ranveer:don’t said like this we alk love u very much swara shook her head in negative and start crying loudly
All:okay we will not arrange security guard okay?
Swara happily:sachi? All nodded swara quickly wipes her tears
Swara:I am feeling hungery (after so much acting) she said last sentence in her mind.
Ranveer:tell me what u wanted to eat?
Sanskar strickly:no u will eat fruits
Sanskar:no means no……he start feeding her with his hands all smiles looking at both.ranveer signals them and trio leaves from there.
Ranveer after coming out:arrange one which should follow her every where but she should not get to know about it neil nodded and they left.

Swara jumps on bad and yelled:sanskar wake up wake up.she shook him rapidly from shoulder sanskar put pillow ob his ear and said:swara shoo! Let me take my beauty sleep
Swara giggling:wake up na sanskar we have to go for morning walk.sanskar doesn’t answer her he pull her on bad and her wet hair fall on sanskar face he inhale deeply and smile with close eyes.
Swara put hair aside and throw daggers at him and hit him on shoulder
Swara:such a lazy man u are its been 1 year six month and 45 days we are going for morning walk at this time and u still behave its your first day I am so worried for our childrens if they become lazy like u no no I can’t tolerate it wake up now….her blabber stopped suddenly when sanskar turns her completely to make her face him
Sanskar smiling widely:what did u just said? Our children? Swara eyes get wild open and she blushes hard.sanskar chuckles he put her hairs behind her ear swara turn crimson red.sanskar pull more closer to his chest and whispers in her ear:its been 1 year six months and 45 days to our marriage and u still behave as I am romancing with u for the first time swara smiles but hide it quickly
Sanskar in husky tone:I want a girl just like u same eyes (he kissed at her eyes) same cheeks (he kissed at her cheeks) same nose ( he kissed at her nose tip) and same lips he leaned forward to kiss her on lips but swara put hand on his lips she was breathing heavily an suddenly an idea stuck to her naughty mind if he knows how to turn her breathless then she alsi knows how to make him crazy swara push him slightly and comes on him attaching her full body with him sanska looks at her in full shock.swara smiles shly sanskar heart start beating fast.
Swara shly:but I want a boy just like u handsome gd looking loving caring but I don’t want one thing in him

Sanskar :what?
Swara:he should not be lazy like u now get up or else I will go at ranveer bhai house for one week.
Sanskar:go then I don’t care I will be to sleep peacefully.swara mouth get open fully
Swara:how mean? She tried to get up but sanskar put both hands on her waist and kissed ob her forhead
Sanskar:give me 5 mins swara smiled widely and after they were set on morning walk
Sanskar walking holding her from waist said in deep tone:swara are u happy?I mean…….swara put head on his shoulder and said:I am very happy everything is perfect sahil is in mental hospital
ranveer bhai got married ragini and lucky are happy with there twin kids I got a mother like ap and handsome hubby like u she pulls his cheek sanskar chuckles
Sanskar in husky tone:I am very lucky to have u in my life
They both walked leisurely at the dawn embracing each other.


Sory sory sory very sory for updatin g so late and I know its a big shock but believe me when I started it I thought to end it when sanskar asked for forgiveness in hospital but I got such a lovely response I didn’t like to end it but I also don’t like to stretche something so long so I am ending it here and don’t worry I am planning to update season 2 but I request u all to plz support me in that too just like u did in this plzzzzz love u all bye take care.

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